I am a binger – any info on fasting and bingeing

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I am a binger – any info on fasting and bingeing

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  • PS with regard to you wanting food when you can’t have it, I think that’s another case of “consensus seems to be” (to steal your phrase) whenever you can’t have something you want it more. It’s like not thinking about the elephant in the room…

    I am not entirely sure this is the case for me though, when I start thinking “you can have that for tea, or yes you can have that” I want it there and then and I wants lots. I think the best advice so far has been keep busy… get really deeply involved in something.

    I do emphasise how it’s such an obsession, but we’re not alone. I am analysing a lot on here but i wouldn’t talk to my friends about it (I think they may think I am a little nuts) but I know so many people on diets, and food really is everywhere… even my non foody husband talks about his business breakfasts, coffees, dinners.

    Hi all!

    Interesting posts about breakfast, I usually have it as soon as I get up, and this week I’ve been having cereal and a bread product, and I’ve been STARVING by lunch time. I would struggle not having anything as I don’t always get a break in the morning at work, so couldn’t rely on time to have a late one. I love breakfast foods though, and really look forward to breakfast when I go to sleep on a fast day. Unfortunately these are also my binge foods of choice.

    This week I have plateaued a bit, I did a fast day on Thursday and my second is today, and I’m glad really because I got a bit fed up (no pun!) of the whole thing this week, and let myself do what I wanted, so I ate quite a lot, but I was mainly grazing. I had a bit of trouble sleeping and feel bloated and heavy, and my flabby bits seem to feel flabbier and squishier, so I guess that shows I was responding well to the diet overall. Not particularly looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow morning, but I’ve got 4 hours before tea time, then evening to get through first!

    Oh by the way, did anyone see Giles Coren’s programme this week on BBC 2 about extreme diets? It was really interesting.

    Hi all, I haven’t posted for a while as I’m a bit anti-computer in my after hours life at the moment and there’s no time to login when I’m at work. Generally speaking I also tend to be a bit of a lurker rather than a poster πŸ™‚
    Pleased to see you’re all doing well though, even if that just means still having a go. I am finding the whole thing quite a struggle after so many months, but hanging in there late on a Monday fast day and planning to be in bed soon. The problem is sleep is not good on fast nights and I haven’t found a solution yet.
    Craving is still a problem for me, and I have to admit to a problem with food boredom on FD’s. The food I prepare is basically not as tasty (or plentiful πŸ˜‰ ) as non-fast days and it didn’t really matter till more recently. Food just needs to taste good for me to be satisfied at the moment, so while I’m still doing the FD’s they are increasingly a struggle. Do others find they get bored with the food on a FD? Any solutions? I know some people suggest less of more calorie-rich food but I still need to feel satisfied and I haven’t found that works for me.
    Okay well it’s bed time and the end of this FD can’t come fast enough (no pun intended!). Take care all and all the best with finding a balance between health and pleasure and it’s refreshing knowing no one on here will tell me that healthy is just a ‘pleasurable’ – I already know healthy food can be pleasurable it’s just that my craving for pleasure can overcome the healthy choices!!

    Hi all. Just checking in. Super frustrated right now. Weigh-in this morning told me that I’m up .6lbs. I felt like I had a good week and worked hard on my fast days, and went for a great hike yesterday with husband and dog. I’m going to keep at it though. I know I can get through this.

    Hi SP and others – I hope the rest of the day went well? I am just coming off the back of a long plateau but did finally have a decent loss this week. The craving is still a problem (even after all this time I can get mixed up between hunger & craving) but I am much stronger in calling out the crap when I feel bad and I think “I might just make myself feel better with some… “(fill in the gap with your favourite binge food). Get thee behind me!! πŸ™‚
    How are others doing? It is a struggle and I know that 5:2 is not recommended for people with eating disorders, but I’m still willing to be a guinea pig and see if I can make it work long term. My gut feeling is that it has helped me a lot with binging and it would have been a shame not to try it because of the warning (no doubt there to satisfy the legal-eagles re possible liability) but I think there are issues/considerations we need to take into account so it’s good to have people share their experiences. Take care all.

    Hi Spring!

    I’m still here. I have days where I’m up and days where I’m down (either in mood or weight), but I do feel like I’ve got a pretty good handle on the craving, like you. I’ve found that just taking stock of what I REALLY need is enough to put a halt to any binge that’s about to happen. Sometimes when I open the fridge to look for something, anything, to eat, I decide to reach for the healthiest thing I can find. Then, while I may be satisfying the urge, at least I’m doing so mindfully and healthfully.

    I thought your note about the diet not being good for people with eating disorders was interesting. I’ve never considered myself to have an eating disorder, but I know that I suffer from disordered eating. Same, same, I guess. I just made a note yesterday on my blog about how I obsess about foods (healthy or not) and I think that’s a manifestation of my own version of an eating disorder.

    Anyway, good to hear from you. All others, come back and join us!

    Don’t quit on me, people! Anyone out there???? Just check in and say where you are, good or bad. It works, you just have to keep doing it!

    Hello all.

    I’m a late night binger and this is my 1st week on the FD. Monday was my first fast day and went really well (aside from the fact that I was certain I might starve to death at any moment lol).

    Tomorrow’s my 2nd fast. I’m making them ‘true fasts’ for 2 reasons: first, it’s much easier for me to track and secondly, I find that any food only makes me hungry for more food.

    I suppose a 3rd reason is that I’d like to have the reassurance that if I can’t fall asleep due to hunger, I still have ~450 cal to fall back on (counting the milk in my morning coffee).

    When I was young, I remember my mother buying me one of those pins we used to see everywhere. Big round buttons with cheesy sayings. The one she gave me was with a picture of a bear ready to stuff a huge piece of cake in his mouth and reading “I’ve never met a carbohydrate I didn’t love.”

    I was a thin child…but obviously my carb addiction is nothing new lol.

    I’ve tried Atkins twice…lost 10 lb more than my goal…then gained it all back plus 5 lb each time. O! The irony.

    So here I am, at my heaviest weigh ever and ready to commit to a new way of life that includes carbs!

