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  • Neil, ha ha, that made me laugh too. I wonder where Alimax is these days. Looking forward to hearing that you’re firmly back in double digits.

    Hello everyone

    Hope you’re all enjoying some lovely spring weather.

    I’ve been on 5:2 for just about a month – FDs still horrid but at least I’ve stuck to them…. I do occasionally go a bit wild on NFDs – especially with wine. I have not posted here for a bit as it makes me feel guilty about my NFD splurges. Did anyone else have trouble with NFDs at the start?

    That said I do love reading all your posts, going to make Hairy Bikers kale bean chorizo soup tomorrow.

    LJ v interesting about not saying “no” to anything but limiting amount. I’m going to try that.

    Thin – whenever I feel like skipping a FD (which is ALWAYS) I think of your “No excuses” post and that steels my resolve! Also remind myself that this is lifestyle not a diet. So thank you.

    BTW lots of you advised me not to try 4:3 until I was used to 5:2 – the best advice! I’m sure I’d give up sooner if I’d tried 4:3 from the start.

    Off to make scrambled eggs (laid by neighbour’s chickens this morning) with smoked salmon. I find this is the best dinner for me if I don’t want to wake up all night!

    Sending best to all of you – thank you for sharing and your support.


    Neil Thin I also had a giggle. When there’s a problem with the page it goes straight to Alimax. A voice from the past.

    I won’t answer everyone, but Cinque very concerned you aren’t well. I wish you all the best and hope you are recovering gently.

    LJ you haven’t been well either – what a bugger, hey? I shouldn’t use that word. I said it once in a class in China when my IT was being independent, shall we say, and sent the students scrambling for their dictionaries. Their eyes popped when they read what it meant used accurately and not as slang.

    OK and here’s an OH update. Some good news, and some questionable news that is sending us further down the specialist trail.

    Vascular physican was fine – she’s treating OH’s jugular clot (first with injections, now with tablets). Respiratory physican not as clear cut. He suspects the shadows are scarring from emphysema, pneumonia. But not definitive. We’ll proceed as if they are, and check again with more tests in 4 months. Back to the endocrine chap yesterday – not so good. The mass is benign (yea!) but because of its size will need to be removed. But …. he’s seen some unorthodox cell activity in the biopsy results of OH’s jugular vein, which may (or may not) be related to the kidney cancer.

    So off tomorrow to the renal surgeon. The wait is hard, but we are going through the process and no doubt there’ll be an end in sight. After all, how many more specialists are there?

    Neil, interested in the protein. I am not sure how to measure protein for body weight. Any clues? I mean, how much protein is there in an egg, for example? My friend’s stalled weight loss is causing her concern (I know mine has stalled because I’m eating not as well as I should), but she is still vigilant, so I wonder if that’s something I could recommend to her.

    On that note, I’m heading off now to cook dinner. To top it all off, I have bronchitis. At least it’s not Covid.

    Take care all.

    Greetings All,
    Just had my salad and slice of turkey breast for dinner to end anotherFD.
    Lindsay, I hope the news for OH continues to improve, thanks for the update, sending you both more healing thoughts.
    Amaye, I started this way of life back in 2013, and have come and gone from it over the years, and it is only now that I am strong enough to do the 4:3 WOL, and only because OH is doing it with me.
    I have only chosen to do it now as I want to remove as much as I can while OH is doing it with me. He will reach his lower weight much faster than me, so that’s why I am pushing harder.
    Busy days on the farm at present, beautiful day yesterday, and I got almost half the farms thistles sprayed, today was busy gardening, weeding, mulching and repotting plants in my nursery. Tomorrow is planting seeds to have seedlings ready to go in the ground when we finish getting frosts and grafting the last fruit trees.
    Neil, hope you have recovered from that storm, sounds quite scary.
    Hope the higher protien does the trick and you are back in double figures soon.
    Hope we are all having a good week, update on weekend after weigh in,
    Keep up the good work, Charlie

    Good morning!

    Charlie that’s amazing you’ve done this since 2013 – thank you – love hearing about your farm. We’re still in lockdown which I am using as an excuse for everything (wine, chocolate, bread) including becoming horribly inactive. Of course I could go and exercise but I have found that not doing anything of my usual life has made me very sluggish.

    Lindsay sounds as though you’re having a rotten time. Hope you can get clarification and positive way forward soon.

    Have a lovely day everyone.


    Morning all.

