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  • CalifD, It must be the same Godless – it was 7 episodes. Don’t let the Western genre put you off, it is terrific! I’m the same with 6:1 – it requires more vigilance on the other days, something I manage with mixed results (see below). I hope you get back to a normal life soon. Are you expecting to require a booster vaccine in the fall?

    Cinque, ha ha Ever Given. It felt great to help those people. Any boater would have done the same. I’m just pleased that we had the skills to do it without getting bogged in the silt ourselves. Yes thanks, the gin came out very well. The instructions warned of a yellowish tint. You can leave it for a few extra days and re-strain to eliminate the colouring or drink it yellowish. We chose the latter as the 21C gin-drinking evenings were coming to an abrupt end!

    Third time lucky for the Pastiera Napoletana. Enjoy the Easter egg hunt! This morning, I am suffering the effects of a delicious haloumi dinner on a small bake-at-home baguette. It’s a meal I keep in reserve for when stocks get low as both the main ingredients have a long shelf-life. Oh well, tomorrow’s a FD.

    Hi all from a warm but eggstremely windy Methven.

    Happy Easter all.

    I just had to share the news, I have finally, yes, finally broken the 70 barrier and hit 69.9kg this morning, Easter Sunday of all days. Only just under I know but I’ll take it! (Just another 10 to go!?)

    Sorry to have been MIA for so long, guess life just got in the way but I do read and catch up with posts most days, we have moved on from Bannockburn in Central Otago via Twizel, where we enjoyed a great weekend with a dear friend, of course, eating and drinking too much, then on to Methven where we are now. It feels quite strange being back here, this is where we spent 3.5 months in a first floor apartment when we first sold the Lodge just two years ago. This time we are house sitting, in a two and a half year old four bedroom house whilst the young owners are away on their honeymoon. We are sitting Bernie, a 10 month old Bernese Mountain Dog and two black cats, Steve and Floss. All of them are gorgeous and Bernie is such a gentle giant but we feel he has not been socialised well enough with other humans so it does get tricky if we meet others whilst out walking, he’s already about 40kg! Nonetheless, it does get us out walking a couple of times a day!

    I have been using both 800 recipe books, the red one and the blue one and pretty much sticking to 16:8, keeping it low carb and drinking around 3ltrs of water a day, which I have to say is easier to manage in a house than in the van! OH is with me on this and has lost even more, especially this last week, now at a new time low for him which is so encouraging for both of us.

    I hope to come back over the next couple of days and post some pics of the animals, plus a few extras, and reply to some of the interesting threads I have missed, but have to go for now the stuffed peppers with tuna are about ready, need to make the salad.

    Have a great Easter everyone, where ever you may be,


    Hello everyone,

    Turn! Celebrations! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/4f/1a/4d/4f1a4d0e123668379f118b2f734c1e5c.gif
    Next fun job will be to see it settle in. You will love that.
    Congrats to Mr Turn too. Your little van will be feeling so much lighter!
    Hello to big Bernie and the cats too.
    Do you have a favourite new recipe?

    Thin, it must feel so nice to be skilled enough to help others on the canals, and you got those skills without falling in once? Terrific.

    Ooh the gin made and enjoyed. Will you do it again?

    My halloumi is in the freezer and will not come out on fast days any more I think.

    I didn’t attend the grandkids easter egg hunt, but the pics came up on fb VERY early (daylight saving ended here overnight) and they had great fun. Chocolate platypus for breakfast!

    I also didn’t get to the shops for wheat and ricotta so no Pastiera Napoletana. I think I might have to concentrate on making good basic food. But if I get some extra oomph to make something special, I will.

    I am having a good fast day. My first soup has been had (at noon, which is early, but blame daylight saving ending for that) and I am soaking things for this evening’s miso soup.

    I’ve missed Penguin flowers for a couple of weeks, so here are some: https://i.etsystatic.com/6442233/r/il/6652d5/2713617397/il_794xN.2713617397_3trs.jpg

    Off for a lovely (early) afternoon rest,

    Best wishes all

    PS Anzac was the upgrade a disaster you have had to fix? Sending best wishes.

    Good afternoon everyone. Apologies for my absence, the busy days just caught up with me. I was so tired by Thursday that I didn’t even go for a walk and did just 6000 steps for the day – I can’t remember the last time I spent an entire day on the couch – apart from some baking that needed to be done. The long list of social events hasn’t abated and my waistline is going to need some serious attention after easter. The morning after my last couple of FD’s I have not had my usual flat tummy – that is not a good sign.

    Cinque & Cali, I find I now take a similar approach to FDs that you have described. My maximum limit is 800 but I keep it as low as I can manage on any given FD and I end up somewhere in the 350-800 range. Some days being able to have that extra piece of fruit in the afternoon really makes the difference so I don’t mind being slightly flexible with the calorie range. It also makes it easier to accommodate eating out and still completing a FD. When I wasn’t exercising much and had a low TDEE, it was pretty important that I kept FD calories very low. But I usually do 80,0000 steps a week and that increases my TDEE by 400ish calories a day so I don’t stress about it. I don’t think it matters which calorie level you are comfortable with as long as the FDs are sustainable. I also find that those weeks when I want to add an extra FD it’s much easier to face on 800cals.

    Cali, I loved Call the Midwife. They show it here on free-to-air tv and there seems to be a new series each year. The cast has changed a lot over the series and it’s been interesting seeing the impact of the early NHS and public hospital system on the old tradition of giving birth at home with a midwife.

    Cinque, that Pastiera Napoletana sounds wonderful. I have spent the last couple of days baking too as I needed easter gifts and desserts to take to events over the long weekend.

    Turn, lovely to hear from you. Congratulations on the new low in your weight, excellent work. How is your little dog getting along with the new housemates?

    Thin, Well done on rescuing that NB that was stuck – hopefully the good karma will be paid back when you most need it. Do you get to see your daughter at all over easter?

    Last week I had several cafe meals and resorted to the naked burger idea to deal with difficult menus. At one cafe I had a BLAT & chicken foccacia without the foccacia – so I had grilled chicken tenderloins and bacon with lettuce, tomato and avocado. The next day I had a naked veggie burger which was a broccoli-corn pattie, grilled haloumi, hummus, salad leaves and tomato. Given that it has been a hot week here this approach to the menu offerings helped a lot as it essentially gave me a salad plate with one or two hot protein components.
    Unfortunately some of the baking I’ve done for easter dinner/brunch/gifts has also made it into my tummy. I was able to avoid the easter egg brownies (I don’t care for chocolate desserts/cakes), but the passionfruit blondies and the basque cheesecakes were a different story. Those I absolutely enjoyed – a little too much!

    Hello to everyone else. Have a lovely easter.

    Turn, welcome to the sixties! Congratulations. Thanks for getting us up to date with your travels. I can’t believe it’s been two years since you sold your business.

    Cinque, we’ve already enjoyed plenty of the good karma coming our way from other boaters. I can remember getting wedged in a narrow lock and someone towing us out but people are always helping each other out with tribal knowledge and so on. So good that your FD is well under way with a nice soup. I’ve started mine at 58.5kg, a little up from last week. We still have most of the bottle of gin which should last us all summer. I probably won’t make it again but I enjoyed the process.

    LJ, whoa that seems a lot of steps. Do you ever sit down? We don’t bother with Easter and won’t see DD until she comes to collect us for our second jab. It might seem strange to Aussies than we’re celebrating only ten daily covid deaths. It remains to be seen how the easing of lockdown impacts on new cases. Up to six people were allowed to gather outdoors from Monday but, give some people an inch and they take a yard, huge crowds gathered in parks and on beaches. Goons.

    I’ve avoided all Easter treats, even hot x buns. Since leaving England, I’ve told people how enormous were the eggs of my childhood, always stuffed with one’s favourite chocs. Over the years, I came to think that perhaps they only seemed so big because I was little. Now that I’ve seen them again, they really are massive. There’s no temptation out here in rural Leicestershire. The weather turned cold and overcast which meant low numbers of people out walking the towpaths. We’re moored next to some pretty lakes and those who are out and about seem to be walking their perimeters rather than the towpath. Today will be sunny and warmer.


