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  • Morning all.

    I had a really small fast day yesterday. I had just some whey protein and 2 kiwifruit (around 200 calories). I wasn’t hungry at dinner time and I’m not hungry now at lunchtime the following day and I’ve only had a couple of kiwifruit to eat. I’m not sure what’s happened to my appetite, but I’ll ride it for now to get back onto my fast800 schedule. Hopefully it will show on the scales tomorrow. I ate well Mon-Fri last week, yesterday and today with only Saturday and Sunday being slip ups. Dinner tonight is some Saag paneer with silverbeet from our garden and some home made paneer I made on Sunday.

    Have a great one everyone, less than a week to go before my bike is fixed and I can get back out riding again. I can’t wait

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

    Lindsay, I weighed myself this morning and it was 75.5kg – down 1.8 kg from the previous day – if only that was all fat loss!! But it is a good feeling knowing I’m going to be going down with consistent fasting. Your thesis/research editing sounds fascinating – you’d be a great dinner guest – with lots of interesting conversations around what you read.

    Cinque – thanks for the encouragement – yes it will feel SO good to have the weight off eventually 🙂

    Neil – how long did it take you to go from 132.5kg to 85kg? That is pretty phenomenal! ATB with getting to 85 again…it’s a mind game sometimes eh.

    Anzac – another high fibre option is also inulin. You can literally eat it off a spoon. https://www.health2000.co.nz/shop/shop-by-brands/nothing-naughty/inulin–prebiotic-fibre-58913 You probably know lots of fibre options by now.

    I found that having wee bits of salt throughout the day really helped yesterday. I have quite low blood pressure and seem to need that electrolyte boost when I fast. When I first fasted all those years ago I got some pretty bad headaches until I discovered this.

    Weirdly looking forward to my Thursday fast – hope this buzz lasts!

    Great work on the weigh-in Hannah

    It took me around 11 months to drop the weight. I was on the fast 800 (800 calories every day) for 12 weeks from January to March in 2019 and lost 24 kilos, then I dropped down to 4:3, then 5:2, then 6:1 and lost the remaining weight between April and the end of October in 2019. I was 85 kilos going into January this year, then this year my weight has been up and down, but always trending upwards.

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Cinque, yes I did have a slight relapse, but fingers crossed I’m ok now. Thankyou for your kind thoughts. Sounds like you have been overdoing it too. I hope you are back to normal soon.

    Hannah, welcome. So glad to see you getting back into 5:2 with good early results to offer encouragement. We are a mixed bag with some people maintaining and quite a few of us losing those kilos we thought we’d seen the back of and are now having to lose again – I’m afraid I’m in the latter group.
    You haven’t mentioned which country you are in, but I’m going to hazard a guess it’s NZ probably south island. (It’s your use of “wee”, the only place I’ve ever encountered that outside of Scotland was the south island of NZ.)

    Thin, Malta sounds like a lovely getaway – we can only dream about overseas travel (or interstate travel) here. I’m shocked by those airfare prices. How can an airline do that without making a loss, or compromising on safety – or both?

    Lindsay, glad to see you have some work as I remember that the university wasn’t giving you any work a few months ago. I hope everything proceeds well for your husband’s surgery and that the outcome is good. Enjoy your time on the island, a good place to reduce the stress.

    Anzac, sounds like work is really rearing you out at the moment, but I am pleased to see they are at least paying you properly for all those hours. It looks like the NSW opening plan will let you take that December trip.

    Neil, isn’t it funny how some days you don’t want the few calories you’re allowed and others you want more all day. Take advantage of the low appetite while you can. I’m having a low appetite day today and am determined not to eat more calories just because I can.

    Betsy, good to hear that Wilbur is still on the mend. I think you’ve mentioned before that he was a rescue, I’m sure he appreciates his loving home.

    Charlie, an interesting diet for the calves, but good that the products aren’t going to waste completely.

    Helen, you would think that the counselling examiners would know that negative feedback needs to accompanied by positive without that reminded. Many years ago I remember being taught the “hamburger principle” for providing feedback – negative feedback should be sandwiched between two positive bits of feedback. Your own positive reflections are good bits of advice for all of us.

    I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten someone, so hello if I have.

    I’m still on restricted daily calories. I started it as Fast800, but have relaxed it to be up to 1000 so that I can stick with it for a few weeks. I am also ok with an occasional NFD to accommodate social events – although I fully intend to watch my carb intake so that I stay in mild ketosis. I lunch out with neighbours yesterday and the cafe was very heavy on bread for the lunch menu. As they also offered all day breakfast I was able to order scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach. A good choice for my current plan. I think my most difficult day will be next Tuesday, as I have my great niece and nephew all day (including for lunch and dinner). I’m planning to just do completely separate food for me as they will want things like macaroni cheese and chicken nuggets. They are used to their mum making a healthy meal for herself that is different to their dinner, so I doubt they’ll even notice I’m eating something different.

    I hope everyone is having a good day. Take care.

    Quick drop in.

    The water fast was a non-event. Just felt overwhelmingly hungry. Guess I shouldn’t put that kind of pressure on myself yet. On the other hand, I did manage a good CD today, which semi- made up for it.

    Yes, Cinque, Wilbur is back to his usual self. Going out now on his own in the evenings. I keep an ear cocked for any trouble. It’s always possible the black cat was also injured, as I haven’t seen it around at all.

    Must head to bed as I have an early rise tomorrow. More next time. Goodnight all.

    I’m at a loss,

    I ate 800 calories on Wednesday, 900 on Thursday, 1,000 on Friday, 2,000 on Saturday and Sunday, 300 on Monday and 1,500 yesterday and my weight hasn’t budged. Still the same 100.5 I was last week. My BMR according to the calculators is 1900 calories so with those numbers plus my daily 45-60 minute walks I should definitely have lost weight. I have no idea what is happening at the moment.

    Good morning,

    Ooh the skies! Grey and drizzly here, mad in NSW from what I see online.

    Apologies for that errant apostrophe in my last post. How did I even do that?

    Wednesday Fast Day. Just about to make my second coffee.

    Neil, so bewildering! But if you keep eating well and sensibly you will lose that excess weight and you will be healthy. I really hope your next weigh in reflects reality!

    Hannah, lovely to have that big loss. I am the same with salt on fast days. That is one reason why soup is my favourite fast day food.

    Hello Wilbur!

    LJoyce, I am SO glad it was just a slight relapse, and I do hope it is gone now and does not come back!

    I am also working on having between 800 – 1,000 calories a day to recover from my creeping weight gain. I think I can manage quite well on that (if I am not doing anything extra with my life 😀 )

    Sending best wishes

    Neil, the formula for losing body fat is a 7700 calorie deficit to lose 1kg
    Unfortunately that’s only for body fat. Our weight includes so many other things that the numbers on the scales just don’t make sense sometimes.
    Hopefully they will give you a better number next week.

    Hello all

    I am doing a Fast Day today – like you Cinque – and have just made a cup of tea to keep me going through the early afternoon. I want to put off eating for as long as I can manage. It is pouring with rain here in Adelaide and I am glad to be at home today, down in my north-facing study which gets the light, and with a bunch of poppies on the window ledge, nearly all of them open now and such beautiful colours.

    A success to report! The other night I got up at midnight because my restless twitchy feet made it hard to get to sleep. This is a big danger time for me, when the leftovers in the fridge call out loudly to me and my resistance in low. But this time I was fine. I thought of the techniques Cinque had mentioned, in particular the technique of bargaining, and told myself that I could have toast and marmalade i the morning and thought about how nice that would be. I also did some scribbling about how I was feeling – another good Cinque suggestion. And I had a cup of peppermint tea, read for a little while and then went to bed and to sleep. Hooray!

    Thin, I hope you have a really happy anniversary time in Malta. The history of that place is so interesting and I think it’s a great idea to go there. Such a big change!

    Hannah, welcome, and congratulations on how well you are doing already with this WOL.

    Lindsay, your thesis editing sounds interesting, as well as intense. Thank you for sharing the article about the steps, so sensible and encouraging. Sounds as if you and your OH are coping remarkably well with this hard time.

    I enjoy reading of the doings of Rosy and Maxx, especially the ‘stealing’ and running off with things. My sister’s dog Paddy does this all the time, with great glee – he is still a puppy! I am learning that when I visit I need to put bags, scarves, anything up high or they is gone instantly.

    So many more things I could reply to but I must stop and get on with other things.

    Warm wishes to all

    Morning 😊

    LJoyce – I’m completely amazed that you were able to pick me out as a South Islander from one word! Ha ha – had no idea my language was so telling. Yes, I’m from Christchurch.

    Neil – sounds so frustrating. Especially when you’re doing the hard work and not seeing the results. Did you have many plateaus when you initially lost the weight?

    Helen – I enjoyed hearing your success story from the midnight leftovers temptress. I’ll need to go back in the posts to read some more of Cinque’s techniques.