    Ayame, that sounds absolutely awesome. I love smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. My two boys would be asking to go live with you if that’s what you’re cooking up 😉

    Lindsay, You can use an online calorie tracker. The one I use is http://www.myfitnesspal.com It tracks your calories and macronutrients (fat, carbs, protein) and you can select some micronutrients too. I’ve set it to track fibre and sodium. Here’s my entry from yesterday. You can see I went slightly over on calories and fats (not uncommon on a post weigh-in non fast day) I went slightly over on Protein and fibre but that’s not a bad thing since the goal for those is a minimum.


    You can probably guess from looking at what I ate the I was up slightly on yesterday this morning.

    Charlie, that sounds awesome, what are you planting? My wife is really into gardening and currently getting her seeds sprouting. She’s obsessed and several times a day she goes and checks the temperature in the new glasshouse I built and checks to see if any of her seeds have sprouted.

    I’m enjoying going for a lunchtime walk, it’s great to get out and get some fresh air and exercise during the day. I easily hit my steps goal last week so I’ve pushed it up another 500 steps per day to 7,500 steps a day. I didn’t hit my cycling goal because the weather wasn’t really conducive to riding a bike, but hopefully it’ll be a bit better this week and I can get out for a few rides.

    Well have a good day everyone and I’ll check in with you tomorrow


    So many interesting conversations and statements. I have a bit more energy today. My sore throat virus-or-cfs-symptom has been hanging on and it has been all I could do to keep up with the daily activities plus another appt with the exercise physiologist, and another trip taking my friend to the hospital appt.

    But it has been getting better, I have managed to get the required things done, and then last night I had my best sleep for SO long, so I am quite sparky today, but mustn’t overdo it.

    Lindsay, I am so glad to hear what is happening for Mr L and all of you. Even the good news is quite tricky and complicated, and still a lot to find out and go through. Mostly I felt relieved after reading your post, but I just hope that unorthodox cell activity behaves itself. Fingers crossed. Sending good wishes re the renal surgeon appt.

    I do hope your bronchitis clears up quickly. Just what you don’t need at the moment! Go away bugs!

    Charlie G it is lovely to hear that Mr CharlieG has settled into this way off life too, it must make it so much easier and more enjoyable. I hope you get down off the plateau next weigh in, you deserve a nice low figure. 105, here you come.
    I hope you are having the lovely weather to do all those tasks.
    How come people from the Mallee aren’t booking some nice stays at your B&B for a change of scenery?

    Ok, I am alternating sitting at the computer with short bits of housework so time to change. Backson.

    Hello again,
    Dishes done! But I think I had better rest after this little response.

    Cali, so glad to see your post, especially that your surgery went well https://francesdunnflorist.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Bouquet-9.jpg

    I hope the fires are calming down. Scary times for our planet, we were lucky last season, but the luck can’t last in this changing climate.

    Hooray for your excellent 5:2ing and keeping your weight firmly in the 68’s.
    All power to you.

    Hello HK!
    Ooh I know that Jane Grigson book too, and I had an interesting moussaka deep dive into Romanian moussaka, I think I had a recipe for, and discovered nearby countries similarly had layers topped with yoghurt and egg custard.
    Your version looks so so good.
    I do hope your lungs are improving.
    Thankyou so much for the flowers and message. They worked!

    Betsylee, it sounds like you need a big get well message http://files.cluster2.hgsitebuilder.com/hostgator110976/image/pnpgetwellbanner4.jpg Are you getting checked out to see what might be causing the fatigue? I hope so.
    No what I really hope is that you woke up feeling great so don’t need to worry.

    (Drink lots of water!) (I feel obliged to pop that in every time just in case).

    Great to read all the stuff about protein. I am like Betsylee and crave carbs when I really need protein (or need water, or anything else apparently!). And like Neil that I seem to need more protein than I am eating.
    My diet seems best when I am having plenty of meat, and having beans and legumes for my carbs, and 7 serves of veg a day. (oh yes and lots of water).

    ….an hour later, got interrupted by zoom with sisters (I forgot). Time to rest. Catch up again soon, but I am going well food wise and did light fasts on Sunday and Wednesday and good eating days otherwise.

    Best wishes all.

