Introduction and personal story.

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Introduction and personal story.

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  • I started out on June 1 2016 prediabetic and 238 lb. A1C of 5.9 and FBS of 100. I am a 48yr old Indian guy and am ~69.5″ tall and am borderline of small and medium bone structure. June 1 I was pushing a 42″ waist.
    I gently drifted into a pseudo atkins diet. I cut out bread and rice. 2 things I used to eat copious quantities of and didn’t really like.
    I got to 219 that way with almost no effort by July 25th.
    July 25th I got onto a real atkins (having shakes and bars etc etc but under 20 gm carbs) but also eating 1 peanut/almond every 10-20 mins to actually keep from going to ketosis because I had started a new job and was worried about smelling bad.
    Then August 15th I swapped the peanuts for jerky. And 2 days later hit ketosis proper. Metallic taste in my mouth told me so.
    Then sept 15th still weighing 219, I go to 24 hr fasts.
    Almost immediately the weight starts dropping, nearly 1/2 lb a day.
    Then on Oct 13th I forget to eat. Yes, I forgot to eat. I remembered I didn’t eat about the time I was getting to bed, 11pm or so.
    I tell myself, I seem fine, so let me eat tomorrow morning. Morning is packed with a million things and I don’t get the free time to eat till 3pm or so, and I say, if I wait till 6, It’ll be 2 day fast.
    Then I do 3, 5, 8, and fail on day 6 of a 13 day (due to misdiagnosing my cramps), then do 9, 9, 20 day – all the while losing almost 3/4 lb a day.
    I am now down to somewhere near 145 lb, and a 32 waist.

    I am in the last few lbs, I can grab the fat around my belly and a few more handfuls here and there. No more than 6-8 lb total is my guess.
    I also have a lot less loose skin everywhere, my body is doing a nice job of autophagy. I think. I used to look more gaunt and wrinkled about a month ago, even as per people close to me who see me everyday, and those that haven’t seen me in a month. As well as those that have not seen me in months. There are 2-3 semi medical professionals who I see on a social basis, and nearly all of them are in agreement that I have not hurt myself by doing this.
    I hope to continue this process to eliminating the fat and hope to keep it there with diet, fasting and exercise.

    Looking forward to sharing this journey with everyone.


    Srinath, hello. That is quite an impressive journey you have been on. Congratulations on your massive weight reduction. You must have a lot of willpower to sustain such long fasts.
    I had only to loose about 28 pound, of which I managed 13 pound since November.
    I have taken it a lot gentler, having 2 fast days a week where I consume the allowed 500kcal. This has worked well for me and I look forward do be as slim as I was in my 20ties and knowing how to maintain that level as well.
    I have fasted for 10 days once when I was much younger. That worked ok, but I was on a beach in the sun all day, not working in Germany as I do now.I could not imagine water fasting for long periods now, but luckily I don’t need to.
    Good luck on the last few pounds you want to shed. You are a hero.

    I was never a 32 waist and 5′ 9.5″ at the same time. I may have been 5′ 2″ when I flew past the 32.
    I am struggling with the last few lbs though. Not quite will power. I am misreading signals from my own body as to when to eat etc.
    As per Dr Mercola you can feel hypo glycemic when fasting and its OK, that means you’re burning fat, you stop feeling hypo glycemic and then you should go eat. How about if you don’t get to eating for another 30-40 mins. And you get hypo again. Happened to me yesterday. Completely had me panicked and I ran and ate all sorts of junk I had sitting around. I am just mad I wasted an eat day. I should have eaten a lot better, which I would have if I wasn’t in panic mode. But I did not eat myself out of keto, and I did not probably eat so many calories to hurt myself in the grand scheme of things. But I wanted to eat something specific and I didn’t get to gathering and making it.

    I have to get the last few lbs out and the visceral fat out and by then my house move will be nearly complete and I can workout and have a good eating schedule with good food. This move helped me in the beginning but now it seems to be hurting me.

    I don’t have a goal weight, I want to get my handfuls of fat out and have visceral fat down to the lowest it can get to. I am 4 on this Omron hbf516, my 14 yr old son is @ 2, and I did get to 2 once. So I guess I should shoot for 2 or 1 – and I don’t know if it will ever get to 0, and I believe that should let me keep and maintain good health regardless of weight.


    I am actually struggling of late with when to eat.
    I have heard that if you’re hypo glycemic, its OK to keep fasting.
    However I stop feeling hypoglycemic when I do some activity. Then say I stop that activity, and 20-30 mins later still not feeling hypo. Do I assume I should be eating then, I’ve heard as much as 6 hours after you stop feeling hypoglycemic, or as less as 20 mins. Anyway I am trying to get back to the longer fasts, I feel its a lot less painful than most anything else. The 24 hr and 48 hours after the eat are the hardest IMHO.


    I have been eating 1 meal a day with around 100 gm carb mostly as dessert (end of a high fiber, high fat and medium protein meal) and staying around 150 lb.
    Healthy weight, I feel good all day and while eating and sleepy when done possibly due to the insulin.

    I will be testing my FBS shortly and will post back how its doing. 2 tests before and after tea with sucralose.


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