    Can I ask how many of you eat the full TDEE on NF days? My TDEE is around 1800 cal and, while it seemed like a lot to me at first, it adds up quickly! I’m wondering if I should set my NF goal more like 1400 cal?

    Any advice is much appreciated and thank you!

    Hi jenny and welcome:

    Here is some information that might help: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Hi Jennybb, and welcome!

    I’m not sure what other people do, but I usually don’t even bother counting calories on non-fast days. I have struggled with binging before, but it hasn’t been a problem on this diet. I have struggled with having to view alcohol as a food and that’s been the only thing that I’ve tried to limit myself on. Now, that’s not to say that I eat as much as I want of all other foodsβ€”I still try to maintain a fairly healthy way of eatingβ€”but I find that I don’t really need to count or track what I eat. My TDEE is higher, though, around 2000 calories.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

    Thanks so much, @sanguinepenguin. And yeah, you nailed it….the alcohol thing’s proving the most difficult lol. Interesting to start thinking of it as any other food I tend to binge on. Over the past few months I’ve cut way down on my consumption so, maybe just take baby steps for now πŸ™‚

    I guess for now I’ll just carry on as normal on NF days and see if the weight will come off. If not, I’ll start the dreaded counting of calories.

    Hi all! Welcome @jennybb and good luck to you! Today is my 20th fast day. I am so bored today! Herbal tea is not distracting me at all.

    I think this week I am only going to manage one fast day, mainly because of the Easter weekend, and having things in the fridge I have to use up. (Great excuse eh!) I did three days in week 4, so I guess I’ve evened out.

    I have lost 16lbs so far, I have 30 to go. It seems a lot. Hopefully, after this weekend I can get back on track, but I am off work for another week and a half, so it’s difficult for me to stay in a food routine when I have free time.

    I’m still not counting on non fast days, just having three meals and trying to not graze in between, I don’t want to get into a place where I can’t eat something without knowing its exact calorie count.

    Keep going everyone!

    Hi Helen! Good to see you!

    I’m fasting today too and as soon as I came in from walking the dog I was STARVING. SO I hopped on here for some inspiration πŸ™‚ It’s early, too, so I’ve got a long road ahead. Good luck on your fast day today. I’ll be sending anti-hunger thoughts your way!

    @jennybb, I have found the most helpful thing for me is to keep a food journal. I try to be very honest and accountable to myself and I’ve used it to work through my alcohol consumption issues. Here’s my blog/journal: https://livingthe52life.wordpress.com/

    I’m almost 8 weeks into this and am 8 pounds down. It’s not fast, but it’s working. You just have to keep doing it!

    Hi @helen and thank you! So is that 16lb in 10 weeks, then? Wow! That’s fantastic πŸ˜€

    Today’s been better than my 1st fast. I didn’t start to get hungry until about an hour ago but, boy, when it does set in it’s quite a distraction. Sipping green tea, the warmth in my belly helps (a little little bit)>

    @sanguinpenguin Thank you also! I’ve signed up for your blog so YAY for another source of inspiration. I may have to start doing the same thing as far as journaling, especially with the accountability around alcohol. I’d have a very hard time just drinking one glass of wine (or one anything lol). I don’t have the urge to drink every day, but on those days when I do…well, it’s on!

    I’ve never been a big calorie counter, my diets were mostly Atkins, paleo, Weight Watchers etc. So while I’m hoping I don’t have to go that route, I’m open to it if I don’t see any loss.

    Another hitch is Mark. He’s such an enabler! lol. He’s already trying to get me to eat a granola bar because I mentioned I was hungry. NOT HELPING! He’s hopeless, I’ve tried to explain how he can better support me…but he just can’t stand to see me unhappy about anything. So, really, he’s quite the sweetheart. Still….NOT HELPING! LOL

    So I shall have to turn to these forums and all of you lovely people for my support. Very grateful about that!!!

    Hi all,

    Jenny welcome well done with the fast so far. Many of us have tried many diets and have also then gained afterwards too. I am viewing this as an investigation… like detective work, finding what works for me. so I hope you find this works for you or at least find a plan you can follow long term.

    With regards to how I’m doing, I have to say I just love food and I had stalled with the fasting diet as a. to does take willpower and I have been away on holiday (all inclusive!!) b. mentally I had given up a little as I was bingeing on non fasting days I think because I was just not getting any sleep – pretty much just a couple of hours, and that was light sleep.

    All the food we have had over the past few weeks was amazing. My bingeing was reduced – I had eggs and veg for breakfast and a cappuccino, unlimited veg with steamed or grilled fish for lunch and summer curries- veggies, steamed fish and salad…. and there were huge amounts of food. Only on two days did I have bread and cake… I have come home and thought I had cracked the bingeing thing… I have gained half a stone! On what I had semi convinced myself was a really healthy diet. It was healthy, but perhaps goes to show the huge quantities of food I can eat- my husband laughed at my huge platefuls….! I kept it reasonably low carb despite the veggies (as I mentioned I had two days with cake etc)… but it goes to show I can’t eat whatever I want. I have a huge appetite and perhaps I was bingeing at each meal but tried to convince myself it was healthy. When I got back, feeling throroughly miserable and tired, I stupidly ate three hot cross buns and a easter cream cup cake my husband had brought…!!!

    So I really have to be honest with myself. I think I could have eaten huge amounts in these days I let myself have bread and cake, but all my clothes are tight. The only thing that seems to have worked in terms of weight loss is the fasting and I think that may be because it makes one very strict with oneself counting every calorie.

    I confess, I am the type, everyone else is full and I finish of my son’t plate of food and my husband’s leftovers, thinking oh well it’s healthy…!

    So back to the drawing board for me. I think keeping all my kcal for the evening would help with sleep on a fasting day, and having some carbs on the fasting day, however, going through the day is quite tough… so we shall see. Low mood and pmt is something I battle with too so I need better methods (other than food) to cope with this. I do think fasting would be easier if I lived alone- but i don’t and I am thankful for my beautiful family I just need to get some willpower r a better strategy!

