Hormone replacement therapy and fasting

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Hormone replacement therapy and fasting

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  • Hi all, I really hope you can help me out with what’s going on.

    Now, first of all, I’m a really healthy 50-year old on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). And I’ve been fasting for about 4 weeks.

    I’m seeing some pretty strange patterns. After fasting, my skin breaks out badly (only ever happens for hormonal imbalances). After fasting twice in a week, I’ll start waking up at night, getting sweats (another pre-HRT symptom). On fasting days my eyes become quite bleary (and I’m super conscious of keeping my fluids up) which may be another hormone-related symptom..

    All these symptoms to me say the fasting is interfering with my hormone absorption.

    Ok, another twist. I had my gall bladder out maybe 7 years ago, so nowhere to store bile. And I have pretty bad digestive upsets the day after fasting (basically diarrhoea). Is maybe my bile doing something?

    So, can anyone help with what’s going on? Or what i might do about it? I’m pretty good with fasting but these side effects are making it just not worthwhile.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi ClaraB

    I think maybe the reason why no-one has responded to your post yet is: it’s complicated. I’m a ‘lady of a certain age’ too but not on HRT and I just wouldn’t like to try to give you specific advice about these complications.

    The usual advice you would be given is discuss it with the professional who prescribed your HRT.

    In my opinion (which is based on my own experience and what I’ve learned from reading about some other women’s experiences); I would agree that the fasting is affecting your hormone absorption.
    For e.g. I’ve noticed that my body temperature is all over the place with the slightest change in external temperature; there is no question that this is worse than when I started the fast diet but it’s something I’m willing to work with if I can make improvements in weight and other health areas.

    I know this is not much help but may explain why folks haven’t rushed to advise you.

    Hi PreciousBooBoo

    Thanks so much for your response. I really appreciate your thoughts.

    i may have made my question a little complicated. I guess what I really wanted to know was whether others were having problems with HRT and fasting so I could try to isolate what was going on. And it sounds like that may well be the case. In fact, on my last fasting day I found myself getting all unreasonably emotional, kind of like with PMS. Thankfully I reaslised it was probably just those hormones out of whack again and got it under control.

    I’m only a few kgs over my better weight and I don’t have any problems with cholesterol etc, so I’m thinking (with regret) that fasting may not be for me.

    Thanks again

    Hi ClaraB

    Oh that is such a shame that you are thinking of giving up but I understand why you would feel that way.

    Is it not worth checking with the professional who prescribed you the HRT? Put the ball in their court and ask them can they research whether fasting is a good idea for women on hormone replacement? Or look at the websites (if they have them! or email them if you can-they might take pity on you and respond) of the doctors that Michael consulted in the making of his programme; see if there is anything there that may explain your reactions to fasting.

    When I used the word complicated; I meant it to mean far too complicated for laypeople like us to give you advice, not complicated in that it’s difficult to understand.

    I appreciate what you are saying about your weight and cholesterol not being a problem now but the wonderful thing about fasting is that it seems to be like a health insurance for the future.

    You could leave off fasting for the moment whilst you tried to get some answers and you can always just start again.

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