Horrific constipation experience do to (bad) understanding of Fast diet.

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Horrific constipation experience do to (bad) understanding of Fast diet.

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  • Guys, something horrific has happened to me! I don’t know why! please help me clarify why this may have happened to me!. I’m now reading the Fast-800 book to avoid this torture, I yet don’t know what’s the reason.

    I’ve lost 19kg in the last 3 months by weekly alternating fast or semi-fast days with a day of unrestricted eating (time restricted to the last 6 hours of the day). I mainly ate: salads (lettuce + 1 tinned mackerel + tomato + cucumber and some olive oil and bottled dressing). Then just 2 pieces of fruit on semi-fast days. No problem with this system. However, I’m struggling to lose the last 4 kilos, so I cut the fruit consumption by half and ate tinned fish and salads exclusively, or a French egg omelet without yolks.

    I’ve never suffered from constipation before. From Wednesday to Friday I felt constipated and on the night from Friday to Saturday, oh my gosh! this was horrific pain, I almost fainted twice!.

    Fortunately this horror has “passed through” now (can’t think of a better word).
    Shouldn’t all that fibre in the lettuce and baby leaf have prevented this? Why did this horror happen?

    Now I’m eating kiwis, pears and raspberries and won’t let go of this till I find out what happened.

    Please be careful with this, you can get a split anus for life!

    Dear Antonio,

    19 kg’s gone, that’s very impressive! But feeling so bad isn’t…
    When I forget to eat enough fiber, I too get a persistent pain in my lower abdomen. Very unpleasant.
    At first I wasn’t aware of any lack of fiber in my diet and I was really worried. So I started to keep track of my intake and there it was!
    My solution is to take a full tablespoon of linseed every morning, e.g. in two spoons of yoghurt or something like that. This does the trick! No more pain.

    Does this help? Good luck!

    Regards, Ante

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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