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  • Hello all.

    A quick check in. After 3 weeks on Fast 800, with only a minor blip or two, I’ve lost 4.9 kilos, and my friend 5. She’d lost more, but had a babysitting slip and her weight shot up disproportionately – no doubt it will settle again.

    I’m not finding it hard – I must say Cinque your Nigerian Bean Stew, at just 212 calories per serve, is making a great FD lunch for me …by the evening, I’m happy with just a tablespoon or two of hummus, some celery and some olives. I remember you started a page for bean recipes, but I haven’t been able to find it. I’ll keep looking unless you take pity on me and tell me where to go.

    Now, the good Doctor Michael lost some of his credibility for me the other night when I watched him host a fatuous program about cosmetic procedures. Honestly, it was pap, co-hosted by a heavily-procedured young woman – gorgeous, but who knows what was natural? Did anyone see it? Muscly personal trainers, using different procedures to take a kilo or two off their almost perfect bodies. A young woman having a quite invasive and painful procedure to reduce cellulite from her quite acceptable bum. What a waste both of air time and medical expertise. I had the sense his heart wasn’t in this one, which means he only did it for the $$$. Tut, tut, Dr Michael. You can’t need the money surely?

    The little girls had a sleep over (the 7 and 4 year olds…we’d had the 2 year old on Friday). Such fun, and now I am pooped, and am ready to slink into a chair with something mindless on television ….or perhaps an old episode of one of my favourites – Endeavour, Vera, Inspector Gently ….as OH says about Vera, sometimes the story lines are so overly complex, that it’s easy to forget if you’ve seen it before, or perhaps just dozed through it.

    Here’s something funny – after all the newspaper in lieu of toilet paper talk, Philip Adams, in this weekend’s Australian Magazine, listed it as one of the things we’ll not see again. I hope he’s right! (although after the toilet paper hoarding last year, it seemed a possibility).

    Thin, the Facebook standoff didn’t seem to last long here, and yes, good on the government for taking it up to them. I’m sure it was never a good thing for people to get their news via social media when they can go directly to the source. And I think we’ll have to disagree about Twitter and President Trump. I guess if you own the company you set the rules, and we all agree to them when we sign on. I think it was a shame he wasn’t suspended long ago, for some of the vitriol of his tweets. He was given a lot of leeway – more than most people would have been given.

    Nice you are getting a burst of warmer weather…..when do you motor away again?

    Cali, good news you’ve had your first vaccination. Our PM and an 85 year old have just had their jabs …the first for Australia. I hope it will now roll out quickly. My OH is in the second group, because of his health issues, which should be vaccinated in early to mid March. My group comes next, hopefully by the end of March.

    OK off I go to put things back to normal, after the chaos of the kids, and their dog who came for a play with Rose.

    Take care all.

    Good afternoon fasters.

    I have just enjoyed a walk in my preferred walking zone (10am-3pm). I rarely get to do that in summer so it was a welcome treat. That time zone works best as my joints have had time to loosen up but I haven’t been active long enough to get too tired and sore. Winter is wonderful as I can do 2 walks in my zone which is also the warmer part of the day – perfect combination.

    Cinque, I love the self talk to keep you on the straight and narrow. I could have done with that yesterday. I’m sorry to hear you are not feeling well today. I hope the cool change will help cool your down so you feel a little more energetic tomorrow.

    Thin, enjoy the warm change, hopefully it’s a sign that spring has come a little early. I’m sure you are looking forward to getting on the move again so you can explore more of Britain’s canal towns.
    Once you have completed your vaccines are you planning to travel to Europe or will you wait for next winter?
    As to Mars – I’m happy to watch from afar.

    A neighbour has offered me some howe grown capsicums that she’s bringing around shortly. I’d better go and pick her some green beans!

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

    Evening all, just totaled up my rides for the week and I’ve hit 1003 kilometers for February so far. I’m dropping it right back to 20km per day or so for the next 3 days to let my legs recover fully and then I’ll be hitting the trail.

    I’m following the tennis at the moment and I was delighted to see Naomi Osaka take out the women’s title, I’ll be hoping that Medvedev manages to take out the men’s title this year over Djokovic.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good evening, I thought I’d help Lindsay out while my dinner cooks.

    Lindsay, I wasn’t ignoring you this morning – your post was apparently on a page 506 and when I logged in showed 505 as the final page. The link to the legume page is: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/beans-and-lentils-recipes-tips-and-information/ If you are ever hunting for it go to the “Active Topics” option under “Forum” then scroll down – it’s never more than 2 pages back.
    I agree about MMs cosmetic treatment program. I watched it last week and was not impressed. The people who had ultra violet therapy lost a kilo and paid 1600 pounds for the privilege. I can think of cheaper ways to get a kilo off.

    Neil, that’s a lot of cycling and I think a lighter load for a few days will do you good. I absolutely agree that not worrying about weight while you are training hard is sensible – but watch how many of those protein balls you pop if you aren’t doing the kilometers to burn them off. That’s the thing I’ve found when eating extra to account for exercise – it’s harder to cut back on the low exercise days.

    I manages to do a second walk late afternoon which brings me to 13000 steps the day – that really is my sensible maximum so I’m having a night on the couch. It was just so nice to have mild weather I couldn’t resist another walk.

    Just popping back in to say that I hope you are feeling better Cinque.

    Yea, for Osaka winning Neil …and I too hope Medvedev takes the men’s. I don’t like the way Djokovic tends to take medical time-outs when he’s not doing well ….and comes back full of energy and renewed vigour.

    Jony, nice to have the new car. And yes, car seats are one of the many things we do to help our kids out. I have a babyseat in mine, plus a booster seat. The 7 year old goes in a seatbelt on the rare occasions we have 3 of the 4 in the car …and Rosy just has to stretch out along the floor as best she can – which is troubling for her, because she can’t lick their faces as easily as she’d like.
    Gday how is your week looking. Your last post had me faint with exhaustion just reading it. Hope things ease up, and your OH is recovering nicely now.

    OK I hear my OH in the kitchen, which means he’s making coleslaw. It’s a tedious job, but he puts his heart and soul into the chopping, which is more than I can ever be troubled to do.

    Ah LJ, I went back a page, then when I came back I saw your post. Thank you for the guide to the site, and to the beans recipes. Such a good fast option. We started eating more beans for health reasons (OH’s gout). I haven’t been to the butcher in a while, and I’m quite surprised how much my food bill has dropped. And how wonderful this WOL doesn’t charge 1500 per kilo, like the poor guinea pigs on Dr M’s cosmetic procedures program.

    Enjoy your night all.

    Cinque, good morning, finally here to help you out with today’s FD. He he re the soft tufts of grass!

    Lindsay, I love the shows you mention. I wasn’t allowed to watch Vera because her voice irritated the OFMs. Great character though. Brenda Blethyn gave a spectacular performance in ‘Between The Sheets’. Have you seen that? Your friend had a helpful reality check, we’ve all been there (repeatedly). It’s still a great loss for both of you.

    Lindsay again, I cringed every time Trump opened his mouth. My solution was not to subscribe. I worry that America’s First Amendment is in its death throes. By contrast, the UK govt. is introducing new freedom of speech laws to prevent silencing and censoring at universities.

    Good news that Australia starts its vaccine administration today. I sent CalifD an email ‘funny’ suggesting that we train all Amazon delivery drivers to give the vaccine so a whole nation could be vaccinated by Saturday, Wednesday if you have Prime.

    LJ, the window for travelling to Europe ends when the boat comes out of the marina on 1 March so we won’t be going before next winter. DD is chomping at the bit to resume her short breaks in Europe starting with Norway. We have a lot of jobs to do on the boat this week now that it’s warmer and we’ll exit the marina next Monday. Depending on the flood levels and the next set of lockdown restrictions (announced tomorrow), we hope to head south shortly thereafter. I can’t wait to get back on the canals.

    Good afternoon fellow fasters.

