Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Morning all

    Well my weight continues to track down. This morning I’m down 400g from the previous day. Since my official weigh-in on Wednesday I’m down 2.1 kilos from 103.9 to 101.8. I’m going to put in a fast day tomorrow before my official weigh in and stick to a control day today.

    I took a break from road riding yesterday and explored some of the forest trails near me. Some of them I’ll need a proper mountain bike to ride comfortably, but some of them were fine with my current bike and lots of fun to ride. I had a round of frisbee golf and then my brother took my two boys out to see the new Matrix movie, so my wife and I went out round the harbour for a coffee and a wander round the bay. I love this time of year.

    Betsy, I hope Wilbur gets better. My parents old dog developed a limp when she was older, it took ages to work out what it was, but eventually they found that she had got a piece of barley grass underneath the skin on her foot, she had worked it up her leg by chewing at it, and by the time the vet found it, it was halfway up her fore-limb. That is nasty stuff that barley grass.

    Cinque, what is besan cheela? Sounds interesting.

    Have a great day everyone and I’ll catch up with you all later.

    Some great news today, after submitting my final assignments and having to re-submitting a couple of pieces in the last week, today I received confirmation from my assessor that I have passed all assignments for my nutrition/weight management course.

    So yay I’m now a fully qualified Nutritionist, Dietician, Weight Management Practitioner – whatever I decide to call myself (non-regulated industry so I can call myself anything along those lines). I do have to wait for the ‘official’ email from the college and then there is some kind of graduation (have no idea what that will be like given its an online course) and then I get my Cert IV which the assessor said can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks all up.

    I won’t be starting my business until I’ve finished my Cert IV in Fitness (Personal Training) qualification, which if all goes well will be in May. Then I will start on my Diploma of Nutrition and Weight Management – I’m a glutton for punishment that’s for sure.

    Will celebrate today will a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly and a few squares of dark chocolate!

    Morning all

    Wow that’s great Gday! So what are you going to go with? If you can choose anything why not go for a superhero name, the Nutrition Crusader, Dietician Avenger or something πŸ˜‰

    I’m still tracking down. I’ve lost weight on 5 of the last 6 days and my one gain was only 100 grams. I was down 200 grams this morning to sit on 101.6. I’m having my second fast day of the week today just before my “official” weigh in tomorrow, but since I’ve been weighing every day there won’t be many surprises. I got out for a good ride this morning but when I got to work some bastard had stolen my towel out of the shower room so I had to make do with a jungle shower with my soap and flannel.

    We got in and harvested a lot of our rhubarb last night. Some of the stalks were a foot and a half long and weighed over 300 grams. We managed to get a big bag weighing almost 4 kilos chopped up and into the freezer, a pot stewed up with sugar for the boys’ morning cereal, and a big bag of stalks in the fridge for casseroles/stews etc.

    Well have a good one everyone. I’ll check in tomorrow after my weigh in to let you know how I got on.

    Tuesday morning,

    Betsy a wonderful list of birds. Now you name them, I have seen at least half of those around here. My eyesight is getting worse, so I should get a pair of binoculars and see if I can catch sight of more.

    Neil, nice work!
    You are fine if you avoid those ultra processed munchies it seems.

    Besan cheela is wonderful. This is the recipe I followed first. https://www.spiceupthecurry.com/besan-cheela-recipe/
    I wing it now, and often do it the Italian way too, with grated parmesan and chopped parsley.

    Wow, what a rhubarb harvest! Ooh it makes me hungry for the stew I make.

    Gday, congratulations!

    I didn’t fast yesterday, off kilter because of all the fresh veggies I bought. But eating “Food. Not too much. Mostly plants” So feeling good.
    Back to my midweek fast day tomorrow.

    Best wishes all,
    Thinking of Cali and Lindsay busy caring for two good men. xxxx

    Hello everyone and thank you for the welcomes. I am in Wellington.
    I did my very first fast day yesterday and it was much better than expected. I did feel a little lightheaded mid afternoon but that passed and I managed a 45 min walk including hills without flaking out. I had done a HIT session the day before so legs were feeling that still. I actually struggled to do 500 calories, was about 486 in the end but was ok with that. I am sure I will learn as I go.
    For the past 2-3 weeks I have been mostly having 2 meals a day – not eating until around 11am, so I think doing that has helped me prepare for the bigger calorie restriction of fast days.
    I weighed myself this morning and was 500gm lighter than previous days – surely not a descrease that quickly? Kept fluids up all through yesterday.
    Next fast day will be Thursday.
    Have a great day!