    Kia ora, fast friends!

    My first post for awhile – been very busy around here. My weight seems to have plateaued around 96kg, even though I’m still doing my two fast days each week. The FD’s have been shifted around a bit as I’ve had family birthday celebrations and meals out for various celebrations but I always manage to shoehorn in my two days when I eat like a stick insect. The sternest test came when my wife laid on a lovely dinner for visiting rellies who stayed for 3 days and I decided it was fast day. Luckily there were leftovers, so I managed to grab a taste the next day! It was a great test of my self control, I guess.

    My new bike group, the Shark Bell Riders, is going well. I took them away for their first “away ride” on Wednesday, 100km south of Dunedin to the beautiful Catlins for a 40km ride up hill and down dale. Two pix attached.

    Tonight we have two special visitors – our two grandsons, one of whom has just turned 2. It’s his very first sleepover away from his loving Mum, and we’ve just finished Daylight Saving here, so tonight could be interesting, as he could wake up at 4am (he often wakes at 5am). However, he usually sleeps well at home so here’s hoping.

    Today I caught some of the action on day 3 of the South Is surfing champs down the hill at St Clair Beach. The nor’west weather gave us warm 26degC temps but also some gales, which made it very tricky for the surfers, but entertaining for the Esplanade spectators.

    That’s all the news from St Clair, folk – stay well everyone.

    Ka kite ano, John

    Happy Easter, everyone!

    Turn, it’s good to see you again. Congratulations on arriving in the 60’s. Doesn’t that feel great? What great motivation to keep going to goal! The Bernese Mountain dog should help with lots of exercise when you take him for walks. My sister used to work for a company where the owners brought their Bernese and Golden Lab to work every day. The dog grew to live my sister and slept under her desk for most of the day so she’d take off her shoes and rest her feet in his back. Her socks would be covered in dog hair by the end of the day.

    Jony, good to see you again too. I love your photos. It sounds like you are managing you’re FD’s well and avoiding most of the temptation. It’s ok to shift FD’s around, as long as you get them in.

    LJ, I’ve been doing the same with the FD800, usually staying under 800 calories, but using it as a maximum. I would say 450 is generally my minimum for the day.

    Cinque, chocolate platypus sounds like just the thing for breakfast as long as it isn’t you eating it. 🙂 You’re ending daylight saving time and we just started it a few weeks ago. I wish they would leave the time the same all year and just do away with it. I don’t mind gaining an hour in the Fall, but hate losing one in the Spring, it takes me weeks to catch up with it.
    We finished McLeod’s Daughters last night, watching the last two episodes. After watching it for eight seasons and 224 episodes, we are really going to miss it. We watched at least one episode on most nights since we discovered it, along with other shows. The characters came and went over the seasons so it had really changed quite a bit by the end. There was a movie by the same name that came out a few years prior and we watched a bit of that last night. The actors were all different and the storyline had changed a bit, but the house was the same. We had been watching with subtitles during the series because the Aussie accents made it difficult to understand sometimes. The movie didn’t have subtitles available but I guess we’ve become accustomed enough to the accents. Although it was filmed in SA, they sometimes sounded quite different than LJ does when we talk on FaceTime or the phone. I never have a problem understanding her.

    Thin, thanks for reminding me about hot cross buns. For some reason I had forgotten about them this year, maybe because I dash in and out of stores these days and hadn’t looked in the bakery departments. Hope I can get them out of my mind!

    Mmm morning after a fasty fast day. My favourite 😀

    LJoyce, so glad to see your post. Hooray for a day on the couch, when it is needed.
    I hope you have an easy week and get that flat tummy back fast.
    Good work with the naked burger idea.

    Thin, you are part of a lovely community! And with most of a bottle of home made gin to enjoy through the summer. Life is good. I do hope it has been a lovely fast day.

    Jony hi! Well done for sticking to the fast days with grace under pressure. All those celebrations would have stacked on a kilo or two if you weren’t doing your 5:2, I am sure.
    I do hope young Mr 2 had a good night, or that you have plenty of coffee if he didn’t.
    Great photos. Haha yes, I picked the electric bike rider courtesy of that easy hand on the hip.

    Cali, so true about that chocolate platypus!
    Farewell to McLeod’s Daughter’s, I do hope you find another long series to get into soon. It is such a pleasure.

    I am very tired at the moment. I’d manage the end of daylight saving fine except that Miso the cat is awake at her usual time. She has been hassling me lately for about an hour before I let her out around 6:30 when the birds have woken. Already feeling guilty because Council rules are that she doesn’t go out until 7am. Ofcourse she is waking me an hour earlier, 4:30am, at the moment.

    Cat people, can I teach an old cat new tricks? Should I lock her in the living area in the hope she settles down overnight? She is about 12, might her bladder be starting to trouble her? (I don’t have a litter tray, not enough room in my little flat). She miaows loudly and I know she will sit at the door and complain if I lock her out of my room. But I think I tried it a few years ago and it worked after a while.
    (I often get up through the night, which wakes her too).

    An afternoon nap is due today, and I might go hunting for wheat and ricotta later to get me out of the house. Victoria does seem to be ramping up vaccinations now so tomorrow I will book myself in to one of the local clinics.

    Sending best wishes to you all

    Another quick post – with daylight saving time ending early yesterday, we were worried what time our 2 year old grandson would wake, as he often opens his peepers at 5am summer time. However, yesterday morning he stunned us all by sleeping until 8.30am winter time. Good lad!

    Jony, I’m anticipating many more requests for you to host the little lad at your house then! Good job keeping up with FDs. The fridge and freezer are your best friends for resisting temptations on a FD – it’s still there tomorrow and tastes even better. When I reached a plateau, I looked more closely at what was happening on NFDs and, for me, cutting out carbs did the trick. You don’t have to do it forever, it just kickstarts the loss if you can work out the culprit.

    CalifD, laughing so hard at your use of subtitles for the Aussie show. I wish they had subtitles for Scottish shows here. I get about every third word, OH understands nothing and we have to keep pausing for me to explain.

    Cinque, sorry you feel so tired. I hope you get your vacc organised very soon. I’m loving the longer evenings here. In WA, there have been several referendums about daylight savings. We once had a trial of it but it faded the cows and confused the curtains so was rejected again. Apparently, in WA’s recent state election, the ‘Daylight Savings Party’ won a seat with 96 votes due to the silly preference vote system – and the guy lives in America! I wish we could have referendums about more serious societal policy changes like they do in Switzerland before any law can be changed.

    FD a major success. I’m in the 57s (just). We were on the move yesterday, five stiff locks kept me active. A massive plastic barrier thing got entwined in the propeller which took OH an hour to cut away because the water was so cold. We’re in the centre of Leicester but on a secure mooring requiring a CRT key to access the jetty so, other than the pigeons, it was a very peaceful night. We won’t stay here as it’s a covid hotspot.

    Good afternoon everyone, I hope you have al been having a lovely easter.

    Thin, I put one too many zeros in my weekly steps, as I’m sure you guessed. I average i bit over 11000 a day, which really just takes a 45min walk plus other normal daily tasks.

    Jony, If you can get your grandson to stick with that sleeping regime his parents will be grateful.
    Have fun with the new cycling group.

    Cali, it was kind of your sister’s employers to provide her with a soft foot warmer. Cats and dogs are like hot water bottles, especially when they want to cuddle.
    Glad you enjoyed those final episodes of Macleods Daughters. They may have a slightly different accent to me as I doubt any of the actors were actually South Australian and there are some variations in the Australian accent between the states. However it was probably intentional. I have also noticed that the Australian film industry has a tendency to play to expectations. We expect Australians who live in rural areas to have a broad Australian accent, so actors may be told to speak that way. The irony is that this assumption is false – I grew up in a rural area and was educated at small country state schools and I have never had a broad accent.
    I finally bought a packet of easter buns last week and most of them made it into the freezer without being eaten. It helps that I’m fussy about easter buns have just the right amount of spice and fruit and there is only one baking that makes them exactly as I like. I had to make a special trip to get some.

