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  • hi new to this and am finding it hard to not be hungry on fast days usually have fruit ot scrambled egg & smoked salmon for breakfast then lunches are easy the Sainsbury’s Itsu noodle pots are great, dinners also okay it s just brekky I struggle with as I am hungry all morning

    have nt lost a lb yes after 4 weeks so must be doing something wrong here very disappointing for me as I need to lose a stone before September

    please advise also on snasks to have? thanx have a good day Lesley

    Hi Leslie,
    I find it much easier eating only one meal in the evening on a fast day. During the day I drink teas, miso soup, coffee etc and stay well hydrated. Eating three small meals makes me very hungry and quite obsessed about food as well. I’ve successfully lost over 40 lbs and have not found it a chore at all. Have a go and see if it helps.

    How do you manage to eat scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, a noodle pot and dinner and stick to 500 calories?

    As the previous poster says it is easier to eat one meal in the evening than three small meals.

    Have you calculated your TDEE? If not go to the how it works link at the top of the page and see how many calories you can eat on non fast days.
    If you haven’t lost any weight I suggest you count your calories every day for a week as you must be eating too much.

    Good luck

    I am not a person who likes to be hungry… I discovered.. if i eat smth for brekki on a fast day then I am starving by mid morning… however, if i don’t eat brekki I don’t feel any hunger until about 2pm.
    I have 2 falafel with a smear of humous for lunch and usually chicken or fish for evening meal. Just th without brekki… you may be surprised…


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