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  • Day 7 Melb Aust TDEE

    Today became a TDEE instead of a FD, because of ….. drum roll, @froby79 – panettone! My Italian neighbours gave me one for Christmas, an imported real Italian pannetone. I really, really wasn’t going to eat any, but I did, and it was so nice I ate some more, then some more, in the past few days. The last section I had saved to give to an Italian friend, but she told me this afternoon that she already has a whole panettone at home, and has to lose weight. Well, I couldn’t give her more panettone and sabotage her weight loss, now could I? ( 🙂 ) So I filled up with panettone late afternoon/ evening to end with a TDEE day instead of a FD. Oh well, I live and learn. It’s all gone now.

    @michelinme, I am SO impressed with your progress. It’s wonderful. And I’m already lagging behind. But, I will persevere, even if following in footsteps that get further and further away in front of me. I need the motivation, and I appreciate it.

    @quebecoise, I know I’m not one to talk, but having indulged early this evening, I have halted the rot by drinking water. In your case, it’s winter, so sip away at plain hot water. Cravings can be halted by fluid intake.

    @daffodil2010, good to see you back.

    @stitchincarol, safe travels and it will be good to have you back commenting on the forum

    @northgeorgia, I hope your father has his surgery today and that it’s a big success.

    @mariaelena, It’s not the FDs which are a problem for me re protein, it’s the NFDs when I sometimes go right off track and eat a lot of carbs. I think I have to try to add more animal protein. I’ve tried having extra eggs or cheese, or tofu, and haven’t found that satisfying. Delicious, yes, filling, yes, but not satisfying. I’ll see what I can do. Maybe eggs for brunch, then meat protein with vegetables for dinner.

    Good to read of everyone’s progress, @i hate Lettuce, @funshipfreddie, @penz, @lilymartin, @at, and all the wonderful inspiration and encouragement on this forum.

    Onward and downwards!

    Day 7 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 213 lbs. I feel yucky today. The hospital got my father’s hopes up, but never came back in to say for sure what the decision of the committee was. However, one doctor said he was fully booked Friday and could only get to him on Monday unless one of his associates is free today. My mother says the nurses have been great, but the communication from the doctors leaves a lot to be desired. So now, he will have been in the hospital from Wednesday through Monday, with little done other than a few tests, just waiting for the procedure. Then he’ll have to stay in nearly a week for recovery. I know his spirits are crushed.

    Day 7 – USA (Illinois – BRRR this morning!) NFD

    Will have to make just a quick post. Off to Silver Sneakers then a trip to our next bigger town to return a Christmas item and do some more shopping. Oh, and the plan is to get new phones for DH and me. Although I love my iPad, Apple phones have never been part of our ownership. We stick with Android (Samsung) so getting new ones of those.

    Hope to pop in later or maybe tomorrow. Thinking of you all!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 7 – I’m HOME! Rural Nebraska- USA – FD

    For those of you who don’t know/don’t remember, DH, DS30, DS25 and I left Christmas Day at 4pm to fly to California to spend time with my family, and then flew to Colorado to spend time with heavily-pregnant DD (which is why they couldn’t be in California also), SIL, and DGD2. It was a long time to be gone, and we’ll rethink how much time to be gone in two years when we go again, but it sure was a lovely time as it’s been three years since we’ve seen all of that family.

    When I woke up on Christmas Eve, I was 139; when I woke up on Christmas Day, I was 141; when I woke up this morning, I was 146.4. LOL, I’d say that shows just how blithely I was indulging in every goodie and meal and beverage that came my way; now I get to go back to discipline and RESOLVE. I didn’t pull off a FD yesterday, or anything resembling one, but today I will, the only question being what I’ll eat and when, something I’ll determine after I post here.

    @i-hate-lettuce ELAB is a program I discovered in November (or perhaps December?) and really liked but gave up because there was too much going on in my life; @emma-taylor is going gang-busters with it! I’ve been planning to return to it this month, but it’s too cold to think about such huge salads right now, so perhaps soon. Are you seriously going to consider it?

    @mariaelena I’ve seen those silicone freezer tray and can see how it’s perfect for freezing soup!

    @babs_b Never fear: your body WILL respond to your good eating as long as you don’t thrown in the towel; well done so far with showing terrific RESOLVE!

    @quebecoise I’m glad you’re back! I don’t think I’ve ever “known” you, but am a regular poster now, except when I’m on a 12-day vacation. 😜 My guess is that you want to eat in the evenings because it’s a habit you’ve trained your body to expect. What if you brush your teeth? Several times if necessary–the taste of toothpaste really fights with everything. What if you simply take a long bath and read or listen to a podcast? What if you put water (sparkling or plain, with or without lemon or something else insignificant) in a glass with a straw? Or, what about a library or a concert or a museum or a mall? Something/ANYthing to get you out of the house? Good luck; you’ll find your solution!

    @froby79 Ahh, yes, the carbs are probably a huge reason; good call. Reminds me I must, must eliminate all carbs this month.

    @songbirdme The location is simple: The concept is TRE (23:1) with the only meal a Ridiculously Big Salad. The salad is 1.5 romaine hearts with veggies and protein but no carbs–in other words, HFLC, since the dressing is always full fat and comes in around 500 calories. It’s effective, and sure keeps the kitchen tidy and clean, but feels cold for our January weather. Amanda Rose (the founder of ELAB) also has recipes for cooked meals, and I bought her two cookbooks so may go that route.