    Cinque, I’m not sure if 12 is too old to learn new things. When pondering how I would manage a cat I recently saw a tent that friends of mine bought when one of their cats was recovering from major orthopaedic surgery and needed to be confined. It’s a cat tent: similar to this https://www.amazon.com.au/OUTING-MAN-Outdoor-Portable-Enclosure/dp/B083DYFQCS It’s large enough to hold both a bed and litter tray for the cat. I was thinking of getting something like this for the cat to sleep in at night, so that it learns from a young age that this is its bed and where it stays overnight. Not sure whether a 12 year old could learn to adapt – and it probably wouldn’t fit in your flat either. I plan to look for one that fits in the laundry. For Miso it would be easier to shut as many doors between you and her overnight as you can.

    Take care all and enjoy what remains of easter.

    LJ, that’s a relief, I was thinking 80,000 would be more like it! I kept looking out of the portholes thinking the blossoms are really pretty falling like snowflakes. And guess what? It’s actually snowing.

    Hello all from MIA me. Haven’t read any posts for quite a while so apologies for being out of the loop.

    Despite eating only 2 meals a day, healthy and low carb, I still cannot get my weight under control. I’m now at the heaviest I’ve ever been, I was horrified the other day to weight in at 80.7kg, a far cry from getting down to 64kg a few years ago after being on 5:2 for 6 months. I’ve been walking for an hour most days but the weight just keeps creeping up. I’m also starting to look pudgy around the hips, waist, thighs, chin etc which is making me feel even more dejected. The extra kilos is causing my left knee issues to return, inflammation and pain (from a knee fracture years ago) which always re-appears when my weight increases.

    I’ve had a few medical issues over the last month, a horrible, itchy skin rash around my neck, face, ears, eyes and scalp. My normal GP has a 7 week wait list so I had to see a GP from another clinic, so after several Dr’s visits, hundreds of dollars worth of useless medications, I was finally prescribed some medication and cream on Thursday that virtually cleared it up overnight. Pity I had to endure nearly a month of minimal, disruptive sleep, non stop discomfort and looking like something from outer space before the magic cure was prescribed.

    I’ve also been suffering from a lower left back pain to which the Dr’s only response was to go to a physio, but there is a 7 week wait for a physio appointment here so I’ve just been trying to manage the pain myself with pain relief cream and gentle yoga and stretching exercises. This has prevented me from doing any serious exercise at the moment and is also making sleep, sitting and generally doing anything very uncomfortable and painful.

    Miss G’Day has been off school for the last week with a chest infection. Because of that she had to have a covid test and wasn’t allowed to go back to school until she received a negative result. So unfortunately she missed 3 unnecessary days of school while waiting for the test results to come back, even though her chest infection was gone and she was fit and healthy. Negative result – as we knew it would be.

    My practical gym placement still hasn’t started but I’m grateful that they haven’t been in touch with a start time because I’m just not physically (or mentally) prepared for it at the moment. I will leave it another week or so and then get in touch with them again, hopefully by that time my back issue will have eased a bit and I’ll be in a better frame of mind.

    I think the only way to kick start some weight loss is to go back to regular extended fasts. I have a whole chicken in the fridge defrosting to make roast chook for tomorrow nights tea and that will be my last meal for a few days. Aiming for a 48 to 72 hour fast and will repeat that every week or so until I see some serious weight loss. This has worked for me in the past and although I do find it easy to fast for an extended period of time, what makes it hard is still having to cook for Mr and Miss G’Day. But this time the freezer is fully stocked with their favourite meals so I will keep well away from the kitchen and leave Mr G’Day in charge of re-heating their meals in the microwave.

    Daylight savings has just ended here on the weekend so as usual at this time of year I feel like a zombie for a week or so until the body clock adjusts. It has been wonderful to wake up the last 2 mornings at 5.30 to the sun coming up rather than waiting for it to rise at 6.45am.

    Our winter vegie crop has been planted out in the patch. Carrots, onions, spinach, spring onion, kale, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, raddicio, raddish, a variety of lettuce and rocket. I’m sure there’s more but I can’t recall what else we planted at the moment without consulting my planting map. We also now have a separate dedicated herb patch with nearly two dozen different herbs which are all coming along nicely. Working in the vegie patch over the Easter weekend, pulling up all the spent summer crops, turning the soil, fertilising and replanting hasn’t helped my back at all but it needed to be done, other wise we would lose our window of opportunity with the soil still being warm to germinate the next crop for winter.

    Must go, it’s cuppa tea time. Apologies this post has been all about me but I’m so far behind on reading posts I’ve got no idea what’s been going on in our FD world. Will endeavour to keep up with posts…..I do hope.

    All the best everyone and hope you all had a happy Easter.

    Oh LJoyce….did the Easter bunny bring you some Haiges? He usually does…..doesn’t he? Nothing beats a Haiges chocolate that’s for sure.

    GDSA, Yes the easter bunny did drop a little too many Haigh’s chocs in my lap. I’ve already eaten half a hen (a chocolate one, not the roasting variety). I’m going to have to find a good hiding spot before bed and then hope for a bad case of forgetfulness.
    GDSA did you keep a food diary when you did 5:2 the first time? If you did it might be worth reviewing those records and comparing it to your current daily fare. If there is a difference then it’s worth considering a return to what you have proof works for you. (I have kept a daily food diary for years and it has helped me several times to make comparisons when something isn’t working and I’m not sure what to change.)

    Thin, I’ve given up understanding the weather, you are in the middle of spring and it’s snowing, we are in the middle of autumn and Adelaide has just had a 30C easter which had people flocking to beach – it looked more like an Aussie Christmas.

    I finished my lent challenge yesterday. I am happy to report a minimum of 12 hours fasting every night (and often more), no late night snacks so that I could take strong pain killers. I’m also really pleased that the heat pads are working so well that I rarely need any pain relief at night and on those occasions that I do, a 1/4 dose is enough. I didn’t do as well on the late addition to my lent challenge – drinking enough water. I’ve decided to make that my April challenge, and I’m tackling it by requiring a glass of water to be drunk before any cup of tea. This is because thirst usually has me heading for the kettle not a glass of water. Hopefully it will reduce my caffeine consumption a bit too.

    GDSA, how annoying that the school (or is it perhaps the SA Education Dept.?) doesn’t understand the symptoms of covid. A chest infection in a child is unlikely to be covid unless it’s accompanied by a high temperature, a persistent new cough and a loss of taste and/or smell. So many people incorrectly believe that a sore throat is a symptom too. If the school wants to be seen to doing something to protect children, they should offer LFT (lateral flow testing) which provides results in 15 minutes. Three days off school without a covid symptom is silly. I’d be writing a letter!

    LJ, strange weather indeed. I, too, need to drink more water. I never think of it until after dinner.

    Good morning,

    Jony, best grandkid!
    Why did I get the wakey ones? Lucky they are so gorgeous in every other way, is all I can say. 😀

    Yay, I had a better sleep last night. Shutting Miso out made a big difference. It is amazing how much more I have been able to do today.

    LJoyce that cat tent is amazing. I am pretty sure Miso would hate it! But getting used to it from a young age would be the trick.

    I did try and book my vaccine in a special immunisation clinic, but discovered the comprehensive list for 1b and I would need to hassle my GP or my specialist to prove I belong in 1b and I can’t see it is worth it unless I am going to my GP anyway, so I will wait for 2a.

    Thin, blossom and snow! Both so very beautiful. You got the cold one though!

    Gday, it is so good to hear from you, but what a hard time you are having with your weight. I had a similar thought to LJoyce, remembering that you had a big diet change and thinking that maybe it just doesn’t suit you.
    I do so hope you can get onto a nice wave of losing weight and feeling much healthier and happier.
    Hooray for that itch ointment!

    Goodness the covid test results took their time! I guess because we had the big wave, they are back in about 8 hours here. Three days is a shocker.

    Thanks LJoyce for that reminder about drinking a glass of water before anything else in the morning. I made that resolution sometime ago and then it evaporated. I did it today.

    Congratulations on a good Lent.