    Cinque – soups have definitely been great fillers in the past. I’m going to be making Thin’s cauliflower soup that I’ve seen mentioned and found in the SH recipe section.

    About to embark on fast day two. Here goes nothing

    Morning all

    Wow it was cold this morning, I was hoping we were past the worst of the cold mornings but the wind was what my dad would call a “lazy wind” in other words, it can’t be bothered going around you so it goes straight through you.

    Hannah, no I didn’t really have any plateaus. I had a couple of weeks when I didn’t lose any weight, but it was mostly a pretty consistent weight loss until I hit around 90kg and then I hovered around between 90 and 87 kilos for a long time, then went down to 85 after doing the whole30 programme. It’s been since I stopped the whole30 programme that I started my huge gain. Good luck for your second fast day.

    Helen, well done on avoiding the midnight munchies. My problem is usually the weekends, especially if the weather is bad because I’m usually mooching around the house with nothing to do and hitting the cupboards is usually what I use to break up the day. I’m going to make sure that when I do the groceries this week that I don’t buy any junk so there’s no temptation in the house.

    Ljoyce, thanks for that, I’d gone back to weighing weekly but I might check in a day or so to see if it was a spike day.

    Cinque, I was doing 1800 a day, which should be enough to drop half a kilo a week. But I found that I would usually have one binge day of 3000+ calories that would undo all the good work of the rest of the week so I’m trying to do 800-1000 a day, then if I do have a binge day, theoretically I would have eaten little enough that I’m still in a deficit for the week….well theory is all well and good, but the scales still don’t seem to be moving.

    The weather is supposed to be better this afternoon and we have enough leftovers in the fridge for dinner tonight that I don’t need to cook, so hopefully I can get a lot more done in the garden after work this evening. I’m loving daylight savings.

    Have a great one everyone.

    Hi all. I’ve only been able to catch up on posts on this page so apologises for the conversations that I’ve missed.

    Welcome to the group Hannah. It’s weird how our weight can differ so much from one day to the next, mainly due to fluid retention (or loss) plus a bunch of other factors which are out of our control. If you are weighing everyday then it’s best to keep a log and work out a 7 day average for each week as this is a more accurate way to gauge our weight trend over a period of time.

    Neil it must be so frustrating for you at the moment by the sounds of it. I know what its like to be doing all the right things but not seeing any results on the scales.

    Betsy it’s important to make sure you are taking a good electrolyte when water fasting and also ensure the previous days meals contain a lot of good healthy fats to keep you going through the fast. As most of you know I regularly water fast anywhere from 60-80 hours and although there are times when the ‘hunger pangs’ arise they quickly disappear after consuming water, plain tea or coffee. Often our brain interprets our growling belly as being hungry when we are actually thirsty. Betsy I would encourage you to try a water fast again and to push through the hunger pangs as creating autophagy is one of the best ways to kick start fat weight loss, especially when done regularly.

    Weight loss for me is averaging about 700g a week, some weeks a little bit more. As of this week I’ve increased my strength training routine as now that I’ve lost a good percentage of body fat (although still some more to go) it’s time to increase my muscle mass. I can certainly feel an increase in muscle in my upper arms so now time to work on the rest of the body.

    I splashed out and bought some new weight plates this week (4 x 5kg and 4 x 10kg) plus a short curl barbell so now I don’t have to continually swap weights on my full size barbell when doing different exercises. Everything is setup now for the weight size I need for each exercise. Plus some of the existing weights I have can now stay permanently on the leg exercise extension of my weight bench and I also have spare weights for when I’m ready to add programming progressions to my routine. Over the last few months I’ve added a few other bits and pieces to my gym set up so I’m now fully equipped with everything I need at home to do my full cardio and strength training routine.

    Weird weather here lately, mid 30’s one day and then back to mid teens the next. No rain at all of late and none in the near future by the look of the long range forecast. I laughed last night watching the news, in Adelaide it was cold, rain and hail and for me, 4 hours north we had beautiful sunny 35 degrees.

    Must go and get ready, Mr Gday and I are going out to our favourite Indian restaurant for dinner tonight to celebrate our wedding anniversary, taking a bottle of non alcoholic wine to share. Happy Thursday everyone.

    Good evening,

    Happy Anniversary Gday and Mr Gday!

    I happily fasted yesterday, not the fastiest fast, but nicely on track and still eating lightly today and looking after myself well.

    HK well done on that big achievement of dealing with the munchies (with added itchy feet). I am so glad that strategy worked 😀

    Hannah, yum, wonderful cauliflower soup. Mine was miso yesterday for my fast day, and carrot soup today (with some fish alongside because I am protein hungry).

    Neil, it makes sense those big eating days would get your fat-storing-efficient body putting on as much weight as it could. Sigh.
    No rubbish food in the house is an excellent solution! I hope your sons survive it 😀 😀

    Gday, amazing to read of your weight training and general fitness and water fasts and amazing loss. All power to you!

    Must go now and get my soup ready. Best wishes all

    Afternoon all

    Weighed today down 300g from Wednesday, so no significant movement, although these scales I switched to a couple of weeks ago usually read around a kilo heavier than the other ones so on the other ones I would be hovering around 99, so at least it’s better than being up at 101-102 that I was recently. I’m hoping that the extended daylight hours and improved weather will mean I can start get out and riding a bit more, anything to try to get this weight moving in the right direction.

    Gday, happy anniversary. How may years have you hit? I tend not to do weights because my legs usually get enough strength training with all the hill climbing on the bike that I do and my arms get enough from the gardening, tennis and frisbee golf. I also find doing weights a little boring so it’s not something I can see myself continuing long term. But building muscle is always a good idea no matter how you do it. It helps to increase your metabolism.

    Cinque, carrot soup sounds pretty good, especially if you put some caraway seeds in it. The local farmer’s market sells purple carrots that are purple all the way through, not just on the surface like some varieties. They would make a really cool looking soup.

    Well on with the rest of the day and then (again) trying to do better in the weekend.

    Have a good one everyone.

    Belated Happy Anniversary to you both GDay, I hope you both had a wonderful day.
    Neil I agree about weight training, something that I would get bored with very easily, I am not a driven person, except when it comes to the farm and my garden.
    Wet weather here for almost a week, I am watching the weeds grow really fast at present, so next fine day will be spent bringing the weeds back under control.
    Another reasonable week for me, down to 106.6kg, so now down by 6.1kg in just on two months, very happy. OH has lost just over 4kg in the same timeframe, so we are both very happy.
    Especially seeing to see friends we had a pub dinner last night and no weight gain, yay!
    Seems very quiet here at present, I hope everyone is okay.
    Have a great week my lovelies, will check in again next weekend,

    A quick hello,

    I completely forgot today is my fast day! Yikes, my brain.
    So I have had breakfast, but anyway I am going well with my small sensible meals and no snacks, plenty of water and as much pottering about as my health allows.

    My carrot soup has been SO good. The only Gordon Ramsay recipe I have https://gordon-ramsay-recipe.com/tag/carrot-soup-by-gordon-ramsay
    No caraway, but it would go well.

    Charlie G, great work!
    Isn’t it growing season! My garden is so so happy, but also plenty of weeds being as opportunistic as they can be.

    Cheers all

    Happy Sunday afternoon everyone,

    Neil, 2 years married, 4 years as a couple and have known each other for over 30 years.

    I should be starting my 70 hour fast this afternoon but have been a bit under the weather the last few days. Came down with a sore throat on Thursday which has progressively deteriorated to the point where last night I had non stop dry coughing fits which were incredibly painful on the throat and I could hardly talk. I didn’t want to go to the Dr but I couldn’t go through another night like last night. So I have antibiotics for the infection. I don’t like taking antibiotics because of the damage they do to the microbiota but sometimes we have to.

    I’ve felt incredibly flat with no motivation at all. Haven’t exercised since Wednesday which again is annoying me so have just been passing the time with some study, reading and watching tv. I’m not one to sit around doing nothing so hence my annoyance but I do need to allow my body time to recover. I shouldn’t complain I guess, I’ve been very lucky in regards to catching colds, infections etc. The last cold I had was in July 2005. The reason I remember it was because I was unable to sleep so sat up in the lounge room watching tv when the news reports came in about the London bombings.

    Hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend.

    Morning all

    Not a bad weekend. I got a whole lot of stumps from our old hedge dug out, cleared out our top garden and replanted it, got some more garden work done, and got a couple of rounds of frisbee golf in. The weather has turned bad today but it doesn’t matter because I’m back at work and my new plants are getting a good watering.

    One interesting thing that happened was when I dug up one of the stumps from the hedge there was something hard buried underneath it. I thought it was a rock, but when I dug it up it turned out to be an old brass tap. It was in such good condition that I could still open and close the tap easily. I cleaned it up in soap and water and it came out looking pretty good.