    Hi MsO, when you first begin to lose weight it is the water weight (the water that the body retains) that you lose first, hence why people lose weight quickly at first and then it tapers off to a more gradual loss.
    Thanks for the name suggestions Neil. A few months back I registered my business name and secured the domain name for the business as I decided on my business name when I first started my studies – sorry Neil but it doesn’t include a super hero name…Haha.
    In the middle of a heatwave here at the moment, hovering between 41 and 45 so stuck inside under the airconditioner again. Hope everyone is going well.

    Good evening all, quick check in as it’s a bit late. It’s also hot and humid, so bed is not highly appealing – the humidity bothers me more than the heat.

    Cinque, yes, binoculars are a good idea. I bought some a while back, just haven’t put them to use yet. I think what I need is something like a barstool that I can perch on near the kitchen sink, and observe the 2 birdbaths that are just outside there. If I stay still, my presence doesn’t seem to bother the birds. If I move, it’s a different story. I need to observe the markings more closely, plus have a more comprehensive bird book. That’s also why I thought photographing them would be a good idea, so I don’t have to rely on my memory re markings and colour.

    Neilithicman, great progress, and great exercising. Well done you!

    MsO, congratulations on a good start to your weight loss journey. As G’DayfromSA wrote, there’s a tendency for a lot of water loss when you initially start. Part of it is the shift from so many carbs, as eating carbs encourages water retention, just as excessive salt does.

    G’DayfromSA, yay, one cert IV finished, not too long till the next one is done, as well. It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it?

    Covid seems to be getting very close at hand, at the moment. I was at the dentist this morning – he’s just back from isolating because his daughter caught Covid, and his receptionist is off sick with it. Then my close friend’s son’s partner was diagnosed this week, and one of her cleaning ladies has been off sick with it. In Victoria, they calculate that the official 1 in 40 with Covid is an underestimate, and 1 in 25 is more likely. Ah well, I go out and about, do what I have to, wear a mask and socially distance, and don’t spend much time with anyone. It’s becoming a lockdown without being a lockdown. Hopefully the authorities are correct, and the Omicron peak will be around the end of January.

    Getting very late, so “hi” to everyone else, and talk to you soon. Good night and stay safe.

    Morning all

    Yay! Another 300g gone after my fast day yesterday. I’m now sitting on 101.3 kilos. So the total I lost last week was 2.6 kilos. On with week 2 of my reset.

    Betsy, we’ve been pretty lucky here in Dunedin. There haven’t been any Covid cases of any variant since the initial outbreak in 2020. Most of the cases in NZ have been in the North Island, and most of those were in Auckland.

    Gday, now that is hot. We’ve had some warm days here recently, but yesterday was cold and today it’s only supposed to get to 15 degrees. So much for summer.

    MSO yes, what the others say is right. If you see the weight loss shows like the biggest loser, they all have huge weigh losses in the first week and then it gets smaller after week 2. It’s because week 1 they’re getting rid of all the water weight. Nice to have another kiwi on the site.

    Well into it. My bike is calling. I’ll enjoy a nice non fast day today then control day tomorrow.

    Have a good one everyone

    Hello everyone, welcome MsO and congratulations GDSA
    Well done to those of you who are having weight loss success.

    I did manage to stick to a FD on Monday despite having the kids here all day. I ate raspberries with some yoghurt while they had chips and nuggets.
    The infusion went well yesterday, but feeling a bit lethargic today.
    Last week my NFDs were erratic, but doing ok this week. The hot weather is helping to curb my appetite.
    I’ve decided not to weigh weekly as my inflammation levels are likely to affect it at the moment. I’ll wait until the end of the month.

    I too am worrying about covid infection levels, although I still don’t personally know anyone who has it. In addition to the face mask, I have returned to using the iodine nasal swab and gargle routine before leaving the house (it’s the protection that chemo@home originally recommended in 2020, before we all started wearing masks). I’m trying to find places to get the essentials that don’t involve entering the big shopping centre near here – too many people that I can’t stay well away from. Luckily there are other options that are much less crowded.

    Hope you are all going ok.

    Good afternoon all.

