I’ve stopped overeating!

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  • I have had over 40 years of episodes of overeating and never really had a “I’m full now” feeling.

    I’ve cut out breads/pastas/cereals/cakes and biscuits not because I think they are bad, but because these are foods I tend to overeat, possibly because they affect my blood glucose levels negatively (?). I don’t know if I have gained or lost weight. I suspect I have lost but I feel so much better just not feeling hungry all the time. I’ve replaced my carbs with additional vegetables (so another carb) and I’ll choose a piece of fruit over a biscuit (so still having loads of carbs).

    I am struggling with skimmed milk as I love it and have a pint each day (love milk shakes and coffees) but I’m suspecting it’s making me very tired, could be the coffee.

    A side note is I feel my moods are on more of an even keel. This could be due to other variables. I fasted for one day all I have managed so far and that day I felt groggy and grumpy but it appears to have improved my mood for the following few days and my stomach was flat temporarily.

    If you are some one who finds it irritating to always be hungry and have an insatiable appetite, this works, I feel like I feel so happy and so much better my appetite is finally somewhat curbed. I’ll always love food to Appreciate meals but to them finish them feeling satisfied is amazing. I’ll still have a bit of my children’s unfinished pizza or choose a sandwich with high protein filling but genenrally I’ve dramatically cut down on the processed carbs. Again I’m not of the “carbs are bad movement” just for me personally they seem to rev up my appetite.

    Trying to get myself prepped for another fasting day- boy how you all do it regularly (!?) I didn’t enjoy the day but the benefits were noticeable.

    Well done! It’s interesting, I’ve come to a similar conclusion that reaching for carbs snacks was making me overeat. After 1 bag of crisps I just wanted another, then something else. I started to substitute with nuts which didn’t have the same effect and were more satisfying. Its almost like carb addiction!

    I’ve been doing this 5:2 for 4 weeks now and it’s become habit already. I do love my bread the day after a fast though I definitely think having even two low carb/fasting days is weaning me off my carb addiction.
    Good luck for your next fasting day, each one gets easier 🙂

    Delayed and Leighc, you are coming to grips with your food needs vs your food wants. A new relationship with food is one of the benefits of the Fast Diet. Well done. Good luck.

    Hello all, today was a non fd day. I had breakfast but soon after getting to work I got hungry and then had the first part of my packed lunch. My point is that once I started eating, I kept wanting to eat. I will see how my second fd goes tomorrow. Am planning on not breaking the fast till about 5pm again to see if I control myself to eat just one bowl of soup. I am a notorious overeater and want to regain some control over what and how much I eat.

    Parveenh how did you do? Did you manage it.

    I am still trying to work out the best way to approach the no breakfast thing. It has been revolutionary for appetite but a few days in I had some coffee with milk and a biscuit and was ina. Terrible mood and flood gates opened for appetite.

    Hello delayed gratification, good to hear from you. Monday’s fd calorie count was less than 300 and I was on course to do the same yesterday but then had a banana and I had made the kids some lamb keema and one spoon full turned into 3, so just over 500 calories. Today was much better, I haven’t over eaten even though I could have. Also I feel lighter, less bulky and I my thinking was very clear. It was a good day.

    Another tip I have gauged both from this forum and this diet, some days are good and some days are bad. Don’t be hard on yourself. Try again tomorrow or start over on Monday. But I am definitely going to continue to break my fast around 5pm. Also, I am sure it will be harder next week due to PMT. Keep at it and good luck.

    Well done with your progress!

    I keep falling off the wagon and jumping on again but skipping breakfast has been revolutionary for my mood. You are really right and spot on that I think some days are good and some bad, I think majority of IF days for me are good but when you get the odd slip up it’s easy to think this is the summary of it when reality is that’s one slip and I like to know why I did. I have noticed lack of sleep makes me wants carbs and not just a small amount.

    I have no idea why but just having a coffee (or three) and I feel less lethargic, I achieve more. It really is bizarre, I think my most overwhelming discovery is the improvement in my mood, I am usually very flat and grumpy in the morning and the mood doesn’t go until the evening but 4pm my mood always lifts. This IF seems to stop the morning depression, I’m not sure how I would be without coffee. By 11am – 12.00 I start flagging in energy(but I used to at around 10 am when having breakfast!) and I do then need lunch. I am still having a quite a lot of carbs so possibly the cause.

    I am also int he pmt week – we are synchronized. I did have two, yes two bits of cake yesterday they weren’t small, I did enjoy them and they lifted my mood. That was yesterday, back on the skipping breakfast today and currently feel great.

    Keep us posted.

    Hello again. Been doing Pilates and running for the last few days which is good. Weekend was not so good, except I had fun at 43 clubbing and drinking prosecco! Yesterday was a false start for a fd day as I was being taken out to lunch, so fasted today.

    Again a few cups of black coffee in the morning but when the caffeine was too much I had a black chicory drink. Lunch I had an instant miso soup (about 32 cal) and the salt perks me up. Mid afternoon I had my yogurt pot and a bowl of chicken and rice went I got home. Will weigh myself in the morning. Aiming for Friday to be the next fast day.

    How’s it going for you?

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