    My eating was pretty good over the weekend, hopefully that will FINALLY show on the scales on Wednesday.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good morning,

    It is lovely here, sunshine, light breeze, but the ‘gardener’ is here with his leafblower. Hopefully he will be finished soon.

    Gday, sympathy for your sore throat, and hooray for antibiotics when things get nasty. All those wonderful little microbes will be hiding in crevices, and in your appendix if you have one still, and be ready to burst back into life once you have finished the course.
    I am glad you are resting and allowing yourself to recover.

    Neil, what a great weekend, and fancy finding that gorgeous tap. I love brass.

    I’m going okay but gave into the munchies last night and had a handful of cashews. Annoyed with myself because I am sure the ‘have a drink of water first’ trick would have worked. Ah well, today is a new day.

    Thinking of Thin in Malta, and Anzac, wondering how you are going with fast days, and Lindsay sending good wishes to you and Mr L, I do hope he is getting into fine shape ready for his operation.

    And lots of good wishes to everyone else too

    Hello everyone

    It’s a bleak and windy day here in Adelaide. The wind is so strong that the ferries from Kangaroo Island are not running and some of my family are marooned over there in my sister’s house. Not that they will mind too much – fires will be burning and they will be looking out through the big windows at the wild sea and feeling very cosy. The three dogs, belonging to my sister and my brother and my nephew, have learnt to live with each other peaceably. https://imgur.com/a/XV5IV4p

    Report. The not-so-good: Last night after my friend had left I finished off the delicious tuna mornay that I’d made for us. It would have been better to send it all home with her! Still, I did enjoy it.

    The good: I had a good FD on Wednesday and discovered Stephanie Alexander’s very easy and low-calorie and delicious cauliflower soup – one cauliflower and one litre of chicken stock and one teaspoon of vegemite. Plus parsley and parmesan as desired. Is this the same as Thin’s cauliflower soup that you mentioned, Hannah? … Actually no! – I’ve just looked that up and it sounds so good – I will try that next!

    Another good thing is that I’ve done some looking ahead and realised that in the coming week I have social commitments on Wednesday and Saturday so will change my FDs to Tuesday and Friday. Catastrophe avoided!

    Cinque, I hope the leaf-blower didn’t hang around too long for you today. They are noisy things. And thanks for the link to the carrot soup recipe. It sounds really good.

    G’day, hope you have a rapid recovery. You are normally so extremely fit and active. It must be hard for you to be laid low.

    Neil, your level of activity also is amazing!

    CharlieG (also very active!) congrats on the great progress you and OH are making in the weight department.

    Thin, I am thinking of you in Malta and hoping that it is all going very well.

    And Lindsay, hope you and your OH are travelling well and having good times with family.

    Wishing everyone a very good week.


    Third fast day here. Monday seems like a popular day to fast – hope everyone else is going well. Cauliflower soup is now a fav – you get so much for so little cals – thank you Thin. Helen, I may have to try the other version too – would not have thought of using vegemite/marmite. Do you just boil everything up together?

    Neil – sounds like you’re in the double digits. Well done on the hard yards to get there. How fun that you found a brass tap. I wonder its story and how it ended up getting buried in your garden.

    Gday – Happy Anniversary – pretty special that you knew each other for 30 years before becoming a couple – you would have known each other very well by the time you became a couple.

    Cinque – thank you for the carrot soup link too – not a coriander fan but I could perhaps substitute ground cumin in that recipe.

    Finding this forum great – just having others on a similar journey was what really made fasting really doable when I fasted eight year ago and got to goal. This time
    I’m loving reading this forum and also envisioning getting to Christmas with having consistently fasted and how good that will feel.

    Morning all,

    Has anyone had any experience with Leptin resistance? I’ve been having a read through some things and it seems very likely that I may have it.

    Leptin is the hormone that tells you’re brain when you’re full, and if you have a leptin resistance then you don’t get those signals. It also lowers your metabolism so you burn fewer calories when you’re at rest. The symptoms are being overweight especially around the belly (check), inability to lose weight no matter how hard you try (check), lack of satiety feeling when eating (check), uncontrollable urges to eat high fat, high sugar foods (check) high levels of inflammation, and high leptin levels in the blood (not sure about the last two, I don’t know if the test is available here)

    It is caused by high levels of stress (check), lack of quality sleep (check), yoyo dieting (check) excessive snacking (check) under exercising or over exercising (my weight gain started after my heavy bike training for my alps to ocean ride where I was riding 2-3 hours per day on average), exposure to environmental toxins, lack of exposure to sunlight, high insulin levels or high triglyceride levels (I don’t have the last three, not sure about the toxins).

    The treatment for it is to increase consumption of lean protein and omega 3 oils, decrease consumption of omega 6 oils, restricting sugary and refined foods, cut out snacking in between meals, and increase the time in between meals. On top of that you can try detoxifying (I’m not sure what that entails), try to de-stress and get better sleep (easier said than done) and exercise moderately and regularly, focusing on strength and resistance.

    Well, it’s got to be worth a try. I was already starting to up the protein intake, I can try to incorporate the rest into my diet and exercise regimen and see how things go.

    Well I’ll see you all tomorrow after my weigh-in.

    Good morning everyone,

    Yesterday’s early morning sun degenerated into freezing cold rain and hail and a bitter wind. But I got my dried clothes in first! Woot! I win!

    I’m also feeling pretty nicely centred and doing well with my eating and (very very slowly) getting things done.

    HK that does look very snug over on Kangaroo Island, and how nice that the dogs all get along.
    Hmm, delicious tuna mornay is a trap, but at least you enjoyed it and that bit of extra will soon be gone.
    Woot for cauliflower soup.
    Hooray for reorganising fast days, and won’t you love those meals out with friends.

    The leaf blower went away. Hooray. I think I’ve got 2 weeks before the next session.

    Hannah I hope you have woken up feeling that brilliant ‘morning after fast day’ lightness.
    Yes, I don’t think I have ever added coriander to that carrot soup, and I do love the gorgeous orange colour of it without any added green. It is the clear carrot and orange flavours that are the winner, but a bit of cumin would be lovely in it.

    Hooray for fasting to be do-able and for us all to be lighter and gorgeouser come Christmas!

    Neil, I have read up about leptin resistance, and I am sure I have it.
    I did hope my losing weight and cutting out sugar and ultra processed foods would cure it, but it doesn’t seem so, so I think I might have it chronically. You, being younger and healthier, have a better chance.
    I think that there is a lot more research to be done, and the things they suggest are more hypothesis than proven remedies, but I definitely feel I am better eating a lot more protein, avoiding snacks, no sugar or UPF (ultra processed food) and doing my best to sleep well and be as active as I can be. I also think persistent mindfulness to judge how full I am helps too.

    Best wishes everyone
    My fast day is tomorrow.

    Hi Neil,

    Yes I’ve done a lot of study and research on Leptin Resistance. Here’s my thoughts:

    Firstly, you have been able to lose weight in the past so you could not have been leptin resistant then. So what could have changed that may have caused a possible LR? Two things – a change in hormone balance (caused by inflammation) or a dramatic increase in the intake of carbohydrates (any kind of carbs, other than those in fruits and vegetables), highly processed foods, sugars of any kind etc, basically foods that have been transformed from their natural state.

    Over exercising (the bike rides you mentioned) I assumed occurred after you initially lost weight? Intense exercising for 2-3 hours a day, every day, puts a lot of stress on the body. Add the exercise (physical) stress to any other stressors (mental) that may be occurring and there on its own is a recipe for weight gain due to high levels of cortisol in the body. High cortisol levels can also cause insulin levels to rise which triggers the cravings for sugary, carby, fatty foods.

    When did you last have a full set of blood test, were you given a copy of the results or did the GP just have a quick look, only identifying anything that was considered out of the normal range? Things to look out for with a blood test are:

    Inflammation levels are identified by the C-Reactive Protein marker which is a protein released by the liver when inflammation increases.

    The HbA1c marker measures the amount of blood sugar (glucose) attached to the Hemoglobin which is the part of the red blood cell that carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

    Most GP’s will only tell you when these markers are outside of what is considered the normal range but it’s just as important to know if they are on their way to the high end of the normal range.

    There is a fasting serum leptin test but to my knowledge it is not available as a routine blood test and I understand that it is also just an indicator of possible LR. Having elevated levels of leptin can, in some instances, cause LR but it is not always the case.

    Inflammation and elevated Free Fatty Acids are the 2 main causes of LR as they both interfere with leptin signalling by increasing fat metabolites in the brain. Free Fatty Acids are the by-products of the metabolism of fat in adipose tissue (body fat) which the body struggles to recycle when weight increases.

    So how to reduce inflammation and FFA’s – by creating autophagy through fasting will reduce inflammation and assist the body in the recycling of FFA. 24 hours fasting and more is required for this to occur – the longer the fast, the more effective. Also eating foods that are only in their natural state, no carbs except those in veg and fruit, nothing processed which means no grains or legumes and preferably no dairy. Increase natural protein intake, consume soluble fiber, get good quality sleep, reduce stress levels and steady exercise.