    It was weigh-in day for me, a fortnight on Fast 800 just completed. Over the fortnight my weight is down 4.4kg and I am now just back to the very top of my preferred weight range. To celebrate I called into my favourite op shop after my morning walk to look for something nice. I found a cute pair of egg cups for my boiled eggs and a lovely designer skirt which was just $6. https://imgur.com/a/RHd5WaV The photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s a black skirt with alternating diagonal rows of white embroidery and pin-tuck pleats. It breaks my main rule – it needs ironing. However it was a perfect fit and it will be an excellent option when I need something formal – providing I can keep my weight stable! It has no elastic so it won’t be forgiving if my weight goes up. I plan to give it a first outing on Sunday during birthday brunch and dinner – I’ll have to be careful not to spill anything on it at brunch or it won’t make it to dinner.

    Thin, where are heading first, do you have a canal chosen, or will you just moor nearby to do those maintenance jobs?

    Lindsay, yes I find legumes really useful too as they are slow release carbs so they don’t trigger cravings for me. The dry legumes especially are very economical, although as I do also like convenience, I usually cook extra and freeze them – then the are as convenient as a packet of frozen peas.

    I enjoyed another long walk this morning in mild weather – I could get used to this. I have my fingers crossed for March, I hope the weather gods are listening and don’t prove to be perverse little sods.

    Have a lovely day all.

    Hi All,

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes for Mr G Day, he’s slowly on the mend….slowly. I’m still puffed but upwards and onwards.

    Lindsay and LJoyce yes I’ve watched MM cosmetic programs the last 2 weeks and I think he is just trying to highlight the lengths that people will go through to look better…well in their eyes look better. I don’t think he supports the treatments as such but rather showing the results (or non results) from the very pricey treatments. I do agree that the female presenter was possibly not the best choice as she appeared to be cosmetically altered herself (or maybe she is just blessed with being naturally 100% perfect in her looks – or lots of makeup) but we will never know I guess if that is the case or not. Anyway, I did cringe throughout the show watching people going through so much pain for so little gain which at the end of the day just made me feel happy within my own skin and not feeling the need to do what those people did. I’m more than happy with all of my flaws – but I don’t see them as flaws, they are just me and I’m proud of being me.

    Speaking of Dr MM. We’re going to Adelaide in early May to see Dr MM speak live at the convention centre and again in late may to see Geoffrey Robertson QC do a ‘ it’s not hypothetical’ show. I’m so looking forward to both. No need to say why I want to see Dr MM on this forum. I’ve been a huge fan of Geoffrey for years, have read all his books and love his views and works in the humanitarian space – plus his voice/accent just makes me drool….lol.

    Neil I haven’t seen the Hugh Fearnely-Wittingstall Easy Ways to Live Well show so will have to see if I can find it on Youtube. I’m a massive fan of his cooking and way of life and have most of his cookbooks and seen most (well I thought I had) of his TV shows. I also follow him of FB and Instagram and love his honestly about healthy eating and way of life.

    LJoyce we are in an area where we have septic tanks and have no sewerage or drainage systems. Although not an issue normally, we did find when we built our extended shed (my office) and wanted to put in a toilet and a hand basin the council requirements meant that we had to upgrade our septic system and french drain at a cost of approx $15,000 dollars. If we lived in an area with sewerage there would be no additional cost. Hence we have not toilet or hand basin in my office.

    I do recall in my childhood visiting a relative, I think it was a cousin of my grandmother or my mothers aunty, not sure, who lived in Gawler in SA. Her house backed onto the Gawler river and the backyard was full of vegies (I’m from a family of market gardeners), some sheep and an outside long drop toilet. I can still remember the exact outlay of the house and garden now and it would easily have been 45 years ago. When we stayed there I was petrified of having to use the toilet, either day or night. I can also remember being told not to go to the bottom end of the garden as I might slip down the slope into the river. Cant recall if the toilet paper was newspaper or not, all I can remember was holding on for as long as I could so I didn’t have to use the outdoor dunny. Ohh, did I mention the spiders in the toilet…….. I have an absolute phobia about spiders.

    Well the scales are still not showing any kindness to me (not going up but not going down either) but I’m still looking (and feeling) pretty good when I look in the mirror. No lumpy bumpy bits, reasonably flat stomach and no love handles. Still could do with some toning in places but happy I can go out in my fitness gear and feel good about how I look. In the next week I start my real practical work experience at the gym shadowing a personal trainer. I’m a bit scared but also looking forward to it, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone as I’m a shy person at heart.

    Bye everyone

    LJoyce our posts crossed and I just saw the skirt. How lovely. Yep ironing is a pain but worth it if it’s only for a few items that we dont wear often. I rarely iron now, maybe once a month or two for just a few pieces that I wear occassionally.

    Morning all. How are you Cinque …feeling okay?

    Penguin, it would be so nice to hear from you and know you are okay. I think I can safely speak for many on the forum, who miss you and are concerned.

    LJ fabulous skirt – and ironing it occasionally will be fine. It’s a lovely shape, and I love the diagonal detail.

    I got the iron out the other day – I’m a non-ironer these days, although I wear a lot of linen. I get my dresses dry cleaned (extravagant, I know, but my local does a ‘5 for $28’ deal and it does keep the fabrics looking fresh. The shirts I wash, hang and wear. But after my friend’s visit I realised my wardrobe was looking a little crumpled, so made the effort (once we found the ironing board – tucked under the cot in the spare room, for some reason).

    Gday great to go out in that fitness gear, confident you look good. And good to, to challenge yourself in the way you’ve done.

    Thin just a few days now until you are off again – what a lovely life.

    We had a cracker storm here last night – lots of early lightning and thunder, but then it seemed to move away. But at 11 pm down it came – in buckets. We brought Rosy in off the back verandah (covered and protected but I thought she may have been frightened). None of it! She was just delighted to get a bit of extra time with us. The little one left a jug in the courtyard (she plays with the water in the ponds, which fall over three levels) and there was 300 mls in it when I checked after the rain finally stopped.

    Good news this morning that my weight is down another little bit – so 5.2 kilos in all, half way through week 4. I’m now below my weight when I lost 15 kilos in 2018 so am happy.

    Here’s a funny thing though – last time I was strict no carb, and this time not so. Back then, my shape definitely was different at this weight….my stomach was a lot flatter, eg. When I’m not eating carbs, it’s my stomach and chin that go first. Not so with this higher carb Fast 800. Still, weight is weight, so I’ll take it, and as long as I keep losing, the bits I don’t like will go eventually.

    My Chinese neighbour brought me over some home-cooked food last night – some sort of rice wrapped in leaves and steamed…very popular in China and HK, and I’m betting it’s loaded with calories. Lo Mai Gai, I think it’s called …do you know that one Betsy? It seemed a bit of a reconciliation gesture, because she knew we were very unhappy about the trees. I made marmalade yesterday, so will share a jar with her. She’s a nice neighbour, despite her environmental vandalism 🙂

    Good morning,

    Tuesday already, I got through my Sunday fast day, and ate well yesterday. A bit jealous of Gday with no lump tum and bumps. But hooray for you. Sashay down the street, Gday!

    Lindsay, I am so glad the wonderful Nigerian stew has stood you so well, and that LJoyce passed on the Bean thread link.

    Woohoo, that lovely 4.9kg you don’t have to carry around any more. https://www.elwoodflowers.com.au/images/products/large/4317.jpg

    Ha, I haven’t watched the latest crop of Dr Mosley specials, and you make me glad. (It is that side of him that irritates one of my sisters so much that she won’t consider doing 5:2.)

    And ha again, good point about Vera, I think that is why I have been able to rewatch her so many times.

    Ooh LJoyce, Hooray for being back in your happy weight zone. https://cdn3.volusion.com/rccqg.lrbyh/v/vspfiles/photos/BQPPN010-2.jpg

    Such a beautiful skirt to celebrate! Well worth a bit of ironing. It looks such a lovely fabric.

    I bet you are enjoying those homegrown capsicum.
    A neighbour who moved house on the weekend gave me 5 unopened bags of potting mix! My garden is very pleased. And I have got my rocket, chard and matador spinach seeds started so I should be right for greens over winter.

    Enjoy those lovely walks at the best time of day.

    Thin, we are having our coolest February week for decades (I think they said since 1967 but I can’t find the quote so maybe not that long), blissful for me. I am glad to think of you preparing to go traveling again.

    Gday, they will be two interesting speakers! I loved Geoffrey Robertson right back to his Hypothetical Days. They had a big effect on me. A great humanitarian.

    And another scary toilet story.