    I went food shopping quickly yesterday (aagh, mid afternoon, too busy) but didn’t get my wheat and ricotta. Actually I was noticing how my shopping has changed over the last year, fewer carbs! I wish I could transfer my better habits back to me about forty years ago!

    Well, my productive morning is over and I am out of oomph. Just enough left to send good wishes to everyone. Ciao.

    Good morning all, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. I deliberately avoided my computer and had 4 wonderful days off work and it was amazing. We had such beautiful weather all Easter; high twenties and loads of sunshine and we have been able to swim every day. I’m with you LJ, I give up trying to understand the weather as it is so unusual to be this warm this close to winter. Then over in the UK there is snow in spring. Crazy stuff

    Our go-live went well and now we have until Mid-May before the next one. The big one. Yikes. Still facing a mountain of work but it should be less frantic for a while

    I’m back to healthy eating from today and looking forward to looking and feeling better about myself. We caught up with friends for lunch yesterday and I saw one of my best friends for the first time in over a year. She too has put on a lot of weight during the past year so we both said it was high time to do something about it. Unfortunately she is a very generous person and brought a bag of goodies for all the friends for Easter. It has a box of chocolate eggs, a bag of smaller chocolate eggs and two scratchies (we won nothing). So I think I will give the choc’s to my Dad tonight and he can pass on some to my sister next time she drops down to see him.

    I burnt my hand very badly just over a week ago. It hurt so much – it’s all across the back of my right hand. All I could think about is how terrible it must be for poor people who get burnt all over their body.

    I am so glad to read that the heat pads are working really well LJ.

    I’ll post this now before I lose it as I have a meeting to dial into. I hope to come back and finish later today

    Morning all

    Anzac, I hope your hand heals quickly. I’m the same as you, I’m back on healthy eating now after eating a fair amount of chocolate and hot cross buns over the Easter holidays. It’s so hard to kick the sugar habit. I can go weeks without eating any sugar, but even if I eat a little I seem to lose control and just go crazy 🙁

    Still flat out at work but I’m looking forward to 10 days off over the school holidays and ANZAC day. We’re going up to Hanmer Springs for a few days with stop offs at Geraldine, Ashburton and Christchurch on the way up and back.

    I’m back riding to and from work again now, I’m not going crazy like I was in February, I’m sticking to about 10-15 kilometers a day, but with a couple of hills to climb that’s enough exercise to get my 30 minutes a day. I stopped recording how much I ride because I seem to go a bit nuts when I’m recording numbers, I racked up 2,000 kilometers in January and February alone, so now I’m just riding for the fun of it and for the exercise rather than just to get my numbers up.

    Have a great day everyone and hopefully things will ease off so I can post a bit more regularly.

    Good morning everyone,
    I have been busily preparing for home help, but just got a call saying it will be a different helper for a shorter time a couple of hours later. I know the worker and she wears a mask so that is good. And now I have time to post here.

    Anzac hi! Hooray for the successful go-live and an even bigger hooray for four days of having fun and a complete break. But oh dear, what an awful burn. I do hope it is healing well.

    Neil, I am the same with sugar, it is an extraordinary reaction. I thought it might settle down over time (it’s been years!), but no 🙁

    Lovely to hear of your easy riding, good food and wonderful holiday break coming up. Hooray for more posts too.

    Miso is doing well in the living room over night, and I am reaping the benefits.
    I’m having my fast800 day today.

    Best wishes to everyone

    flowers for Penguin https://ia1.pickupflowers.com/images/assets/images/flower-guide/national-flowers.jpg

    Good morning. Temperatures are rising after two days of snow showers. A kingfisher landed on our mooring line right outside the galley porthole and I had a face to face encounter for a few seconds. Magic.

    Anzac, is your hand healing alright? How did you burn it? You mentioned that you’re a bit accident-prone. What happened?

    Cinque, here’s to a mask-wearing home help. And that a suitable vaccine comes your way soon.

    Neil, sugar is so addictive. Usually not worth the pain.

    Hello hello,

    I’m on grandma duty, with Ms 6 so I might have to stop suddenly, but she is busy with the Teeny Tiny Stevies and I am waiting for the (oat and sunflower seed) waffles to cook. She loves them!

    Thin, lovely to hear of the kingfisher. A study has come out that says birds make us as happy as money does. I think I agree.

    Anzac, I hope your hand is healing. I am guessing you were getting something out of the oven and there was a tray above that burnt your hand. No? Did you get your easier week?

    Lindsay hoping bees and family are good and Rosy is off winning more medals.

    Gday, have health things started to improve, or at least stopped cascading into horribleness?

    Intesha are you still reading? Are you settled in a new home now?

    Turn, Jony, Neil, a big hello over the ditch.

    Quacka missing you and hoping you might have te reflux under control.

    Betsy are you ok?

    Cali, lots of amazement locally that we are now feeling jealous of the US re vaccination (and the UK, Thin) after a year of smugness about covid numbers.

    Ooh gotta go. Good wishes to Everyone!

    Morning all. MIA as I’ve wrestled 4 grandchildren, at different times. My DD is finishing the last year of her masters, so we are doing much more than usual with the little girls. And we’ve been having the 2 yer old as the little man goes back and forth about his broken elbow which is now pinned for 4 weeks, to allow it to heal.

    I’m in Week 10 of the Fast800 and my loss has slowed to snail pace. It makes no sense because there’s such a calorie deficit, but it is what it is and I’m determined to see it through. I’ve lost 9.5 kilos, and my friend exactly 10. She was ‘lucky’ (no, definitely not!) to have had to have a procedure to remove precancerous growths from her bottom lip, and the only pay-off so far (apart from no longer having them) is a rapid weight loss acceleration as she sips milk shakes and soups, as it heals.

    It’s so lovely here to see sunshine after what seems like weeks of rain.
    School holidays, so we took the little girls and the dog to Sandgate beach yesterday for fish and chips (I had grilled barramundi and salad), and a walk. But it was low tide (it goes out half a kilometre) so we let Rosy off lead and she had the time of her life, and so did we. Chasing a seagull is as good as it gets for a red setter.about

    Anzac, how is your hand? Burns are just so painful.

    So now we have the Astra Zeneca vaccine banned for under 50 year olds. As the good Dr Norman Swan pointed out last night, there wasn’t enough vaccine for them anyway, so there should be adequate supplies of Pfizer by the time the younger cohort is due to be vaccinated. I feel a certain lack of confidence in our rollout, I must say.

    Cali, the daily numbers being vaccinated in the US is impressive…ditto in the UK Thin.

    How are you going Cinque? Home help been and gone, and a lovely fresh apartment to fast in? I hope Miso is adjusting to daylight saving.

    Neil, easy to get obsessed with numbers when you put in so many kilometres. Your rides to work sound just right.

    Jony, your group rides sound so companionable…I would love to do that ….if only I could ride a pushbike. Oddly I have an open motor bike licence, but the peddling sort ….I just couldn’t avoid riding into things.

    I have invited two brothers and wives for afternoon tea, have been to the shops to replenish the milk the grandies finished off yesterday and just got out the recipe book to bake a cake, and discovered I have no butter. Neither of us uses it any more, and I always have a kilo in the freezer….except today. My son & DIL brought us a dozen Melting Moment biscuits from a market during their weekend up at Tambourine, but I froze them so I wasn’t tempted. The visitors can have those, and I am about to make Anzac biscuits using olive oil. It works – I do them for my vegan brother, from time to time. I’d best get cracking.

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend, where ever you are (Turn loved your post ….will read again and reply next time).

    Cinque just saw your post, which is always nice to read. Have a fun day.

    Good evening all.
    The autumn weather has finally made an appearance here, cool and damp today. Good for the garden.

    I finally realised why I’ve felt so tired in recent days – I had a lung infection developing. It showed itself fully yesterday and I started antibiotics immediately. It always amazes me how quickly I start to feel better once I start the antibiotics – I’m much improved tonight and even had the energy to want to go for a walk this afternoon, that’s the first time in a week I felt like walking. I had to walk alone though as I’m staying away from others for a few days.