    Yes I agree that some of these things are easier said than done, but each is a contributing factor which is why addressing only one or some pieces of the puzzle does not solve the puzzle.

    Greetings all

    Nearly the end of my FD and I am looking forward to tuna and cannellini beans and salad for my supper.

    Hannah, with the cauliflower soup that I mentioned, you first simmer the chopped cauliflower in the stock until it’s tender, and then you add the vegemite and puree it, and then serve it with chopped parsley and a bit of parmesan. It is good even without the parmesan, but delicious with it.

    Neil, interesting about the leptin resistance, and great that there are knowledgeable people on this forum with useful things to say about it.

    Hope the week is going well for everyone.

    Good evening all.

    Sorry to miss posting for a few days. Wasn’t feeling well, probable viral infection, and still somewhat lethargic. Covid test negative, which was good, as there’s a lot of Covid around Melbourne at the moment.

    GdayfromSA, good comments re fasting. As I’ve posted before, my problem is my daily, tiny blood pressure tablet, which I can only swallow with food – 1/4 of a low GI breakfast biscuit works – so trying to figure out how to do a proper fast is a challenge. I can go for 36 hours, I guess, but no longer unless I skip my tablet. I’m going to re-read Jason Fung’s “The Obesity Code” and see if I can get some clues from there.

    Neilithicman, you’re in a frustrating position, but plateaus happen, and you just have to tough it out. Just because you didn’t plateau last time doesn’t mean you haven’t this time. My weight loss is typically a series of steps – down, plateau, down, plateau, about every 3 kgs. Check if your measurements are getting less. That often happens before the weight drop. And, of course, avoid the empty high-cal carbs that have no food value. Been there, done that myself, too often to count! 🙁

    Too tired to write more. Good to read all the posts. Stay safe and well everyone.

    Morning all,

    Well more frustration, despite a whole week of good eating and a decent amount of moderate exercise I was up 200 grams from last week to 100.7 kilos. It really is getting to me at the moment. I have started working towards incorporating some of the things that help with Leptin resistance to see if that helps. I started going to bed an hour earlier and turning off all devices and reading for an hour before I go to bed to try to help with sleep and reduce stress. I was already upping the protein, so I will try to cut back on the Omega 6 and increase Omega 3 and try to cut out snacking in between meals and remove the sugary and processed foods. I’ll try going alcohol free for a month or so too to see if that helps things as well.

    Gday, thanks for all the info, yes my training started at the end of January after I was at my goal weight for about a year. I was eating between 3,000-5,000 calories a day while I was training because I was burning so much energy. I gained a couple of kilos while I was training but my big weight gain came after I had finished my big ride. That’s why I’m thinking that I developed the LR during that time. I don’t think the Leptin level blood test is available over here yet. My wife used to work in the diagnostic lab and she said she’d never heard of the Leptin blood test. The web pages I saw said that Leptin levels can fluctuate too, so you need to do several tests to see if it’s always high. I had my bloods done recently and everything was normal.

    Betsy, great news on the negative Covid test. We’re lucky over here that most of our Covid cases seem to be confined to Auckland. about 1300 cases so far in our latest outbreak with 1000 of them recovered. One thing the government has been pointing out is of the 300 or so cases that required hospitalisation, only 3 of the cases were people that had been vaccinated, the rest were all unvaccinated. We’re still struggling to get to our magic figure of 90% vaccination, I think we’re currently sitting around 42% double vaccination and a further 35% having a first jab so around 75%-80% with at least one jab. Still a long way to go to get to 90%. the sad thing is in a poll there were 7% of people who said they would never get the vaccine and 10% who said they were very unlikely to get the vaccine, so it’s going to be an uphill battle.

    Helen Kate, that soup sounds ok except for the vegemite bit. Over here it’s marmite or nothing!

    Cinque, yes the weather at this time of year can be very frustrating, you did well to get your washing dry. I got my bike repaired yesterday and I was hoping to be able to get out for my first ride in 2 weeks, but the weather has been grey, miserable drizzle for all yesterday and this morning. I hope the weather improves next week for our holiday.

    Well better get back to work, I’ll catch you all later, have a great one everyone.

    Good morning friends

    Another lovely spring day here in Sydney, sunny and 24 degrees

    Neil, how incredibly frustrating for you. I hope the new things you are doing (or not doing) help.

    I have lost a whole kilo (eye roll) since I started FD’s again last week but I did have a pretty bad weekend. It was a long weekend but I had to work both Saturday and Sunday after our implementation went pear-shaped and I stress-ate. I’m not finding getting back into fasting easy but I’m sticking to it as I know it gets easier as time goes by. I hope to lose several kilos before our holiday to Lord Howe Island at Christmas. Another thing I’m doing is forfeiting the dog walk with the boys in the morning and going on a big walk on my own. I love walking with them but walking with Maxx is a very stop/start affair as he needs to sniff practically every blade of grass, leaf, rock, post etc. Also there are a lot of big hills near our house and that will help with fitness and weigh loss. It’s great; I have my favourite 80’s music blaring in my ears and I just wish it was socially acceptable to dance along the footpath waving my arms in the air rather than boring old walking. Oh well

    Cinque, good advice thanks about natural psyllium husk in the morning but I can’t stomach it. I am having orange flavoured Metamucil first thing on FD’s (which I was taking anyway) and I know it isn’t as good as the natural stuff but at least I’m getting fibre. I hope the weather has improved from yesterday

    Hannah, you are doing so well and I too am getting through the tough times envisioning a slimmer self at Christmas.

    I hope your family have managed to leave Kangaroo Island Helen Kate. The weather is so changeable at the moment everywhere it seems.

    Our ‘freedom day’ is looming and I am looking forward to seeing friends and family, getting my hair done and feeling like life is a bit more normal. Poor Mr Anzac looks like a crazy hippy version of Richard Branson at the moment but said he is enjoying his new look. Hmmm. He has been worrying about our big retaining wall at the front of our property for years as it is cracked and has finally got reconstruction underway. He dug out several MASSIVE roots and is working like a Trojan to dig out all the dirt required to start taking the wall down and building a new one. He is the most practical, handy person I’ve ever heard of and I am very lucky. For those who are new, we bought this house in 1998 and it was very rundown and poorly designed. Mr Anzac quit his job (at my urging) in 2009 to concentrate on renovations full time. Best decision ever as our work/life balance then became so much better and best of all we now have a gorgeous indoors and outdoors with a resort-style backyard complete with in-ground pool, beautiful decks and an outdoor kitchen. Downstairs our new bedroom opens out onto a courtyard with private outdoor bath and shower and inside the rest of the house has been redesigned and here I sit in our dining room with ceiling to floor glass sliding doors looking out over our lovely vista. Of course it has taken all these years to do it as he does most of it on his own with just the odd tradie. This was the only way we could afford it; if we had hired builders it would have cost 10 or 20 times as much. The work has taken its toll as Mr Anzac has more ‘broken’ bits than good bits but I can’t get him to slow down. I have become used to living in a house where at least one bit is a construction zone!

    There, I’ve gone and warbled about myself for too long and have run out of time. Back soon for more of a catch up. Take care all

    Good evening all.

    Good to read of your loss of a kg, Anzac65. What beautiful weather you’re having there in Sydney, even if you were too busy to enjoy it at the weekend.
    Like you, I’m looking forward to “Freedom Day”, though ours will be a few weeks behind NSW. Strange, I like having time to myself, but I really miss being able to go out and wander around the shops.
    What an impressive lot of work your DH has done to make your home so “picture perfect”. Sounds wonderful!

    Neilithicman, good that you’re applying various strategies to try to shift off your plateau. Very frustrating for you when last time it was so (relatively speaking) easy. At least it will give you more insight into those of us who struggle our way down kilo by painful kilo 🙂

    Yes, vaccination, while quite contentious for some, does seem to reduce hospitalisations to a major degree. Here in Victoria recently our average daily numbers have been around 1400 new cases per day, but of those in hospital, only about 5-6% are fully vaccinated. All the rest are unvaccinated or have had only one vaccine dose. One of my “anti-vaxxer” friends has been citing to me about how Singapore’s Covid numbers have been growing again despite their very high vaccination rate. However, that’s only half the picture, as nearly all the cases are either mild or asymptomatic, and that seems to be the case here. Well, each to their own decision.

    I seem to be over the bug I caught, which is a relief. Still over-eating some of the time. Stress-eating, like Anzac65, over my study work that needs doing. I had a useful discussion today with one of my supervisors, though, so feel more positive and motivated.

    Weight? Well, I haven’t gained anything. I did lose a little in September, but regained it before the end of the month, so I’m back where I started, but at least it’s not stacking on. I’m going to hunt out my “The Obesity Code” by Dr Jason Fung, and see if it will give me some inspiration.
    – GdayfromSA, how’s the 70-hour fast going? gone?