    It’s nearly 5 p.m. here and feels very hot and humid, even though it’s not much more than 30 degrees. My front neighbour just knocked on my front door with a big carton of cherries and encouraged me to take a huge bowl – she told me to freeze what I can’t use. Not really sure how much I actually can use because there’s not much room in either the fridge or the freezer, plus I think some are already a bit “off”. I’ll look at them after I finish posting.

    Lucky you, Neil, to be well away from the Covid outbreaks. Great progress with the weight.

    LJoyce, I’m also not feeling very hungry today. I had a 36-minute walk earlier and I think that’s curbed my appetite. Glad your infusion went well.
    Yes, SA Covid numbers have also soared. I read today that authorities are suggesting the use of N95 or P2 masks if available, rather than cloth masks with the Omicron variant. I bought mine at Bunnings, a box of 3 P2 and 5 N95, and a box of 5 N95 masks for a friend, too. Wonder if that’s the next thing which will become unavailable? πŸ™
    At least the masks are reusable.

    Stay safe and well everyone!

    Morning all, just watching the sun rise over the Med. Our apt has sweeping ocean views and we can hear the waves. It’s a FD for me. I’ve found all the ingredients for my bacon and chicken casserole.

    Welcome MsO. You’ll find plenty of support, inspiration and information here.

    Our headlines have been dominated by Djokovic for several days. “I only took my mask off while the photos were being taken” (at an interview held two days after testing positive). Lying on forms and failing to follow public health rules could literally result in the deaths of vulnerable persons.

    It’s not particularly warm here this week, 16C-21C by day, but better than England and, when I read about your temps in the 40Cs, I’m quite happy here. We can take long walks on the beach and plan to drive up the mountain to the pueblo blanco later today.

    A quick hello as I am finishing my fast day miso soup.

    MsO, great start! If you were struggling to consume the whole 500 calories, relax. 500 is the maximum. I often have around 350 calories. (If you were struggling to keep it under 500, you aced it!)
    The important thing is to make it easy and sustainable so you can keep going.

    Neil, woot!

    Gday, sympathy for that heatwave (you don’t want to hear how I am complaining about 30C.)

    LJoyce, so glad you got the kids and the infusion nicely out of the way. I do hope that inflammation settles down.

    Betsy, I am the same, humidity wipes me out. The next couple of days are going to be awful.

    Sending good wishes to everyone,

    Hi everyone
    My second fast day today. Has started well. I found on a normal day yesterday I did not eat as much, about 200 calories less than usual and that was after a number of hours working in the garden too, so burning calories. I also had my covid booster yesterday so not sure if that had an effect on my hunger. Feeling ok apart from a very sore right deltoid, the other aches are gardening related!
    I generally use MyFitnessPal as my diet tracker as it links in with my Garmin. It does not like me inputting low calories for my fast days. Does anyone else use MyFitnessPal and have a work around?
    Also, what sort of intensity exercise do people find they can manage on fast days? I am a swimmer and trying to get back into my road cycling and running (as knee injury permits).
    Thanks for that info Cinque!

    Morning all

    MsO – I use MyFitnessPal as well, I just never bother finalising my day on fast days because it tries to tell you you’re not eating enough.

    I find that I don’t have any problems exercising at a normal intensity on fast days, I mainly do road and trail riding and I can maintain an average of 230+ watts over a 2 hour ride, although I do get a bit more tired in the evening afterwards on days that I’m not fasting. I eat more than you though, my fast days are 800 calories.

    Being in Welly you’ll no doubt be familiar with riding hills on your road riding. I’m in Dunedin and our landscape is pretty similar to Welly in that everywhere you try to ride you’re going to run into a hill somewhere.

    Cinque, I hope your fast went well my next one is tomorrow, I’ve settled on trying to fast Tuesdays and Fridays.

    Thins, sounds awesome, enjoy a nice relaxing time in the Mediterranean

    Betsy, do you have enough to make some jam or something with the cherries?

    Ljoyce, I get the same on really hot days, I just don’t feel like eating at all.

    Well this morning I was up 400g but I’m not too worried about that. I had a non fast day just over 2,000 calories so it’s likely just the weight of the food. Today is a control day where I’ll be trying to stick to 1800 calories then back into a fast day tomorrow before the weekend. Saturday is going to be a mission, I’m playing in a frisbee golf tournament in Roxburgh about a 90 minute drive from home. I decided to drive up in he morning and then back home afterwards but the check in is at 8:30am. So I’m going to have to leave around 6:00am-6:30am to make sure I’m there in time, then it will be around 9 hours of frisbee golf, then a 90 minute drive home. I don’t think I’ll be doing much on Sunday.

