I'm a hungry bugger today

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  • That’s all really, but I thought I’d share it here. Perhaps that’s a coping strategy – I haven’t told my colleagues for fear of judgement/being force-fed cake (I am not overweight so they wouldn’t understand that I’m trying to change my body composition, I only want to lose 7-10lbs).

    My egg and banana breakfast seems like a long time ago. And no, I didn’t eat them together!

    Me too! Some days are definitely harder than others. On a Thursday I have my normal diet breakfast,couldn’t not, and then do 3 exercise classes. Get home about one and eat at 5. Today I’ve had several distractions but can’t wait for dinner! First weigh in since before Christmas in the morning.

    Oh and me too! I am trying 4:3 this week as desperately trying to shed the extra Xmas pounds. This is fast day number 3 and I have thought about food all day long! Can’t wait until my beans on toast tonight – I try to wait until 7.30pm to eat otherwise there’s a chance of eating more later! Weigh in tomorrow…

    Soup, T-minus hour. I made it myself! It has 5 of my 5-a-day in it (though granted, I’d have to eat a LOT to actually get the 5-a-day) 😉

    Good luck with the weigh-ins, I am not weighing myself until after my next fast day.

    Made it yesterday without giving in to my hunger cravings. Reading the various forums on this site helped after I’d had dinner. Weighed in this morning at half a pound down since my last weigh in on Christmas Eve. Slightly disappointing but hey,at least I hadn’t gained. Good luck at your next weigh in Stu. How did you get on Cathy?

    Hi Sonunda – yes I managed to get through yesterday though it was really tough.

    Wel done on half a pound – I know it is frustratingly slow – but it is a definite loss and it all adds up.

    I have lost 3lb – but I have done 4 fast days since my weigh in last Friday morning. Still it is lovely to see! I think the unusually rapid loss is also because this was the excess consumption over Xmas – I am now back to my pre-Xmas weight.

    Yesterday was good, I had a small glass of milk before bed and that definitely staved off the headache and insomnia I got after my first fast day. Going to weigh in after each of my next 2 fast days, but so far I think I’ve lost about 5lbs (since Jan 2nd). I probably would have lost some of that holiday bloat anyway, so I’ll see how I go 😛

    I’m not actually interested in losing loads of weight, but I did read 5:2 can help you lose fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. I don’t find it that easy to put on muscle so I hope that turns out to be true for me.

    This hunger thing is very interesting in how it varies from one fast day to another. I had one memorable day of gnawing hunger all bloody day. It was like a worm eating through me from front to back. The next fast day was not looking easy but by the end it was a breeze. Very weird.
    Subsequent days have varied a little with none of them so intolerable as that one.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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