    I did think does all this really matter, does eating too much really matter, my husband does;t mind, my son couldn’t care less as long as I play with him… but then I think about how lethargic it makes me feel and how embarrassed I feel when I see photos – the reality sinks in….

    If i crack this, or come up with a great plan or have tips I will share them. It’s a marathon not a sprint right

    I do hope you are all succeeding. Penguin I had a look at your blog a while ago and was inspired and it was great that you were so honest and open. It’s kind of you to share with others.

    Best of luck to you’ll, I apologise I haven’t been on here more often or replied in depth so some posts. I will…! I do read them all.. xx

    PS I just wondered what all your thoughts were on having unlimited amounts of veggies on non fasting days… I thought I would try this on holiday but have gained weight…

    Queen, welcome back. There’s nothing to do but look forward, even if you have to start over every day.

    I know well how miserable it can be to think you’re doing the right thing only to fail, and weight loss is SUCH a mind game. You just have to keep doing it.

    I can’t stay long as I’m about to embark on my own vacation (to California’s wine country, no less, let’s see how awful I do with my own demons!) but I can only say this: I don’t count on non-fast days and that works for me. It may not for you. I have noticed some binging-type eating on my part so I do try to have more than one day between fasts – that seems to keep it to a minimum. Also, the only thing I eat now on fast days is a giant bowl of oatmeal about 1-2 hours before I go to bed. Sometimes I have a banana in the morning/lunch time, and if I do that I cut my oatmeal serving in half. But I’ve figured out that I MUST have a full belly before I go to bed and oatmeal is the best way for me to attain that feeling of fullness. I have a husband that probably doesn’t care what size I am (within reason) but also lets me eat what I want on fast days without giving it a second glance. I’m a routine oriented person so when I find something that works for me, I stick to it. 1 cup of oatmeal, 2 cups water, 1 Tbs. maple syrup. That’s it. Some cinnamon, too. I measure it and everything. The rest of the week I eat what I want (within reason, again).

    I’ve got to run, but I’m glad you’re back with us!

    Penguin, thank you. I had been thinking maybe cereal was the choice before bed- maybe with a little warm milk.

    Interesting to hear you don’t count onion fast days. I was obviously eating unlimited veg with no fast days in-between so knowing my own appetite, had I have added the fast days I wouldn’t be feeling quite so porky. It just goes to show how much I can eat. But the thought of counting vegetable calories on non fast days slightly “does my head in” so great to hear that you don’t count on non fast day. Before I as you more questions I will look at your blog incase you have answered them. Just a quick question, do you stick to a routine i.e lots of people have the same sandwiches each day at work at 13.00… I wonder if a routine is really useful, I certainly find other aspects of my life work well with routine and structure…

    Many thanks for sharing your experiences penguin, you’re a star!

    Hey folks,

    Just checking in. How’s everyone doing? I had a fast day yesterday and am enjoying my cake (OK, lemon bars) and eating it too, today.

    Hi Penguin,

    Do enjoy your cake πŸ™‚ it’s lovely when not in binge mode and just eating something and really enjoying it.

    I went on holiday and we had unlimited fish (grilled) and vegetables and veggie curry. It was quite low carb, omelette and salute broccoli for breakfast, fish and veg curry and salad for lunch, more fish and veggies for dinner – sometimes a few bread rolls too some nights and a small glass of red (honestly about 150ml) . I felt great, skin looked amazing, but when I came back found I had gained weight – 7lbs! I was most upset and although I wasn’t trying to lose weight I thought I had cracked it, but just goes to show, after sharing my upset with my husband he did say, yes but your plate was huge, the portions were like mountains – although really healthy, it just goes to show the amount I can eat (I had three puddings too over the fortnight) perhaps this highlights I don’t really get full when other people do and I LOVE food – unlimited access to it isn’t healthy for me. So I came home upset as I was hoping my future diet could be full of veggies and steamed fish – but maybe Penguin is right I could bo this on non fasting days but be vigilant about the fasting days. I think the oatmeal for dinner idea is fantastic, I have read that a high gi snack before bed can help induce sleep – I was wondering if a pack of oatcakes and a glass of warm milk (hot chic someone else recommended) may be a good idea.

    I have been doing some research on binge eating – compulsive eating. It seems that a lot is aimed towards anorexics or bulimics. I was reading the Christopher Fairburn (sp) book, but have found some of his advice doesn’t apply to me, I was happily going through it but it advises regular meals and snacks (unhelpful for me as I think about food even more) and it says about introducing food that one is consciously or unconsciously restricting – i.e the foods we binge on. However, my binge foods aren’t necessarily unhealthy or what I perceive to be unhealthy (I have brought packs of oatcakes, seeded bread (I think I am probably sounding like a broken record here) and binged on them… i fact I binge on cereals “stooge” rather than foods I try to limit i.e chocolate cheesecake! So I am sorry to share this with you all as I know I am sounding a little negative but I’m really trying to tackle this. I notice when I don’t binge my mood is really low. Has anyone else tried antidepressants..

    I read an article on addictions, it said compulsive eating wasn’t an addiction as such but people do get a major high (something to do with dopamine receptors) from food and maybe a key to treating this is making sure we find something else that gives us enjoyment in life. I also am not sure the “don’t restrict kcal as this leads to bingeing applies to us-me, I am sure there is a biological affect of starvation, but my bingeing has been under control when I have been very mindful about food, and my binge eating has been at it’s worst when I just think I won’t care about kcal or my food intake…. it’s not caused by dieting, for me, sorry to overanalyse this but it perhaps emphasises that the 5:2 isn’t necessarily bad for a binger, but perhaps not ideal for a binger who is such because they are anorexic or have been controlling kcal – btw I am not a doctor and have very little knowledge on this topic, I am just analysing) I spoke to one lay who said when she got into photography she naturally began to stop binge eating. I am also noticing a correlation between those with low mood and carbohydrate eating.