    Okay, enough from here. Stay safe and well, everyone!

    Good morning all,

    Interesting to read about the LR from Neil, Cinque & Gday. Most of the advice on how to combat it sounds like basic healthy lifestyle choices. It does sound super frustrating to be in that state. I know that for me Dr Google plays with my mind …”maybe the reason I’m overweight is this or that reason”… Neil I wonder if you’ve looked at your eating habits when you were consistently losing vs the plateau. Are you doing regular eating 5 days (without binges) and 500-800cal fast days twice a week? You’re taking your healthy seriously and I hope it pays off for you on the scales and in how you’re feeling.

    Helen – I tried the vegemite Cauliflower soup. I think I would have liked it enough if I hadn’t tried the one on the https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/southern-hemispherites-fd-recipes – this is a firm favourite now for me! The garlic and the sour cream add a lot of flavour that I missed with the vegemite one. Glad I tried it tho.

    Wow Anzac – your house sounds amazing! What a hardworking OH you have. We have a ‘as-is-where-is” house in Christchurch that we’ve done lots to. It’s currently two-toned outside as we’ve painted half of the outside and then had to stop to get barge boards fixed and the electric wiring put underground, which then required a new switchboard, etc Hahaha – one of those situations where you go to fix one thing and realize that in order for that to happen you have to do five other things – gets expensive and time consuming! Can’t wait for the front of the house to be painted and look cohesive.

    Did my two fast days on Monday and Wednesday this week as school holidays means a change in schedule. Feeling good to have them done 🙂 DD & DS currently playing together very happily so making the most of peace…who knows when war will break out in the current fun & games!

    Hope everyone’s weeks are going well.

    Yay I did a lovely Fasty Fast Day yesterday and I feel so good this morning.
    I’m tired though as I nicked out to the fruit and veg shop early. Excuse me if I start talking nonsense.

    Betsy, I am so glad you are feeling better. Good luck getting into your research without more stress eating. You must have tried every strategy under the sun to do it without overeating but I hope a last clever strategy comes to mind, and it works.
    If so, come here quicksticks and tell us about it!

    More cheers for managing not to stack weight on, in spite of everything.

    Neil, so frustrating.
    My tip is to remember that all the good things you are doing for your health are real and must be making a difference.
    You’ll need a bit of time to see how your new strategies work, fingers crossed.

    I do think those of us who have fat cells that have ballooned in the past suffer worse with any binge eating episode we fall prey too, as they are so super prepared to store every trace of extra energy we make available to them.

    So sorry to hear it looks like covid won’t be able to be stamped out in Aukland, I just hope it is very slow to seep out to the rest of NZ and that everyone keeps madly getting vaccinated.
    And also that it is bike riding weather soon!

    Hello Anzac, hooray for NSW’s vaccination milestone!
    I’m glad your metamucil works in the morning.
    That kilo lost is a wonderful thing!

    Hello to the excellent Mr Anzac and also to mad Maxx.

    Hi Gday, Helen Kate, Hannah!
    And everyone else!

    Hooray for kids playing together happily. It is the best thing in the world!

    Okay, I had home made naan with avocado, capsicum relish, and baby lettuce for breakfast. I’m making vegetable casserole with fish instead of chicken because the chicken shop was shut this morning (how very dare they) for lunch and I have some yummy spicy black-eyed bean soup for my evening meal. The day is sorted.

    Best wishes everyone,

    Special shout out to Lindsay and LJoyce, missing you <3
    and hi to you if you are there Merry


    Afternoon all

    Cinque, glad you had a good fast day, bike riding weather is definitely here today. It’s 21 degrees and nice and sunny. I’m going to try to get out and stretch my legs a bit this evening after work.

    Hannah, I hope your fast days went well. I love the school holidays. My boys are both teenagers so they’ve spent the first half of the week mooching around the house by themselves, but next week I’m taking off work and we’re going to head into Clyde for the week. I’m planning to take my boys on the new cycle trail from Clyde to Cromwell as well as trips in to Wanaka and maybe in to St Bathans.

    As for your question about my eating, I have struggled with it since February when I was eating so much while training (I ended up riding almost 1,500 kilometers during February), but even when I manage to string a couple of weeks together of good eating, fast days, and decent exercise I haven’t been able to shift the weight.

    The Leptin resistance is supposed to lower your base metabolism while removing your satiety signals. One thing I noticed was on my fast days I try not to eat until around 1pm, and I had not been struggling to do that at all. I didn’t really get hungry. I’ve been on my new programme for 3 days now, and today I got ravenously hungry at around 12:30 even though I’d eaten breakfast this morning. Hopefully that is a good sign that my metabolism is starting to ramp up again. Another good sign is that I had my lunch of tuna and avocado salad, 2 kiwifruit and some whey protein with psyllium husks mixed in (meal total around 650 calories) and now I feel absolutely stuffed with half of one of the kiwifruit left to eat. It’s been a while since I’ve actually felt full before finishing a meal.

    What I’ve decided to do:

    *Stop drinking any caffeine to try to aid my sleep
    *Cut out alcohol in the weekend, because that usually come accompanied by junk food.
    *Stick to 3 meals a day eaten at the same time (7:30am, 1pm, 5:30pm), No snacking in between
    *Cut out sugars and limit processed foods
    *Turn off tv and devices by 8:30pm, take a nice relaxing bath or shower, read for an hour and then be in bed by no later than 10pm
    *Keep my higher protein intake up, cut back on Omega 6 and try to eat more Omega 3
    *I’m going to start doing a bit of strength training despite the fact I don’t really like it.
    *Stop fast days until my metabolism kicks back in and I start dropping weight on my 1800 calorie a day limit.

    Signs are good so far, but I’ll trial this for a few weeks and see how things get on.

    I hope everyone else is good and spring is starting to give you some nice weather

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good afternoon everyone. I have just caught up with posts. Sorry to not be contributing lately. I’ve been busy with school holiday babysitting and still feel exhausted. Even after a good night’s sleep and a very lazy morning.
    I have continued to aim for 800-1000 calories per day but some days I definitely go over, especially when the weather is cold. Regardless, I have been managing to keep my carb intake moderate so that my appetite doesn’t spike. That makes it much easier to get back to 800calories the next day. My weight is reducing each week, but very slowly.

    Did anyone else watch the “How to Live Younger” series on the ABC? I recorded it and then binge watched it this morning. The first two episodes didn’t surprise me (exercise is important as you age and the traditional Mediterranean diet is the healthiest), but the final episode really did shock me.
    Dr Walter Longo said things I haven’t heard before. He said that the daily fasting period should be 12 hours and not longer as there are now several studies that show that for those that skip breakfast (resulting in a 16 hour daily fast) there is evidence of a reduced lifespan and significantly increased risk of gall bladder surgery. What he didn’t specify is whether any attention was paid to what people actually ate in their 8 hour eating window. I might need to look for those studies I think, so I understand whether I can apply them to my own choices. He also talked about putting chemo patients on extended fasts and now it improved the effectiveness of their treatment. It left me wondering why a 16 hour fast is bad for you but a 3-5 day fast isn’t – I guess one situation involves seriously ill people, so it probably can’t be compared with the eating window studies. He did confirm that his fasting mimicking plan is effective if you don’t want to do true water fasting. (I seem to remember his plan involved around 800calories and severely restricting protein intake over 5 days. That might be wrong as I haven’t read up on that for quite a while.)
    There was another researcher that did weight loss studies with two groups of people, comparing the 800cal meal replacement method with a slower balanced diet with more daily calories. Those on the meal replacement diet lost more weight – no surprise as they ate less calories. More importantly, those on 800cal reported loss of appetite which made it much easier to stick to the program whereas those on more calories and real food reported an increased appetite while dieting, making it much harder task. What was unusual with this study, is that they followed people up for 3 years to see who maintained the weight loss. (I wish more studies would do this.) Those that did the 800cal meal replacement option were much more likely to keep the weight off – I think they said more than 40% kept the weight off for 3 years.
    I am still thinking through what this all means and how my approach moving forward might need to change. It’s definitely thrown some of what I thought was true into doubt. If anyone else watched this I’d appreciate reading your thoughts, as my own are in some turmoil at the moment.

    Despite the continuing trauma of case numbers and deaths, I’m so please to see that NSW and Victoria continue to increase vaccinations (and NZ) and head closer to fewer restrictions. I hope it is encouraging those of you still dealing with lockdown that life will get easier soon.
    We have had occasional cases here (mostly interstate truck drivers passing through) but it hasn’t caused an outbreak yet thankfully. They have put a covid vaccination clinic at Tailem Bend near the highway truck weighing station so that every truck can be pulled over and any driver who hasn’t had a vaccine has to havea vaccine immediately if they want to drive any further into SA. It’s not a bad idea to take the clinic to the drivers as I suspect getting the time to get a vaccine has been half the problem for them, given their work schedule.

