Intro – fasting is changing my life

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Intro – fasting is changing my life

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  • For 10 years I’ve been slipping, till it got to the point I was sleeping 16 – 18hr a day, had bone pain, burning skin, migraines with aura, CRUSHING fatigue, panic attacks, constant heart palpitations, skin rashes, IBS and bloating.

    Went to MANY doctors and spent a ton of money (no insurance). They diagnosed me with everything from Kleine Levin syndrome, Lupus, CFS, Hyperparathyroid, to depression.

    Final doctor said I was fine and should stop testing – only issues were high cholesterol, and high blood sugar numbers (105 – 115), but that was due to being overweight and never leaving bed, and my diet.

    Came back home from hospital (abroad) depressed. I KNEW something was wrong, but all the medical tests were good. I had visited specialists, had over 60 tests run in 2 months.

    Finally, on a forum someone said maybe I was hypersensitive to sugar, and my pancreas was ‘sleeping’.. I needed to lose weight, stop the sugar, eat better.

    I started fasting immediately. Not out of conscious choice, just because I was TOO AFRAID to eat anything, I had no idea how to eat healthy. After the first 24 of not eating. AMAZING things started to happen:

    – Clear headed, no brain fog
    – More energy than I’ve had in 15 years (even insomnia)
    – Less IBS and bloating

    I’m on my third week now, and just found this forum. Hoping this can work as a support group.

    However, the fasting routine I’ve gotten into is a little different.

    I eat only one time a day, Mon – Friday.. (from 7-8pm) then fast for 23hr. On Saturday and Sunday I eat relatively normally.

    I don’t take in ANY sugar, or white carbs, any processed foods or packaged goods.

    I’m a little worried if this is healthy, I don’t want my metabolism to stall because of the 5 day in a row fasts, but this is what feels natural and good to me. Also – love the weight loss.

    My blood sugar is coming down, my weight is dropping, I’m feeling great – except I guess a few issues related to releasing toxins etc.

    I also can’t work out as much as I used to (30min elliptical / weights). I find during the week it’s 10 min max..

    Any feedback on this strategy is very welcome.

    Thanks for this forum!

    Gosh, lazyrice, that’s an amazing story! So happy to hear that your weight is dropping and that you have more energy.
    Since you asked about opinions on your eating regime, the only question I have is: What are you eating in that hour? I hope it is lean protein/Omega-3 fish/vegetables/fruit. With so many hours of Fasting, you need to maintain good nutrition when you do eat. This is working for you now, but is it a pattern you can maintain for the rest of your life?

    You say you can’t exercise as much as you used to. How long ago were you doing the 30-mins of elliptical and weights? You have been at this WOL for 3 weeks. Do you mean that 3 weeks ago you could do 30-mins and now you can do only 10? Depending on how much weight you have lost, your body might need some time to re-adjust.

    ‘A few issues related to releasing toxins’ What does that mean? Your liver and kidneys deal with your toxins 24/7. What else is going on with you?

    I’ve been Fasting 2 days/week for 5+ years. We eat 600 calories on 2 days/week, every week. We lost the weight we wanted to lose and have kept it off. My doctor thinks that I am very healthy for 69 years old. I’m here to support you and answer your questions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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