    Well have a good one everyone

    Hello friends

    Home from Fiji and very glad to be here. What a disaster of a holiday πŸ™ I will fill you in later but the headlines are: Lost my mobile found (thankfully found at the airport on the last day), torn calf muscle and a cyclone.

    Am 700g lighter than when I left so that says something! We both have chest infections (not Covid) but otherwise all in one piece

    The utter ridiculous nature of the Covid regulations almost brought us unstuck and pretty much rendered the holiday so stressful it wasn’t worth it. On top of the non-Covid related issues seriously it could be made into a tv show but everyone would say ‘that would never happen in real life!’

    Anyway, it is a new year and it is all behind us and I have a lot of weight to lose. Here is to onwards and downwards!

    I will catch up with all 69 posts between now and some time on the weekend. Hope everyone is well

    Thin, I just read your post from 18/12 and feel your covid regulation stress. Not to the degree of yours where you thought you were going to have to get stuck isolationg (I can’t imagine that level of stress). Our stress related to getting the test results back in the narrow windows and also completing the endless documentation correctly and within the timeframes. This was our last day:
    1. Coming to Nadi airport on our last day, after sitting in our room listening to the cyclone for 2 days, we went to reception only to find the road flooded between Denarau and the airport and our driver could not come and get us. We (and all the other departing guests) had to bribe locals who owned 4WD’s ($200)

    2. We had our PCR test done on the island we were staying on. They said if the results did not arrive via email we could get them from their booth inside the airport. No email but no matter right? Wrong. The police were not allowing anyone into the airport without their PCR results. No amount of pleading would budge them. We finally got the attention of an airport official who kindly rang the island, got them to email the results to him and he emailed them to us. Time was ticking though as I still needed to wade through the various departments to find my lost phone (left on the plane on the way over)

    3. Into the airport to find chaos. The check-in system was completely down due to the cyclone. This turned out to be a huge blessing

    4. 45 minutes I traipsed around the airport with a friendly Air Baggage Ops staff member and finally found my phone. I was worried mostly about the authentication software for work. What a relief

    5. Standing in the queue for check-in we heard something about an ‘Australian Border Force Travel declaration’. We asked the friendly couple behind us who confirmed yes, this must be completed online and we need a confirmation back. Oh Dear God – we found it and the first thing we saw was ‘complete at least 72 hours before travelling to Australia’. We had about 72 minutes but we had to try. It was a nightmare, and I was almost howling with stress trying to follow the questions, download what they needed and meanwhile we had no idea when our flight was leaving as there were no announcements about the rescheduling due to the check-in system delays. After everything we went through all we wanted….desperately….was to get on that damn plane and get home. I finally got it done and we stood and watched the phone in total anxiety. PING – the confirmation came through in 10-15 minutes. This requirement was NOWHERE. Even the couple behind us said the only reason they found it was their flight to Melbourne was cancelled the day before due to the cyclone and now they had to transit through Sydney. Therefore they had to do a Victoria border pass and they stumbled across it.

    Needless to say, we had a very stiff vodka in the Business Class lounge in the 15 minutes we had before we had to board

    My advice to anyone thinking about travelling outside of Australia ‘for pleasure’ during Covid restrictions is DON’T!

    Cinque, our posts crossed. Glad your FD ended well on a bowl of miso soup. How is Miso the Cat these days?

    MsO, I have normal physical energy on FDs. I do experience brain fog though. When I started 5:2 (7-8 years ago), I used to get very tired by the end of the day and go to bed around 8pm.

    Neil, enjoy your big day tomorrow.

    Anzac, you poor things! I completely empathise. Thank heavens you have all those IT skils and could quickly complete the Passenger Locator Forms (although, knowing Australia, they probably call them something different to the rest of the world!). Some of the covid travel restrictions and requirements are understandable but others are just absurd. And one tennis player is making an absolute mockery of Australia, who for the last two years has had virtually all its citizens either locked in, locked out or locked down.

    Let’s hear about the rest of your holiday!

    A quick post to say welcome home Anzac. I hope your next few days at home are more relaxing than the holiday. A big plus that you made it home on your booked flight despite the many obstacles thrown into your path and a very big plus – you got your phone back. One more plus – you went on holiday and didn’t gain any weight. Even when everything seems to be against you, sometimes some important things do go right. Take care and rest that torn muscle.