    Even All,
    Really good fast yesterday, back to 107.9kg after my plateau decided to bump me up almost a kilogram, NFD today, have removed carbs totally to see if that makes a difference, and added more protein.
    Little shop today on the way home, bucket of hummus, my fav, and some very low carb pea based flat bread for NFD lunches, salad and cold meats.
    Neil, on the current moon phase I am planting sweet corn, bush beans and bush peas. I have in my hothouse that OH built me years ago, tomatoes, eggplant and capsicums. I will add to that pumpkin, zucchini and melons before the moon gets full.
    Cinque, thank you for the kind words, OH is doing really well, he is now down to 89.1kg this morning.
    For someone who didn’t think it would work on him he is doing very well.
    The one thing I am finding helpful at present is not socialising over meals, apart from self inflicted wedding anniversary dinner, I can plan meals in advance and not get hijacked by a dinner invitation.
    I know for you folks stuck in lockdown there is probably nothing more you would like at present, and I hope you get your freedom soon,
    Cinque, most farming people, like those in the Mallee would be flat out getting ready for harvest, also I think money is tighter than most people realise, now that people don’t have the advantage they had with job keeper. Our business has three strings to its bow, bnb, architectural drafting and cows.
    We have had no income since we last sold cattle back in May, OH can’t visit new clients, and he has four waiting for him to come, and no bnb income, we are struggling and don’t qualify for assistance.
    Enjoy your Friday.

    Morning all

    Thin, I saw this video today and thought of you. So much cooler and easier than going through 11 locks https://fb.watch/83peuDBzAk/

    Charlie, that’s cool, my wife is trying the lunar planting technique this year, it’s not something we’ve done in the past. At the moment she’s growing tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, jalapenos, rock melon, okra and eggplants to grow in the glasshouses. She’s planted out onions in main garden and there’s plenty more to go in during the next couple of weeks. We’re still eating winter veg out of our garden, I just cooked up a feed of silver beet last night, and we’ve got broccoli, celery, cabbages, mizuna and choho.

    Cinque, I hope your symptoms keep improving.

    Dinner went down well last night. We had some leftover roast potatoes and pumpkin so I fried it with some onions, cumin and smoked paprika, threw in some eggs, smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers and made a big frittata. I served it up with some sautéed silver beet, onion and chillies and it was absolutely demolished.

    My weight was up again today, but that’s mainly due to the fact that I’ve switched back to my other scales which normally reads 1 kilo higher than the other one. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead with plenty of gardening work waiting to be done and a family lunch for all the birthdays that occurred during lockdown (Both my brother and his wife, my now 12 year old niece and my now 4 year old niece.)

    Well have a good weekend everyone

    Neil, isn’t that Falkirk wheel amazing? Thanks for the video. Your wife is keeping busy and productive despite not being able to continue work.

    Ayame, I’m so pleased that something I said proves useful to you! And yes, NFDs are a work in progress seven years after I started this WOL. Feast and famine is what this is all about. I have the famine part nailed. And the feasting as it turns out!

    It’s been a week since my last FD (sounds like a confession). My weight is 800g less than this time last week so I’ll be able to resume normal Sunday FDs this weekend. No alcohol and a concerted effort all week.

    Lindsay, thanks for the update on your OH. Our bodies are complicated things. I hope you can enjoy a sense of normality in between all those pesky appointments and tests.

    CharlieG, my OH fasted with me for my first 11 months of this WOL to lend support. He lost too much weight and quickly went to 6:1. After 11 months, I was well and truly on the path so no longer needed his support. I’ve always cooked him a separate meal or padded out what I’m having on a FD with carbs and veg. On the morning after my FDs, he would head straight to the kitchen for a huge fry up as if he had been the one fasting! He can’t do that now. It often feels like he tries to sabotage my efforts by offering a glass of wine, suggesting a pub lunch or loading the shopping trolley up with rubbish like snickers bars (which he keeps in the underwear drawer). It seems odd to me that anyone wouldn’t welcome a healthy diet or that I would need to defend it. He won’t change. Having a like-minded partner would be ideal but, in the absence of that, we have to try to accommodate each other. Ultimately, I am responsible for what goes in my mouth and he’s responsible for his own insulin.

    Cinque, so sorry to read that you’re struggling and hope you get some energy pronto.

    HK, how are you doing?

    CalifD, so glad the surgery went well. I’m enjoying a month of Prime movies now that the days are closing in at 8pm. It’s still around 20C during the day as the cruising season comes to a close and we head back to the Midlands.

    Hi LJ, Anzac, Betsy and everyone I’ve missed.