    Well, I don’t know if I am still under par or if this is my new par, but I am still feeling quite crook, and so I am trying to do all the good things for my health, and taking it slow. Off to go and do some more of it (good things, and slow). Best wishes all.

    PS Lovely new post Lindsay. Thanks for asking after me <3 . Fingers crossed we hear from Penguin. I upgrade your bunch of flowers to celebrate OVER 5kg loss! Woot.
    Ooh I hope you can enjoy some of your neighbours beautiful food without going over 800.

    LJ, I love that skirt. Although it may have to be ironed, the style looks like it will be really easy to press. I like black and white because they go with most everything. That was a great find. Congrats on your weight loss! 4.4 kg is a lot. You did 800 calories everyday, right? I know some just do the 800 on FD’s.

    Gday, it’s good to hear that your OH is recovering, if it’s slow. I hope he’ll be able to relieve you of some of the work around the house and property soon.

    Lindsay, congrats on your weight loss. Hope the food gift from your neighbor didn’t mess up your eating plans. That sounds like a lot of rain. My dad used to say that lightning along with rain was good for the plants, that it added something. Not sure what though.

    After all the talk about outdoor loo’s, I was surprised to see this story on the news the other night https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/nation/2021/02/19/bear-hiding-under-alaska-outhouse-toilet-attacked-woman/4513841001/ A woman in Alaska apparently sat down on a toilet, not realizing there was a bear down the hole that either bit her or scraped her behind with his claws. I’m sure she will always look first from now on!

    Thin, I don’t think you have to worry about America’s First Amendment being in its death throes. Our first amendment guarantees that the government will not interfere with religion or free speech but companies such as Twitter, Facebook or others are private companies which have the right to censor anyone who posts things which go against the guidelines users agree to when signing up for the service. There are plenty of other sites where a person can post whatever they want, other than certain illegal things such as child pornography.

    Cinque, our posts must have crossed. You’re late today! (And I’m early.) G’day to you!

    Good evening all.

    I’ve had a busy day out today – mostly appointments and errands in Stirling (Adelaide Hills). I visited a nursery to use a voucher I was given for my last birthday (which was soon to expire) and found a suitable wide glazed pot that will allow me to put all of the little white orchids in the one bowl – which will sit in the centre of outdoor table for most of the year. I then had time to do a 45min walk before my appointment with the dietitian. The footpaths (where they exist at all) are so different to the concrete paths that I walk on around here: https://imgur.com/a/kjYTGBv Lovely in warm weather but it can be a bit wet and gloomy in mid-winter. I also had a haircut before heading off to do the grocery shopping. Far more things than I normally cram into one day.

    Cali, that bear story got a mention here too – I’m glad we don’t have to deal with that here. On my walk today I did a loop of the local cricket oval where a flock of galahs were eating lunch (probably grass seed). Only one of them stayed still long enough for me to get a photo for you.: https://imgur.com/a/xQff0Sz
    Yes I did do 800cal every day (except for one day where I had lunch out and probably ended up around 1200).

    Cinque thank you for the flowers – you remembered my favourite colour!
    I have just finished the last of the homegrown capsicum for dinner. This is all of them when I first stuffed and cooked them on Sunday https://imgur.com/a/fZftZXe they were really tiny – cherry tomato size and a bit irritating to stuff.

    Lindsay, well done on your weight loss, especially as you are lighter than 2018. That must feel so good. I loathe ironing and I stopped when I retired and could get rid of my professional wardrobe for easy wear casual clothes. If this skirt had been any other colour I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but the black & white is so easy to coordinate with.

    GDSA, I wouldn’t panic about the lack of weight loss, it sounds like you are already very trim and I suspect it’s just muscle toning that would offer improvement – you many not need to drop anymore weight. Hopefully the work placement in the gym may give you more opportunity to work on those muscles.
    That’s a very expensive office loo!
    Enjoy the Adelaide events you are attending, they both sound good.

    I spoke to the dietitian today about the evening eating, which is the main source of my unwanted extra food and calories and is the eating that never has a connection to hunger. She doesn’t think I need to change my food choices throughout the day, she’s happy with that. She said the evening eating is not a food issue, it’s self sabotage and I need a strategy to deal with it – a distraction was her advice. If it was day time I can just get out and go for a walk, but that doesn’t work in the evening. Her advice is that a task that occupies your mind and hands is the best choice, but not reading as it’s often not successful. Her suggestions were folding laundry, ironing (!!), other housework, art or crafts. Even just having a shower or bath and cleaning your teeth immediately after dinner can help set an end point to food. Now that I am well on the way to having my craft room sorted I can easily find craft project and will pull out some embroidery to work on when I’m next tempted by evening snacking. As I’m avoiding all after dinner food during lent it’s not currently a problem, but I’ll revisit this in April.

    As I am now down to 78kg I have changed this week’s eating plan to ease myself back into 5:2. I’m doing 5 days at roughly 1000-1200 cals and two 500cal days. Depending on what I weigh at the end of the week I’ll decide the next step for March. I am planning to add some serious gardening to my daily activity in autumn so I’m hoping that will help me improve both weight maintenance and general fitness and toning.

    Have a lovely evening all.

    Get well soon Cinque https://imgur.com/a/quyQs2i

    Good evening all, lovely to read all the posts.

    CalifDreamer,like LJoyce, I read about the lady in Alaska who was ?bitten?clawed by a bear resting under the seat in the outdoor dunny. Glad bears are not a problem over here, though like GDayfromSA, I also hate having spiders around. It doesn’t help that several Australian spiders are poisonous. Probably wouldn’t find them in a dunny, though. Redback spiders tend to lurk around outdoor wood piles, so not in a structure made of wood.

    LJoyce, lovely skirt! And what a good result from your restrained eating. Well done you. I am still trundling along, not really fasting, but am around 1 lb less than the start of the month. If I can be 1 kg down, that’s a start.

    Cinque, so sorry that you’ve not been well. You still manage to find lovely flower photos to share, which blesses us.

    Penguin, are you doing okay? Haven’t heard from you and wonder if you’ve just been busy settling into your new home. Are you still in lockdown?

    Thin, hope you get the boat chores done so you can plan your next adventure through the canals. Will you have to return for your second jab?

    LindsayL, brave of you to tackle the ironing again 🙂 I actually rather like ironing, but don’t think I’ve ironed anything for the past few years. There were a few garments hanging for years on a wardrobe door handle and I finally donated them last year to an op shop. I figured if I’d done without them for a few years, while they waited for me to iron them, I didn’t need them in the wardrobe.

    Not sure what the food was that your Chinese neighbour gave you. Sounds like it may be Cantonese (which I don’t speak) rather than Mandarin. Did it have a red or black bean paste inside the rice, then wrapped in leaves that form a kind-of triangle shape? If so, it is a traditional food called zongdza. I don’t think it’s traditionally made at Chinese New Year, though. Maybe on the 15th day of the new year? Or for mid-autumn festival? Though mooncakes are traditional then. Can’t remember now. Amazing the things that get forgotten, though it’s been more than 14 years now since I lived in China, so maybe I have some excuse.

    GDayfromSA, hope your practicum goes well. Sounds like it will be fun.

    Neilithicman, did the trip go well, without too many bike hassles?

    Jonykiwi, aggh! I saw that the Kiwis beat the Aussies in the first round. Oh well, congratulations (reluctantly! 🙂 )

    Stay well everyone. Let’s hope we’re all soon able to have the vaccine.

    Morning all, I’m now at my heaviest that I’ve been for ages, weighed in this morning at 92.7kg. I’m travelling tomorrow to get up to Mt Cook for the start of my ride, then when I get back I’ll go straight back to cutting out starch and sugar and dropping my calories back down. I’m going to ride just to and from work for a while so I’m not overdoing the exercise and I’ll see about trying to get my weight back down.

    Have a great week everyone

    Hello everyone,

    Cali, gday :D, after talking toilets with my sisters, one of them wrote about it on facebook and many of her friends contributed toilet paper stories (like only the rich people got to use telephone directories). Anyway, I went to link your bear story and facebook blocked it because it was news.
    They’re ending the news blocks, so I should try again.

    LJoyce, thankyou so much for such pretty flowers. And won’t little white orchids look beautiful on your table in their new pot.
    Aren’t natural paths so beautiful, and much easier on our joints, too.
    I can imagine that stuffing such little capsicum were fiddly, but wow, what fun they will be to eat.