    Lindsay, I hope the afternoon tea with your brothers went wonderfully. If you are ever wondering about cake baking without any butter again, it is usually ok to substitute a mild flavoured oil for the butter in a cake (it works for normal buttercake style cakes).
    I’ve been thinking about your comments about little weight loss on 800 calories a day lately. I do remember when I did the 800cal program several years ago, they said it was specifically designed for people who had a BMI in the obese category or higher (all of my group were morbidly obese when we started). The program was not recommended for BMIs below 30, we were told to switch to a higher calorie program (1000 or 1200) when we reached that level. I haven’t read MMs new book on Fast 800, but if your BMI is under 30, it might be worth checking to see if he mentions whether the daily 800 cal that you are doing is suitable for lower BMIs. I did have a look on the Fast 800 website and it doesn’t cover this, there is just one mention of the program being tested on people with a high BMI, without specifying what “high” means.

    Anzac, I hope that painful burn is healing – I can empathise with your clumsy tendencies. I’m very pleased to hear that your first system release went well.

    Cinque, I hape you had a lovely grand daughter day – I had to look up Teeny Tiny Stevies as I hadn’t heard of them.
    I hadn’t realised there was even such a thing as a cat tent before seeing these. I was finding it hard to imagine having a cat in the house and having any control over where they went, especially when I was sleeping. The tent option has heloed with that.

    Thin, lets hope the appearance of a kingfisher heralds the true arrival of spring weather.

    Neil, I’m glad you are getting back into your old routine again. I am another who struggles with sugar. It the moment I’m struggling to stay away from the easter eggs, despite hiding them in the dining room cupboard amongst the rarely used good china.

    Well, time for a decaf tea and an early night for me. I’m hoping to be well enough by Tuesday to do a day of school holiday babysitting.
    Sunday FD for tomorrow.

    A quick Sunday fast day hello from wintery Melbourne!

    Lindsay big cheers for seeing it through to the end. Even if your weight isn’t indicating the work, your gut biome and internal organs must be so happy.

    It’s the best month for anzac biscuits!

    Miso is doing very well with our new regime and I am having much better sleep! Hooray!

    LJoyce, those wicked lung infections. Hooray for feeling so much better, now you are treating it.

    I am glad you discovered cat tents (I had no idea) as it would make such a difference to living well with a cat.

    Well, the heater is on here, and Miso the cat has given up trying to go outside (I think) and I am in my fast day groove.

    Best wishes to everyone.

    A quick hello from a sunny mooring in beautiful rural Leicestershire with the cutest lambs leaping into the air. It’s been a cold start to April but temperatures are finally rising. FD for me, chicken something. The UK is expected to reach herd immunity to covid on Tuesday. Pubs, restaurants, retail all re-opening tomorrow. Life is good.

    Hi everyone, I’m still struggling with evening sugar/carb binges. If you don’t mind the spam I’m going to force myself to post a daily log on here of how my day went with the evening binges so I can confront it and hopefully stop myself by having the daily accountability. I saw a photo of myself from our latest frisbee golf social round yesterday and I’m really piling on weight around my belly 🙁

    I worked so hard to get it off and keep it off for a couple of years, I really don’t want to slip now and start the steady slide back to where I was a couple of years ago

    Morning all, from a chilly 16 degree Brisbane. Autumn is making her presence felt … time to close the high windows overnight, I suppose.

    LJ, as always, than you for you thoughts and research about my tediously slow weight loss. I am in the overweight category, so perhaps it’s time to add in a few more calories. My friend’s BMI is still in the obese category but only by one or two points, and we’d agreed, before I read your post, that we’d stay with 12 weeks on Fast800. It’s only 2 weeks to go, then I’ll increase my calorie level gradually to 1200 a day, until I lose the last 5 kilos (or whatever is left after the next two weeks of Fast 800). I didn’t see anything in Dr M’s book about suitability for lower BMI either.

    My afternoon tea with the brothers went wonderfully well. I found a small cake in the freezer and my son’s melting moments (my very slim brothers and sisters in law all have very sweet tooths…or should that be teeth?), but all agreed the Anzacs were the best thing. I also cut the sugar from 3/4 of a cup to 1/4 with no appreciable difference in taste. My DD makes a wonderful cake with light olive oil – I think I’ll use it in future….it will make baking for my other vegan brother and SIL much easier.

    We had a lovely day yesterday with my Melbourne relatives (whose mother died last year) and the Gold Coast branch of the family. So precious, this time. It was quite emotional, as you’d expect, but so affirming. So many of the younger ones came too, and it is wonderful that these links are extending through the generations.

    Rosy is in season, so she spent the day on the back verandah, and was beside herself when we came home, but seemed to have managed being left. I’m disappointed that she’ll miss a special dog show this weekend….some people take dogs in season, but I don’t need the stress….I just think it would be quite difficult to manage her and the attention.

    Gosh I am rambling on this morning.

    How are you going Cinque? Enjoying your post FD breakfast? Glad Miso is learning to cope with the loss of daylight saving. Rosy got me up at 5.40 this morning. Both brrrr and grrrr. But she was desperate for a wee. I let her into the courtyard (grassed and paved) and I went back to bed, and she was snuggled up in her indoor bed when I got up at 7.

    Thin, here’s to such an efficient immunisation program, and fingers crossed for no more outbreaks. Fancy seeing that wee bird? And leaping lambs. Nature truly is so good for the soul.

    Turn, congratulations on breaking into the 60s, even after all that socialising. It is a lovely, lovely number. Your mountain dog walks sound challenging ….a dog that size really needs that socialising, as you’ve identified.

    Cali, LJ, I loved Call the Midwife. The final series has just finished here, but they are showing repeats over on a commercial channel. My heathen OH didn’t warm to it. Quite liked the content, but groaned and rolled his eyes at the religious bits. I have a friend who was a nurse in the east end in the 70s and she says she’s experienced just about every scenario in the program.

    Anzac, good to hear that your ‘go live’ went well. I was thinking about you and your friend catching up, and deciding you both had to do something about last year’s weight gain. That is exactly what my friend and I did, and it’s worked very well for us. Both a little over 10 kilos down. Is that something you and your friend could do together? We text each other each morning with our weight loss (or gain), and encourage each other if it’s the latter. We talk about problems by text and occasional phone calls. I keep a spreadsheet which I email to her weekly, and we can see patterns emerging. Both of us feel as we enter Week 11 of the program that we have not only lost weight, we have learned how to manage it for ever more. We’d both dieted (and regained) successfully before, but not wanting to let the other down by wavering has been the key this time. Just a thought.

    And on that thought – of I go to start the day, which involves the two little girls, a trip to the nursery for vegetable seedlings and soil, and a playground visit on the way home.

    Enjoy your day.

    Neil, I just saw your post. Of course post every day ….support is what this forum is all about. But…how to break the sugar/carb cycle? If it happens at the same time every day, is there an activity (not tv or reading) that would occupy you so you are distracted? Just a few days and hopefully the cravings will be gone. You have done so much to get where you are – you can do this again.

    Good morning all from a suddenly cold Sydney. It was only 11 degrees when we took Maxx for his walk at 7.00am

    Thanks for your good wishes about my burn; I managed to touch the back of my hand on the top elements in our small oven. It took a long time to heal as I found it hard to stop it from getting wet but it has healed nicely now, albeit with a scar

    Oh no, another dratted lung infection LJ. It sounds like the AB’s are doing their thing quickly which is fantastic.

    Cinque, we had one nice leisurely day last Monday before they heaped a whole lot of new scope on us. No surprise but still disappointing. If it wasn’t for the permanent WFH and the fact that I enjoy the work I would leave. I am so very glad that lovely Miso is happy with the new sleeping arrangements and you are getting a better sleep too.

    Such terrific news about the UK Thin and Leicestershire sounds beautiful. I hope spring has finally sprung over there. Autumn finally has here – although the forecast for Wednesday is 29 so one last hit of summer heat. We were still swimming daily up until yesterday.

    Feel free to post daily Neil. You will ace this, just like you aced everything else. Good luck! I need to get my bread cravings under control.