    So I know some of you are finding success from the 5-2 I probably am not sticking to it religiously as I have to be honest, I find it hard to get through the day without lunch to look forward to, but when I do achieve it I feel proud of myself. I am wondering about starting a blog too, but at the moment I am struggling with feeling a bit low – so contemplating seeing the doctor…

    Please keep us posted on how well you are all doing. It makes me really happy to hear people are succeeding- or discussing who to cope when the inevitable day whereby we don’t feel so well occurs. It’s a journey and nothing that’s worth doing in life is easy!


    Hi BG,

    I remind much of myself when I read your posts, as I’m sailing in the same boat as that of yours.

    For me

    1) FOOD is my life
    2) FOOD is my world
    3) FOOD is main part of my Day (Everyday)
    4) Can’t stop eating, when I get something I like so much. Just can’t stop it πŸ™
    5) I feel that I’m missing my LIFE, missing something very important, whenever I be on a FAST Day or try to control the Portions.
    6) I just stuff myself more than I’m full, till I get stomach pain and then pity on myself as to why the hell, i’m eating that much.

    But, believe me, I’ve lost a total of 20 kilos of weight till today. Came from 97 to 77 and my target is 65, which I’m sure I’m goanna achieve.

    And how on the earth did I do that, by every time diverting my attention on something else when ever I want to eat more (in fact eat). With this, I was able to reduce my calorie intake in such a way that I’m losing around 1 Kg/week now. Try to divert the concentration onto some motivational video in youtube, or doing some activity involving both body & mind. If mind is not busy, we goanna go back to food always.


    Thank you for your post, that’s amazing! What encouragement. Thank you for your honest account, you think like me (what a confession) and sounds like you have really achieved maximum progress.

    I was reading an article on binge eating (not the type caused by dietary restriction) and many of the pointers resonated with me. The main conclusion was that treatment was tough, but the individual may have to just find other interests.. it sounds slightly patronising as I type it, but it really was saying, like you found distraction maybe the key.

    Penguin, sorry my last post was a little like one I had posted before – sorry for the repetitiveness! I am definitely going to try oatmeal or a pack of oatcakes on a fast day (I think one little pack of oat cakes usually has about 6 oatcakes at 40kcal each). Thank you all for being a great support!


    No worries! I’ve been busy at home on the farm but I’ve been keeping up with the posts, just not commenting.

    I weighed this morning and was happy to be 3.3 pounds lighter than my weigh-in two weeks ago.

    This diet does work, you just have to keep doing it. Krishna, your post is inspiring and honest, thank you. I think we all need more honesty, both in being honest with ourselves, and also with each other. I try very hard to be honest with myself, but it’s a daily struggle. I fail often, but get up, dust myself off, and try again. For me, keeping a public food journal has been the only successful way I’ve remained honest and accountable. I’m never very good at being mindful in the moment, so I admire your ability to watch a video or distract yourself. It’s funny, I have often been inspired to keep going just by flipping through a clothing catalog and seeing all the pretty things I’d like to wear. I guess that’s kind of the same thing πŸ™‚

    Hi BG,

    Rightly said. We need to find other interests, basically to divert our mind. You see, in binge eating, its not the body which craves for food, but its the mind, the thought, at that impulse of the moment. If its the body, its the true hunger, but if its the mind on craving, it’s all that takes for me to binge.

    One thing which I constantly remind myself is this – The size of the stomach is nearly twice the size of one’s fist. So, why should I stuff myself more and bulge my stomach.

    But, frankly, very few times I’m able to remind myself of this fact though πŸ™‚


    Very true. We all need to be honest, atleast, with ourselves, coz, if not, who else, can we expect to be honest with us.

    All my life I’ve been struggling with obesity and recently am struggling with Type 2 Diabetes also. This is like a whip on to my wounds. But then I decided that, lets stop this. Stop all this weakness, and be what we are destined to be. To be healty, to be perfect as much as I can.

    So, then I started with my weight loss journey, and while doing so found that Type 2 Diab can also be reversed with weight loss. I usually used to log my food/track calories in myfitnesspal. Its a great site with awesome people around. Now, with a bit of experience, even though I don’t log my calories, when I eat I know how much i do. So, now no turning back, till I reach my goal. This site and the people here are a great support and motivation for me all the while.


    Brilliant news about your weightless and diabetes reversal- that must feel like a huge achievement.

    I think we can get complacent about food and think, “it’s only food” but actually bingeing is a pretty horrible place to be… you are so right to think about the size of our poor little stomachs πŸ™‚

    Yesterday I achieved a semi fast and the day before a fast -well, a Mosley fast- (I was probably slightly over the 600 but getting back on track) and I felt amazing. It helped to keep busy and out of the house all day -a beautiful day and we went for a long walk and a swim. Also, delaying breakfast yesterday really allowed me to savour that wrap at lunch time. I ate it slowly and every bite tasted so good.

    We also joined a really nice gym and I’m so excited by it – makes me realise perhaps my lack of motivation was in the mind, just focusing on some of those classes is encouraging (I’m doing it more for the mind, and my husband says we can both babysit and allow the other one to go out in the evening – it sounds pretty sad, but I’m really looking forward to it.

    I’m still struggling with insomnia though, I woke at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep.That’s why I delayed breakfast the following day, I know as soon as I have it the lethargy and tiredness will hit!

    Thank you for your support ladies, keep going.

    That’s great news, Queen! I’m really, truly happy for you. Have you tried melatonin for sleep? I’ve found that I sleep better if I have a full stomach, so that’s why I put off eating any food until the end of the day, but if that doesn’t work you may want to try a natural and gentle sleep aid. I know how much it upsets my eating habits when I’ve not slept well.
    Krishna, good job on your journey so far, and best of luck as you continue down the path to health. It is SLOW, but so much more sustainable than I’ve ever found any other diet to be.

    Hello ladies,

    I’ve been away on holiday so unable to post but have been following your posts from my mobile.

    I’m checking in with you all as I am facing the dreaded post-holiday weigh in and I know it ain’t gonna be pretty…. I started off so well, I was feeling really good, was only eating when I was hungry (almost unheard of) but then did the inevitable and decided “now I am a thin person, I can eat what I like”. Unfortunately neither statement is true. So for the last week went hell-for-leather to eat everything in sight.