    I really need to force myself out for a walk now, even though I’d rather stay curled up on the couch all day.
    It’s been so nice to catch up on posts and know what’s happening with you all. Take care.

    A quick follow up from my earlier ramblings about the breakfast research. This seems to be the most recently published paper. https://www.jabfm.org/content/jabfp/34/4/678.full.pdf
    While they published data on all deaths, they were specifically measuring deaths from cardiovascular disease. The highest link with longevity was with the group that ate breakfast and also consumed more than 25g fibre per day. The same benefit from fibre was not obtained by those who did not eat breakfast, but did consume more than 25g fibre per day.
    This is quite relevant to me as I aim for > 30g fibre per day but rarely eat breakfast.

    Morning all

    Yesterday was a good and bad day. I got out for my ride, I had a beautiful 25k ride around the harbour and it really helped with my mood to get out in the sun. On the bad side, I had my second covid jab yesterday and my shoulder was so sore I kept waking myself up every time I rolled onto that shoulder. Oh well, last day of work today and then I’m on holiday!

    Ljoyce, I heard the fasting mimicking diet mentioned on the podcast I’m listening to at the moment called “the doctor’s kitchen” I think he said it was 5 days of normal eating followed by 5 days of nutrient dense, calorie light food (basically focusing on fruit and veg rather than proteins and fats which are calorie dense). You do those two 5 days about for a month.

    Well have a great day everyone

    Good morning,

    Neil, that sounds like a wonderful list of strategies. Good luck with them.
    Sorry to hear about that sore arm, I hope you got a much better sleep last night.

    LJoyce, I had only watched the first of that series (always hard to listen to the info showing I am likely to die earlier because of my chronic illness, sigh.) But I have watched the other two now.
    I had to wait a long time for the info you are pondering! It just snuck in at the end.
    I found it quite annoying as it was given without background, context or even what the hypothesis is.

    I think Dr Longo must have had a proviso that what he said wasn’t edited (fair enough, he wouldn’t want to be misinterpreted through editing) so they had to leave in those snippets that I think may be his own prejudice (eating breakfast suits him) and a hypothesis about the 12 hours that has not yet been fully researched (ie the only things I can find about it are his opinions, not any published or peer reviewed research).

    I have figured out that the concern with fasting and gall stones is that we need our gall bladder to be working to keep spitting out cholesterol before it forms gall stones. The gall bladder takes a rest when we are fasting.
    Personally, I’d be surprised if 12 hours was optimal across the board, I imagine it varies from person to person.

    Also, the fast mimicking diet is one he sells, and while I am confident he is not trying to rip people off, he is very clear that it is almost impossible to do a fast mimicking diet without buying his product.

    Because of his Fast Mimicking Diet, chemo patients would not have that problem with the gall bladder.

    That’s my take on it anyway.

    Good afternoon everyone,

    My extended 70 hour fast earlier in the week didn’t eventuate so I’m in the midst of the fast now. One week into daylight savings here and as usual when we switch forward or back my body clock is a bit all over the place and I feel out of sorts.
    I take the last of the antibiotics for the throat infection today, feeling so much better but still have a bit of a persistent cough. Feeling under the weather for the last week or so, minimal exercise (only a couple of walks) means there has been no weight loss for the last 7 days average, no gain either, I’m exactly the same weight last Saturday morning as I am today. This morning I started back with a full session of weight training along with an 8km power walk at sunrise. The weather was absolutely gorgeous – shorts and singlet at 6.30am, was so lovely to feel the warm sun on bare skin.

    Hannah I agree with you in regards to Neil’s posts around sticking to healthy, non processed foods and staying clear of all the things we know are bad for us – sugars, processed carbs etc. Neil I was reading back through your posts and I gather that you have been consuming a fair bit of sugary and processed foods? These foods cause the body to stay hungry, regardless of how much of them is eaten. This is because processed foods, processed carbs and sugars don’t provide the body with the nutrients it needs so when these foods are eaten, the leptin hormone isn’t triggered because the body is still craving nutrients because thinks it hasn’t been fed. Alcohol, as you would know, has sugars and carbs and again is devoid of nutrients so it makes the body crave foods so giving up alcohol will certainly be beneficial for you. I was also going to suggest for you to include some strength training but notice you have already decided to do that – great move. I know you don’t like it, but building muscle mass will increase your metabolism, aid in weight loss and you will reap the benefits even after your workout has finished.

    Anzac, I’m curious, what is it about psyllium husk that you can’t stand? Good on you for the 1kg loss. And Mr Anzac, a hippy version of RB now there’s a sight – does he have RB’s cheque book as well 😊. Mr ‘RB’ Anzac sounds like Mr GDay – lots of broken bits 😊

    Betsy glad you are over the bug – seems to be a few bugs on the forum lately. Dr Fung’s Obesity Code is a great read. He also has some really interesting videos on YouTube as well. I’ve just finished reading Dr Robert Lustig ‘Fat Chance – The Hidden Truth About Sugar’ and Dr David Perlmutter ‘Brain Grain’ both of which were fantastic reads. I get my local library to order in (from other libraries) the books I want to read. That way I don’t spend money on something that I either don’t like or doesn’t have enough relevant information for me. After reading, if the book is worthwhile, then I order it online to add to my (ever-growing) collection. The two I mentioned above I will definitely be ordering.

    MM’s new TV show starts this Wednesday 7.30pm on SBS, the one filmed in Australia earlier this year. Insight on SBS also has an interesting show this week Tuesday 8.30pm on emotional eating so I’ll be tuning into that one as well.

    Ljoyce I watched the How to Live Younger series too. It’s important to remember that for every study there is another study which contradicts the findings. I wouldn’t put too much weight (pardon the pun) on Dr Longo’s statements about not fasting for longer than 12 hours, skipping breakfast etc as there are many, many other studies by well respected scientists and Dr’s who’s findings differ. There is also a variety of ways that studies can be conducted and how they are conducted can greatly affect the outcome. Who funded the study or who conducts it also plays bearing on the outcome, unfortunately many studies are conducted in a specific way so they get the outcome they want, not the true outcome. So unless comparing apples with apples, in exactly the same way, using exactly the same set of circumstances etc then a lot of studies a just that, random studies. I tend to not put too much emphasis on one Dr or one study but rather read a wide range of literature and make my own conclusions from what I have researched and my own personal experience. Cinque, totally agree with your comments.

    Must dash, Miss GDay made a cake this morning for a friends birthday so I need to go and remind her to do the icing now that it’s cooled so we can deliver the cake and birthday gift.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Morning all, we’re back from our warm and sunny break in Malta. The hotels work hard to make it covid safe and everyone travelling there has to have been double vax’d. The Maltese themselves are 95% vaccinated. The boat survived being left unattended on the canal albeit opposite a marina where we know some boaters.

    The Mediterranean diet was abundant in restaurants and we enjoyed several fish dinners. And we drank too much alcohol. Tomorrow’s a FD.

    It sounds like you’ve been having some interesting discussions, some of which I would like to go back and read more thoroughly, especially the revelations about the hazards of skipping breakfast and fasting longer than 12 hours. I’m unlikely to change my fasting habits though, it works for me and being 25kgs heavier posed many more health risks I would think.

    Anzac, before I left, I read a few posts and remember your wishing me a good holiday and anniversary (thank you, it was fun) and commenting that you hadn’t done a proper fast for a year. How you got away with that without my noticing I’m not sure! I’ll have to keep a closer eye on you, my friend. I’m happy to see that you’ve lost a kg in a week, well done, keep up whatever you’re doing now.

    Anzac, we, too, undertook major extensions to our house when OH lost a job twenty years ago, converting our 2bd/1ba cottage into a 5bd/3ba house remaining faithful to its 1930s style throughout. OH gave new meaning to the term ‘owner builder’ as we did absolutely everything ourselves – OH learned bricklaying and I learned lead lighting in the process. It took years to complete as he became employed again during the process but it was like working for wages and added significantly to its value.

    LJ, the algorithms that control airline pricing and scheduling are mind-boggling. You can be sitting next to someone on a plane who’s paid twice your fare. If you’ve ever had a frequent flyer flight out of Australia, you’ll know that you still have to pay several hundred dollars in taxes (which is a cheek considering it’s called a loyalty programme). But my point is that tax forms a huge part of the pricing. Flights to Europe operate more like a bus shuttle, can cost as little as £10-15 and offer absolutely nothing but the seat. This suits us well as we’re the 5kg luggage family. But they charge extra for luggage, food, guaranteeing seats together, etc and make money from fines such as failure to bring a boarding pass – a whopping £55. No air corridors either, you walk in the elements out to the plane.

    Two great things to look forward to when you start air travelling again – no more annoying incessant overhead boarding announcements, passengers can now use their initiative and find a screen for their flight information. And when the flight lands, no scrum in the aisle as everyone grabs their overhead luggage at the same time and then stands paralysed for twenty minutes waiting for the doors to get opened. You remain seated until the stewards reach your seat, one row at a time, get up, retrieve your luggage and exit. One good outcome of covid. I was impressed with the enforcement of mask wearing on jet2.com coming back but several special people on the RyanAir flight thought it was OK to wear theirs on their chin despite several reminders from crew. Gits.

