January: Fast Day menu ideas

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January: Fast Day menu ideas

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  • Hi James, Welcome aboard! Have a look at Michael’s recent post – ‘Different Ways of Managing Your Fast Days’. He (and I) think of a Fast Day as ‘a day of fasting’, with (for you as a man) 600 calories during a 24-hour period. Of course, if you are not snacking between meals then the window is your ‘true fast’ (ie no calories consumed at all), but we’re using the term ‘Fast Day’ to designate the 24-hour period with your calorie allowance included. A longer fasting window – ie the hours between eating – is probably most beneficial, giving your body a chance to rest and recuperate. Let us know how things work out for you and which pattern works best.

    Hi Mimi. Thank you so much for that. If I understand you correctly the larger the ‘true fast window’ the better? Therefore I’m still trying to establish if 300 cals 8am breakfast & 300 cals 8 pm dinner is as benificial on the diet as 13.00 lunch 300 cals & 300 cals 8 pm dinner on a ‘fast day’. If you last eat say at 8 pm before the ‘fast day’ and eat 8am the day after the ‘fast day’ the former gives 12-12-12 hrs true fast whereas the latter gives 17-7-12 true fast. Do both work? Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks again, James

    Hi Mimi and Michael and all , my husband and I started the fast D just over 3 weeks ago and we think its a great way to lose weight and feel healthy. I have measured my middle tummy and lost 2 inches . I now fit into my jeans more comfortably . I have recently been told I have Rem behaviour disorder , and I am on medicine for it to help me sleep , on my fast day I do sleep better and feel fab the following day . I know I have this rem problem and doing this fast D is new to me im finding it interesting to see if it helps me more . Any advice mimi , I will tell my sleep medicine doctor when I go in may that im on the fast D and it may be helpfull to her . I feel good tonight fitting into a pair of jeans I couldn’t fasten a month ago .

    I became a type 1 diabetic after giving birth (no gestational) am struggling
    to lose the two stone I have put in the 3 years since – adding diabetes to motherhood and going back to work
    full time has made dieting very difficult (post baby bed time glass of wine has been essential!!). I was doing the pure protein diet but if I hypo’d it completely ruined my efforts for that day. If I had 200ml of orange juice for example
    on a fast day due to a hypo- as long as that fell within calorie range – would that work
    On this diet?

    Hi James

    I found that eating my breakfast early enough to get as many fast hours in the day as possible was proving a struggle and I really did not enjoy it. That seemed a waste of my calorie allowance so now I don’t have breakfast and eat my 500 calories in the evening, between 8 and 9 pm. This means that I get almost 24 hours of fasting, barring the milk in my 2 morning coffees between 7 and 9 am, or almost 12 hours of ‘pure’ fasting with just herbal teas, water and black coffee.

    Comparing this with having breakfast, I find that NOT having it does not make me weaker or hungrier during the day – whatever I ate for breakfast before did not make a dent in how my stomach felt about fasting for the rest of the day. 🙂

    It confuses me that some people snack during their fast day – that seems to be rather counter-productive. I would definitely like to see more science regarding how long it takes for the beneficial changes to start taking effect (is it 3 hours, or 6, for example), or what does a bit of skimmed milk in the middle of the fast do to this process. Or is it really more beneficial to eat protein, rather than carbs, on a fast day, once you decide that you don’t care if you feel fuller after eating protein?

    On the pack for the porridge it says to add milk but I have been eating the porridge with water because I thought it was extra for the milk. Is the milk included in the calories for porridge or do you need to count for porridge and milk ?

    Hey, done this 5:2 diet a few months ago, lost 5lb in 2 months, was slow weight loss but was happy with it, only I had a few very busy wknds with weddings an stuff an while sticking to the 5:2 diet I managed to put on the 5lb again which was disheartening!! I’m back on the diet 2 wks but haven’t lost weight, i stick to the 500 calories for 2 days and didnt overindulge in feast days, has anyone any tips for me on how to do this diet and achieve weight loss???

    Hi, can anyone tell me if this method is suitable for IBS? I’ve tried a few ‘diets’ in the past in which fruit and veg can be eaten freely. However, over the last year or so I have developed an allergy to quite a few fruits so my choice is a bit restricted. This method would work well for me because no food is really off limits. Am just a bit worried it might upset the IBS.

    Michael’s show just aired in Australia! I was hooked. Have done one fasting day, I found it hard. Don’t think I had my 500 cals. Was starving that night. I’m also eating paleo style diet which is easy to convert to 5:2. I haven’t got the book, not sure I need it. I’m due to fast tomorrow but not looking forward to it. I’m overweight, 60yo girl. Any tips appreciated. 🙂

    58 YO man, 74.6 kg/26.5BMI starting point – 1 week in – 1.4kg weight loss and no real problems – noticed much reduced appetite (full for much less) on feed days too

    40g oats made into porridge with water and a sprinkle of cinnamon for breakfast at 7am then fish/chicken plus steamed /water stir fry veg for dinner at 7pm

    Tip half a lamb OXO in 250ml boiling water makes a good savoury drink (much nicer than Miso) for 6 calories.. I’m a savoury fan so this is a nice change from tea/coffee etc

    We have been on the diet for 3 months and my husband is delighted to have lost 20lb. On low cal days we have 2 meals a day at noon and about 7pm. The first is either salad with 50g smoked salmon or half a tin tuna or vegetable soup or a poached egg/omelette with grilled mushroom and tomato. The second is usually a small portion protein (chicken, fish, prawns, pork fillet) in veg stew or stir fried veg. We weigh everything and are careful on the other 5 days too as the diet has increased awareness of calorie control and it would be a shame to undo the good done on low cal days.

    Hi all

    Has anyone tried Cauliflower rice. It’s great for a fast day. 200 grams is equal to around 50 calories. I add lime or lemon juice with salt and pepper and dry fry it. It’s yummy.

    I’m going to start tomorrow, quick question… Is it ok to fill up on fruit on fast days? Do bananas grapes etc have calories?? I’m sure I was told before grapes aren’t good on diets as they have lots of natural sugars in them?? Hope this doesn’t sound silly but don’t want to get it wrong and give up!

    I can say that anything you put in your mouth and swallow has calories. Water, herbal teas and coffee are calorie free, as long you don’t add anything to them.

    Look up the caloric value of anything that goes in your mouth. There are lots of databases online to use. Some sign-up for My Fitness Pal or FatSecret or something like that which is any easy way to input the food you ate and keep a running tab of the calories for that day.

    Eat only 500 calories on your fast day and what seems reasonable on the other days. If you don’t lose weight, you will need to check how many calories you eat on the non fast days so that it is less than your TDEE.

    BTW, grapes are good to eat.

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