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  • Hello!!

    I started on Monday just gone, on my 2nd fasting day tomorrow. I am a little confused on the fasting day. can you eat whatever you want as long as you stay in the 500 calories? ie, could I have this: Weetabix and skimmed milk, cucumber sticks, cup of strawberries, cup of carrot, 100g new potatoes, 100g mussles, lettuce. This all adds up to 453 calories. Would this be ok or do you advise not to eat anything?! Thank you in advance 🙂

    Hi redders
    Yes. Over a 36 hour period …eat a normal dinner, go to bed, eat 1/4 of your TDEE the next day, go to bed, eat a normal breakfast. That’s it. Read the home page to work out your TDEE. Aim for the lower side if you want to lose weight.
    You will find if you play around, certain foods are more filling, therefore sustaining. Vegetables and lean protein (including an egg) are more likely to keep you satisfied than potatoes or wheat based products.
    You could, potentially just drink 3/4 of a bottle of wine and have nothing else. But you would be very hungry.
    Have you read the Fast Diet books? Look on the home page for them. It helps to know what you are doing.
    Good luck. PVE

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