Hula Hooping Extravaganza! Tips & Tricks for hooping :-)

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Hula Hooping Extravaganza! Tips & Tricks for hooping :-)

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  • Welcome to HHE (Hula Hooping Extravaganza)

    Since every gathering of sorts need rules, here ya go.
    *3 Rules for HHE (or Hooping in general)*
    1. Play with hoop!
    2. Have Fun!
    3. Ignore all rules of hooping.

    1. If you do not have a hoop – feel free to improvise and join in the fun. Pretending with invisible hoop or dancing, waving arms about with fabric all are welcome!

    2. Getting a hoop that at least comes up to your belly button (meaning when it is on its side on the floor does it rest either at or above your belly button) a larger hoop can make learning to hoop easier.

    3. A hoop that has a little bit of weight to it. (the cheap ones in the kids sections will be tons harder to learn to hoop with because they are usually smaller and do not weigh as much as an adult hoop)

    Cheers, Rabbette

    I weighed my hoops! The one i use the most is about 1.5 lbs the other is super light weight only .3 lbs

    I’m not good at keeping the light weight one up at all. But the heavier one I can keep going at least 3 minutes if not more (I usually start trying to do other things like walk with it, because my rabbit brain gets bouncy and wants to do more things) I am apparently not discipline enough to just try and hoop.

    If i think of more tips I’ll post them here. Cheers!

    So my hoop is a handmade one from a friend whom used to sell them on ETSY – I think those are the best kinds. You can get them the size you want and they collapse down to half its size so you can travel with it!.

    My Hoop is
    **** 3/4inch tubbing Standard PSI 100 – 38 inches ID (inside diameter)*****
    I am 5ft 4in and have a bit of belly *working progress right*

    I found this etsy seller (((( for UK folks))))
    I went and searched a UK site first here is a link

    *I am not affiliated nor do I know this persona at all. I have just been reading what she offers and can tell this is a good beginner hoop.

    You need to pick colours Yay easy part.
    Sparkle Tape colour
    Grip Tape colour
    Then Pick what tubing you want I’d say go with standard (which is 3/4 diameter and 100psi )
    and then how big to get your hoop which is another diameter measurement.

    This diameter measurement is somewhere between 38-42 inches (consider 44 if you are about 6 foot tall and/or have a bit more belly to work with embrace the belly you have to work with it not be against it)

    Now Review:
    picking out your first hoop is a big deal if you want to succeed and not let it collect dust as @betsylee was saying.


    • First you need to know your tubing size. If you’re a brand new beginner you’re definitely going to want 3/4 inch tubing 100 psi.
    • The second thing you need to know is the diameter of your hoop. You’re going to want to get a big hoop so stay in the range of 38 to 42 inches in diameter. Maybe even bigger than that. Measure from the floor to your belly button and that will give you a good idea of a decent diameter for your body especially if you measure more than 42 inches – get one get one with the larger measurement.
    • Third, get a hoop with a pretty color pattern that will inspire you and motivate you to pick up your hoop and rock out as much as possible to progress quickly

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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