How to stay motivated when nobody around you is on diet???

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How to stay motivated when nobody around you is on diet???

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  • Hi everyone,
    I am pretty new to the 5:2 diet and started 2 weeks ago. This is my third week and so far I have lost weight but at a very small pace. I am now 68.7 kg down from 69.6. My goal is 61 kg, a weight that I have kept constant for more than 20 years ( although a bit high for my 5ft3 frame). The weight has crept up the past 5-6 years after my pregnancies.
    So far, I find fast days, relatively easy to do. I chose to not eat until dinner time, or more exactly the kids’ dinner. And I find resisting so difficult!! Actually, I could go without eating on fast days but here comes 6pm and I end up eating my 500 kcal, thinking : arrrrgh, this piece of cheese looks so good in my son’s plate!!!!! My husband is , excuse me of the term, useless!! Ahah! He too could do with loosing some lbs but won’t do it. I told him I am on this diet. He does not specially approve nor disapprove. He is just very “neutral”.
    Anyway, my point, I guess, is that I am struggling with being the feeder of the family without being the “feedee” if I can make up a word!
    Are any of you in this situation? I would really like to have your take on how you might be dealing with this?

    Hi Mychoice,
    It is tricky to do something when no one around you is doing it with you, or being able to support you.
    It is also hard when you have your family to feed. Especially at the end of the day!

    Hopefully the forum can be a way to have daily support. Look at the ‘most popular’ groups (on the forum drop down menu) and see if there is one of them you’d like to join.
    The good thing about those big threads is that there is a core group of people posting daily, or nearly that often, and you get to know each other enough to feel that you do have a community of people doing 5:2.
    I am in the Southern Hemispherites group, so we are mostly Australian and New Zealanders, but we have a couple of Northern Hemisphere people with us, and we would welcome you if you would like to join in.

    Otherwise, the biggest trick with 5:2 is to work on the ways to make it sustainable in your life. Keep working on strategies to get through the hard times in the evening. (I keep imagining all the wonderful things I will eat in the morning!). Remember it is just two days a week.

    You will soon see the results of 5:2 in the mirror, and in your clothes, and the pleasure of getting healthier will give strength to you.

    Hopefully some more people who have to cook for others while fasting themselves, will come along and share tips.

    Best wishes

    Thank you so much Cinque! I just found your message and it was just what I needed this morning! It is nice to feel some support and I witnessed it on most of the threads I read.
    I will explore a little bit more, as you suggested!
    The scales were quite positive this morning too! 68.0 exactly! Sort of a whoosh for me! Overall, my morning started quite well! I will try to keep the spirit up for my NFD today!
    Have a wonderful end of the day Cinque!!

    Thanks Mychoice, Congratulations on that 68! Keep on keeping on 🙂

    Yes! it is really difficult to motivate yourself when no one is with you. Just set your goal and do it as a task, you have to pass this hurdle at any cast. Remember one thing, nothing is bigger than thought and implementation.

    Hi. It’s August 2018 and I’m starting the 5:2 Fast on my own also. I’ve realized when starting something new like this I do best with some like-minded people. I’d enjoy sharing encouragement, tips and insights, recipes, etc.

    Hi Rainbow Quill,
    Welcome here!
    Just wanted to invite you to the Southern Hemispherites thread if you want some company fasting. It has oldtimers who are now doing 5:2 for maintenance, and new people just starting off, and all sorts in between. We are Australia/New Zealand based, but don’t mind Northern Hemisphere people joining. Have a read through the last page and see if you would like to join in:

    It does mean that most of our posts are done in our day time hours, so that might not suit you. Another option is to check the ‘most popular’ threads by clicking on the ‘forum’ drop down menu and see if one of those suits you better.

    Hoping you find a good place to fit in the forums, and all power to you doing 5:2

    It’s really hard to lose weight if you are only dependent on diet only. Ok, I have been a runner for last 15 years. Last year around august I went from a desk job to a labor job, and I got to my goal weight of 170 lbs. Nevertheless, due to mental health problems, I took a little break from running, and during holidays I gained 15 pounds back. I just want to get back to my goal weight. I’m not sure what’s going wrong. Calorie consumption isn’t an issue with me, I eat twice a day. I run 3 to 4 days a week. I’m 5 foot 11 inches and 198 pounds now. My goal is 175 lbs. I have always been my best in the 170s range. I drink a lot of water and my blood work, thyroid, etc. is also fine. Do you have any recommendations for me??

    I’m finding it hard to stay motivated to fit in work outs during my week. I’m a teacher and my schedule fluctuates week to week, which can make it hard to fit in workouts (especially since I’m not a morning person and I’m already leaving for work at 6:45 am). I also am pretty out of shape right now so it’s easier for me to convince myself to not work out because it’s easier than realizing how hard/embarrassing it is to workout. On top of that, I hate to cook so I’m not super motivated to cook and eat healthy. Any advice?

    Here I tell you some tips by which you stay motivated when you are alone on diet are;

    1. Do something creative while dieting.
    2. Watch some movies that motivated you with a lesson.
    3. Go for a walk in the morning.
    4. Read books that motivated you.
    5. Focus on your diet.

    U have to be your own motivation

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