    Great evening ideas from your dietician. I hope you find a lovely craft project to start.

    Betsy, yes, keep trundling. That is a great start. I’d be very happy with a steady kg a month. (No idea how I am doing, but I am slowly going down).

    I loved reading your memories of Chinese food related to New Year and other dates.

    Lindsay’s Lo Mai Gai was exciting for me because I made a similar glutinous rice dish this week from the old Terry Tan recipe book I found in an op shop. It had Chinese sausage and shiitake mushrooms in it and all cooked in stock. But it was steamed in little bowls. It was easier to make than I thought it might be, and very tasty. I used chorizo instead of Chinese sausage (needs must).
    I made three little Chinese bowls full which gave me three very yummy breakfasts. It seems a very flexible recipe and easy to add more vegetables in. (And an exciting change from my usual Indian/Middle Eastern/African bent).

    Neil, I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow, wishing you a wonderful ride. You might well come back 2 kg lighter. No more protein fat bombs until next marathon!

    Best wishes everyone.

    Hi all,

    Talking about spiders in my last post was possibly not a good thing. I was in my office doing some tidying up around the sewing table when I looked behind the table to see 4 huge hairy legs sticking out from behind a role of vinyl I had on the floor behind the table. The only time I use a chemical spray is for spiders, so I rushed to the car shed and grabbed a can of fly/spider spray but from the first second of spray and he/she ran away, under the role of vinyl and then to god knows where from there. So I made Mr GDay pull out all of the cupboards against the wall but to no avail, the predator went into hiding. I then made Mr GDay drive into town to buy a pack of those cans of insect spray things that you set off and they release a spray into the air to kill bugs. So we set 3 cans within a space of 4 metres (overkill) but still no trace of the offending critter the next morning when we surveyed the area. I’m on edge every time I enter the office now…….where is he/she lurking ? The room also stinks of chemicals now…..yuk. Incredible how one 8 legged creature can cause so much grief…..well in my world anyway.

    A milestone today…..Miss GDay turned 13. We now officially have a teenager in the house. Last night we had a pre-birthday meal with her dad and a few of her school friends and tonight after school is the cake and presents. Miss GDay and I made the cake on the weekend (she had to help make it of course otherwise would have missed out on licking the beaters and bowl) and then froze it to keep it fresh. I defrosted it today and iced it with her requested decorations etc. Mr GDay and I also decorated the house and front verandah with streamers, balloons, banners etc as a surprise when she gets home from school today.

    Must dash and put up the balloons on the front verandah as Miss GDay will be home soon. Couldn’t do it earlier as the heat/sun would make them pop. Most of her presents she has requested so she knows what she is getting but we have put in a few surprises as well. I learnt many years ago that buying her what I thought she would like was a mistake, much better to find out exactly what she wants and get that. Saves a lot of grief and money.

    Good afternoon fellow fasters.
    I’m doing my first 500cal FD in a little while and so far it been a very easy day – busy which helps a lot. My 1000-1200 days are also going well so far. I am planning meals ahead to around 800cals, so that I can just add an extra snack or piece of fruit etc. Last night I added a piece of sourdough to dinner (my first bread in nearly 3 weeks).

    Neil, I hope you have a fabulous trip. Enjoy the helicopter ride and the cycling. We’ll expect you back fit and healthy.

    GDSA, many happy returns to Miss GDSA. I hope you all have a lovely day.

    Cinque, if you are posting I hope that means you are feeling a bit better.
    The glutinous rice recipes are something I never attempt at home – eating out treats only for me. I don’t even own a bamboo steamer basket anymore. I actually think chorizo is much nicer than chinese sausage, so it’s an excellent substitute.

    Betsy, when I lived in the hills I kept finding redback spiders in my garden shed. I took to entering slowly armed with a rubber thong to do some serious whacking with.
    There is nothing wrong with getting back into better eating slowly. I could have done that, but I’m an impatient sort. I am joining you on the slow road this week though.

    I’m trying to get my menus for Sunday sorted out so that I can get any remaining shopping done Friday. I’m feeling a little worried that I’ve more than I can chew, hosting a brunch for 8 and dinner for 10 on the same day. I am tying to overlap things so that I can make larger amounts and use them for both events. I’ve changed my minds on what to make at least a dozen times. Time for some decisiveness I think.

    I planned an omelette for dinner but don’t feel like cooking. Thankfully the weather’s mild so I can be tempted to eat soup. I now have a serve of minestrone defrosting – no cooking required.

    Good evening, just home from babysitting and have eaten a little serve of coq au vin for dinner. Very yummy, but full of cream so I thought a half serve was advisable. I’ll have the other half for dinner tomorrow.

    Thin, I’m sure you have already heard this from your Perth friends – there’s a W.A. election next month. Not sure if you need to organise an absentee vote.

    I mostly have Sunday’s menus figured out – just debating about what to do with the egg white leftover from the key lime pie. I have a lot to do though and will start the baking tomorrow.

    Yesterday’s FD500 was very easy but staying around 1200 has been difficult today – I think I’m closer to 1400 today.

    I did a couple of loads of washing today, so I’m about to take the dietitian’s advice and fold clothes to stay away from snacks.

    Have a good evening all.

    Good morning

    Apologies for lack of posts but work is so crazy it making me crazy. All of my mindfulness has gone out the window but I’m not dwelling on that now

    My calendar tells me it is lovely LJ’s birthday today so I hope I got that right and if so HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LJ!!!! Also congrats on your recent loss

    Neil, have a wonderful trip

    G’day, I hope all of the birthday celebrations go well and now-adult Miss Gday has lots of fun. Thank goodness the Covid restrictions have been reduced to the point where you can celebrate pretty much normally

    Cinque, I hope you are feeling better

    Betsy, hang in there and doing things slowly is better than not doing it at all

    Lindsay, fabulous loss. I’m so happy for you and your friend

    Hi Cali, Thin, Jony and our lurking friends I have run out of time. Take care

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Anzac, you are a couple of days early but that’s ok. I really appreciate you taking time from your frantic schedule to post birthday wishes. I hope the pace at work eases off a little soon.

    Today I have another light NFD aiming to stay under 1200 and tomorrow will be a FD500. If my weight is good next week I will go back to normal 5:2 but I’m expecting some temporary damage from Sunday’s brunch and dinner.

    I have so much to do to be ready for Sunday I have had to write a schedule. I have today and tomorrow packed with cooking and cleaning tasks. I’ll need a rest next week.

    A quick hello,
    Happy birthday wishes to Miss Gday, it sounds like a hoot of a celebration.
    I totally relate to your present policy, it was the same with my daughter.

    What a pity you are so frightened of spiders, Gday… and not interested in living in a city apartment, 6 floors up, which is my SIL’s way of dealing with his spider phobia. (None come in!)

    LJoyce, hooray for an easy 500 calorie day, and sympathy for a hard next day.
    Hooray that you think chorizo was a good substitute for Chinese sausage as I wasn’t at all sure. I’ve never had Chinese sausage.
    Ooh is Sunday your birthday? Good luck with all the prep.

    Anzac, sending good wishes
    Lindsay I hope this week has gone well,
    Betsy, you too!
    Thin, are you scrubbing the poop deck?
    Penguin https://imgaz.staticbg.com/images/oaupload/banggood/images/20/C8/5399a9e1-4f27-4d06-b7dc-8e6bfedda835.jpg

    I see in Dr Mosley’s twitter he has just aired a documentary on UK TV called “How to stay a healthy weight” I presume we will see it to coincide with his speaking tour? Do you know Gday? Did you see it by chance Thin?

    I am a bit better, but putting life to the test by having Miss 6 overnight tomorrow. See you on the other side!

    Eat well and mindfully! Cheers all.

    Morning all, day one is in the books. I managed 112kms in around 5.5 hours in the saddle. Of course I had breaks in between the riding, plenty of photo ops and a decent break in Twizel for lunch. Yesterday I started around 9am and got to Ohau by 3:30pm. It’s supposed to be hot today so I’m hoping to get away not long after 8am so I can get the bulk of the ride done before it gets too hot.

    I’ll put up some pics when I get back.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Hello, I’m very behind with posts and have just skimmed the last couple.

