Is splitting the 500 Cals over a day really important?

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Is splitting the 500 Cals over a day really important?

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  • Hi,
    Starting my 1st fasting day tomorrow and have noticed some folks saying eg you start your 1st meal at 7am and last meal at 7pm? However surely as long as you don’t exceed the 500 cals in one full day this should be just as effective.?? Can’t see the point in setting my alarm to eat? If i wake at 10am surely its still fine to have my final meal before 10 pm??? HELP

    Hi Paula:

    Many people express many opinions on this site. However, research shows that if you stick to your 500, it does not matter when you eat them. 5:2 does not require you to eat by the clock.

    Here are some tips that may help going forward:

    Good Luck!

    I have a breakfast at 11.05 and dinner at 6.30. I tried having an earlier meal but found the day difficult.

    I’ve been doing it for 11 days and I’ve lost 11lbs already.

    Good luck

    Hi Paula,

    You’re right, eat whenever suits you. Go to bed, get up, eat 500 calories, go to bed, get up and eat normally.

    Personally, I’m not hungry first thing, so it suits me to skip breakfast, and in fact put off eating for as long as possible. But everyone has to find a way that suits them and is sustainable.

    It’s up to you! Good luck!

    @paula100 – I can’t eat breakfast or lunch on fast days as I would want to eat more and more. I fast until dinner, usually around 5:30. Non fast days, I usually have a light lunch around 11:30 and then dinner.

    It’s a personal journey that only you get to decide.

    I try to only have water and herbal tea til 16 hours have passed since dinner the night before. That means I get to eat from 12-8 which so far has been manageable. I also save some calories in case I need something 7:30-8.

    Paula, we eat 300 calories of breakfast at around 8 am; then eat 300 calories of dinner at around 4:30 pm. As you can see, people work out their Fasting in a variety of ways: pick what works for you.
    Good luck.

    I always spread my 500 calories throughout the day. I don’t pay much attention to the clock except that I usually try not to eat anything until noon because I’m not hungry in the morning, and I find that once I start eating I’m more likely to be hungry again. That’s just my personal preference. Some people eat 1 meal a day and some do a liquids only day. It just depends on what works best for you. I’m usually done eating by about 8 or 9 PM. I go for the most filling foods that I can eat within the 500 calories. Soup or a salad with lots of greens and some protein, like tuna or chicken, carefully measured, are common fast day foods. Pick things that you like. Good luck to you on your 5:2 way of life! I hope it works for you as well as it has for me.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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