    Oh dear sorry, I’m totally off topic. We have to take our Day Two PCR tests today and while OH goes on the bus to deliver them to the designated box, I shall have time to read what everyone else has been up to.

    Greetings everyone,
    Some really stimulating conversations this week, but I am unlikely to change my fasting regime either as it is working really well at present.
    Loving the fact that the weather is warmer and we are able to eat a much more healthy diet.
    Scales have been great for both of us this week, with both showing losses again, I am getting close to 7kg down, with OH well over 4kg down, can really notice the difference when looking at him now, the double chin is disappearing fast.
    Thin, lovely that you had a lovely break, and belated Happy Anniversary, like the sound of how you get off planes now, I hated the way it was, as many were very rude thinking they were more important.
    Farm and garden very busy at present, but wonderfully I am so enjoying the buzz at present, and finding that a very warm day had no effect on me today, normally I would be hiding in the shade, not so, digging, planting and totally enjoying life, yay!
    Keep up the good work all! Love reading your posts even if I don’t answer each of you, know that I am reading everything you all write, as it keeps me able to focus on TWOL.
    Have a wonderful week everyone, catch you all next weekend,

    Morning all

    First day of my holiday was a bit up and down. In the morning it was pouring down outside so I spent the morning getting some cooking done and a bit of TV watching done. The afternoon it stopped raining, the forecast was for more but I risked a ride. It turned out to be a good decision because it was perfect riding weather. Sunny, no wind and not too hot. I did an old favourite, slog from Bayfield up to the top of Highcliff Road, cruise down to Portobello, and then an easy blat around the harbour back to Bayfield. It was a thoroughly enjoyable 90 minutes.

    Thin, glad you guys had a good trip to Malta, what did you guys get up to while you were there?

    Charlie, congrats on the loss, looks like you’re into the swing of things.

    Gday, yes sugary and starchy foods have been my downfall this year. The issue is once I start eating them I can’t seem to stop myself. I’ve done pretty well for the last 5 days or so, so I’m hoping that I’m starting to turn things around.

    Cinque, the arm is much better thanks. It was the same as the first jab. It was sore about 6 hours after the jab and it lasted about a day, but went away pretty quick.

    Well into today. We’ll be packing tonight for our trip to Clyde tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it even though the forecast is a bit dodgy.

    Have a great day everyone.

    I’ve caught up on a few more posts as well as revisiting Longo’s research. I’d all but forgotten about it. Thanks for bringing it up LJ. Agree with GDSA, studies can be so skewed. Like you LJ, it would be helpful to follow up the people after some years (just look at the wealth of data one could glean form this forum, for example). As for studies of six people like in ‘Trust Me, I’m A Doctor’ – just silly.

    Neil, have a great trip. I was looking for an update on your wife’s surgery date but now I’m remembering that was to be in November. In Malta, we did a lot of walking (so many steps!) and visited historic sites. One of my favourite things was a tour of the War Rooms. We rented a car and took the car ferry to Gozo, staying in an ancient guard tower in Mdina. All our accomm. had spectacular views with large terraces so it was relaxing looking across the rooftops at Rabat or the expansive harbour at Valletta. Malta is essentially a limestone quarry, devoid of colourful plants like bougainvillea characteristic of other Mediterranean countries. Lots of dead cacti. It’s pretty hard to kill a cactus but I understand they had a particularly hot, dry summer. Have you been?

    Lindsay, what about your OH? I was looking for an update. His surgery must be soon.

    CalifD, nothing from you for ages. All OK?

    Betsy, your anti-vax friend is stuck in 2020 thinking. The UK has the highest number of daily cases in Europe. That’s no longer relevant. England ‘unlocked’ well before most other countries so it makes sense that the numbers would be higher here. What’s important is the death rate, how sick people become if they do get it, and the effects of long covid. The daily death rate is now lower than that of a typical ‘flu season and people are not getting as sick with it. That’s down to one thing only – vaccination. You only have to read some of the comments here over the past weeks and months and you can get a feel for how hard some of you have found lock-down – weight gain, depression, social deprivation, etc. Covid is not going away and we have to get on with life now. The alternative also has consequences.

    Cinque, I sense you’ve had some tricky times lately and hope things brighten for you. Fasting with me today? Before we left, I scheduled a grocery delivery for the morning after our return. So I have my ingredients for chicken whatnot today. OH went to drop off our PCR tests yesterday and came back with a packet of nine snickers bars (sigh). I’m not in the least tempted, just frustrated at his lack of understanding of how sugar affects his body. I’m starting my FD at 59.2kg, not ideal but below my trigger weight.

    Morning all

    Thin that trip sounds amazing. I have never been to Europe. So far in my life I’ve only had a few trips to Aussie and a few trips to Fiji.

    My wife has been referred to the neurosurgery in Christchurch as the Dunedin unit is a bit swamped so the surgery probably won’t happen until at least January or February next year now.

    Well, better pack up for our trip, gave a great one everyone.


    Yesterday was a write off, so fast day is today. Grabbing the baton, Thin.

    Gday, is yours a 3 day fast? If so you will be enjoying the end of it.
    I’m interested to see what Dr Mosley’s eats on his ‘typical Australian diet’. It will be interesting to see how this series differs from the other work he has done on reversing diabetes2.
    (I’m a bit past them eating badly for two weeks and then being shocked at body changes, that goes for my Van Tulleken twins too).

    Cali, I saw this and thought of you (ofcourse) https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-08/australia-oldest-carnaby-black-cockatoo-recorded-coomallo-creek/100523668

    Thin, a wonderful holiday and how nice to come home to your narrowboat (I find it impossible to just call it a boat) safe and sound.

    Charlie G yes, yay! Let’s stick to what works.
    Hooray for the extra energy and coolness the lighter weight is giving you. Fabulous!

    Neil, ha, yes, sugar and starchy foods are everybody’s downfall, and I am just like you. So glad the sore arm was so transitory. Annoying to have Mrs Neil’s op moved, but hopefully it is so far away you can all relax a bit in the meantime. Enjoy Clyde!

    I spent hours on the phone the other day, because my medicare name was different to my Centrelink name (I have always been called my my middle name). Now they are all in the name I am not called by, but at least I got my vaccination certificate. But now I have to work out the app, so I can get it on my phone with the hologram thing so it will be easy to go places when we finally open up.

    Lindsay, was it the 13th that is Mr Lindsay’s op date? Sending good wishes.

    Hello everyone else

    Hi all,

    I’ve been away for a weekend in Hanmer (celebrating my nephew’s 21st) – so nice to have all my side of the family together (except for the one nephew who lives in Auckland and so was unable to fly down). Wearing a swimsuit is not my favourite thing (yeah that’ll change as the effects of fasting translate to everything fitting better!) but had a lot of fun at the hotpools and went down the hydro-slides over and over with my two.

    Thin, it’s nice to have you back – I am pretty impressed with your 7 year record and the 25kg weight loss. In browsing this forum I could see you were quite active. Are you currently living in a boat? Where about in the world are you located? From Aug 2014 – how long did it take you to reach your goal weight?

    Neil, I hope you have a fantastic bike riding school holiday trip – that’ll be building up some special memories for your two boys. Hope the food “rules” you’ve created are helping.

    Cinque – I think you are right in saying that optimum fasting results vary from person to person and the fibre/breakfast study is not a strong enough link to sway me from the benefits we are getting from 5:2 style fasting. LJoyce – are you still pondering this issue from Dr Longo?

    Charlie G – well done on the 7kg! That’s a lot of weight to lose in a short amount of time. Your body will be thanking you.

    My body is thanking me today – fast day here – down to 74.9kg (from 77.3kg on 26.09.21). Currently fuelled by cauliflower soup – must be doing wonders for my digestive tract after the weekend’s birthday cake 😜

    Off to edit photos from the 21st (used to do photography…now it’s just for capturing family). Hope everyone has started their week well.

    G’day everyone and welcome Hannah. I’m glad you’ve discovered fasting and our little group here. 5/2 is the only weight loss plan that was easy enough to do that I did feel like I was dieting. I did gain weight back during the long Covid lockdowns, but am losing again now. Wearing smaller clothing sizes is one of the big rewards. I did a lot of op shop shopping while I was losing so I had new things that weren’t a big investment as I lost more and was able to donate them back.

    I’m sorry to have been gone so long and I’ve been reading some of your posts that I’ve missed, but still have a lot to catch up on. I’m still fasting on most weeks and am in the 67’s now. It’s been a rough month here. OH had been taking some new medications for memory issues and related problems that worked at first but then caused lack of sleep and a temporary heart and liver issue caused by the meds and ended up spending a week in the hospital to get things straightened out. He is doing well now, but it was a very difficult and worrying time.