    Good evening all.

    Quick check-in this evening as I’m feeling quite weary.

    Anzac65, what a disaster of a holiday capped with such a stressful time trying to leave Fiji. I’ve fairly well decided on no overseas travel for me until/if the whole Covid thing has exhausted itself.

    MsO, you seem to be doing well. As Neilithicman is a fervent cyclist, he’s certainly the best person to advise you re cycling and fast days.

    Cinque, surviving the humidity – just. Hope it rains tomorrow and clears the air. One good thing is that it looks like the Australian Open will start with a few milder and more pleasant days. Hope the authorities hurry up and settle this Djokovic saga. Did he really have Covid, I wonder? If he did get it while here, could he be trusted to be socially responsible? I don’t know. It’s a concern.

    Neilithicman, I have never made jam. My mother used to, and all I remember is that it was an awful lot of work. I’ve sorted through the cherries, given about 1/3rd to a friend, and frozen most of the rest on a flat tray to stop them sticking together. Tomorrow I’ll transfer them into smaller bags that I can remove from the freezer as wanted. That means they won’t be wasted, and I may have some when cherries aren’t in season.

    Hi to LJoyce, thin.

    Goodnight and stay well!

    Afternoon all

    I was right, my 400g rise yesterday must have been food and water weight because today I had dropped that 400g and another 400g on top of that to sit on 100.9 kilos. I’m on a fast day today, tomorrow I have my big day of frisbee golf, then I have my second fast day on Tuesday, if everything goes to plan I may even break into double figures by my next weigh-in on Wednesday!

    Anzac, I’m sorry my wife’s home country wasn’t kind to you, but at least your holiday will be memorable. I hope you’re recovering well at home.

    Neil, great news. You’re so close to getting back to double figures.

    Betsy, you’re probably saving yourself a lot of unnecessary grief by not going overseas – although I don’t believe covid will be leaving us. We’ve decided to learn to live with it but the travel stakes are much lower for us here with cheap, short flights more like bus rides. We wear masks always, keep to ourselves wherever possible, self-cater, rent a car, take long walks on the beach or in the mountains, enjoy fabulous views from our privately rented accommodation, avoid buffet meals if we do spend an occasional night at a small hotel. Today we will visit some friends (our first contacts in eight days) after first all testing for covid.

    You could be right about Djokovic, maybe he never even tested positive. Let’s see if he goes quietly!

    Anzac, I wrote to the Canary Islands Public Health Authority with a copy to the lab. I didn’t really expect to hear from either – although two false positives should have rung alarm bells with both. But shortly after reading your story yesterday, I received an email from the lab offering to cover our expenses for the LFTs done at their lab AND our costs for the PCRs at the second lab. Β£240.

    Happy Sunday everyone
    Neilithicman – always hills here in Wgtn no matter what direction! They make the riding more interesting though, and the workouts more effective! πŸ₯΅

    It’s pretty warm out here in Wgtn, just been for my first run since Sept when I injured my knee. Just a 30 min interval run so only 6 mins total running but no soreness when running so very pleased with that. Do feel the extra weight I’ve been carrying however but that is trending in the right direction.
    My weight is continuing to drop 3 days post last fast day. I am finding my appetite in general is decreasing, also starting to dislike anything sweet. I don’t have a sweet tooth as such, prefer dark bitter chocolate over a sugary sweet cake, but could only manage a spoonful of husbands orange cake the other day ..yukkk way too sweet for me now! Also not having as many milky drinks for same reason. I actually felt sick after 3 flat whites in a day, was never a problem before. Have dropped the black tea with milk after dinner and having a herbal instead.
    Energy levels are good, sleep coming a little earlier and better quality too.

    Would anyone be able to point me to where I could find out how to calculate my goal body measurements? Should these be a % of current ones? I just have no idea what to set them to, imagine it won’t be what I was in my 30s and pre menopause!

    Have a great day all!

    Morning all, the sun came up again this morning – with a spectacular show.

    MsO, sounds like you’re going very well. You can calculate your BMI here: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/how-many-calories-on-a-non-fast-day/ There’s a BMI tracker at the top right of this page – is that what you mean?

    FD for me. I’m currently back on two FDs per week. Naked 5:2 works so well.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    My good news is that I have now dropped the 2 kilos I gained around Christmas time, 2.1 kg in fact. Very pleasing. Now I have to continue the journey downwards. i.e., I have to push through this weight where I tend to “stick” and move on down.

