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  • I saw an ad in mag by chance when i was throwing some away at work. It detailed products by ‘now slim’ i was captivated by hunger strips…@ i learnt more these strips contain no cals and are reputed to alieviate hunger pangs. Availiable at most supermarkets priced £2.80p (Asda) i thought i would give them a go. In my case my hunger disapates for up to an hour. There are no restrictions on how many you can take, contain Guarana extract amongst others so check you are not sensitive to ingredients. Worth a try, suppose it could just be a placibo…but helps my hunger. Good luck

    I buy sugar free extremely low calorie hard sweets to deal with the hunger. kills two birds, get my sugar craving fed and it staves off the hunger for a little. still, probably just the placebo effect haha.

    My lovely daughter gave me good advice as in carrot sticks, sweet gherkins and I also like the idea of sugar free hard boiled sweets, placebo gazebo whatever floats your boat, good luck guys and gals..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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