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  • I think it would be very helpful to prominently display on the website some easily accessible links to – and/ or some guidance about – basic tools for calculating things like BMI (Body Mass Index) and TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).
    Lots of people new to the 5:2 system seem to take the oft-quoted intake limits – 2000/2500 calories for non-fast days and 500/600 calories for fast-days – as ‘gospel’ without understanding the advisability of calculating their own personal intake limits, based on their individual statistics and activity levels.
    The forum is so busy nowadays that any one person’s attempts to explain the principles involved soon become ‘old news’ and are buried in the back pages.

    Hi Jeanius,
    I agree with you, some basic tools would be a great help here.
    I have finally registered yesterday but have been lurking about for months and noticed how often you give helpful advice or kind words of encouragement. I think that’s great and wanted to thank you!

    Here it is!

    Thank you for the suggestion. It just occurred to me that I should have posted earlier to say that we were working on it – I’m sorry about that, I got a little overexcited.

    Please let me know any problems and errors. Thank you!

    Sorry Jeanius – I accidentally posted it in the forums where it got a little confused. It’s at the link above now and if you aren’t seeing it properly, then you might need to refresh your browser a few times. This is especially true if you are using Chrome!

    2nd, revised comment re link to calculators: Hello again, fastdiet, in your post in the ‘Helpful tools’ thread the link DOES take one to the ‘How many calories…..’ page and, there, the ‘Go straight to….’ link DOES work. That’s great. Thank you for responding so positively and quickly to the suggestion. Have a good evening (assuming you’re on UK time.)

    Oh phew. 🙂

    Thanks again!

    Oh, dear! The online form takes all the details but then goes nowhere when I press the ‘Calculate’ button.

    Ah, you have a cached version of the thing that runs it. Hmm. What browser are you using? Chrome? Or are you on a mobile / tablet?

    I’m using an iPad 2.

    Ok, refresh a couple of times and I have just changed something here to force it to do what it should.

    Hooray!! Bravo, fastdiet. Wish I knew as much about I.T. as you do. Great job!

    🙂 I really wish I could do things right the first time! Thanks so much for your patience.

    And if anyone else has problems, please let me know! You can email me at too.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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