    Although there weren’t scales there, I took my tape measure so know I am definitely bigger. I don’t know how this will translate on the scales. Anyway, back on the wagon. Onwards and upwards! (or downwards, actually!).

    Hello all and welcome back @mcca. Good luck with your weigh in, hopefully it’s better than you’re expecting. But either way, it’s worth it sometimes to give ourselves a break and just eat “like a normal person” don’t you think? I hope so because I’m planning a trip home next month to Philadelphia…the land of greasy cheese steaks and delicious pizza (and some damned fine restaurants I’ve missed) so I know I’ll be taking a break myself.

    This is my 3rd week in. The first 2 weeks I lost just over 3lb & 5 inches total (waist, hips, bust), so I’m curious to see what this week brings. Honestly, I don’t feel any lighter but I’m also enjoying my ‘monthly visitor’ so hoping there’s some element of water retention at play. I’m trying to be good and keep off the scales in between weigh ins. Not easy!

    I mentioned when I started this that I was a late-night binger and a fairly heavy drinker. I’ve noticed both of these bad habits begin to slip away already and, honestly, if I gain nothing else from this WOL, these two things are HUGE. (I’ll remind myself of that if the scales disappoint me this Sat. :P)

    I’ve learned that I will not only NOT die if I go to bed on an empty stomach, but that I’ll actually fall asleep easier and get up feeling better. Last week I drank once during the week and the sick feelings the next day were so pronounced, I really had to take a hard look at why I continually do this to myself. Being middle aged (if I’m lucky lol), I’m really too old for all that. But it’s truly a miracle to see these habits begin to almost take care of themselves. I’m just so grateful to have found 5:2, and this forum with all of you!

    Happy fasting πŸ™‚

    Hi JennyBB and welcome back MCCA!! We missed you πŸ™‚ You’ll get back on track and while the scale may not be your friend for a while, at least you know that you can lose the weight again.

    I thought a little about what you said while I was eating my breakfast this morning. You’re right, we do tend to think that “we can eat whatever we want” when we reach a certain goal, because skinny people do, right?? The problem that I’ve found, having several truly skinny friends, is that they just don’t seem to WANT as much as I do. So yes, they do eat whatever they want. Which is still less than I want. By a lot. So I’ve come to the realization that even when I hit my desired weight loss goal, I’ll still have to be quite mindful when I start to maintain. Not a fun prospect, by any means, but a necessary one if I don’t want to go through all of this again. As I have, many, many times before.

    Anyway, it’s all a process.

    JennyBB, I’m a fairly heavy drinker and a boredom binger, and while the bingeing hasn’t been a problem at all, the drinking still is. I hope that, like you, I’ll start to see my desire for the numerous glasses of wine with dinner to lessen as I keep going. But I’m in week 10 of this and it hasn’t happened so far.

    Hi JennyBB – thanks for your words of encouragement. I was getting quite down on myself kind of thinking “oh you silly fat cow, it was inevitable, you are just a greedy pig” but then I thought about what you said and you are right, sometimes we are not going to be ‘good’ – and that’s part of it – learning how to carry on past the blips.

    Sanguine – thank you for your thoughts too! I’ve been thinking about what you said too and that makes sense. Every slim person I know either doesn’t like to eat a lot or curbs what they’d like to eat…. those who can eat like horses and stay skinny are few and far between.

    I’m fasting today and will weigh in tomorrow, I was too much of a coward to weigh today! I’ll let you know how I get on πŸ™‚


    I had to comment on your bit where you stated that skinny people eat what the want but much less than “you” do. When I have been ill, I often have accompanying reduced appetite and feel full much more easily, and I often wonder if this is how normal people feel all the time. When I was last ill I just fancied cake for lunch, I had one small slice and my stomach felt bursting, I felt satisfied and that was it. Normally I would then want to eat a whole cake and then some! So I do sympathise! I am also boredom binger and interesting that you also like a drink – I hear bingers often like drinking too.

    I do have a skinny friend who does eat quite big portions but when I reflect, she never “secretly” eats, or comfort eats.

    MCCA I’m so with you with the fear of the post holiday weigh in- if it makes you feel any better I gained 7 lbs! It just goes to show what a huge appetite I have and that I really have to be careful as all the food was pretty healthy!

    Good luck to all

    I think the key to it all is to not beat ourselves up when we fall down. Luckily, I have a wonderful man in my life who is always ready to remind me of this. Admittedly this is MUCH easier said than done.

    Instead of getting down on myself when I drink too much (or eat too much), I’ve been trying (stress “TRYING”) to just observe the behavior and how it makes me feel. What I’m finding is, consistently, the behavior (usually drinking too much…which leads to late night binges)… not only did not make me feel better emotionally, it made me feel worse physically.

    For me, I have so much working against me right now (my age, a sluggish thyroid, a sleep disorder…my age lol), I feel as though my body is finally revolting from all these decades of abuse and misuse.

    I’m finding myself a little discouraged as, this week especially, I don’t feel the weight is really coming off. But I think that’s because I am used to yo-yo dieting where I lose weight way too quickly, then put it back on +5-10 lb each time. Trying to remind myself this is a WOL and the pounds took years to pack on…they may take a year or two to take off in a sustainable way.

    My friend likes to say, and it’s become my motto of late “Progress not perfection.” (But I’m such an impatient brat! LOL)

    Happy Friday all!

    My motto is “good enough for government work.” I think I learned that in the military. Anyway, I had three drinks over five hours last night and still woke up this morning with a hangover, so I guess I’m getting some of the same effects. It’s fine with me, and I still managed a fast day. It was easy, even. I’m impatient too, very much, so when I’ve had even a brief stall it’s hard not to give up. But I can’t deny even a little that it’s a diet that works, so i just keep doing it. It’s too easy.

    Queen, how are you?