    @daffodil2010 I’m with you on FD today, and look forward to as many details of your Lake District holiday as you share!! (and my DH is ALSO fasting today 😍)

    @michelinme That is some IMPRESSIVE discipline you’re showing and you’ll continue to make great progress, I’m sure!

    @betsylee It’s so lovely having you back daily; thanks for your commitment to us all! And didn’t you gain a new grandbaby this past year? Our second granddaughter will be born early February–or earlier!

    Awww, @northgeorgia, I know it’s bad when you weigh in at 213 and your first words are that you feel yucky. Since you feel too icky to say anything about it, I’ll do your celebrating for you: 🥳🙌🎆😃 🥳💪🎉🎊 And I’m sure that’s discouraging for all of you about the delay of your dad’s surgery. Perhaps your dad’s time in the hospital while he waits for surgery ensures he stays fine until it comes. My own FIL had a tiny heart attack many years ago, and was in the hospital because of it–where he had a massive attack, and the only reason he survived it to live another twenty years was because he was right there. Thus, I’m a fan of people with bad hearts being IN the hospital. 💖

    @songbirdme I’m also an android girl, much to DS25’s joy and DD’s disgust, LOL! And it’s currently 9/-13 degrees here, so I know how chilly you’re also feeling! Next week will warm up to 55/13, so that will feel balmy!

    I can’t remember who asked about how often to weigh, but I weigh multiple times each day. It encourages me when I’m losing (“Wow! It wasn’t a fluke this morning; I’ve actually dropped a pound!!!”), and informs me when I’m behaving, and warns me when I’m gaining. Here’s something to try for those of you who dislike weighing: weigh yourself naked, and then weigh yourself clothed. Weigh yourself before and after you’ve drunk a full glass of water. Later, when you’re about to eat, go weigh just you, and then weigh yourself holding the plate of food. You’ll learn a LOT about what weights matter and what weights are insignificant. At least, that’s how it works for me! 😜

    Okay, this is plenty for one day, LOL–can y’all tell how much I’ve missed chattering here??

    Pocket List Day 7

    Day 7 – 16:8

    Accountability: I did not make the wisest of food choices yesterday, but kept under TDEE so I’ll call it a win. Sometimes my taste buds just insist – as they did yesterday. I have a plan today, and that should make the difference.

    @songbirdme – the silicon freezer container does have a top, and that makes storing it in freezer so much easier. But, I’ll need to transfer contents to bags when I cook again, because I only have one. I’ll have to figure out the financial benefit to getting more vs using freezer bags – I know the environmental benefit is on the side of getting extra reusables but that would be an investment that we have not budgeted for – so it can’t be immediate. Always a trade off in these things. But more home cooking lowers my environmental footprint on much less packaging trash, so I do what I can.

    It is COLD here! The neighborhood feral cats are very much ensconced in our garage, and seem well, happy and playful. We have a laser pointer toy that they love, and one will come over to greet me with a nose touch to my outstretched finger. What a lovely little joy!

    Lots to do today, so I’ll get to it with best wishes to today’s fasters and all.

    Day 7 – second post

    Just an update. They’ve scheduled my father’s surgery for 7 a.m. Monday. 2022 has been off to a rough start for us!

    Day 8 London UK

    @stitchincarol! It was you who put me onto ELAB!!! I am eternally grateful. It’s just my thang. I’ve lost quite a lot of weight since I started on November 8th. I’ve gone down a size and a half – all the clothes which were too small or too tight are now too big, or fit fine. I’ve never weighed because the scales are my mortal enemy, but I guess I’ve lost a stone and I’ve got another stone to lose to get to a BMI of 22. I’m not too bothered what I weigh, tbh, so long as I like my body. I appreciate not everybody wants to eat in a small window every day, but I think it’s great! Thanks v much.

    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    So myself and DH are sticking to a diet with lots of good protein and vegetables and avoiding the starchy carbs which had taken hold. It’s making a difference alright and I am so pleased that DH is on board with me as it really does make it easier. We successfully lost weight together in 2013 doing the Dukan Diet, so we can do this.

    Today we will have a lovely egg breakfast, then I am so going to make @at‘s lentil, turmeric and lentil soup for lunch, then perhaps a nice roast chicken and winter veg for dinner. I also plan to make an Irish stew (minus potatoes) today for slow cooking and dinner tomorrow. Then back to FD Monday and Thursday.

    I weighed in this morning and a nice 3.5 loss. I am like you @stitchincarol in that I weigh multiple times and know a 500ml glass of water will add half a pound etc. It’s the first one in the morning after using the loo is the one that counts 😄

    We had a wonderful time in the Lake District although we didn’t actually DO much. Even leaving on the ferry however from Belfast over to Cairnryan in Scotland was exciting as it was my first time leaving the island of Ireland in two years. It was dark however when we disembarked so our three hour drive to Cumbria probably had beautiful scenery but we couldn’t see it!!!!