    Cinque, have you been unwell? I hope you’re feeling much better and have a wonderful time with Miss Six. Yes, we have been taking advantage of amazingly warm weather (17C one day!) to prepare our boat for cruising next week. We’ve completed lots of maintenance jobs and, yes, a lot of scrubbing and cleaning. I don’t like the sound of those poop decks.

    Neil, glad you’re enjoying the ride.

    LJ, happy birthday for whenever it is. Were you a leap year baby by chance? We took ourselves off the electoral roll when we left Perth. Thanks for the reminder though. I gather there have been a couple of awkward moments in the Oz vaccine rollout but I hope you all get the right dose and soon.

    My four weeks of 5:2 are now complete with pleasing results and I’m hoping the increase in activity will keep me in the 58s as I plan to revert to 6:1 and try harder.

    Hope everyone is safe and well.

    Good morning all. I’m fasting today and have another busy day ahead of cooking and cleaning. I got half the baking done yesterday and all the prep for the side dishes. Today I need to finish the baking (meringues, key lime pie and chicken-feta sausage rolls) and then clean the house. Hopefully it will be an earlier finish than last night. I started cooking at 12:30 and didn’t stop until nearly 10pm. Good exercise through, that effort added 8000 steps to my day.

    Yesterday I made the roasted veg & pearl couscous salad and had to be restrained from eating a bit bowl full on the spot. I’ll definitely make that again, I hope the family likes it tomorrow. I hadn’t worked with pearl couscous before and was surprised at how starchy it was – similar starch release during cooking to short grain rice. Despite initially intending to cook it with the absorption method I realised I needed to add a lot more boiling water to the pot and would still need to rinse it at the end.

    Thin, I figured you probably didn’t need to vote – sensible when you are planning to be away for years.
    Not a leap year baby, my birth mother would have needed to remain pregnant another 2 years to achieve that.

    Cinque, I hope the time with your granddaughter is wonderful and not too tiring.

    Well I need to have a cuppa and then start cooking again. I get a break at lunch time as a friend is coming to go for a walk.

    Have a nice day all.

    Excellent work Neil, I hope you are enjoying the lovely mountain scenery.

    Happy Birthday, LJoyce! https://www.lovethispic.com/uploaded_images/334541-Happy-Birthday-Flowers-Gif.gif I hope today is a wonderful day!

    Morning all, well I’m finished my ride. I’m tired, sore, but extremely happy. Day 2 was a real mission full of highs and lows, both literally and figuratively. The day started with a 400 vertical meter climb over the first 10 kms. It wasn’t steep, but the track was really rough. It was just big rocks and loose stones so it took me almost 2 hours just to do the first 19 kms up and down the hill. Then I hit some loose gravel turning into a trail and came off my bike. I grazed my knee and palm and I think I jarred my shoulder, but nothing too serious. The new trail along lake Benmore was spectacular and more than made up for the rough morning I had. The day was 114 kms and took me over 6.5 hours.

    Day 3 was a relatively short day, 81 kms, but by the last 30kms the 3 days riding caught up on me and I was fast running out of steam. I managed to slog through it and completed the day in 4.5 hours.

    I’m having trouble uploading my pictures but I’ll try to get them done this evening. I’m back to work now for a rest, and I think I’ll give the cycling a miss for a few days so my aching legs can have some respite.

    Thin, congrats on the good results on 5:2 over the last month, hopefully you’ll continue the good results now you’re back on 6:1

    Happy birthday LJ.

    Hi everyone else who is lurking but not posting, I hope you all have a great day

    Hi all from a warm and partly sunny Bonnockburn!

    It’s lovely to read up on everybody’s busy lives and also how well most of you are doing on either 5:2 or 800. We, (OH on board too) are still on 800 with a TRE of 16:8 two meals a day and loving it. I have cooked a lot of recipes from the new book and there are some firm favourites, particularly the pork in cider vinegar & mustard, the creamy chicken and mushrooms and the cardamom chicken, but I think my all time fave has to be the Tuna and tomato stuffed capsicum, heavenly! I am concentrating a little more on the macros this time around instead of just the end result calories and it is making a differnce, we are losing steadily, some weeks better than others, but are still going down which is the main thing, I am sure you will hear me shout when I reach the 70kg goal, no matter where you may be!

    Your trip sounded great Neil, we did the A2O last Feb with friends from the UK, but at a more leisurely pace of 6 days cycling so good on you doing it in 3. Coming down Ohau my friend broke her derailleur which we think was caused by the loose rocks on that section of trail, fortunately the bike company drove in and swapped her bike out. Did you stay at Lake Ohau Lodge? I think resting those legs are definitely required now, well done.

    Good luck getting back out into the canals Thin, bet you are chomping at the bit? Amazing how it doesn’t matter how small your house is, it still needs maintenance and cleaning! Sounds like you’ll be getting some veggies and herbs planted soon with the sub tropical weather you have been experiencing of late? Well done for getting back to the 58’s, so where I want to be, one day….

    I hope the parties went well LJoyce and everyone enjoyed all that lovely tasty food you prepared, made me hungry just reading it! I think a couple of days of rest should be enjoyed now.

    I hope you are feeling better Cinque, I feel our messages may cross, so enjoy another coffee and do little of anything else.

    Feeling for you being so crazy with work Anzac, just concentrate on what you do best and let the food look after itself, control what you can, no use trying to control what you can’t? At least you are still WFH which must be a blessing for you.

    I can’t quite believe March has rolled around again, not quite sure where last year went? The local farmer has just bought his sheep down from the hill and one of his working dogs is barking like crazy, must be chuffed with himself for a job well done. It is so quiet and peaceful here, with ever changing mountain views, I think I could stay a while. Might just go for a walk up the hill and see if I can get a photo to show you, and work up an apetite for dinner.

    Cheers, Turn

    Just popping in for a quick hello before I have to go to get the children, so apologies if I miss replying to some posts.
    My news, in order of importance (haha), is that my beautiful Rosy won Best of Breed at the Gundog and Large Breeds Championship show on Saturday. It was quite a win, because she is totally untrained (I hang my head in shame), and it was her first show. A very kind woman I met through the breeder found us a handler who did an exceptional job. The same woman then took Rosy into the Best of Group challenge – which was extremely generous, as Rose had just beaten her champion dog for Best in Breed.
    My second bit of good news is that after 4 weeks on Fast800, I have lost 6.3 kilos. I’m almost a couple of kilos under my lowest weight in 2018, although I still want to lose another 10. Unortunately I have found I am losing quite a lot of hair – has this been a problem for anyone else?

    Now, posts, as I remember them.

    LJ Happy birthday for yesterday – I hope your day was wonderful.
    Gday nice to have a teenager in the house – such happy times.
    Turn, how lovely to read your post and hear all your news. You are doing so well, and your life seems idyllic.
    Neil, woo hoo for your marathon bike ride – you should be very proud of it, especially when you think where you were just a couple of years ago.
    Thin, good work on getting 5:2 back to where you want to be. I’m thinking you’re leaving the marina today – happy motoring.
    Calif, I ended up tossing the Chinese food. It was gluggy – at another time I would have relished it. But OH didn’t like it, and I didn’t want to eat it. A shame, but she will never know. Betsy it was, I think, a food more commonly found in HK, but I’ve also seen it in China (she’s from the north) and another Chinese friend used to make them too.
    How are you going Anzac? Keeping your head above water?
    And you, Calif. Are you getting out and about a little more, now the vaccines are rolling out?
    And finally, dear Cinque. I hope you are feeling better, and your GD didn’t wear you out. A special kind of tiredness, I think, that the little ones give us.
    We had the 4 here yesterday as DS and I collected honey, and DD brought her girls over for a play. My house looks like a cyclone has been through. A special morning, though.

    OK I should press on. Happy day to lurkers and posters.


    Kia ora, fasters!

    Time for a quick log-in. We’re replacing the carpet in most of our house on Thursday and wifey casually mentioned yesterday she had pledged to lift all the old carpet and underlay to cut costs. Whoa! Down to the workshop to grab some tools and into it – and we’ve been into it for two days. I jumped on a Facebook Dunedin sales site last night and sold the nice wool carpet from one room – just back from delivering it, so it’s all go.