    Dear all

    Just a quick landing on the shore! I remember you telling me, Cinque, that I could just be a bird that lands on the shore occasionally, which was kind of you – gave me permission to be part of it even if I don’t post as often and as responsively as other people.

    Cinque, it was nice to have you reappear – we miss you! Sorry you’ve been feeling unwell and low energy, and hope that you are feeling stronger now.

    Lindsay, it sounds like a complicated journey for you and OH. Some things could be better, some things could be worse. Good that you have expert care and are gradually getting a clearer picture of what is going on.

    Neil and Charlie, so much activity and so much good work on the diet front too.

    Betsylee, hope the fatigue has lifted. Sorry that I directed my ESL comment to LJoyce when I meant it for you! Yes, teaching ESL is great, largely because of the people – the students and the fellow-teachers are an interesting lot.

    LJoyce, hope the lung infection has cleared up. Loved the sound of your pasta with the chilli tuna etc. Might try that. And was interested in your approach to the danger foods. I am going to try these ideas. It’s the savoury foods that are the danger for me.

    Thin, glad to read of your good times with your brother. And it tickled me to read of the freezer being used for ice for gin and tonics instead of for frozen FD meals!

    I don’t think I’ve lost any weight or put on any over the past weeks. I think I need to be a bit stricter on my FDs, perhaps aiming for 600 rather than allowing myself to go up towards 800. And I could be a bit more moderate on NFDs. Night eating continues to be a hazard. But tonight I have successfully employed the bargaining technique – thanks Cinque. And over the past few days I have been following the advice of several here to drink water when feeling hungry, and also to ride out the waves of hunger, knowing they will pass. So thanks all for the various bits of advice and for the comradeship.

    Good wishes to all
    Helen Kate

    Morning All,
    HK, glad to hear from you and your lovely positive post, sorry about the hunger dragon visiting you, because yes, I have certainly booted him of this place, not that it helps with the weight loss.
    FD yesterday, only consumed 350 calories and yet I only got back to 107.9kg this morning.
    Frustrated as I have kicked all the empty calories of bread, along with anything sweet. NFD today, and agin I am trying to be strict, but I only consume around 1500 calories so will be interested to see what happens for the rest of the weekend.
    We have been out repairing fences along our river frontage that were damaged with floods last month, which has involved lots of walking, out of veg garden for a few days after 27mm of rain overnight.
    Guess that just leaves the linen for the bnb to catch up on, so that when guests return we are prepared.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone.

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Sorry, I’ve gotten behind with posts again.

    Still very low on energy and unfortunately still taking antibiotics as the lung infection has not cleared yet. I have a GP appointment Tuesday, so if the infection is not cleared by then he may change to a different antibiotic. I’m just hoping I’m well by then.

    I weighed myself this week and despite trying to be careful to get my weight gain off, I have actually gained a kilo over the past month. That not puts me 8kg over my preferred weight and it has frightened me enough to take drastic action. So I commenced Fast800 and will stick to it for as long as I can manage. I’m be moderating my carbohydrate intake while I’m doing it to suppress my appetite. (I can stay in mild ketosis with around 85g carb, so I get plenty of leeway.)
    My head feels in the right palace to do this now so I’m hopeful that I can stick to Fast800 for a few weeks. I can’t enter into commitments like this when I’m feeling half-hearted about it, I have to be “all in”. I would not attempt this in winter as the cold makes me hungry all the time, which always leads to excessive snacking. Most days are warmer now and the tools I have used in the past to stick with Fast800 only seem to work in milder weather – because it’s mostly cold food. Through the day most of my food consumption is now smoothies. It’s a large volume of mainly water and ice, so it’s very filling. I can make a tasty smoothy for 100 calories – everything from iced coffee to kefir & berries. (I might even try one of Cali’s green smoothies.) I add a tablespoon of pea protein powder and 1-2 tsp psyllium husk to each smoothie as I find that helps to keep my appetite managed. Dinner is a low calorie balanced meal, but I’m mostly staying clear of grains – still eating legumes though. I had planned to have 3 smoothies a day but they’ve been so filling I’ve only been having two.

    Well done to those of you who are sticking to your program and losing weight.

    For those of you who find the scales aren’t rewarding your efforts, consider using a tape measure as well. Sometimes we lose cms even when the scales ignore us.

    I hope those of you who continue to deal with lockdown and other worries are coping. Take care.