    Sorry that you had to miss the dog show Lindsay but yes, better to keep Rosy away from other dogs at this time. How frustrating that your weight loss has slowed so much but I do think LJ’s advice is good. How is your little grandson’s elbow?

    Must run – take care all

    Good morning,

    From a city even chillier than Brisbane!

    Neil, so sorry to hear about your struggle. Yes, definitely use this forum to plan and post, it is a great way to keep accountable and we will all be cheering you on.

    My evening munchies have been back too. SO ANNOYING! The strategy that works for me (if I can just remember it) is to promise myself I can eat, but I need two drinks of water first. Every time, after a drink of water I do not need to eat. My water of choice in the evenings is sparkling water. (I feel bad about all the bottles I am buying, considering Melbourne has wonderful tap water, but it makes looking after my health so much easier I buy those bottles.)

    I am also doing well with the ‘glass of (tap) water before anything’ in the morning.

    I am sorry to say that my fast day wasn’t fasty and might have failed the fast day test altogether as I felt too fainty to go without food, but I ate mostly low carb veg so as fail days go, it was a good one.

    Lindsay, the end is in sight. Sending best wishes that these last two weeks are a ripper, for you and your friend. What are the main things you have learnt/ experienced from these three months on Fast800?

    So lovely to read about your family times, and hooray that the anzacs were such a hit. Isn’t it amazing how most biscuits and cakes have WAY more sugar than they need.
    Good luck with Rosy in season. You want her to breed, I presume? When might that happen? Ooh she will have gorgeous babies.

    Miso is pretty well settling with the new regime here, but if I go to bed before she has settled herself on the sheepskin on her chair, then she gets annoyed and bangs on the door and yells for a bit. But I am hopeful that she is getting the idea that the door gets closed anyway. I am so happy at the better sleep I am getting.

    I did a magnificent veggie shop a couple of days ago and I’m cooking lots of veggie based dishes to feed the fridge and freezer… and then me 😀
    Ooh it does feel good. Veggies are go.

    I had a layered ramekin for breakfast (I have been collecting this sort which are a good size https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/uuYAAOSwGXNgNfvA/s-l300.jpg): grilled eggplant, braised garlicky kale, onion, capsicum and corn mix, and then topped with burgul mixed with parmesan and sesame seeds. So yum and I have more in the freezer.
    I plan a mushroom and grilled capsicum frittata for lunch, with asparagus and panfried cauliflower. And then bean stew for dinner with broccoli and sweet potato.
    I should get my 7 serves of veggies in today!

    Well, time to go and do some pottering around, sending best wishes to everyone. I’m really missing those of you who have been unable to post for a while. Good wishes.

    Morning all. I did well yesterday. I had some fruit and vegetables for lunch with some coconut yoghurt, then roast chicken and pumpkin with sautéed silverbeet for dinner with some prunes as a sweet dessert. Total of just under 800 calories.

    Today I’ve made some lentil dhal with a couple of boiled eggs for lunch.

    When I first started fast800 a couple of years back the first 3 of 4 days of reduced calories and low sugar/carbs were really hard and then it got really easy. Hopefully if I can slog through another 3 days I’ll manage to break the cycle of evening carb/sugar binges

    Brr even colder today,

    Day before fast day for me.

    Anzac, I am so glad your hand has healed well. Yikes, hitting the hot element would make for such a bad burn.

    Ooh your naughty work. They are not respectful of their workers. They had better give you a billion dollar bonus this year.

    Neil, you don’t do anything by halves! Ooh yum, enjoy that dal and boiled eggs.

    I’m making cauliflower poha for lunch, with more cauliflower and peas, and less poha.
    And then lentil soup for the evening, with lots of lovely cavelo nero in it.

    And in between, lots of non food activities, in other words, house work. In increments of three.

    Best wishes all, I hope you are having lovely vegetables, mindful eating and plenty of non food activities too!

    I had an emotional morning this morning. Our beloved fluffball cat has been missing for almost 5 days and we hadn’t seen her anywhere. We’ve walked the neighbourhood calling her, talked to neighbours, put up posts on all the community social network pages, and yet no sign. Last night I remembered that the children of the elderly lady who lived behind us and who moved into a rest home several months ago had been around to her house a while ago to clean up and get it ready for sale. This morning I went round and walked around her house calling out for our cat. I heard a faint squeak coming from under her house. The door to the basement was locked. I had no way of contacting them, and I had no idea when they would be home, so I tried unscrewing the bolt that was locking the door. I couldn’t get the screws right out but luckily I had loosened it enough that when I forced the door with my shoulder it popped open and our lost cat came trotting out. My wife and boys were smothering her when I bought her home, but all she wanted was food and water, having not eaten or drank anything for almost 5 days. I got my wife to write a note saying that I would come round this evening and replace the bolt and lock that I had broken.

    Good afternoon all.

    Neil, what a relief that you remembered the activity at the house where your poor cat was trapped. I doubt the owner’s children will mind that you broke it to rescue your cat.
    I also think that posting daily when you have food issues is an excellent idea. I once posted a photo of everything I ate each day when I was trying to get my eating back under control. When you have to confront things in that manner it really does help. I also think that concentrating on the high fibre carbs (like legumes) and protein throughout the day will help – it reminds me of the type of foods you mentioned eating when things were going well.

    Lindsay, I’m surprised you are already past the 10 week mark, time flies. I think you will still be pleased with your total loss once you get to 12 weeks.
    I must try the lower sugar anzac biscuits next time I make some – most of the flavour comes from the golden syrup so I expect they still taste wonderful.

    Cinque, those ramekins look very useful, although I can’t imagine myself eating one filled with veg for brekkie. My favourite food to start the day is fruit – especially an under-ripe banana.

    Thin, I hope the reopening in the UK has brought some welcome things into your life. Is a haircut on the agenda?

    I ended up cancelling my social plans Monday and also the planned babysitting for today and Thursday. While my lungs are improving my temperature keeps spiking so I know the bacteria are still fighting back. I just hope I’m healthy by Friday as I have a memorial service to go to and I can’t risk infecting people.
    I haven’t left the house for walks and neither have I felt like fasting – not a good combination. Today I have tackled a FD and thankfully it’s gone very well so far – I’ve had a banana and cups of tea. For dinner I have a tray of roast veg and boiled green beans in the fridge and I will have bowl of those topped with some home made bolognese that I pulled out of the freezer.

    Take care all.

    Morning all.

    Slight slip yesterday but not serious. I had my dhal and eggs for lunch, some fish curry for dinner and then a bowl of black currants and coconut milk for dessert, but then I did some baking for the kids’ lunches and couldn’t resist having a couple of squares of the quince shortcake slice I made. A total of around 1600 calories for the day. Weigh in today at 92.9 so back into the 92s, an improvement on 3 weeks ago when I was mid 94s.

    Ljoyce, I hope you feel better soon, it’s no fun being unwell.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Hello, been awhile since I’ve posted but read everyday just to keep some sanity in my life. Without writing an epic novel this has been my life for the past few months.

    Finally managed to find a suitable house after much stress and anxiety. Having a certain criteria made it very difficult. The house is wonderful, renovated inside within the last 6 or so years, very modern, open and a dream kitchen. The only drawback is a very very steep driveway but only really have to walk it on bin day.

    Put Dad into respite while I moved but the day before he was due to go in he had a fall so as a precaution was taken to hospital overnight.

    The move was quite traumatic and although I had removalists I was totally on my own. I really wasn’t ready for Dad to come home but made sure everything was in place for him to get around unimpeded. That was 12th February. He developed cellulitis in his legs, had a community nurse coming daily to dress it by the end of the week it was not looking good so she sent him to hospital. Two weeks in a public hospital and then 3 weeks private rehabilitation. Still trying to unpack, daily visits to the hospitals and absolutely stressed to the max wondering what was happening to my life. Still no support and thoughts of running away never to be seen again.

    Dad home on 25th March. House looks like a hospital, hospital bed, electric lifter chair, wheelchair, daily visits by community nurse and he now gets showered. Oh how life changes. I am now practically house bound as he is not allowed to walk on his own. He is now not sleeping in his bed as I was up and down during the nights for over a week as he couldn’t settle and I would get him out to his chair. My sleep was nearly non existent and I felt like a walking zombie. I told him I couldn’t continue so now he sleeps in the chair all the time. I have a doorbell system set up in case he needs me during the night but thankfully that has not happened. He can listen to the radio or watch TV but I can’t sleep in as I have to get his breakfast and meds.