    You’re tracking well, Neilithicman – double figures coming up. πŸ™‚

    Here in Melbourne the humidity has finally decreased, to my relief. Does your CSF play up more when it’s humid, Cinque? My friend with CFS finds it very taxing.

    Thin, looks like the Djokovic saga is drawing to a close, with him supposedly leaving the country tomorrow. It’s all been very unfortunate. Let’s hope we can now move on to focus on the tennis.
    What was your weather like today? You said the sunrise was spectacular, and I immediately thought of the “Red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds warning”.

    MsO, sounds like you’re doing well, too, and great that your knee coped with the 6 minutes of running.

    Stay safe and well everyone. I keep hearing of more and more people I know who’ve either had, or recently come down with, Covid. Thankfully, no-one of those is in hospital.

    Enjoy your week.

    Betsy, good job losing the 2.1kgs. The weather has been great today. Only in the high teens but sunny and warm to walk along the promenade. Quite a few outdoor tapas bars open but we had to keep walking, it being my FD. I have felt so hungry today but, so far, I’ve had one cup of miso soup and half a Valencia orange (and what a delectable one it was!). There were also three cups of coffee earlier but I tried to go easy on the milk. Two hours til dinner ….

    Hi thinatlast thanks for that, have done bmi at the start. I was meaning goal waist, hip, neck etc measurements. Both the website and book say to set goal measurements but I have no idea how to work those out. What have others done for setting their goal measurements for these?

    Hi everyone

    Welcome MsO to our lovely forum. I don’t bother with measurements as I find it frustrating to get the tape measure in the same place every time (lol) but use my clothes as an indicator. I’m sure someone here will be able to point you in the right direction

    It’s very very hot and humid here in Sydney and with our illness it makes us feel even more lethargic. I’m currently doing half days at work as then I am exhausted. The doctor said we could have mild pneumonia and it feels like it. Thankfully the antibiotics are really kicking in and we are both feeling quite a bit better. We have our booster shots tomorrow so that will be good to get out of the way

    The beach at our Island in Fiji was lovely but that’s where the good news ends I’m afraid. It was supposed to have an adults only pool area so we figured, even though we normally don’t go to kid friendly resorts, at least we could escape the screaming at the pool. Oh no. The first time we walked up to it we simply stood there with out mouths open in abject horror. There were so many toddlers in the spa you couldn’t fit another chubby bottom in there. The remaining 20 or more kids were running around the pool or swimming in the pool screaming at the tops of their voices. The parents? At the swim-up bar getting sloshed and ignoring their offspring. I don’t blame the resort; there were three huge signs almost begging people to ‘respect the adult nature of the pool’. But to enforce it would have upset so many families, probably many who return year after year. Needless to say we spent a lot of time in our lovely bure and it wasn’t a hardship as there was very effective air-conditioning – it was HOT HOT HOT. Hotter than I’ve ever experienced in Fiji. We played cards endlessly (love it) and chatted and rested – all things you don’t get time for in our busy lives. Sometimes we walked (or in my case limped) up to the far end of the beach where there were usually no kids.

    Anyway, we had gorgeous weather from Sunday until Thursday when it really turned. On Friday night a friendly staff member popped up to our bure with a letter – yikes! There was a cyclone approaching and if we wanted to get off the island before the middle of the next week we needed to go tomorrow. We legged it to reception and organised to get the boat one day early and booked a second night on the mainland. So glad we did; we sat in our room and listened to the ever-increasing winds. We had a nice lunch and brekky but then before lunch the second day they closed all food and beverage service and delivered emergency food parcels. They were actually quite nice considering the circumstances. The cyclone hit and honestly if that was a category 1 I do NOT ever want to experience a category 5

    The rest I outlined in my earlier post so while it was memorable, not for the right reasons!

    I have lost another 1.5 kilos in the past week but not because I’ve been trying hard, but I have completely lost my appetite with this chest infection. Mr Anzac made four big pots of chicken and vege soup and it is really doing wonders.

    So enough about me! Betsy, whoo hoo for shedding those 2 kilos already.

    Thin, you have given me some faith back in the world of Covid – fancy offering your money back without any prompting? Perhaps they were terrified you would give them lots of bad press in social media?