    DH’s Mum and family greeted us with the strongest of hugs when we arrived and we sat up around the big open fire talking until early hours. Where DH’s sister lives is just outside Maryport, we went for a bracing walk with the dog the next day along the shore, and I was so pleased to see how friendly everyone was, everyone smiling and saying hello, just like we do here in the country in Ireland.

    We visited Keswick, walked around Derwent Water, had lunch in a cute pub…..however the weather was atrocious for much of our stay so most of the time we were hunkered down in the kitchen or living room, eating, drinking, talking.

    It was a wonderful time. It all feels so natural now….only a few months since meeting his birth Mam and half sister and brother, and it all flows so well. Looking forward to the future with these guys. I especially love DH’s Mam….a real fun lady.

    So there we are. Certainly will be more trips to the UK back and forth and we will explore the wonderful countryside that we have never really visited before.

    Have a great Saturday. Looking forward to my wine later 🍷😀

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Did I really say I’d do a FD today?! Drat. Okay then… 😳

    Pocket List – Day 8 🍋

    Day 8 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Still dark (it shouldn’t be) pouring with rain and blowing a gale!
    @daffodil2010 – sounds like the weather you had when you were visiting your family in the north of the county! Shame, but maybe given you an idea for a return visit sometime later in the year when the weather is better!

    @northgeorgia – unfortunate on the wait for your Dad, but needs must and hopefully not much longer of a wait.

    @stitchincarol – Me ELAB ? Not the nuts and berries, but the film of the bears munching all that salmon appealed 😉

    Not going far today, I think if there’s a weather window, a MOAM walk round the village might be it!

    Take care all.

    Day 8 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 216 lbs. Good news on my personal health — I’m COVID negative. So, it’s just a really bad cold, as suspected. Yesterday was the worst. I could barely walk around for 30-45 minutes without feeling totally exhausted, then I’d nap for 30 minutes or so each time. This morning I feel marginally better, which has been a change over the past few days! Hoping this will be a good weekend to rest and recuperate.

    Take care, everyone!

    Day 8 UK NFD

    Not a great day yesterday- but not a complete disaster and aiming for a better day today I’m with @emma-taylor in that I’m not hugely interested in what I weigh but my clothes are VERY snug at the moment so that’s my driver – horrible wet windy cold grey day here so I’m off to do some yoga and dream about sunnier days

    Day 8 – Rural Nebraska, US -OMAD, perhaps FD800

    According to MFP, I ended up at 577 calories yesterday, and that includes a single Mega Oreo. After all the sweets of December and our vacation, it seemed wrong not to get ANYTHING, and the single cookie did the trick. This morning, I was down 2.4 lbs from 146.4 to 144.0.

    @northgeorgia Does having a definite day and time help your dad’s spirits any?

    @emma-taylor I’ve been beyond delighted that you’ve taken off with ELAB, and thrilled every time you’ve reported your joyous results. Don’t know if I can do it again, although I’m sure considering it; we’ll see.

    @daffodil2010 Such a lovely time you painted of your time with DH’s family; thanks for sharing! And to have lost 3.5 lbs is glorious!

    @funshipfreddie You made me laugh at your comment about fasting today!

    @i-hate-lettuce Well, I didn’t THINK you were planning to do it, but what you said confused me…my family would all assure you I’m always quite clueless at jokes and need them explained! 😜🤣😂🤣😃

    @brightonbelle Aren’t too-tight clothes the absolute worst? I’m one driven by the actual number on the scale, but clothes that don’t fit increase the motivation!

    Because we left on Christmas Day and got back on Epiphany, my Christmas decorations are all still up. Taking them down and putting them away will be at least a three-hour project, and I love them too much to be eager to start, but I think tomorrow will be the day. I also need to decide on my goals for January’s 5:2 approach…every new year/month activity is a week behind schedule for me.

    I’ve actually been faithful to the planking schedule I started in December (10 seconds multiplied by the day of the month, so 80 seconds today), but it’s getting truly tough already. I’m wondering just how realistic it is to add ten seconds each and every day, to arrive at 310 seconds at the end of the month–in other words, to go from 10 seconds on the first, to 5 minutes 10 seconds on the 31st. Thoughts?? Perhaps I’ll break it up and do 1 minute today followed a minute or two later by 20 seconds, and never do more than a minute at a stretch, but all the seconds per day as schedule. That seems a more reasonable approach, yes? Or am I simply being wussy?

    Okay, @funshipfreddie, I know what I’m eating tonight, and it qualifies, so I’m officially joining you!

    Pocket List – Day 8 🍋
    @stitchincarol FD800 or below

    Day 8 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Ate just almost at TDEE yesterday, but that did include a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese and some fries at McDonald’s during our day of mostly shopping. But just had a salad for supper. I am gradually getting used to my new phone. (It took forever at the store to get the old ones deleted… I did not know we had a Samsung account, and finding the password was a huge task!) It’s an A32 which is much cheaper than iPhones or other androids. Yeah for that. Bigger screen too. We also got to the mall and returned other Christmas items and found cool new phone cases. Happy day.

    @stitchincarol – thanks for the “bear” link – it looks very effective! I fear you are right that this winter is not a good season to do only OMAD. I could take FD500’s a couple times a week (when I know I will be freezing) but not every day.