    Friday he turns 94. My brother saw him twice in hospital and maybe 3 times since he has been home. Apart from that I know longer go to the gym and see nobody apart from nurses, physios and OT. Consequently my FDs are a thing of the past and I have put on 6kg.

    Sorry about the tone of the post but just wanted to explain my absence and let you know I am still reading but probably won’t be posting. Take care all.

    Hi Intesha, I’m really sorry to hear that, I really hope things improve for you soon.

    Dear Intesha, I’m so sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult and terrible time. Surely your brother could come and take over for a few hours every week just so you can get out and do something for yourself? I hope he is very grateful to you for your dedication to your father.

    Neil, so happy that you found your precious cat. My heart was in my mouth reading it and I was very relieved that you had a good outcome. Maxx is in big trouble today as he took off at the rugby field and ran up to the footpath. Normally we have his long leash on him just in case so we can run after him and stomp on it. But today he was playing with another labrador and we just didn’t. Ugh. No harm done but the bloke on the footpath did not look happy to have a 40+ dog run up to him and dance around his legs.

    I’m sorry you are still poorly LJ and I have my fingers crossed that you are well for your memorial service on Friday.

    Cinque I have this very cute picture in my head of little Miso banging away at your bedroom door with a clenched paw and demanding access! Ha ha – billion dollar bonus sounds lovely but unfortunately I don’t get a bonus as I am a contractor. I do get paid very well though so I can’t complain (well not much anyway)

    A lovely day in Sydney today – 29 is the top. It’s still cold inside so that is a sign that winter is looming. The nights and mornings require a zip up fleece and long pants. We might get one last swim today if the pool heats up enough but the low temps at night mean it drops quite low and even a lovely day like today might mean a struggle.

    I have lost a bit of weight but am still a little unmotivated.

    Betsy we haven’t heard from you in a while, are you ok?

    Hi Intesha,

    So sorry to read your post, my heart really does go out to you, I would be there in an instant to help out if I could. Please try and stay strong and ask for more help from family members/community support groups/medical profession/nurses help, you really do need more help and support, reach out on here more often, at least it might help to lift your spirits.

    Heartfelt wishes flying across the ditch, Turn

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Intesha, I am relieved that you finally found a good home, but very saddened to hear that your father’s health and mobility have deteriorated so drastically. I am sure that being his full time carer can often be an overwhelming responsibility. I do agree with Anzac’s comment – accept any assistance that he is entitled to. It may also give you some regular short periods of respite from the constant care you are providing.

    I am still staying indoors and keeping away from others. I started a second course of antibiotics today. I am not confident that I will get to the memorial service on Friday, but I’m hoping I can join by zoom.

    Hello to everyone else, hope you are having a good day.

    Evening all

    Decent day today. I missed my morning tea so I grabbed a small packet of pork crackle around 11:30. I had Dhal, fruit and veg for lunch, home made roast pumpkin and capsicum soup with a leftovers vege patty for dinner, then the sugar cravings hit. I managed to restrict myself to a small peach, a slice of pineapple, and half a square of my quince slice. Total of around 1500 calories.

    Good morning,
    Lots to catch up on, but I have zoomsisters soon so I will write in increments.

    Intesha, I so glad to hear from you, and hooray that you (finally) found a wonderful house, but I am so sorry to hear of your poor dad’s difficulties (especially the cellulitis, I know that is terribly painful and dangerous), and just so sad to hear how alone you have been with all the burdens.
    It is definitely time for you to run away, for a bit at least, I just hope you can find a way to do it safely.
    Truly, it sounds like it is time for you to be the loudest squeaky wheel. I know you are really good at working out what is available and doing it properly, but I bet there is emergency help if you let them know you just can’t do it any more. And it really sounds like you can’t.
    I’m like Turn, wishing I could could race over and lend a hand.

    Sending every good wish.

    Intesha, I’m so glad to hear that you found a nice place to live that suits your needs. But sad to hear about the problems with your dad’s legs. Is the cellulitis something that will improve over time? I agree with aTurn and the others who suggested asking for help from family members/community support groups/medical profession/nurses and such. Even a few hours away might give you some relief from feeling so overwhelmed with everything that is going on. Moving house in itself always seems to be so stressful. There’s always so much to do to get settled, figure out where to put things and to learn where the shops and such are located in a new neighborhood. Having your father needing full time care on top of all that must make it so stressful. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all lived close by and could pop in and help or run errands? But you know we will offer a place here to discuss what is going on, or just a shoulder to cry on when you feel overwhelmed. Sending hugs your way.

    Neil, such an amazing story about finding your missing cat. Thank goodness you remembered the vacated house! Cats are just too curious sometimes.

    Cinque, I’m glad Miso is adjusting to being locked out of your bedroom at night. One suggestion that has worked well for us in the past is to blow up a couple of balloons and tie a string on each. Hang them on the doorknob of your bedroom door, so they hang about face height to Miso. Cats usually are afraid of moving balloons, and if they pop one, they almost certainly are. It’s worked well here at times to keep the cat away from the door at night.
    We have good tap water but buy sparkling water in bottles or cans too. Sometimes it’s a lot more enticing to drink that, rather than plain tap water. I worry more about all the plastic bags we get from the grocery stores here. Previously, we were able to bring our own reusable bags for groceries and in Calif were charged 10 cents per bag for their plastic bags. Now, with Covid, they are afraid of bringing the virus into the store and we had to go back to using the store bags. We reuse them for disposing of the papers on the bird room floor and other cleaning jobs, but still have so many. I think it will probably change soon since they are saying it’s not common to spread the virus from surfaces.

    LJ, I’m sorry to hear that you have a lung infection again. I hope the second antibiotic gets rid of that. You’ll have to go back to house walking for exercise. Definitely not as entertaining as being outdoors.

    Anzac, I’m sorry to hear about your burned hand. I did that a couple months ago, hit the upper part of the oven when getting something out, but it was about midway up my arm and only a small stripe of skin. It stayed red for a long time and was very painful for a while, but didn’t leave a scar. Now I’m not saying you’re accident prone, but if I ever get over there and we go into a tall building, I may not want to take the same lift as you. 😁

    Thin, we are already into season 4 of Call the Midwife and are really enjoying it. The episodes have become quite sad lately though. I’m sure that’s what life was like in some of the poor areas around London but I hope they bring in a bit more levity.
    Great to see how many people the UK is vaccinating. Watching the numbers of new cases falling is good proof that the vaccines are working, even spacing the doses extra weeks apart. We’re making good progress here too, but still so many more to vaccinate. Anyone over 16 will be able to get a jab in California beginning tomorrow. That’s as long as the supplies hold. So far it has been pretty encouraging. We had our first get together without masks with a neighbor on Saturday. All of us have been fully vaccinated, but I have to admit to feeling a little nervous still. She came for lunch and stayed a few hours. Otherwise, we’re wearing masks all the time outside the house and being very careful.

    Take care and stay well, everyone. I read all of your posts even when I don’t post for a while.

    Bad day today. The day was fine until the evening. Half a chicken salad wrap at 11, the last of my dhal, veg and fruit for lunch, I managed to resist the two birthday cakes that showed up for most of the day. But finally had a sliver only 1cm wide to have a taste. It was when I got home that it went south. Dinner was roast pork, broccoli cheese and a small roast potato. But then the dreaded sugar cravings hit. I had black currants and coconut milk, but this time couldn’t stop and ate a mint trumpet ice cream, 100g of fruit jubes, and 4 pieces of quince slice. Total of 2800 calories. I’m hoping to throw in an 800 calorie fast day tomorrow to try to counterbalance it.

    Good evening all. Finally back. Combination of a virus/ sinus infection leading to asthma, all while trying to do transcripts.