    We’re back to watching movies and series every night and enjoying the end of summer and the cooler Fall temperatures.

    Cinque, thank you for that article on the black cockatoo. Such a lovely bird!

    I’ll catch up and write more soon. I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten all of you.

    CalifD, good to hear from you but sorry about your OH’s memory and related issues. We’re back with Amazon Prime and binged two series of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Quite exciting.

    CharlieG, I forgot to mention your fabulous weight loss achievement so far, and that of your OH. Great job.

    Hannah, you two, you’re on a roll. It took me a year of 5:2 to lose 23kg at a steady half kilo per week and a plateau over that first Christmas: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/silly-season-challenge/ I lost another 2kg somewhere over the ensuing six years of maintenance. I found the weight loss year so easy, the rules suit me well as I’m a B&W person, no grey areas. Maintenance has required more vigilance and a constant struggle between never wanting to return to my fat self but still being the same person I always was when it comes to food. The years of IF have helped shape my food habits, portions and desires. And this group has taught me a lot about nutrition and food.

    We sold up in Perth and bought a narrow boat (two years ago today actually) as a bucket list thing. We thought we’d stay one cruising season but then Britain got locked down and, as live aboards, we found ourselves in the enviable position of being allowed to cruise when hire boaters and leisure boaters were not allowed on the canals. We took to the lifestyle and, since we can’t return to Australia, we just kept cruising.

    I read that Sydney unlocked at midnight, yay for that.

    Cinque, I’ve battled that name issue for years. Back in the day before money laundering was a thing, I used the accepted contracted version of my birth certificate name to open bank accounts, buy shares, etc. OH has a similar issue as his parents named him after his father (an odd thing they like to do in America) but then called him by his second name to avoid confusion. It’s created plenty.

    Cinque, OK baton passed. 58.5kg after my FD. Pretty happy with that after 10 days overseas.

    Good morning,
    A cold crisp start to the day, but that is my favourite.
    Great low covid numbers for NSW today, hooray! and Victoria’s are starting to look better too.

    Thanks for the baton Thin, I had a good fast day yesterday and I am feeling nicely set for continuing my high veg and plenty of protein but small meals.

    That ‘being called by your second name’ was quite common when I was young… a couple of generations ago, there were always a few of us in whatever grade or group I was in, but oh dear, like you and Mr Thin, constant headache, and especially now when everything is linked electronically.
    But hooray, app is done, and it should be easy to enter places now.

    Hannah, lovely to have a family get together. Congratulations to your nephew.
    Yay for continuing loss of that excess weight, and for cauliflower soup!

    Cali, so glad to hear from you, but my heart just sank to hear what a hard time it has been for you, and especially Mr Cali. I am so glad he is doing better now, may it continue.
    Some cool flowers for Mr Cali: https://flowerpowerdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/IMG_6692.jpeg

    Big congratulations for that 67, it must feel good.

    Oh how I am waiting to op shop!

    Okay, off to see what can be done with the day!

    Good Morning Everyone in Oz and NZ, and Hi to Thin, CaliD and any readers and lurkers!

    Welcome Hannah! You’ve made a wonderful start on 5:2 in couple of weeks. Well done!
    Thin is the poster child for 5:2, with Cinque very close behind, most of the rest of us are mere mortals ;). My story – Started Nov 2014, lost 23kgs and reached goal weight over 2 yrs to the day (not able to exercise), get challenged by stress eating, and time away from the forum but still hanging in there, and love being a healthy size and weight.

    CaliD – Oh heck CaliD – you and Mr CaliD have had a tough time! Good to hear you are on the other side of the worst and you’re both recovering and you’re back to getting ‘normal’. Hope you’ve found new interesting series and yes the black cockatoo is a beautiful bird. Well done on keeping on with 5:2, and the 67’s.

    Cinque- it’s good to see Vic numbers coming down!!! So good to hear you being our cheery flower and award presenter again. I do hope you’re so much better now🌺

    I’m on my way back home now and we’re driving in the rain, but there’s not much traffic so far. DD has finished all her studies last week, back at work, grandchildren back at school. I’m happily back doing Monday and Thursday FD’s and they’ve helped balance out some stress eating – a fraction under 70kgs today. Packing myself off on my own in accomodation right next to a beach for 10 days helped get me through this last few weeks and helped arrest a drop in my health. It’s been a challenge living in a situation not conducive to my ME/CFS needs. I made the decision to go home to Wollongong as soon as I could or it would just be on repeat, and Mr Merry with his compromised health decided to come too. We would have liked to see DD and kids through the house hunting and moving in process, but we’ve done what we can. While many are celebrating opening up NSW we’ll be isolating quite a bit longer, and isolating a bit more stringently than before while we see what ‘living with Covid’ means. My GP talks about monoclonal antibidy treatment but it’s in short supply, and I reeeaaallly don’t want my ME/CFS going back to living in a bed again. Anyhoo, enough of the downers.

    My beautiful US grandchild is a happy, health gorgeous laughing child, now 9months old. Her parents are healthy and happy, and we’re all gratefull for the technology that allows us to frequently ‘visit’ each other. Lots to be gratefil for!!!

    Bye for now,
    Onwards and Downwards and
    If you fall off the horse get back on!

    A very quick check-in, to say hello. Well done to losers. And a big cheer to those of us who are struggling, but are still here. That says a lot about us.

    Merry lovely to hear from you – hope your health continues to improve, after tough times.

    Ditto Cinque – hope you can keep on improving. I love reading your always amusing posts.

    Calif, you and your OH have had such a difficult time – hope things are on the up and up, now.

    Thin glad you had a good holiday. Here’s a funny thing. I have a very dear friend (British), who’d lived most of his adult life around Indonesia. We met when we worked together in Asia over a decade ago now. He’s moved back to Europe since – Portugal and then Malta. And then in his last letter on the same day you posted, he wrote to say he’d moved to Gozo. I’d never even heard of it – then twice in one day.

    Neil, I hope you are having a great holiday – I read with sympathies your struggles to break through your plateau.

    I wish I could say I am plateauing ….but actually my weight has crept up. Just a couple of kilos, but I’m stress eating too many carbs, and it has to stop. And it will!

    LJ, I despair at Dr Longo. We get into this rhythm, and then he says no, it’s not as good as it’s cracked up to be. Well, it is for me! I am sure I would be up up up, had I not kept to the IF schedule. I don’t do 16:8 as rigorously, but I never eat under 14 hours. It suits me well. Back when I’ve Iviewed the program.

    and Cinque, wise one, I agree that the format is getting a bit tired. Eat badly, affect one’s health, then stop and voila! Back to normal. Ditto Dr Longo and his program. All this stuff is starting to read like a case study from a marketing manual.

    I had more to say about names, and the frustration of having two, but I’m out of time.

    OH has his last specialist appointment in just over an hour (whoops …need to get my skates on) and his operation tomorrow.

    I get wobbly just writing that.

    I’ll check in later in the week.

    Hi all

    We have slipped back into Winter here; my car is so confused because we seem to switch daily from cool to warm air-conditioning!

    Lindsay I have everything crossed and am sending cyber hugs and positive thoughts for your OH’s op tomorrow. I can only imagine how wobbly you must feel 

    It was so nice to be able to have my Dad over for dinner last night, our first day of ‘freedom’. We had seen him each week to take meals to him but had to stay well away and so it was awesome to do something so normal again since the middle of June

    Hi G’day, I do so wish Mr Anzac had Hippy Mr ‘RB’s’ cheque book! I don’t like the taste or texture of natural psyllium husk. Ugh. Glad the antibiotics did the trick and you are feeling better

    I’m glad you had a lovely time with your family Merry but also glad you are looking after your own health too. My best friend (who coincidentally lives in Wollongong) suffered from CFS for years and years

    So glad your trip was great Thin and wow, your reno’s sound just as extensive as ours. Yes it takes soooooo long but how wonderful when it is finished. Yes I didn’t fast for ages and kept it a bit quiet but I’m back on now and losing gradually

    I hope you get to Op shop soon Cinque

    CharlieG – onward and downward! Yay!

    So sorry to read about your OH’s health issues Cali, glad he is doing better now

    What a lovely week away with family Hannah and congrats on your continued losses

    Well because we are extremists, Mr Anzac and I have booked a second trip for our Xmas break. We are going to Lord Howe Island but always said we would ditch that for Fiji if it opened up. It looks very likely Fiji will be open in Nov/Dec so we booked 9 nights at a lush adults-only resort and then decided we would keep LHI too! Why not, we work hard, it’s only money and I’ve had a total of 2 days leave this year. Yay! Double motivation to lose weight now

    Hope your holiday is going well Neil.

    I’m down 1.6 and I need to speed it up as time is ticking. I have decided to down my calories even further on my CD’s so hopefully that will help. I’m also gradually increasing my walk and started at around 4,000 steps and am now up to nearly 6.000.

    Take care all

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