    @northgeorgia – hugs to you as you anticipate surgery for your dad. Glad COVID was negative, but bad colds can be so debilitating.

    @emmataylor – a BMI of 22 is a lofty goal. But enjoy ELAB!

    @daffodil2010 – your Lake District travel sounds just delightful. Like @i-hate-lettuce was saying, maybe going there when the weather is better could be a plan. You’re so honest to look for good protein. I have a tendency to eat too much beef, even cheese and ham for my proteins.

    @funshipfreddie – posting that it will be a FD is great motivation to make it happen. WE WILL hold you accountable. 😉

    @penz – I am happy to be hosting. It’s more than doing my duty or taking my turn. I feel like it supports me as much. Good for you that the panettones are not a temptation! I can be like that with chocolate in the house.

    @brightonbelle – how the clothes fit is about my most important concern as well. After losing my 40# there was virtually a whole new wardrobe. I won’t go back to gaining and not having these clothes!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 8 UK NFD

    Checking in for accountability. Yesterday morphed to a NFD but not a blow out. i’d forgotten how much I enjoy Friday evening relaxation of rules when following this WOL. It included my keto Christmas cake, a big bowl of popcorn and a shortbread biscuit – but I really didn’t enjoy the sugar, which is progress.

    I slept late this morning and forgot to weigh. It’s been a day of reading and pottering, feeling tired after longer day and in need of a good rest. Today will be NFD, tomorrow a CD ready for Monday’s FD.

    @daffodil2010 wonderful to read about your trip to DH’s birth family

    @northgeorgia glad it’s only a cold and hope you feel better soon

    Have a good weekend.

    Hello folks,
    just checking in after my first week on the 5:2. Thank you to everyone who contributes, I have found these boards a good source of inspiration.

    I completed 2 fast days, on both days I opted for low sodium soup, which brought me under my allotted calories – I will be looking at other options, and suggestions are most welcome.

    On non fasting days, I tried some new recipes, in a serious attempt to get rid of the usual junk that I usually ate. There was plenty of fresh vegetables, and chicken – happy to report that no fries, bread, pasta were consumed on these days. I am still at the early stages, and I am still experimenting with meal plans.

    Temptation wise – I didn’t really have any desires, I think that the new year, combined with the new motivational high is still plentiful.

    Weight(lbs) – Blood Glucose (7d avg)
    267.6 162mg/dL. <== Start
    262.8 131mg/dL. <== NOW

    Weight loss mostly water weight, but I am super excited about the reduction in blood glucose levels.

    Best wishes, and looking forward to the second full week.

    Day 8 16:8

    Ate ok yesterday, some indulgence (oatmeal scotching cookies) but under TDEE as lunch was sautéed onions and baby spinach. Had to finish the baby spinach as it had been around a while, so it was LOTS of spinach.

    I wish I could accustom my body to the heavier meal at lunch and the light meal at dinner, but that doesn’t jibe with my mojo (😂) no matter how much/little I eat earlier in the day, my body wants a substantial meal between 4 and 6 pm.

    @stitchincarol – not planks, but hula hooping core work so I’ll share my experience in case you find it useful. Sep/Oct I was strict in getting my 15-20 minutes a day in. But it felt like I stalled in progress, ability to do more in length of time or difficulty. Since I’ve restarted in Dec I find that days off help. Oh, not sloth days, I substitute a good walk or Exercycle session, but days that those muscles I’ve been working constantly have a chance to … catch up? I don’t know, but I’m doing approx 15 minutes about 5 days a week and seeing progress both in the waist and in the difficulty I can accomplish. Maybe it is like changing up a diet routine to get past a stall?

    @gary1745 WAY TO GO! A great start, and seeing better health markers is a fantastic thing.

    @michelleinme I can relate to the pleasure in relaxing into the non Fast days. That is a big reason this WOL works for me.

    Oop gotta run

    Day 9 Melb Aust CD

    My comments will probably merge with others still on Day 8, but oh well.

    I am totally amazed with my weigh-ins over the past two days. Despite no FDs and only 1 TDEE and 1CD I have lost 1.3 kgs (nearly 3 lb)! I don’t know how, maybe salt and fluid loss with fewer carbs, etc., but hey, I’m happy.

    @michelinme, maybe I’ll catch up to you after all, or at least be dogging your footsteps instead of persevering after you in the far distance in front of me 🙂

    @stitchincarol, good to see your posts back on the forum. No, single lady, never married, no kids or grandkids. You must have confused me with someone else. I’m also an Android phone user. I’ve got an iPad, but prefer a Samsung for phone use.

    @songbirdme, my new Samsung is an A52. It’s about the same as an A32, but has the capacity to use 5G, if I ever decide I want to go that way. Currently in Australia the monthly phone usage charge is higher if a person subscribes to 5G connectivity, and I really don’t think I need it, certainly not now, maybe never, but to have the potential capacity is good.

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Second post

    Hmmm, @betsylee, I wonder who it was then? I’m certain it was someone in Australia (New Zealand??? Two different countries, I know, but from this spot in the universe, they rather blend together, LOL!), and I know it wasn’t @penz or @litprof. Whose name am I forgetting?

    I am SO not on the pocket list as of now! I won’t bore you all with a recitation of all the ways in which I’ve cheated, but it’s long. I feel wonderful, however, so I’m chalking this up to the “life” part of WOL.

