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  • I’ve done FAB with my weight loss, two dress sizes and feel great, I still have a bit to go and been doing this for around 4 months. (5:2 With no beaks)

    However I go on holiday next week for 10 nights all inclusive, I can’t 5:2 (I actually don’t want to but would also find it incredibly hard) I will try to have really good days and go to the gym but have I to expect that I will gain a lot and be back to the start again 🙁

    Has anyone had any holiday experience? Or any top tips?

    Thank you so much


    Hi Ana, just got back from 10 days holiday in Spain. Prior to going I’d lost 7lb in 3 weeks and was feeling positive.

    I did think that I’d try to fast at least once in 10 days but it seemed so anti-social that in the end I didn’t. First day back weigh in showed I’d regained 2lb – but I lost this again after just 1 fast day so feeling really good and back on track.

    My approach was:
    1. Gave myself permission to drink whatever alcohol I wanted -beer/wine etc. (I’d been avoiding beer altogether on 5:2)to be sociable and enjoy myself
    2. Tried very hard not to snack indiscriminately (e.g. nibbles nuts, crisps etc. provided with drinks) – managed this mostly
    3. Didn’t start eating each day unless I was actually hungry – so skipped a few breakfasts on mornings when we’d eaten late the night before
    4. Stopped eating when I was full (totally unthinkable previously – I always ate everything on my plate regardless and often had seconds!)
    5. Tried to do gentle exercise when possible (n.b. I nornally do practically none as I have a dodgy hip) – mainly walking and swimming

    The result was I never felt that uncomfortable stuffed bloated feeling that I’ve often had after over-eating – and I have returned with renewed energy to get back on the 5:2.

    You really have to balance enjoying yourself with gaining weight back – as I was really desperate for a holiday I didn’t want to spoil it or make others uncomfortable by insisting on fast days – but just being a bit careful really worked.

    Good luck – and hope you enjoy your holiday

    Cath 🙂


    I agree with Cath. I have taken 4 weeks holiday since starting the Fast Diet…and during holiday I do not fast. The small amount I gained back was gone within a week…and being able to just enjoy holiday and not worry about weight was wonderful!

    I agree with Carla and Cath – forget the 5:2 on holiday, enjoy it and when you get back just start again. I’ve been on 5:2 for 6 months and 6:1 for another 2 months. During 5:2 I twice went on holiday for a week and ate and drank what I always did – except that because my portion control had improved so dramatically I actually ate a bit less than I would otherwise have done simply because I didn’t want any more. The first week I didn’t put on any weight, the second time I put on 0.7 kg, which I lost again the following week.

    Whilst being on 6:1 I managed to give myself a stress fracture in my leg which resulted in my not being able to do any exercise at all for a while. My weight suddenly ballooned up by about 3kg over 2 weeks – so I reverted back to 5:2 for a couple of weeks and I lost it all again. My experience is that 5:2 will always get you back on track whether the problem has been not doing it at all for a short while, or not being able to do any exercise for whatever reason.

    Enjoy your holiday – and when you get back just do 5:2 again.

    I recently went to the South of France for 10 days. I did one fast day and 1 half hearted fast day, on the majority of my days i ate well, with either 2 or 3 courses each night and did lose a pound.

    As has already been mentioned on many holiday threads, it doesn’t really matter what you do whle you’re away, as you’ll get back into the lifestyle when you get home and many people report that they quickly lose what they put on while they were away. During the year & a bit that I’ve been on 5:2 I’ve had a few week-long holidays and had no issues getting back into it on return. I tend to do a fastday on my travel day to wherever I’m going and another one on the travel day back. It gives you permission to take the rest of the holiday off (as you’ve at least done something) and the fast on the way back always helps me get back into the swing of it and makes the week ahead less daunting as I only have 1 other fastday to fit in that week.

    Just to add to the theme, I like to do 4:3 the week before I go. Also, on my return I find that I’m longing to fast again and get that ‘clean’ feeling back. On holiday, I have noticed that I have no desire to overeat anymore because I really like the taste of food when I’m hungry. So I don’t stint myself but I don’t gorge either. The beauty of this lifestyle for me is that enjoy food and don’t fear it as I used to.


    I have been on 4:3 for three weeks now. Have went down from 133.9 to 126.0. I am fasting today. I am also going on holiday on Sunday to an all inclusive for a week. I am defo not fasting on holiday. I am going to indulge and enjoy myself. I know I can shed the extra pounds on 4:3 when I come back. It took me 3 weeks to lose over 7lbs so I know it might take that time again to lose the extra lbs. Its easy to do and I actually look forward to fasting. I usually dont have anything during the day except for a few cups of coffee with semi skimmed milk. For my tea tonight I have a meal around 400 calories. I will fast on Thursday this week also and last day will be Saturday.

    Hi everyone, I just finished week 1 and I’m going on 10 day holiday to Fiji in 2 weeks. So its good to read ideas on what to do. I was thinking about doing next couple weeks at 4:3 then not worrying about fasting at all over the holiday. I would like to lose bit of winter packaging before I go so I don’t scare people when I walk out to the pool in my bikini 😉

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