Is Fasting Healthy for Women?

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Is Fasting Healthy for Women?

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  • I started the 5:2 almost 4 weeks ago and have lots 3 lbs., lots of body fat and several inches off my waist. I am 54, pre-menopausal and trying to stop the weight gain associated with it. I eat only non-processed foods, lean meats and vegetables, whole grains (minimally) no sugar and exercise weekly (weight training twice weekly and moderate cardio 5 times weekly).

    I am not overweight but would like to be on the lower end of my healthy weight range rather than the higher end, where I am now. I also want to prevent the weight gain around the waist that seems to occur during and after menopause. This program seems to work for me. I do feel good and the weight/fat is slowly coming off as expected. The only negatives I am experiencing are the feeling of extreme hunger on the fasting days (at times) and not being able to get to sleep (at times).

    I started reading everything I could get my hands on regarding Intermittent Fasting since this is the only thing that has worked for me in regards to losing weight/fat during menopause. My concern is with all the information I am reading and watching (YouTube) about how fasting is not a good idea for most women; excellent for young men; potential dangerous for most women. I don’t want to end up with a metabolic problem or Prediabetes as a result of fasting. Many website say that fasting is not good for reproduction and can make your periods go away. The funny thing is, I actually started my period (first time in 7 months) while on this diet? Go figure?

    Most of the negative information is not current so I am wondering if anyone can direct me to recent studies or trials that show fasting is not harmful for menopausal women or women in general.

    Hi ddenby and welcome:

    This clinical study might help:

    Good Luck!

    Hi, Ddenby

    In terms of female-specific responses to intermittent fasting, it seems as though women tend to respond more poorly than men due to the hormonal changes that can occur as a result of intermittent fasting. Here are some articles that discuss intermittent fasting in females:

    Hi ddenby,

    This is an interesting post. Dr Moseley does cover some of this in his book, eg about some “stressors” being good for you in moderation, but it would be good to have a response from him regarding the female composition in particular and how if reacts to IF.
    As regards sleeplessness on a fast day, I have found a glass of milk before bed really helps, and I don’t worry about the calorie content of it particularly, and sometimes it is in addition to the 500 for that day. Having plenty to drink is also helpful on fast days.
    Many of the negative effects of fasting eg period loss, relate to extreme fasting which is not a part of the 5:2.
    Good luck.

    Thank you for sharing. Was quite informative.

    I have seen few vegetarians who is at really good health. They always eat vegetables but my question is how they keep fit their health fit?

    Depends if the person is a vegetarian because of ethical reasons or health reasons. Lots of vegetarians will eat a lot of processed rubbish and sugar, its vegetarian but its poor nutritional food. Avoid sugar, alcohol, and processed grain based foods. To get your protein and fats eat a lot of nuts, seeds, legumes, cheese, tofu. Vegetables and some fruit will then supply carbs, fibre and trace nutrients.

    Yeah, thank you. This might be the reason to keep them healthy.

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