    Tomorrow will be busy taking down the Christmas decorations, so I’ll check in again on Monday!

    Day 9 second post

    @stitchincarol, maybe it was @lilymartin? She’s another Aussie.

    Day 9 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Yesterday wasn’t quite a total washout, it stopped raining after lunch, enough time for us both to get out on a MOAM/WOAM walk. Mrs IHL being part of the ‘Smallhousen’ family, does a lot more steps than me, so I have to slow down a little 🙂 But we rattled round the village quite smartly and felt better for it.
    At least we got the house jobs done first! We’re determined to get back to daily walks and doing OK so far this year.

    @gary1745 – Great start buddy – re recipes, we often follow ‘The Hairy Dieters’ recipes, some great ideas there for reducing the calories in meals but not the flavour, particular favourite, stroganoff 😉

    Will look in first thing tomorrow for Monday’s FD ride

    Take care all

    Day 9 UK CD

    CHecking in for accountability. Yesterday was comfortably under TDEE tho included popcorn again and today i’m feeling v puffy – tho not as puffy as last week! Weigh in this morning up l1b to 186lb

    Sad to have been too tired to go into town today, but hopefully next weekend. i’ve just been watching a fox wake up, stretch and pee in my flowerbed, woodpigeons in the tree, blackbirds hopping along the ground, sparrows chirping in the bushes and feeding from the feeders. The sun is shining so I’m going to plant some late bulbs.

    @betsylee – woop woop! I’ve gone up a lb this weekend with popcorn, so we’re both 3lb down.

    Have a good Sunday

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Nailed it – again! The scales aren’t cooperating though, so I’ll be on the usual Monday pocket list again tomorrow.
    @stitchincarol – thanks for joining me on the list.

    Interesting article from a few days ago re the benefits of exercise:-

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Day 9 – USA/GA – FD?

    Weigh-in: 218 lbs. I think I’m on the mend, but oh so slowly. I slept worse last night than the previous night. My father is actually having a combination of three surgeries at once tomorrow morning. In addition to a quadruple/quintuple bypass, he is also having a left atrial appendage closure, and an ablation. Still on for 7:00 tomorrow morning. It’s going to be a rough week.

    I couldn’t decide whether to try to fast today or tomorrow. I think I’ll try today, but always keeping things “tentative” during these unusual times.

    Day 9 – UK – FD800

    Have been indulging a bit too much of late so aiming to go for 5 x FD800 this week – haven’t dared to step on the scales but my clothes are telling me a definite gain has taken place 😱

    When I actually checked MFP I realised that Day 4 and 5 were NFD and nowhere near TDEE 🤭 Day 6 was a FD600 but Day 7 and 8 definitely NFD again! also my exercise levels were lower than normal – only managed 3 exercise classes and 2 walks…….

    I have been feeling a bit down, not sure why……..I can’t get OH to go out to a cafe/restaurant….missing our pre pandemic lifestyle…….I do meet with friends but nowhere as much as before……..a lot of mindless eating and more wine than normal is obviously started to be reveal itself in clothes feeling tight……….I definitely need to get my head in a better space so planning on going for 10,000 steps daily as well as my regular exercise classes this week – Monday Broga and Dynamic Yoga – Tues HIP – Wednesday General Yoga – Thursday Pilates – they do say that fresh air and exercise improves your mental health………so here goes……

    @daffodil2010 – welcome back – sorry to hear our weather was not kind to you ☔️ we have had a fair bit of the wet stuff recently 🤣 well done on the 3lbs down!!
    @jaifaim – lovely to see you back too x
    @froby79 @quebecoise – mindless eating in the evening has been my downfall too, especially since the festive season – sadly in my case I’m pretty sure drinking wine has been the cause…..
    @funshipfreddie @i-hate-lettuce – wine of any colour including bubbly has been my downfall of late so I’m tagging onto your coat-tails for mental strength to only enjoy a bottle spread out over the weekend
    @michelinme – 4lbs gone and inches lost – great job!
    @betsylee – reading your post and sound advice to @quebecoise made me realise that I have not been drinking as much water as I used to so starting today I’m back on that 2L target!
    @northgeorgia – feeling for you and your family, so distressing to have your dad’s surgery postponed again – 🤞for Monday
    @stitchincarol – good to hear that you had a fab 12 days in California – don’t worry about the weight gain as now you are back on the 5:2 WOL you will shed it in no time
    Re Planks – a trainer once told me that a 1 minute hold with good form (keeping a straight and rigid torso and neutral spine —like a plank of wood) is what you should aim for and then add variations i.e. include forearm planks for one minute, similar to the original but using the forearms to rest on, then side planks and reverse planks, each for a count of 5 slow breaths and repeat the circuit once or twice – good luck.
    @brightonbelle – I’m with @songbirdme in that how the clothes fit is about my most important concern. After my initial weight loss of 22kg/3st 7lbs I also invested in a whole new wardrobe so I won’t go back to gaining and not having these clothes! I record my weight once or twice a month but how my trousers especially fit me is what motivates me, like now, to press a RESET button with this WOL
    @mariaelena – spinach always amazes me how small the quantity is once cooked – a big 500gm bag is not much once cooked 🤣

    So today as the weather forecast was for a dry morning with no rain until later in the afternoon – I’m a ZBC person, I had a cup of tea then set out for a walk and ended up going to the top of Wansfell Pike and according to my Strava it was just over 8km, 448m and 532calories burned – and my step counter revealed over 12,000 steps taken!!
    Back home for a late brunch of 1 small slice sourdough, 2 poached eggs and fresh mashed avocado with another cup of tea and according to MFP a total of 403calories – a large bowl of fresh mushroom soup planned for tonight and drinking lots of water…..