    Last week my new Shark Bell bike buddies enjoyed a ride with a difference, pedalling over 40km and enjoying a trip across Otago Harbour with their bikes. Numbers were such that I split them into two groups and they shared the ferry, with one group going Port Chalmers-Portobello before the other pack went the other way. Although it seemed a bit like organising the D-Day invasion, everything went well and no expensive e-bikes fell off the boat’s bike rack and plunged to the bottom of the harbour. Obviously, I took the photos during the D-Day bit.

    My wife and I really enjoyed the NZ-Aust T20 cricket match here in Dunedin last Thursday. It was a thrilling match, won by the Kiwis in the last few balls, so we left the ground very happy about our team’s 2-nil series lead. Of course the Auckland covid blowout has stuffed things up for the rest of the planned series, which involves one-days as well as T20’s. Even down here we’re now back to level 2 restrictions and we’re getting shirty about any Aucklanders who manage to hop on a plane and fly down here. We love it down here without covid!

    My 5:2 regime is plodding along. Last week I had a hiccup (no, I wasn’t gulping fizzy lemonade) when I transferred my second FD for the week from Thursday (cricket international) to Friday, not realising we were going out for dinner for a family birthday. The venue – an Indian restaurant. I’m a fan of soppy Indian curries, soaked up by garlic naan bread, so my fasting for most of that day was more than counterbalanced by the evening’s repast.

    My attempts to fast on Saturday were also torpedoed when family arrived unexpectedly in the afternoon and my wife shouted pizza, which looked absolutely delicious. I guess rules are made to be broken. I’ve still lost 10kg since I started about 20 weeks ago so I’ve made some gains.

    I guess to stick to the 5:2 regime strictly, one would have to become a monk living a solitary life. I reckon that would be dead boring and I make no excuses for enjoying visits by family – they make the world go round!

    Ka kite, John

    Lindsay, how exciting that Rosy won Best of Breed at the Gundog and Large Breeds Championship! That was her first show, right? I am not surprised because she is such a beautiful dog. Congrats to you and OH. Congratulations also on your 6.3 kilo weight loss. That’s a lot for 4 weeks!

    Cinque, I hope you are feeling better. It looks like your temperatures are cooling a bit for the next week. Ours are getting closer, but still quite a bit cooler at night. We had our furnace go out for a few days. Luckily we have a propane fireplace in the familyroom that keeps that room warm but had to use a small electric heater in the bird’s room which had to be monitored during the night because it doesn’t have an automatic thermostat. Thankfully the furnace guy was able to diagnose the problem and order and install a new blower and control panel yesterday and it was all covered under warranty. We had roof repairs done on Friday to repair that leak. Fingers crossed that water isn’t getting in anywhere else. With houses it’s always something, isn’t it?

    Neil, your bike trip sounds like it was fun and you saw some nice areas. It sounds like a lot of work pedaling up those steep slopes, but great exercise. I bet a nice hot bath would make your sore legs feel better. Can’t wait to see the photos.

    Thin, I bet you’re happy to be able to resume your canal travels again. Congrats on finishing a month on 5:2 and getting solidly into the 58’s again.

    Anzac, hope you are surviving your hectic work schedule. At least you are able to do it mostly from home. That has to make it a little easier, even with the sometimes long hours.

    LJ, it sounds like your birthday celebrations were a great success, even if they involved a lot of cooking and baking on your part. At least you got some good exercise along with all that wonderful food!

    Turn, it’s lovely to hear from you again. The 800 plus 16:8 sounds like it’s working very well for you and OH. Which new book are you talking about? They aren’t always released as quickly here.

    I’ve just read that 16% of Californians have had at least their first Covid jab, and 6.6 have had both. We go for our 2nd jab late next week. It’s been 10 days since the first one already. Three friends who’ve had their 2nd Pfizer vaccine over the last part of the week had almost no side effects except for a little arm soreness. That’s good to know.

    Hope all of you have a good rest of your day.

    I’ve figured out how to get the pics off my Ipod so here is the album of my trip


    Turn, great to hear from you again, yes I stayed at Ohau lodge and it was an awesome night.

    Lindsay, everyone thinks their pet is the best…but you have proof 😉 Well done Rosy for taking out the competition

    John, I had a free ticket to the cricket but I had to give it away because it was on the day I was travelling up to Mt Cook, looks like I missed a great game.

    Cali, good luck for your jab. Hopefully the steady dispersion of the vaccine will soon lead to a reduction in cases and deaths.

    Have a great one everyone.

    Good evening all. It’s the start of a new month and new resolutions 🙂

    Happily, some of my doctorate work is now getting done, so I don’t feel so stressed, and if I can just organise a bit more sleep at night, the eating should fall into a better pattern. I ended the month 0.4 kg UP on the start of the month, but I’m not too concerned about that, as I did eat a big pasta dish (which I didn’t enjoy much, either!) the evening before weigh-in, and it usually takes me about 2-3 days to lose the fluid gain caused by carbs. Yes, I shouldn’t be eating pasta anyway, but I had this packet in the pantry and didn’t want to throw it out – famous last words! I am determinedly staying within the mildly obese range and not going higher. From tomorrow, the direction will be down.

    Turnabout, how lovely to hear from you; it’s been a while. Sounds like you’re doing really well with the cooking and weight control/ loss. Well done you.

    Jonykiwi, yes, alack, the Aussies are 2 down to the Kiwis. Sad that the lockdown over your way is affecting the events.

    Neilithicman, loved the photos, and what a great ride. Now it’s time to settle back into a more regular pattern, until the next planned trip.

    LJoyce, belated birthday wishes for the weekend. I hope you had a lovely time. You’ve been doing well in getting your weight down again, so I hope you’ll be able to settle back into just 5:2 soon. Redback spiders – scary!

    LindsayL, yay for Rosy! What a great result, and not surprising, as she’s a beautiful dog. Maybe a bit more maturity? You must have been chuffed!

    Anzac65, hope your time will come soon to “smell the flowers”!

    CalifDreamer, so glad you’ll have your second Covid-19 jab very soon. That will be such a relief for you. Great that your furnace repairs were covered by warranty.

    Cinque, I hope you survived the overnighter by miss 6. I’m sure she was excited to stay over with you. Have your energy levels gradually increased again?

    G’DayfromSA, maybe slight overkill with the 3 bugsprays, but I do sympathise. I try to leave spiders alone outside, but inside, yes, straight for the flyspray.

    Thin, great that the weather allowed you to do boat maintenance, in preparation for moving on.

    Good night all. Hope tomorrow is a great day!

    Good afternoon all.
    Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I did have a lovely day, but have been paying the price for overdoing it. A wall of fatigue landed on me yesterday, accompanied by a lot of aching foot and leg joints (far too many hours on my feet cooking). Today is not much better and I still have a persistent headcahe. Not helped by my RA treatment today which brings it’s issues. I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow

    I will write longer later, but I wanted to share this story with you.
    Among the many lovely gifts I received was a unique one from my youngest great niece and nephew. They have a butterfly bush in their yard and a monarch butterfly hatched on it Sunday. So they put it in a bowl and brought it over to me so I could release it as special birthday present. What an amazing gift. https://imgur.com/a/ELsGvRD This is a photo of the lovely creature which decided to spend a few hours on one of my potted plants after release. Some things just make your heart sing.

    Morning all, wow, it’s been a bit quiet here recently.

    Weigh in today, and despite consuming around 5000-6000 calories a day while I was cycling, I still managed to drop half a kilo to 92.2 kgs. I’m going to concentrate on getting my weight back down now. Now that I’m not doing excessive exercise I can start doing my fast days again. I’m going to try getting a head start by doing back to back fast days tomorrow and Friday. Sugar and starchy carbs are back off the menu now as well.

    Ljoyce, That’s wonderful, it shows that the best presents aren’t always ones that fill your house with stuff. I hope you’re feeling better today.

    Hi Betsy, you and I, March is going to be our month! Great that you’re getting some of the doctorate work done.

    Have a great day everyone

    It has been quiet Neil …I thought I must have turned off the automatic notification. Well done on the ride, and your weight loss even with those extra calories.

    Cinque, hoping to hear from you later, to know you are okay. Not like you not to spread your sunshine each day, which of course makes us hope you are not unwell.