    Hi Penguin and team πŸ™‚

    I am having issues with weekends and seeking advice really. I had been trying not to count kcal on fasting days, but in the afternoons my husband and I swap shifts and I help look after the kids which means making lunch and supper. The problem is we have to be in the house all afternoon and my hubby and the kids like bread, sugary cereals, chocolate – the bingey stuff! And there is only so much housework, playing with the kids (my own and my husband’s) making dinner I can do before I get bored and start eating. I’m a secret eater too. If I was home alone I would go for a walk (I love walking and this is my fail safe to prevent a binge or snacking) when I feel this boredom/frustration set in. It’s quite impulsive… Then I look at what I have eaten, a lot. I will try not to embarrass myself by admitting how much (not all unhealthy but there’s not many multigrain shapes or bread left!). So it’s trying to come up with a plan, I know it’s a non fast day but I really overeat and I have to be realistic even one fast day won’t compendate for all the additional kcal I eat when I do this. I can’t blame the kids I know I do it, but it’s really tough and I’ve been doing it for the last five years. When it’s just me and my son I can take him out but I can’t just take all the kids out because I feel a bibge coming on and my husband likes us all to be around whilst he potters around the house (he looks after them in the am so I get stress free time).


    It’s a tough one, I know. I struggle with the weekends, too, and have to work very hard to be mindful and not just say screw it. I know it’s a lot to ask, but have you tried writing down what you eat in a day? It doesn’t even have to be exact amounts, just “1 turkey sandwich. 1 apple. 1 bag of chips. 2 beers.” Jot it down on a napkin. Do it for one day. Then do it the next day. Commit to doing it for just one day and I think you’ll find that it makes a difference. I promise you, the only reason I’ve had ANY success with this diet is because I write down what I eat. Even if I don’t do it until hours after I’ve eaten, knowing that I have to write it down and acknowledge what I’ve eaten is enough to make me think twice.

    Just try it for one day.

    I would also try to stop categorizing food as healthy or unhealthy. If you eat too much of it, it’s all unhealthy. Unless you’re binging on raw celery or lettuce, everything has calories. I had to learn that the hard way with alcohol and recognizing it as a food instead of just a drink and a thing I do with friends.

    Hello all – just discovered your posts and thought to myself “now there is a perfect fit.” Have been doing 5:2 for almost 2 months, and was actually doing quite well because I’m nothing if not obedient when I start doing something. But the last few times I have set out on a fast day, I swear the pastries and lovely breads and sweets (at the office, of course) all but climb into my mouth and wrap themselves around my brain. And then I don’t know what happens but nothing will do but to have one or two or ten. It’s as though I lose control of my mind. And then I get incredibly thirsty and of course drink a diet something (or several) then feel all bloaty and awful. Where does this monster come from? Maybe it is a sugar reaction. All I know is that I feel wonderful when I wake up the morning after a fast day. You would think that feeling would carry me through, because I know I don’t feel good after the junk. I am working on it. But happy to have found some kindred souls. I look forward to learning from you.

    Hello, hope you don’t mind me joining in on your thread – I saw the word ‘binger’ & thought “yep that’s the group for me”. This is my third week on the 5:2 diet, I lost quite a few pounds in the very beginning but since then I have either lost 1lb or stayed the same. I have no problem at all with my fast days, I am very good when I know I have to be – it’s my non-fasting days I’m having trouble with! I make reasonably healthy meals but then can’t stop myself from snacking between meals! I don’t know why I do it..I think I need to tell my stomach that everyday is a ‘fast day’ & maybe then I won’t snack quite as much!! But I must admit even though the number on the scales isn’t changing very much I do feel that my clothes are fitting better, so it is obviously working – I just need to teach myself that I don’t need to snack on non-fasting days!

    Hi Lyndylou — nice to meet you. It’s funny, but you describe my non-fast days as well. I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t my own post πŸ™‚ I guess that’s why the title of this thread got my attention. I’m always one pastry away from a melt-down.
    Today is a fast day for me and it’s gone well. I just didn’t eat anything until a take-out sandwich for supper, from a place that posted the calories as 400-something. A no-brainer there, and I took nothing with me to work, which can be dangerous but it was OK today because I was too busy to go sniffing around for treats.
    So tonight I’m not stuffed/misearable and not even hungry after my sandwich. I think food is just a trigger for me. Once I start eating my appetite wakes up like a bear from hibernation. Even if I eat something nutritious for breakfast like an egg and whole-grain toast, I’m hungry way too soon after. Well, it’s an ongoing struggle obviously, or we wouldn’t be here. This has been the first thing in 2 years that has blasted 8 lbs off me so I’m sticking with it. I wish I could bottle the feeling I have when I wake up after a fast day. It feels like I’ve taken good care of myself — a good feeling all over.

    Hi All, it’s lovely to catch up with the posts, I love the honesty and it’s great to hear what you’re up to SP & Queen & mcca and meet the new folk on the thread – WELCOME!
    I’ve been off-line and not doing 5:2 for a few weeks and about to get back into it after visits from the in-laws and the out-laws and not really watching what was going into my mouth… The day of reckoning is approaching so I am de-toxifying the house today & tomorrow and easing back into 5:2 over the weekend with 18:6 ready for a FD on Monday. Wish me luck xx

    Hi ladies!
    I haven’t checked in here for ages (but I’ve still been following your blog @penguin!). Well done for everyone’s successes, always great to hear about, and great to have new people too!

    I’m just plodding along really, I’ve not lost any more weight, so I’m still at 16lbs and this is my 13th week. I’ve found it a bit of a slog, I have religiously stuck to my fast days every week, but it is a bit upsetting when you plateau for a looooooooooooooooooooong while.

    I have managed to do the diet at work, by having porridge for breakfast, and just a salad or dinner, (I HATE SALAD!), then soup for tea. I am surprised that I stuck to it (braved it out, more like!) so I guess that’s a victory?

    It doesn’t help that it is like winter, and cold weather demands stodgy carbohydrates in my book!

    I do feel that I’m getting a handle on my evening ‘eating when it’s not a set mealtime’. I’ve managed to stop after tea, maybe just having a couple of biscuits with a cup of tea about half sevenish, and nothing later. I accomplish this by going to bed earlier.