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 9 – NFD – UK
    Hi all,
    sorry for the radio silence.. quite a few busy days at work..
    After this week I lost 1.5kg (77.4–>75.9). I know it’s mostly water but it’s nice to see the decrease trend, after the increase.

    The last FD was very hard, it was not the hunger but the feeling dizzy, sick and agitated.. I did work a lot that day but I can’t avoid the mental intense days 🙂 any tips for tomorrow? I will increase the electrolytes for sure but anything else to do ?

    Day 9 – 16:8

    Yesterday went fine. One of the feral kitties is now officially my friend and comes to seek head and neck scritches from me. We are planning to clean, reorganize and install permanent cat entrance- I think we now have ‘barn cats’ lol.

    @froby79 – I found upon restarting 5:2 that I had to beware my morning coffee on fast days. The caffeine, undiluted by calories hit me that way. Don’t know if that could be your issue, but I halved my coffee of fast days and had a full glass of water BEFORE coffee intake and that helped. Once I had been doing it for a few weeks I was able to go back to regular amount.

    @at these are indeed tough times emotionally, don’t be too hard on yourself, and you might try to see if just focusing on one day helps you shift mindset. I just buckle down and work on getting that first fast day of the week success and that can bring my mojo back.

    @funshipfreddie I’m a huge fan of incorporating exercise into my WOL, I think, like the article says, it helps in so many ways to make me feel better. Starting small, improving one’s movement: exercising a bit more every day was key for me. I lucked into a hand me down fitness watch and that is such a big help. Good article overall, but I think these articles in general miss that it can be a huge lifestyle change and that busy and stressed people can start small and work up slowly to the recommendations.

    @michelleinme your description of your area sounds wonderful. I’ve never seen a fox!

    Hello and happy 🌞day to all!

    Day 10, FD, Aus

    FD!! Not feeling motivated tho (as I have been awake since 3am) so I’ll be thinking of fellow fasters on the pocket list today.

    I’m about to start a course of medication which cannot be had with alcohol so this will be a period of enforced dryness. I really want the meds to work so am motivated doubly this month. Should be the start of a disciplined year.

    Good luck for your dad today @northgeorgia, sounds like he’s going for a deep service! Hope you’re feeling better too.

    Day 10 pocket list:

    Day 9 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Going to try to make today a 16:8 day. My 8-week blood donation is scheduled for tomorrow, so will eat more normally tomorrow too.

    @gary1745 – glad you are checking in! That seems very important for success on our WOL. Congrats on your lower glucose level! They say fasting (and low carb) is great for diabetes control and can even have people eliminate use of insulin. New recipes are always good. FD’s for me generally mean a salad with some protein (usually chicken or fish) to keep under my 500 calories.

    @betsylee – any kind of loss, even water, is a good loss. Yeah! Another Android user! Our A32’s are also 5G but our rural area is nowhere close to 5G, but maybe before too long our cell carrier thought.

    @stitchincarol – you are right that Australia and New Zealand do blend. We did both countries back in ’05 for our 35 year anniversary trip. Once you get that far, we decided we might as well splurge and go to both.

    @i-hate-lettuce – I went to the Hairy Dieters website and found neat recipes! Thanks for suggesting them to @gary1745. Good for all of us!

    @michelinme – fox in your yard? Wow. I have seen them out in the country near us but never in our town. Various interesting birds to get to my feeders though. Turned on the light at night one time and a huge owl lifted off!

    @funshipfreddie – terrific website about exercise. I like to think I am “working off” that donut I want, but obviously not.

    @northgeorgia – prayers for your dad and you both to make it through the next few days. Serious surgery for sure.

    @at – sorry to hear your DH isn’t liking going out. 😕 That would make me sad too. I’m with you too about eating more at night. Maybe because we are ZBC-ers? I don’t know. I don’t know if mine is “mindless” but carefully planned to have ice cream to help me sleep?! @quebecoise and @froby79 might chime in on that thought?

    @froby79 – I know drinking lots of water on FD’s really helps me not to feel dizzy or such. Some have also recommended salt or Vegemite tea.

    @mariaelena – how sweet your feral kitty is loving your attention!

    Onward and downward.

    Interesting article – results of 5:2 weight loss were unexpectedly the same as alternate day fasting 😀

    Day 10 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Decided not to weigh myself today and might leave it until the end of the week, hoping to be pleasantly surprised 👍 Quite a good weekend, though there was a small Crunchie had, and some popcorn, but all in all, we reigned in the dragon.

    Today it’s ZBC, then a small salmon and spinach salad for lunch with a few black olives and cucumber and pepper. Dinner is cold roast chicken…may just have that on its own to up the proteins.