    Jony a 10 kilo loss is something to cheer about! And what does it matter, the time frame, as long as you are nicely losing and enjoying your life….which seems to be exactly what you are doing. Your family sounds a delight, and your bike group a terrific community activity. I didn’t know there was a ferry from Port Chalmers to Portobello. We drove to both last year and so enjoyed it. It was a warm sunny day when we went to Portobello, and we peeled off our long sleeves and had our picnic on benches overlooking the water.

    Calif, good to know that you will have had your second jab by now. What a scary 12 months it’s been. And yes, it was Rosy’s first show ….I was surprised she was chosen over very mature dogs which were heavier both in coat and frame, but each judge has their own preference, and clearly this one liked Rose’s sleek lines and elegant head.

    Betsy she is calming down a little, but was very flighty in the ring, looking around for us all the time. She’ll mature, but they take a long time.

    LJ that is the most beautiful, caring gift. How well your family must know and love you. Very moving.

    Betsy, good for you for moving ahead with your doctorate. Won’t you feel wonderful, when you submit, and get to stand on the stage in your fancy Elizabethan hat!

    OK time to clean up the mess from the honey harvest. It’s a sticky job, but oddly for someone who can’t stand dirty hands, not one I mind. We got 8 kilos of honey from just 3 bars on Sunday. We have to go back and do the other side of the hive very soon – we just didn’t have enough room in the honey container to fit all the comb. Such busy little….bees.

    Enjoy your day all.

    I’ve missed chatting here. Dreadful night with Miss 6, she slept badly, everything made trickier by her cat phobia so needing to keep Miso the cat separated, and she didn’t get back to sleep after her 3:30 waking.
    I looked after myself well, but Miss 4 wanted her turn of Grandma time, and I was ready to get out of the house yesterday (luckily she didn’t want an overnight). Back to a recovery day today, but typing while I drink my coffee.

    I haven’t managed to 5:2 this week, yet. I am hoping I can tomorrow.

    Thin, sigh, my CFS has been worse lately and my health just doesn’t pick up as much as it used to do if I had a few quiet days.
    I read some research yesterday (very small research but aligned with some previous research) that indicated that with ME/CFS there is vascular inflammation after exercise. I wonder if taking an anti inflammatory when I do my little bit of HIIT skipping each week might mean I am not so crook afterwards?

    Cheers for your excellent 5:2ing https://i.pinimg.com/736x/9c/5f/0b/9c5f0bbbb564d145ce483a6524ef38af.jpg
    Best wishes for a seamless move to 6:1.

    Neil, big congratulations for such a successful bike trip and I do hope the nasty grazes are healing nicely. It was terrific to look through the photos.
    You will enjoy your low carbs and easy life (until your next challenge!).

    Turn, always a treat to see you post!
    Cheers to you and Mr Turn with those yummy dishes and a great downward trajectory in that body fat you really don’t need.
    I’m drinking a lovely coffee as I write, thankyou 🙂
    Say hello to the mountains from me.

    Lindsay, go Rosy! I must say, she has always looked like an award winning beauty.
    And your bees are so wonderful too!

    Jony, yikes! pulling up carpet. I bet the new stuff looks great though.
    Your bike group is truly answering a need, may its success continue!
    Luckily with 5:2, when a fast day collapses, the next one is waiting ready and enthusiastic for you!

    Cali, Oh I have been so happy about the weather here! Except there has been no rain, and all the seeds I planted might have died with my ad hoc watering. But apart from that, it has made everything easier.
    Hooray that it is so close to your second jab. It is wonderful just how successful the vaccines are showing themselves to be. I just hope everyone can hold the line a few more months until it is really safe to relax and get back to life as usual.

    Betsy, hooray for a big step forward with your doctorate, I hope you can get up some speed now, no more sticky bits bogging you down!
    You have done so well to maintain your weight through the tricky times when you couldn’t be losing. All power to you this month.

    LJoyce, have you had a gentle time recovering from your cooking marathon, your party and your infusion? Sending good wishes.
    Oh my, what a special gift, that newly hatched butterfly! I can’t think of a more special birthday present.

    Okay, time to go. Lucky my ‘just 3 things’ does make headway.

    Best wishes

    Good afternoon lovely people.
    Sorry for the absence this week. I have slowly managed to crawl out from under that wall of fatigue that landed on me Sunday night. It was a useful reminder of the consequences of overdoing it. Trying to cater two events in one day was idiotic and I mustn’t do that again.

    Cinque, it seems I’ve handed the fatigue baton on to you. I hope you are also recovering from granddaughter time and poor sleep.

    Lindsay, I’m amazed at the volume of honey you seem to harvest from that hive. Does it just keep your family supplied or do you have to find other homes for it?
    Congratulation to you and Rosy on her big win.
    Losing hair when on 800cal for an extended time – yes it’s common. Feeling cold all the time, dry flaky skin and nail growth issues are also common. Before I came to 5:2 I did about 5 months on 800cal (using meal replacement products) and I had all these issues as did most of the others on the same program with me. It will go back to normal when you consistently increase your calorie intake. I think when you are eating at such a consistently low calorie level, you body prioritises keeping you alive and doesn’t put energy into non essentials like hair. Hair, skin and nails are particularly vulnerable because they are fast growing cells.

    Thin, have you headed out to the high seas yet? (Well out of the marina at least.)

    Neil, I’m trying to imagine what 6000 calories even looks like in terms of food. I can’t get my head around a number like that (lots of energy dense things like nuts I assume). You must have burned it off if you lost weight. I hope getting back into your normal pattern can help you get back to the 80s as you prefer.
    Fabulous photos – I hope those grazed knees have healed.

    Betsy, wonderful to hear that you are making progress on your doctorate. It’s been such a hard slog for you in the last year, it must feel good to see yourself making real progress. I hope you continue in that vein.

    Cali, won’t it be wonderful to know you are fully vaccinated. I know it doesn’t open things up completely for you, but it should bring some new options and more importantly reduce some of the anxiety about visits to the supermarket, pharmacy, doctor etc.

    Jony, I had a giggle at your description if the bike ride as like organising D-day. I hope it was a fun day out.
    Family events can torpedo the best laid fasting plans. There are always others days where you can do a catch up.

    Turn, it sounds like you and your husband are doing very well with fast 800. I agree, getting the balance right and not just the calories is important to deal with hunger. Are you still touring around in the caravan?

    Anzac, I hope work hasn’t buried you again.

    I’ve hd some reassuring news. I had an appointment with my rheumatologist Monday and finally had the chance to ask her about the covid vaccine’s suitability for me. None of the vaccines are live, so I can have any of them. The only negative is that I have to suspend my treatment for RA for a time after each dose so that the vaccine can do its job. It means a likely flare up in RA symptoms, but in my opinion it’s worth it. It also means I would find the AZ vaccine much easier as there is a much longer gap between the two doses which gives me better recovery time and two short periods away from my RA treatment rather than one long one.

    I’m fasting today. I’ve just had a banana and a handful of raspberries and I’ve taken a tub of minestrone out of the freezer for dinner (after babysitting).

    Take care all.

    Hello friends

    Many days without posting, my apologies but I am crazy busy as usual and also not feeling very positive so I tend to not post when I’m feeling this way. This is to avoid sharing negativity unnecessarily

    I’m glad you had a nice birthday LJ but so sorry you overdid it. Glad you are feeling a bit better. What an absolute cracker of a gift.

    I hope you too are starting to feel better Cinque

    Neil, what a trip. Good luck getting back on board with fasting

    Yay for Rosy’s win Lindsay! I was very surprised that she would win at such a young age. But she is totally and utterly beautiful so how could they not

    Jony and Neil – the Aussies finally had a win last night in the 20/20 cricket. May it continue

    Good luck with your new resolutions for March Betsy. I need to do the same but it ain’t happening right now

    Cali, I am working 100% full time from home and for that I am daily and eternally grateful. I hope it can continue. Glad temps are starting to warm up there; our weather is all over the place at the moment. Monday was very hot and Tuesday was positively cold. Yesterday mid-range and today quite hot – 28 again. I guess this is just the change of seasons

    Lovely to hear from you Turn!