    Need to find a motivation to do more exercise now.

    Keep going all!

    Hi comespring, nice to meet you! Thank you for the welcome πŸ™‚ And good luck with your 18:6 and detoxifying the house. I know what you mean!
    Is everyone else hiding out? Offline?
    Penguin are you grading papers still? You have my sympathies; I teach a writing course, and the grading is almost physically painful sometimes.
    Helen, omg cereal in the morning is a disaster for me every time — I’m a hungry bear before noon. I like your “progress, not perfection.” Progress doesn’t seem so out of reach. And perfection doesn’t seem like any fun at all. And speaking of progress, wow Krishna, yours is impressive!
    Jenny and mcca, you nailed what I like about this WOE — no one with any sense of fun is “good” all the time. Being impulsive is rather a fun part of life, isn’t it?
    I’ll be honest, though, I had to bitch-slap myself through the FDs this week. But again felt SO GOOD the next morning. It somehow resets my hormones to “uncrazy.” That’s big for me, at my age. So I’ve not found the FDs getting much easier, but do enjoy being a bit less crazy and feeling more in control. Notice the strategic use of “less” and “more” because I fall off that wagon quite a lot. OK, all the time.

    Queen, thank you for starting this thread. I feel for you with all the food that is in a house with kids. Our kids are grown, so I try (TRY, more strategy there) not to bring the fun food in the house. (Yes I know, healthful food is “fun” & being slim is fun, etc. Still doesn’t keep me from wanting to eat an entire pecan pie. Which I have been known to do, though I admit it took almost 24 hrs.) On top of that, insomnia is awful — I hope you can get relief for that. Those nasty ghrelin things really do a number on me when I’m sleep-deprived.
    So the scale did not go down this week, but it did not go up. I’ll settle for progress in whatever fashion I can get it. Good luck to all on the next fast day! Keep up the good work! Mine will be Monday so here’s to a good weekend for everyone. xx jade

    Hello Friends,

    How wonderful is it, when sometimes you feel crazy and then you read a load of posts, from people who you have never met, and you feel a sense of camaraderie.

    Penguin than you for your advice. I had been brilliant this week, not exactly fasting on fasting days (I now that doesn’t count me in as such but I will skip the breakfast and have a small lunch then supper – so prob around 700 kcal rather than 500) then the other days I guess I had been having around 2000 kcal but I’ve been doing a lot of exercise. I’ll summarise my progress with relation to fasting and bingeing:

    My positives:
    6 days without bingeing: what has been working –

    I kept busy this is huge for me, I planned something to do after each meal- my husband has allowed me a few nights off to go to the gym which has been brilliant

    I have eaten enough in the evening to sleep well, which has unfortunately meant increasing carbs but seems my body doesn’t like no carbs…

    I kept a log and a “rough plan” and didn’t give myself the opportunity (if that makes sense) i.e took my son out swimming, the park, kept mostly healthy stuff in the house,

    -I allowed stodge every day (so fast days were not low carb) but at dinner time (I even managed to keep multigrain bagels, my downfall, in the freezer) I would have a a bagel (large one) with a huge bowl of soup. It was late in the evening so it wasn’t long after dinner that I went to bed (so even when I was thinking hmmmm after the bagel I had a “full stop” to the meal, a yogurt for pudding then knew I was going to bed

    Managed my appetite by not eating so much in the day but having massive portions of soup – but I monitored how many kcal even on non “fast diet day” as I just sometimes don’t have a stop button,
    I grabbed a atkins (I’m not doing low carb but chocolate bars make me feel sleepy and if I generally want more if I have one) chocolate brownie bar for a lunch snack on some days; really killed that chocolate craving,

    When it failed:

    Today didn’t go so well, why..

    – I was shattered, I woke up feeling awful but also had a whole day with just my son and couldn’t think what to do with him (as I felt so tired – and he seemed so full of energy).

    – I had a day in the house, and had stocks of bagels, protein bars, chocolate in the house- I was hungry this am and after breakfast thought “I could just have one warm bagel now” I had an internal discussion with myself, part of me thinking “that could lead to eating more” then I decided “i shouldn’t deprive myself and why not”. I can honestly say I felt euphoric whilst eating a bagel – how worrying is that, one led to another… I was thinking “oh well, it’s only food” then wait for it “oh sod it”

    – I then had moved on to chocolate by 11 am….!!

    – I got out of the house and took my son to soft play. All good. I came back and made him an egg sandwich, I didn’t want him to eat alone so I had a small one, as I was making it I was eating a lot of it, then suddenly my appetite went out of control… I could have eaten the lot, the bread and all the egg!

    …So today my nice little portions of food count on us meals for lunch and tonight’s tea are still in the fridge. I am surprised I haven’t turned into a bagel….but I have written (thanks for that advice penguin, I think I probably didn’t write down every mouthful I stuffed when preparing food too) it all down and I am about 2000 kcal over today what my daily requirement is (!)

    – Sunday’s are tricky!

    I am still deciding if breakfast is bad. I think this am, it may have opened up my appetite even more. Jade I am so with you when you say food is your trigger, if I am not around it, I think about it, but I don’t feel that overwhelming need for more, yet if it’s there, I have access to it and start eating, I just want more. Whether this is psychological, I don’t know…

    I felt, this week, I just need to learn to have a reasonable portion (I want to be normal and sensible like that psychological professor at uni of surrey said, we need to learn to just eat a normal amount), and some days I can do this, but some days I don’t have the willpower and my appetite seems insatiable, so I am sad to say I can’t keep loaves of bread, protein bars, anything (except broccoli, apples, yogurts and meals that are already prepared i.e lasagne, salads) around as I will snack on it (I eat a lot and not feel full or sick until hours later) if I’m feeling “oh blow it” I also find when I prepare food for others, spending time around food and being in the kitchen is just not helpful. If all that food today had not been in front of me, i.e in the garage I may not have eaten them. So I’m getting a freezer for the garage as it’s not fair for me to not keep the bread for my family… It’s strange how I can be so contradictory, it makes me feel awful, and I can work so hard to succeed, then in that moment, I want to eat a whole load more than anything in the world! Premenstrual too could be an issue today. Anyway, I’m rambling, babbling, perhaps overanalysing.