    DH is hopping about with me every morning now doing our Leslie walk, then straight after that it’s outside for the fresh air MOAM around the village. Delighted DH is doing this with me as both of us can spur each other on.

    @i-hate-lettuce,move the Hairy Bikers, we were only watching them last week. Now that they too have lost weight the recipes are good.

    @northgeorgia prayers for your father today 🙏

    @michelinme I meant to say to you days ago, prayers for your DD and a quick recovery.

    Have a great Monday all.

    Day 10 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Monday morning so FD today, easy start, dental appointment mid morning !

    Going to make another concerted effort this week, feeling good and getting some miles in with MOAM walks getting more regular, easy to get a MOAM walk in when the weathers showery, encourages you to get a move on!

    Take care all.

    Pocket list day 10

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @penz – 3am?!! I’d be a wreck 😴 I’m putting you back on the list, & hoping you stay there 🤞

    I’m writing this on my phone, so anything could happen. My laptop has joined my scales in being stroppy & uncooperative. Mind you, it’s older than dirt & should probably be put out of its misery.

    Let’s make this a good one, Monday fasters!🎯

    Pocket List – Day 10 🍇

    Day 10 UK FD

    OK so weight same as last Monday so need to do more of the good things and less of the bad , good news is I’ve got rid of the Christmas goodies and I’m determined to achieve a loss this week

    Pocket List – Day 10 🍇

    Happy Monday to all. Things have thawed out a bit here in Northern Virginia. Trying to make today a FD, I am down a little over a pound since starting last week.
    Joining the other fasters today!

    Day 10 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Pleased to be able to say that Monday and Thursday FDs are seeming natural and routine again, but more effort is required on moderating alcohol consumption and sticking with ‘dry till Fri’.

    @at I empathise regarding you missing your old lifestyle, I feel the same as my DH doesn’t want to go out either and I feel desperate for a social life beyond talking to passers by when I am out for a walk. Our last evening out was In February 2020. Some days I really fear for my mental health. I pray the infection rates will fall and the impact of the virus weaken significantly so that extreme anxiety will fizzle away 🤞

    Pocket List – Day 10 🍇

    Day 10 UK FD800

    Yesterday was successfully TDEE inc a smal portion of popcorn and 100g christmas cake. Weighed in at 186lb this morning, 1lb up since Friday’s weekly weighday and 3lb down on the month. Considering it’s been three days of popcorn and cake I’ll take that!

    The start of my second week in aeons and I’m going for 4 or 5 FD800. Today it’ll be water, black coffee, herbal tea and marmite tea until a 5pm supper of dal with either quorn chicken or boiled eggs. After a full year of vegan i’ve picked up eggs again this month for the protein, which I hope will get me more easily thru 4-5xFD800 each week. Pudding will be hot fruit salad of pear, clementine and blueberry with ginger. I’ve got two things online this evening finishing at 9.30pm,planning to roll straight from the last one to bath and bed, thus avoiding snacking.

    @at wonderful to be doing b2b FD800 with you: your focus and willpower are inspiring and hopefully infectious

    @daffodil2010 thank you

    @northgeorgia thinking of you and your dad today

    @songbirdme An owl – wow! that must have been an amazing sight! it’s mostly small birds here plus rooks, jays, woodpigeons, parakeets, pigeons, blackbirds, starlings. The odd sparrowhawk visits in search of my sparrows, but that’s more in nesting season

    Pocket List – Day 10 🍇

    Day 10 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. My father’s been in surgery for an hour. About four or five more to go before being transferred to recovery. Then, he’ll be transferred to a Cardiac Care Unit this evening. Originally they had said around 6:00 this evening, but as they started a bit later than anticipated, it could be later than that. I’ll provide an update later on.

    Day 10 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    I did not achieve a single one of my goals this weekend: I ate too much, I sat too much, and I didn’t take down a single Christmas decoration. It’s time now, however!

    @betsylee, I’ll bet you’re right. @lilymartin, where are you?????? 😘

    @funshipfreddie Thanks for that article on exercising; it’s exactly why I need to be better about doing it. So, today, I walk with Leslie!

    @northgeorgia As I type, it’s 10:20 your time, so I imagine your dad is still in surgery. Prayers… (And then I read your post from this morning, and see that it will be many hours. So tough for you and your family to sit out such a long wait!)

    @at My own good cheer is absolutely tied to good behavior; when I’ve eaten too much, neglected the necessary daily house-tidying, and been too lazy on the sofa, it always shows up as a gloomy mood for me. Even knowing that, I still eat too much, neglect tidying, and sit too long on the sofa. Humans can be so very silly, huh? Good luck with your exercise and out door air combining to bring good cheer to your heart!

    @excelsior12309 Well done on that loss!

    Pocket List – Day 10 🍇

    Dat 10 – FD – Norwich UK

    FD today for me too. Today is going better than last week. I have followed the suggestion of drinking water before coffee and in general drinking more water, I have also increased the salt in my veg for lunch.
    My veg box has been delivered, I am going to prepare a nice healthy soup for tonight.

    @mariaelena very interesting article, I like reading scientific papers (it’s also my job!!)
    @northgeorgia warm hugs from me..

