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  • I started my fast diet a few months ago and it was going great. I was loosing weight (which really needed to happen) and feeling good, even looking forward to fast days.
    I had a busy couple of weeks socially as it was the beginning of the summer holidays so I thought a two week break wouldn’t hurt.
    I have just had my second fast day since my break but of those have been so unsuccessful! As soon as I’m on my own I’m sniffing out things to eat. It’s not that I’m not busy, i’ve been cycling, swimming, sewing,reading, cleaning and physio-ing but I just keep caving in! I feel so annoyed with myself.
    Is there anything you do to stop yourself?

    I bet that when you cave in your not eating veggies!! So get rid of all those foods that are presenting you with problems. Empty the fridge and cupboard. No chocolate, ice cream, biscuits etc. Get rid of them!! Drink lots of water. Chew gum like a madman. It gets easier but its going to take about a month to detox.

    Thanks BigBooty, good advice. I’m in a similar position to Naustin after spending nearly three weeks in France, partly at a jazz festival where food and wine flowed, all delicious. Now back to the regime. I hadn’t thought of it as detoxing but of course, it is. I didn’t put too much back on, just a couple of pounds, but I’ve lost the routine of it all, and my determination doesn’t seem as strong the second time around. I must get some stock and soup in too. That might help as the salt and flavour make me feel fuller.

    Good idea I should stock up on gum! It’s not the taste or feeling hungry that’s the issue it’s more a comfort/out of boredom when people are not around. I think about food all the time, it’s so frustrating!
    It’s been the icecream this time round so i’ll try to get rid of it for next week.
    Thank you for the replies, nice to know i’m not the only one. 🙂

    In the past I was a mindless eater. I could sit on the couch, start munching on peanuts, and before I even realized it had eaten most of the jar. Now most days when I feel the need to mindlessly chew, I eat ice cubes. It satisfies my need to be chewing on something without any calories. There is a side effect, however. After a few minutes of eating ice I get extremely cold, even on hot days, so I can’t do it too much.

    Good luck in your fasting.


    Thanks, ice cubes aren’t a bad idea actually as you can add flavours and fruit and still have next to no calories.
    Thank you for the idea 🙂

    What keeps me eating the 500 calorie maximum on FDs is always setting my feeding schedule via myfitnesspal the day before my FD. I print up the sheet which tells me what to eat and I do not vary from this. This sheet keeps me focused and I pretty much zone out anything else. I don’t give myself leeway once the sheet is printed. It is set in stone for the day and if I need to I always tell myself that a hearty breakfast (if I so choose) is just around the corner.

    Currently on a successful fast day (at last) thanks to those little packets of snack raisens you normally put in kids lunch boxes.
    Hooray!! Hopefully this is the start to getting back on track. Thinking positive. 🙂

    I also made a slushy drink (inspired by the ice cube idea). Half fruit juice half water. This kept me occupied for quite some time 🙂 just about to go have a low calorie hot chocolate before bed woohoo!

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