hungry on day after fast

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  • hi i did my first fast day yesterday and was successful
    woke up very early and very hungry, already had a banana and porridge but still not satisfied, is it ok to eat more for breakfast? like some toast?

    Congratulations on completing your first fast day Clare. Yes, eat all you want today. It’s fairly common to over-compensate on the day before and the day after a fast day when starting this new WOL. Perhaps out of habit, possibly out of fear of hunger. This will pass and you’ll probably find, like many of us, that you simply aren’t hungry at all the morning after a fast day. As time passes and you get more experienced at fasting, ‘what you want’ and how much of it after a FD will also change. That’s why I say eat what you want today. Master the FDs and the rest just comes naturally without even thinking about it. Good luck!

    P.S. My husband, who is no longer fasting with me, heads straight to the kitchen the morning after my FDs for a big fry up! I, on the other hand, am so happy with my frothy coffee, I don’t eat anything until about 11am.

    clare, being hungry is good. Didn’t breakfast taste extra delicious since you were hungry? Put some protein in your Slow Day breakfast to keep you feeling full. All the carbs you describe give you an energy spike, then a low. While it is normal to want to eat lots on a Slow Day, be mindful. You might undo the losses from the Fast. This is a frequent complaint by Fasters: “I did a 500 calorie Fast, 2 days for 4 weeks and didn’t lose a single pound!” That’s due to what and how much they ate on Slow Days.
    Happy losing, clare!

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a more nutritional, natural, healthy and whole food than a banana. Clare is complaining of hunger post FD, not failure to lose weight. Restricting carbs on day two makes this no different from any other diet and sets us up for failure. This is not what 5:2 is all about.

    Clare, I agree with thinatlast on eating what you like on NFD. (Non-fast days) I like banana too and eat them often. They have lots of potassium and about 3 grams of fiber. This way of eating isn’t about deprivation and constantly counting calories. I count them only on FD. If you eat mindfully and stick to mostly whole foods on your NFD, the weight just naturally comes off. I didn’t eliminate any food groups while I was trying to lose and I still lost weight. It wasn’t as fast as some of the more extreme diets. I lost an average of a little less than a pound per week. But it wasn’t difficult. And the biggest thing was that it’s sustainable. I gained weight back on every other diet I ever tried. Eating like this is easy. For maintenance I just eat a little more on NFD.

    I think the point is that eating 100% carbs is not the best way to break a fast. Eat carbs if you want to but include some fats to temper the blood sugar spike. Porridge, banana and toast are all high glycemic carbs that will drive appetite when the big bolus of insulin that follows eating them causes blood sugar to fall.

    Thanks for all the advice everyone.
    The feelings of hunger continued way into the afternoon, I ate more than I normally would and had food like butter on crackers that I normally restrict. But come late afternoon I felt more satisfied and didn’t have an excessive evening meal.
    Today will be my second FD.
    It will be interesting to see how hungry I am tom morning. I will definitely be having some protein mixed with a carb to see if I stay fuller longer.
    I am 50 and been on a “diet” most of my adult life, so “eating normally” on a non FD does not come normally to me.

    Good luck with your second FD Clare. As you have noted, there are lots of different opinions voiced on these pages and my recommendation is that you read Dr M’s book if you haven’t already. It’ll be the best $11 you’ve ever spent and then you’ll have the background from which to decide whose advice best fits your personal situation. This is a very flexible way of eating and no one size fits all. However, with respect to 5:2, it works exactly as stated without changing anything else but, of course, you can change and adapt what you’re currently eating if you want to. Like you, I spent most of my adult life losing and re-gaining weight. With over 375 fasts behind me, I can say with absolute certainty, that this is a sustainable way of life. Once those FDs are mastered, the rest just comes. There’s no need to feel deprived. Most of the time.

    Your idea of having a little protein in the evening of a FD is probably helpful in keeping you feeling more satiated and not waking early from hunger. There’s nothing worse that being hungry when you go to bed because, unlike during the day, it can’t be distracted with activity. I used to reserve enough calories for a boiled egg (80) or a banana (110) before going to bed. I’ve never woken up hungry.

    Thanks, diver, for explaining what I was trying to say.
    Thin, good advice about the boiled egg before retiring.
    Clare, eat what works for you!

    Thanks so much everyone,
    Been a great help and comfort to get all this help and advice from real people who’ve been through similar xxx

    Clare – depending on where you live, you might like to join Fat Busting Brits or come and join us down under on the Southern Hemispherites thread. You’d be very welcome even if you don’t live in the S. Hemisphere; it’s not exclusive to S.H. residents, it was just established so that we’d have someone in our time zone to chat to. You can find us under ‘Most Popular’ in the menu items above. Hope to see you there.

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