    So close to double figures Neil! You really are on track to get back to where you were a few months back

    I hope the humidity hasn’t completely wiped you out Cinque, stay cool if you can

    Lovely words LJ, always so encouraging and positive – thank you!

    I’m looking into the CSIRO diet to use alongside some fasting. As you know, my diverticulitis makes it hard to skip breakfast and therefore hard to do any real fasting. I’m doing some research and planning anyway and will see what happens.

    Take care all

    PS: Neil, I don’t blame the Fijian’s for price gouging for the safe passage to the airport. They have had almost 2 years without any tourists and I believe most of those who came to help were taxi drivers and probably did not earn any money for so long. We were more than happy to pay it and do not have one ounce of angst

    Anzac, cripes, you’ll already know my reaction to reading that you encountered hoards of children at an adult-only pool. Definitely no holiday. I get irritated when there’s one squawker on an aeroplane! That cyclone will make it a holiday to remember. Sorry to hear you’re sick – is it OK to proceed with the booster if you’re unwell? (I don’t know, I’m just asking as I wasn’t sure if it reduces vaccine efficacy). I know that having a common cold is OK as long as you protect those around you. Re: the Canary Islands lab, I sent a copy of my letter to the Public Health Authority so it could have been the latter that prompted some action.

    MsO, I thought that’s what you have may have meant. Like Anzac, I’ve never taken tape measurements as I find it too subjective. As far as weight goes, my Perth GP recommended setting a series of small goals so it’s not so daunting. My original 5:2 goal in 2014 was 10kgs but it was so easy to shed the weight that I just kept going – to 25kg.

    Another glorious sunrise. FD behind me, I was so hungry yesterday but not at all now so just enjoying some good coffee.

    Good evening all.

    I have had minor lung infection symptoms for a few days, including tightness when breathing. So I booked in for a PCR test at a drive through testing site nearby. It was a 3 day wait for an appointment (Sunday), but that was better than driving much further away only to sit in a queue for hours. I did isolate for those days, just in case. As I had expected the test was negative, although I am still keeping away from others for a couple more days. At least I can now go for a daily walk, now that I know I don’t have covid. My breathing has improved enough that I managed a 30 minute walk today, although I was pretty tired when I finished. It was nice to get out of the house though, after 4 days inside.

    Betsy, excellent weight loss. What a start to the new year.
    Freezing the cherries sounds much easier than making jam, especially as you have to get all those stones out for cherry jam making. My mother and grandmothers made jam and marmalade and I did too when I had fruit trees.
    Funny how you, Cinque and I are struggling with humidity – we are so used to dry heat that even a mild day that is also humid feels awful.
    How is Wilbur going? I seem to remember you saying he was limping.

    Neil, well done on your weight loss. I hope this week sees you back in double figures.

    Thin, sounds like you are enjoying your holiday. I was thinking about you getting up really early to see the sunrise, but then realised in a northern winter, dawn is probably at a much more civilised hour.

    Anzac, sorry to hear that you are battling a lung infection in addition to the leg injury. I hope the chicken soup speeds up your recovery. Get well soon.

    Ms O, I don’t think there are any rules when it comes to measurements. I think I originally set some that matched my body shape that were just a few cms down from my starting measurements. My dietitian has since said that the key measurement is the waist – it’s less impacted by fluid retention or inflammation and weight on the tummy is an important indicator of health risk for heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. This is particularly true for those who tend to gain weight around the middle rather than hips/thighs. (Apple rather than pear/hourglass.) This NZ site says similar things to the Australian Heart Foundation site: https://www.kiwicover.co.nz/your-health/waist-metrics For good health, women need a waist under 80cm.
    However, as Thin has said, if you are happy just monitoring progress with the scales, there is no reason that you need measurement goals too.

    Cinque, that beesan cheela looks very good, although everything that tastes like chick peas is usually a big hit with me. I was watching a Jamie Oliver veggie program the other night and he was with two English women with an Indian heritage make a curry that involved making a batter with besan flour and then pouring it into a tray to firm up – like polenta. Once set it was cut into cubes and added to a curry as the protein element. I thought it was a great idea and I’d never seen that done before.

    My FDs are going well and my NFDs are mostly reasonable – some better than others. Thankfully there haven’t been any binges, for which I’m grateful.

    I’m meant to be babysitting Thursday, so I’m hoping I’m well by then. Apart from that I have a very quiet week planned.

    Take care everyone.

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