    Pocket List – Day 10 🍇

    Day 10 – Ireland – Failed FD 🙄

    Just hopping on quickly to gat back into the zone… started well today but too many crackers and mince pies left in my house… and came upon them at lunchtime…
    Tomorrow will be a better day. I haven’t read posts but spotted yours @northgeorgia. Sending good thoughts for your father🙏 💕

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 10 – second post

    My father’s surgery just wrapped up about 15 minutes ago. The surgeon didn’t mention the ablation, but they did the other two procedures and “only” had to do a quadruple bypass. My mother wants to wait until she’s able to see him in an hour or so before I bring her lunch at the hospital.

    Day 10, Québec, FD
    A few words to say that I did not fast in any way since last Friday. A very good friend, since 25 years, asked me to bring him to the hospital in emergency. He wasn’t feeling well. The kepted him and will probably have heart surgery. I am confident but it was disturbing to say the least. More news to come this week. Hés having a series of tests today and tomorrow. With Covid I cannot visit him. Vive Internet and cell phone to communicate!

    Plus we had such cold weather. And when it’s gray, humid and cold the body and the mind naturally looks for sugar and carbs. I know that very well so I am being kind to myself.

    By the way, I had wine and Limoncello and chocolate and cookies and chips and popcorn. Hahahahaha but I understand that it’s OK . N’est-ce pas ?

    Going dor a FD today.

    Bonne journée belle gang x

    Day 10 – UK – FD800

    Another grey and mizzly day – No Broga class this morning but feeling motivated I set out to do my 10,000 steps and ended with 12,500 and also enjoyed my dynamic yoga class this evening.

    My kitchen door is now closed and I’m sitting at just below 800cals!

    @2froby79 – finding something to do that helps reduce your stress levels would be helpful – have you thought of some gentle yoga? meditation? even going out for a gentle walk can help our mental approach – none of these need to be a long session 15-30mins might make all the difference
    @mariaelena – that’s exactly my mindset for this week day 1 ✅ day 2 ✅ and thank you for sharing that article
    @songbirdme – maybe that’s what I need to do – build in something for after dinner in my calorie count for the day!
    @daffodil2010 – I have decided the same – will weigh in after my B2B FD800 at the end of this week and hope that the scales show me something I like 🤣
    @missybear – thank you for sharing – makes me feel better to know that I’m not alone in feeling like I do – sadly OH does not seem to miss social interactions as much as I do…..
    @michelinme – Thank you for adding me to the pocket list – we can do this together – If I feel like giving up I’m going to think of you and find my RESOLVE to keep going
    @stitchincarol- thank you – yes it’s amazing how much power our minds have – I’m taking it one day at a time and logging on here for support
    @jaifaim – that F word does not exist here – tomorrow is another day…..if you managed not to exceed your TDEE that’s a win x
    @northgeorgia – so pleased that your dad survived the first hurdle and sending positive and healing vibes to him and your family during his recovery
    @quebecoise – Bad news can break any resolve and sometimes we just need to let go and accept what happened and then move on – J’espère que l’opération et la convalescence de votre ami se passent bien
    Je t’envoie des pensées positives 🤗 I’m adding you to the pocket list for support x

    Pocket List – Day 10 🍇

    Day 11, NFD, Aus

    PFDS!!! Thank you to all my fellow pocket listers. How did you go? I found yesterday relatively easy but consciously had a small piece of quiche for dinner as I figured food with my new meds would be safer than taking them on an empty stomach.

    Not a good year’s start to close hearts – glad your dad is out of surgery @northgeorgia, and thinking of your friend @quebecoise

    Day 11 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Quick hello to all. Have had a busy day so far including my every 8-week blood donation. Looks like tomorrow is a “report for Jury Duty” day as well as it has not been cancelled yet. No phones allowed! Will try to catch up with everyone as soon as I am able.

    @northgeorgia – prayers for your dad, mom and you.
    @quebecoise – also for your friend.

    Onward and downward.

    Keep on everyone!
    it’s taking time to see results but it’s working
    patient is the key!

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Yesterday’s FD ended in the evening as DH and I drank some wine and watched “Long Lost Families” on the tv…..we never knew this show existed until recently, and no way would he have been able to handle the emotion if he had not just had his own long lost family moment! But goodness, the show does bring out the happy tears! I had a good cry with my glass of red.

    So today will be proper FD, lots of proteins, water, herbal and green teas…..already done a Leslie walk and a brisk walk around the village.

    Have a good day all.

    Day 11 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    After a few dark and grizzly mornings it was quite pleasant as daylight arrived this morning!

    Funny how quickly things start to change, it’s still early in the year yet, but quite mild and with the lighter morning and noticeably lighter evenings already, the birdlife is ‘waking up’. The robins are becoming territorial, the blackbirds have started chasing each other around the garden and the starling murmurations are getting huge!

    Every evening as it gets towards dusk, thousands of starlings leave their daytime feeding grounds down by the estuary and head off to their nigh-time roost. They fly past our house a little above rooftop height and its a spectacular show, sometimes several small flocks of a few hundreds, other times thousands go past in one huge flock! Link to video from the local RSPB reserve where they head to, impressive to sat the least.

    @northgeorgia – Glad to hear Dads through the surgery, talented people looking after him, they’ll have him sorted!

    Take care all

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