    My primary supervisor said at our February meeting that they were all to be done before the next meeting in March – managed it, but with being ill as well, it was exhausting. Each transcript ended up needing 4-5 hours of intense concentration, both listening and then typing. Glad they’re done. Since then I’ve proof-read the lot – fortunately not as intense and much faster to do – and can now move on to other aspects of the doctorate work. Yay!

    Cinque, re the Covid-19 vaccine, I initially couldn’t find any GP surgery that was giving it, or if they were, it was only to their own patients. Then I tried the LaTrobe University Medical Centre. No problem getting an appointment, plus they have had cancellations but doses ready to give, so you could possibly get in quite quickly. I told my doctor about the clinic last Friday, and when I saw him today, he thanked me, as he’d phoned Monday and was given the vaccine Monday. My first jab was on Tuesday, second one early July. It’s the AstraZeneca vaccine, but who cares, we’re not in the ultra-minimal “danger” age range, and I’d rather be vaccinated sooner than later. Just make sure the vaccine is separated by at least 2 weeks away from the flu vaccine, that’s all.
    Anyway, all of that is to say, if you want somewhere that seems to have vaccines available relatively easily, try that clinic. They are on the corner of Kingsbury Drive and Plenty Rd, but you enter the uni. at the first set of traffic lights along Kingsbury Dve from Plenty Rd. You only need to drive a short distance into the uni. and it’s the second turn left to get to parking near the Medical Centre and Private Hospital. Clinic phone number 9473-8885. Good luck! 🙂

    Good to read all the posts. With all that’s been going on, I’ve proven demonstrably that stress and I don’t mix well for weight loss or even maintenance. Now the stress is reduced, plus I am well on the way to recovery from the virus, post-viral fatigue, etc., I’m girding my loins yet again to begin the weight loss journey. Starting weight 84.6 kg (last Saturday), and for accountability, I’ll post my weight here weekly for a while. Sigh!

    Neilithicman, I sympathise with your struggles, and share your sweet tooth. It’s just not worth regaining, to have to lose the weight again. Just glad I still have a (few) fat clothes still around that I can wear, but the wardrobe is quite limited.

    LJoyce, hope you are successfully fighting the chest infection. Your walking goal has reminded me that I need to step up my daily walking and exercises, too.

    Intesha, I sympathise with the emotional weight you are carrying, caring for your dad. Has he been assessed for any kind of care package? If you can arrange for a carer to come for a few hours once a week, you could have that as your “do what I like” time. Surely some kind of respite like that is available. Whatever, if you need to let off steam, this forum is here.

    CalifDreamer, Glad you enjoyed McLeod’s Daughter, and I chuckled over your use of subtitles. I can remember being in Hawaii once. I was with a group of Americans and saw an Aussie friend. For fun, we said a few sentences to each other in broad Aussie slang, then I asked the others how much they’d understood – none! I translated. It made us all laugh.

    Thin, glad you’re still enjoying your adventures on the canals of Britain. Your descriptions certainly add colour to this forum.

    G’DayFromSA, so sorry to read that you’ve been struggling with the weight loss. I commiserate, but not as a fellow sufferer, because I haven’t really even been trying. We just have to persevere. It’s good that your gym placement was delayed. It would have been difficult for you, if it had been earlier.

    LindsayL, sad you had to miss the show, but good to protect Rosy from unwanted breeding. Any hive-robbing happening pre-winter?

    jonykiwi, oh, the joy of being able to sleep to a reasonable hour, even when babysitting a 2-yr-old! 🙂

    Turn, haven’t read your post – too many to go back to – but have you acquired a new fur baby, or are you just dog-minding? Good exercise either way.

    Anzac65, your work is finally “live”? Hope it’s progressing without too many teething problems.

    Penguin, hope you’re doing okay, and settled in your new home.

    Hello to anyone I’ve missed.

    It’s nice to be back, hopefully a lot more regularly.

    Oh dear, a couple of days since increment 1. But it is catch up time so I am determined to do more than increment 2 today.

    Neil, hooray for the fluffball cat save, sympathy for the evening binge.
    Do try to drink more water towards the end of the day, you might be like me and find it makes all the difference.

    LJoyce, interesting comment about veggies for breakfast. I grew up with straight carbs and not really savoury (apart from vegemite). Cereal, toast, porridge. At Aunty Edie’s farm we would get bacon and eggs and maybe half a tomato?
    And then when muesli came in, and yoghurt and smoothies a lot more fruit was incorporated in my breakfasts.
    It was when I was doing English tutoring when training to be a teacher, I met lovely Asian people who had soup for breakfast and that really amazed me, but I could see it was a great idea and that our high carb breakfasts was a very western thing.
    I do still have more carbs at breakfast time than any other meal, but am perfectly happy to get as much veg in with them as I can.

    I do hope the antibiotics have been doing their work, but the fact you haven’t been able to post makes me fear you are still battling the infection. Were you able to get to the memorial service? I do hope so, or that it was a great zoom, if you had to do it that way. Sending lots of good wishes. https://getwellmessages.net/img/get-well-soon-image.png

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Neil, I know it’s frustrating when you have a good food day only to blow it at the end. The only thing you can do in hindsight is to learn something from it. If there were any circumstances, triggers, self-talk that might have contributed then you have a chance to put a plan in place for the next time those things occur. It’s a long slow process teasing out all the things that send us searching for sweet treats, but having a better understanding does help.

    Betsy, how wonderful that those transcripts are finally finished. I hope it’s reduced some of the pressure you have been under for some time.
    Very glad to hear you have had your first vaccine dose.
    How is Wilbur?

    Cali, your state seems to be steaming ahead with it’s vaccine program. I heard the other day that even teenagers could get a vaccine in California now – we haven’t finished vaccinating elderly nursing home residents yet!
    I am doing a little hallway walking, but I’m low on energy with this infection and am struggling to get to 5000 steps a day. It’s going to take me a while to get back to my previous activity levels I think.
    I haven’t heard of that trick with the balloons, I’ll remember that.

    Cinque, I hope you had a wonderful zoom catchup with your sisters.

    I am still stuck at home isolating. My breathing is still laboured and my temperature still high. If I’m not better by Monday when my second course of antibiotics ends, I’ll have to go to the GP. I had a covid test yesterday afternoon (negative), so that the GP practice doesn’t panic if I show up with respiratory symptoms. I have been doing 2 FDs per week but I am eating too much on the other days given the lack of exercise. I’m not good at sticking to a sedentary TDEE – it’s a shock being reminded of how little I get to eat when I’m not doing 10k steps a day. Spending my days curled up on the couch, so near to the kitchen does not help. The presence of easter eggs did not help – despite hiding them they are now all gone – eaten not binned. I hate that old habit that insists the best way of getting rid of temptation is to eat it out of existence. Even being aware of those bad patterns doesn’t help me sometimes.

    Take care all, hope you are having a lovely weekend.

    Increment 3

    Intesha, I do hope your dad had a happy birthday yesterday. Still sending lots of wishes that things get easier and that you can get a good break somehow, soon.

    Anzac, excellent image of Miso the cat, I can’t see how she does it, but she does manage some impressive door banging. She has been really good the last few nights (touch wood).

    I hope that Maxx has been similarly better behaved the last few days.

    Well done losing a bit of weight when unmotivated. Hopefully you will get your mojo back soon and then watch out scales!

    Cali, that balloon idea is great! I think Miso would hate them. I will remember that tip.

    I know exactly what you mean re plastic bags, even though bringing our own bags wasn’t banned here through lock down. We banned single use thin plastic bags, which just means we have the same amount of plastic bags but they are the thicker plastic ones. I don’t use them, but my daughter who gets her groceries delivered has stacks of them.

    Hi Cinque, our posts crossed.
    I did not go to the memorial service yesterday, but was thankfully able to watch it on an online feed.
    For most of last year the supermarkets here would let us bring our own reusable shopping bags, but they wouldn’t touch them. Which meant packing our own groceries. You don’t realise that it takes skill to properly pack groceries at speed until forced to do it yourself! I was hopeless – way too slow. I was quite relieved when they started packing groceries for me again late last year.
    Thanks for the get well wishes. I’m doing my best, but my body is ignoring me.

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