    Hello all,

    I haven’t been ‘lurking’ at all since my last post (whenever that was) as life has become incredibly busy. So apologies as I have no idea what has been going on with the forum and I’m too far behind to catch up.

    Mr Gday has had some medical issues over the last few months and we spent the last week in Adelaide for surgery and follow up. I so missed my daily routine of the gym, healthy eating, my fitness routine and my study (yes I missed doing study) while away. Eating out for every meal was depressing – the lack of healthy choices on menus is astounding – bad carbs, deep fried etc, I really struggled to find anything I wanted to eat.

    At a coffee shop I took a mouthful of a caramel tart that Mr Gday was eating (I don’t know why I did) because it was so sickly and sweet, it literally made me feel ill. My tolerance for sugars is definitely zero. The same when I ate a meat pie, it was a gourmet boutique bakery pie, not the factory produced type and it did look very delicious, but after a couple of bites I just felt yukky and couldn’t eat anymore.

    Thankfully my weight when I returned home was exactly the same as the day we left so no damage done in that respect. I’m so happy to be back eating my greens, vegies and home cooked meals again.

    Apart from the last week, my weight is still on the downward trend. I’ve lost over 10kg since the start of July so another 8kg to go to reach my goal weight of 65kg. The difference in the mirror is incredible. I’ve also taken fortnightly photos to track my progress, as well as for an added incentive to see how far I’ve come. I’m due to take body measurements again this weekend so will be interesting to see what has changed there.

    I start my Cert IV in Fitness this week. Have downloaded all the literature and OMG it is so full on. Besides the assignments, there’s another Work Experience component as well as a Professional Practice Log which is quite involved and lengthy.

    Must go, have some work to do for my current assignment for the Weight Management/Nutrition course, I have to finish off a weekly meal plan, a change behaviour plan and a 3 month weight management plan for a mock client as tomorrow I have to video record 3 separate consultation interviews with the mock client. Not looking forward to that as I hate being on video.

    Hope everyone is going okay, bye for now.

    Good afternoon all.

    Thank you for the kind wishes, and especially for the card, Cinque – lovely, and encouraging. My weight is not doing great, as I discovered to my dismay that my 1.2kg weight loss was mainly because I was VERY dehydrated. I thought I was drinking enough, but when you hold up the skin on the back of your hand and it doesn’t move, that’s a strong confirmation of dehydration. Sigh! Once I rehydrated appropriately, the weight loss was only 0.5 kg. Still better than nothing, though. Slow and steady wins the race :). Oh, and no news re my skin biopsies. Slower than usual because of all the Covid tests being done. Should hear this week.

    I’m also still fairly fatigued, Cinque, but better than before, so maybe the rehydration helped. I hope you’re continuing to regain energy and strength, too.

    LindsayL, good news and bad. So frustrating for you and DH, as on and on it goes. Hope the bronchitis lifts quickly.

    G’DayfromSA, good to hear from you again, and well done you for not gaining any weight while away from home. Enjoy constructing the meal plan – maybe make it one you could follow?

    Neilithicman, smoked salmon and eggs, yum! Like your sons, I’d be moving in with Ayame. Sounds like you’re managing okay, though, nearly into two figures again.

    LJoyce, sorry to read that you’re still feeling so unwell. I sympathise with the concern re the weight gain, but is it wise to start FD800 while still ill? Couldn’t you wait another few days, so you don’t stress your body out too much? I know it’s alarming when the weight goes up (yes, I surely do know that!) but leaving it a couple more days may well be better for your overall wellbeing.
    Okay, just a suggestion and expression of concern. You’ve been on this WOL a long time, and you know what works for you.

    Ayame, I’m one of the battlers on this forum, with weight that has gone down then up, then down then up (twice now I’ve lost and gained) since November 2018. We understand the trials and temptations. Have a bad NFD? Okay, that’s done, forgive yourself, let it go, and continue on. And yes, NFDs do tend to be much harder to control than FDs.

    CharlieG, good that you’ve a few strings to your bow, but how difficult for you with no bnb-ers coming in to help with earnings.

    Helen Kate, even though you’ve struggled with NFDs, it sounds like you’re getting a handle on them, which is really good. I have to remind myself to drink more.

    Thin, it is encouraging to read that even though you are one of the success stories here, you do still struggle a bit with NFDs too – gives some hope to us battlers.

    Stay safe and well everyone!

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