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  • I have the fast cook book by Mimi Spencer. It has a recipe for “the best lentil Dahl”. In the recipe it has 3 green chillies, it says to slit in half. Do I remove the seeds? And do I remove the green chilli before serving?
    Thanks in advance I hope some one can help me.

    Hi Holly,

    Very quick reply. Unless you like your chili very, very hot and spicy, remove the seeds, and cut aay the ribs inside the pod.

    Does Mimi not say in the recipe whether you should remove the chilis? If not, if you are using all three chilis, chop one of them finely before you add it to the pot, then leave the other two whole and discard them before you serve. Or maybe just stick to one finely chopped one for the whole recipe.

    I’ve used The Fast Diet Recipe Book quite a lot. I’ve got Fast Cook but haven’t yet used much from it, although everything in there looks good. Not like ‘diet food’ at all.

    Hope that helps. Other posters might have different suggestions. You choose the one that makes most sense to you. 🙂


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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