How to eat when you are in no-fast days?

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How to eat when you are in no-fast days?

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  • Hi friends,
    As I said it in the title,I just wanna know how should we eat in that 5 days…Can we eat all the things we like without counting calories?

    Eat healthily but allow yourself the occasional treat. If you go too crazy, you won’t lose weight.

    well…what do you mean by ‘too crazy’?I am not clear about the standards…It means I should count calories whenever I eat snacks?so terrible!I hate that…and I cannot control myself to eat snacks…

    You will find that if you are fasting properly and losing weight your desire/ inclination to stuff yourself on none fast days will reduce.
    This is an automatic response if your true wish is to lose weight and be healthier. You seem preoccupied with snacks. They cover a wide variety of “edible” foods. Maybe you should note what you are snacking on for a couple of days. It should tell you if you are overdoing the cals

    thanks…Btw,I am still obsessive about the food…what is the problem
    And what will happen if I don’t take enough 500 cals on fasting day?Is it bad for health?

    Steward, many of us eat nothing for 24 hours then have 300-400 cals for “dinner” then fast again until morning. Others go 36 hours without calories (but plenty of water) twice a week. You get used to not eating. 🙂 The 500 calories is a MAXIMUM. It is not a minimum!
    To lose weight, we need to rethink our attitudes to food: type, portions, frequency. Getting overweight took years of “effort”. Losing it again takes determination. Most people think about food most of the time, but it doesn’t mean we are hungry or that we have to eat it! All the best. PVE


    Hello Steward, The following link has answers to the most common questions. Hope it helps you as it helped me.

    Good Luck!

    There’s nothing magical about this diet. If you’re not in calorie deficit, you won’t lose weight.

    You can calculate your TDEE and count calories on non-fast days, but most people people don’t want to do that. See how you get on. If you’re not losing weight, you may need to resort to calorie counting every day.

    In Krista Varady’s studies, people were instructed to eat what they want and ate on average 110% of TDEE. That’s an average, though, so there were some who ate more, including some who binged.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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