    Perhaps a big think I learned this week, is the very obvious… do something else! Do something non food related… anything… keep busy and I think I am finding to hold off eating as long as possible is helpful… today I had binged by 11am and my appetite was huge…

    It will sound like someone with very disordered eating, but i feel when I start eating the flood gates open… i.e I wasn’t hungry when preparing those sandwiches for my son but the urge to eat some and then more was overwhelming…

    Lyndylou, hello, welcome, just a quick point that may help and I am sure you have heard it before, but have you thought about cutting up some peppers, or other veggies to snack on, or make yourself a hot drink, chew gum, do something to keep your mouth entertained (lol) when you are in a snacking mood. I say this because, as mad as it sounds, I have cut down on veggies, coffee and chewing gum (all for reasons I won’t explain as I don’t want to bore too much) and the past few days (and obviously today) I am snacking more on other things, i.e when making a meal for someone else – I end up eating half the contents (if I’m honest) whilst I’m making it.

    Helen, it sounds like you are doing brilliantly, you are tacking a really tough part in your journey (sorry to sound a bit hippy!) because of the plateaux, but you are continuing, and getting hold of the evening eating is fantastic, it’s something that may stick with you for life, you may not see immediate results but it will make a longterm difference and for me, longterm difference is huge.

    Helen, forgive me as I’m not exactly one to offer advice today but have you thought about having something that you enjoy more than salad. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place with this one, I have a friend who lost over seven stone and she says she doesn’t eat “yummy” stuff during the day, but on a fast day I have sometimes had a 250 kcal sandwich… and every bite has tasted delicious… that along with a long hot drink has made for an enjoyable lunch. Maybe an idea – if lunch is torture for you….

    Tomorrow is a fasting day… good luck everyone!

    Good afternoon Fasting Friends πŸ™‚

    I so enjoyed reading the recent posts and had to laugh at your comment JadeLark “the grading is almost physically painful sometimes” as I’m currently grading and it’s making my teeth ache… Also, I’m now craving Pecan Pie, having taken this year’s crop off the tree a few weeks back πŸ˜‰

    What a wonderful insightful post Queen and there is so much for me to learn from it, so don’t knock the over-analysis because I’m sure others are benefiting also. It’s given me real strength for my FD today.

    And all the best to everyone else dealing with crazy eating or bingeing or food addiction or a ‘problematic relationships with food’ as I recently heard it called. So whatever you call it, it’s a tough gig and any progress needs to be thoroughly celebrated!! Now back to the grading πŸ™

    I’m still grading… OMG. I am the worst teacher, EVER. But, I did have a great weigh-in! Down to 187.6 and my pants fit today! I’ll take it. I’ll also finish my grading tonight, because I promised my students I would. Worst. Teacher. Ever.

    Hey girls, how’s it going? I am also grading. These papers indicate my students did not learn much of anything this entire year. I have to remember that most of them really did try.

    And…today was a fast day — how did everyone do this week? My whole day was spent dodging food like asteroids, including a late afternoon faculty meeting with CAKE. Really pretty cake, too. But I had to resist, mostly because I had a little Mexican holiday of sorts last night (your basic melted cheese paradise) and the scale gave me “what for” this morning. So the fast day was timely. My husband agreed with Helen today about salad — ha! — so we had a scrambled-egg breakfast for dinner. Pretty filling and I’m pretty sure <500. I definitely could have eaten more. Not a very scientific guide, but looking up everything is really tiresome, so I have just plain stopped. What a rebel I am! I have not actually mentioned the word “fasting” to my husband, just that I need to “eat light” twice a week. He responded properly by saying I was looking gorgeous πŸ™‚ no wonder I like him.

    So are we all hugging our plateaux? I think I may have to name mine soon, we’re spending so much time together. Even so, I’m pretty sure I’m a lifetime convert. Knowing I can obliterate that Pre-Cinco-de-Mayo festival with one FD = some real power. And freedom to enjoy. I wish I didn’t enjoy myself QUITE so much, but at least I have the power to turn it around. I’ve never felt I had power before. Before, I’d have called myself a failure and just waited for some random Monday to try again. I sure don’t miss that little cycle. Give me a fast day any day over that.

    Good luck to all — we can do this!

    Gosh, Jade, you and I must be long lost sisters or something! I did, however, finally finish grading, but I agree with you so much about cake, and mexican food, and turning things around and random mondays, and and and…!!

    I actually had that conversation with myself, about why I love this WOL so much. Because for the first time, I finally feel in control. It can’t all be undone with one day. Well, I mean, I guess it can, and I’ve certainly done MAJOR damage with an all night drinking binge (don’t need to remember that one, do we?) but there’s always the next day. And I can fast. Fasting isn’t hard, it’s the eating that’s hard.

    And screw salad. I try to eat as many veggies as possible, but my go-to fast day dinner is oatmeal. Hey, it’s worked so far.

    Hello fast friends, great to see your posts and progress. Glad your grading is done too – I’m having a lull following the end of one course and about to get a stack of papers for another one on Monday, but I’m enjoying the freedom in between.

    I am OVER my plateau!!! I weighed in this morning and at last it seems I have stopped pacing up and down the hill top upon which I languished. Monday’s FD was okay (a little late evening indulgence) and I fasted till 8pm last night and then had a healthy dinner, so this morning I am 175lbs and that means I’ve lost almost 50lbs (22.7kg in my money) and I’m feeling very, very chuffed!

    I still get the urge to go crazy but for some reason I just don’t act on it the way I used to and I can soothe myself through it okay with varying success and very rare failure.

    Have a lovely weekend all (I know it’s only Friday am over there) but I love Friday nights after a FD – I’m as far away from the next weigh-in as I can get and the wine is always yummier after a FD. Stay Solid – well, at least in your psychic bodies… πŸ˜‰

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