    I hope to have a big catch up on the weekend because I have only been able to skim your lovely posts. I worked all weekend last weekend as I was given a few days notice that they had to bring training of the London users forward so I had no option but to prepare my training pack on the weekend. The training started at 7.00pm my time both nights (Tues and Wed) and as an early birdie I was exhausted afterwards. Anyway what can you do but soldier on

    Enough from me, take care and chat soon

    Good evening all. I’m sitting on the couch with laptop on…. you guessed it, my lap, while Wilbur is curled into a little ball next to me. Too cold lately for him to prefer to be outside during the evening. He’d rather be ON my lap, but takes what he can get 🙂

    Jonykiwi and Neilithicman, after 2 losses, we Aussies came good, so not a total cricket bloodbath! Neil, hope you manage your B2B fasts and start to see those scales go downwards a little again. Of course, the extra could just be muscle, so it depends on how the clothes feel.

    Anzac65, so sorry to read of all those wretched evening Zoom sessions that are tiring you out. Hope it’s better soon.

    Talking of better – Cinque, is your CFS settling down now? My friend with CFS has been really troubled with it lately, too. How sweet that both your granddaughters want their “Nanna”-time. Enjoy it while it still happens. But, they do still have a ways to go before they reach teenager status, so you’ll have several more years of enjoying them wanting to be with you rather than social media and friends.

    LJoyce, what a lovely butterfly gift for your birthday! Is the pain settling down at all yet. Good news that it’s okay for you to have the vaccine once it’s released to your “group”. SA does seem to be vaccinating at a far more efficient rate than Victoria.

    LindsayL, more “home-grown” honey – yum! Sounds like the bees are finding plenty of blossom around, even if a lot of the foliage next door has been removed.

    Okay, showing very slow decline on the scales, but I’ll take what I can get. Meanwhile, transcripts are calling me. Hope to finish a further one tonight, which will mean 10 down, 15 to go – 40% there, yay!

    Best wishes to everyone else who hasn’t posted since my last post.

    Goodnight, sleep tight, everyone.

    Good morning,
    Fast Day!
    And I am working hard for the next few days to get my home ready for my three sisters to visit on Monday and stay the night. It is a squeeze in my little flat (and at the moment you can’t even get into the spare room) but it might be the last time we can all stay together here (all worried we will wake each other up with snoring and toilet visits) so we are just going to make the most of it.
    I’m feeling recovered enough from grandmothering to start attacking housework.

    LJoyce, glad you are getting a bit of oomph back. I hope today is easy.

    So good to understand the hair, nails and skin symptoms of longer term low calorie eating, but I thought the 800 calories were meant to mitigate that, and that the energy the body is getting from stored fat was meant to do the work? It’s complicated, I guess.

    Hooray to hear your suitability for the vaccine.
    I’ve let go of your fatigue baton, and grabbed your fast day baton!

    Anzac. I really hope you can soon start looking for a job with similar pay but much, much, MUCH better conditions. This must be so bad for all the employees health!
    Good luck getting it all done, though.
    I’m so looking forward to a big catch up from you, but rest and recuperate on the weekend too!

    Betsy, and Wilbur! hello,
    Slow and steady wins the race. Hoping 5:2 is so easy and sustainable for you it isn’t a problem to keep going until it is time to start figuring out maintenance.
    There is something nice about losing so slowly that you can wear and say goodbye to clothes as they get too big for you, and gradually fit into the lovely new ones.

    Hooray for another transcript done.

    Haha, yes you are so right about enjoying the kids while they are little and want nothing better than time with grandma.

    Okay, I am off to do some steady tidying, and then settle down to as many ‘just 3 things’ as I can manage.

    Happy mindful eating today! Don’t forget to drink water!

    Morning all. A quick post – I’m about to head out to grandparents’ morning at my little man’s school. He’s a Grade 1 boy now – so big.
    And just back – he was delightful. He had been asked to buddy a little 5 year old who’s just moved from Canberra, and because my little chap had two grandmothers there solemnly told me his friend didn’t have a grandmother, so would I help out. I was delighted to be his surrogate GM for a morning.
    Good news this morning is my weight is down a little more – so that makes it 6.8 as I near the end of week 5 of the Fast800 eight weeks.
    Last night could have been fraught – but wasn’t. My dear son bought me a cheesemaking class as part of my Christmas gift, and he and I went together. He was going to buy it for my OH and me, but OH is just not interested, and DS is, and we do have such fun together. It was great – a wonderful introduction to yoghurt and cheese making, and some tasting, but just little mouthfuls, which were manageable.
    Off to the island tonight – OH has been there since Monday, and although I’ve loved the serenity here at home alone depite missing him, and I’ve managed to get quite a lot done. He went over to check on a dog door we had had inserted for Rosy ….which on the first and second attempts only opened one way! Now it works, but only after taking the door hardware off (lock, and magnetic door stop) and replacing it with flatter versions. Yikes!
    Great you are powering through your transcripts Betsy. Finding stuff that you hadn’t heard during the interviews? And yes, my girls are hugely productive and there’s lots of blossom around. I feel we’ll have to harvest again in a couple of weeks – the hive was very crowded and I don’t want them swarming. Then possibly just one more harvest before winter, depending on the weather.
    The funny thing about the tree lopping next door is that the huge leopard tree they took half down has already started to sprout – reinforcing OH’s comment that she’ll need the loppers back next year.
    To answer your question LJ, it’s really only OH who eats honey in this household …I find it too sweet, except occasionally on a bowl of Greek yoghurt with almonds and a teaspoon of honey over the top. But part of the joy of beekeeping for me is giving it to family and friends – three brothers, their families, son, daughter, etc and they all appreciate that it is naturally grown and not adulterated in any way. These big harvests keep us all going over the lean winter months.
    Thank you too LJ for your follow up to my question about hair loss. It is very concerning for me. I remember when I did the Modifast all those years ago, my hair fell out in clumps, and I recall something similar with thinning hair when I moved to China 15 years ago … but there it was the change of diet, rather than reduced diet!
    Cinque, I’m sorry your health isn’t good at the moment. The little ones provide their own joy, but can be very tiring. I hope your rest days help make you stronger.
    Oh dear Anzac – that job! Is the end in sight?
    There will probably be a heap of posts by the time I get to posting this ….it has after all taken me 5 hours to write.
    Best wishes all, for a wonderful, stress free, healthy and happy weekend, doing lots of what brings you joy.

    Good evening all. Cinque, I’m glad you are getting some of your energy back, just in time to clean and organize for your sister’s visits. That sounds like it will be a good time, and hopefully not too tiring. Is it a special occasion or just a time when you could all schedule a visit? It sounds like Miss 6 isn’t quite over her sleep issues when she comes to visit. No wonder you were exhausted.

    LJ, what a beautiful and thoughtful gift of the emerging monarch butterfly from your great niece and nephew. It’s nice that it stayed around for a while on your outdoor plants. I’m happy to hear that you’re cleared for the vaccines and that they’re starting to administer them there. We go for our second one next Thursday.

    Betsy, glad to hear you are getting your transcripts done and still managing some weight loss.

    Neil, thank you for posting all of those lovely photos of your ride. You live in a truly beautiful country with so many wide open spaces.

    Anzac, it sounds like work is just as crazy when you’re working from home as when going into the office. But at least you don’t have to deal with the commute.

    It’s only getting a bit warmer but the two fruitless pear trees in front of the house are just starting to open their white blossoms. They should be in full bloom within the week. They’re the first trees on our garden to bloom each year and it makes it feel like Spring is coming.

    Lindsay, you seem to get lots of honey from your hive. Eating it with plain yogurt is one of the best ways to enjoy it.

    Good morning,
    I got a lot done yesterday, and I am feeling good after a day of eating low carb veg (and one chicken piece and some cuppas).

    Lindsay, ooh, what a lovely grandparent’s day.
    I am so glad the cheese making went so well. Did I tell you my niece is into it in a big way this last year or so (they have a dairy farm). This is her: https://www.facebook.com/MeadridgeMade
    I am not a mad cheese eater, but I do wish I lived close enough to her to get to taste some of her cheeses.

    Thanks for the good wishes for my health, they are working! Hooray!

    Cali, yes, one sister is starting her holidays and will be in Melbourne one night, so the rest are coming too!

    Pear blossom is so beautiful. Enjoy!

    And yes hooray for a drizzle of honey on yoghurt.

    Klondi disappeared again! I’ve been feeling so crook I missed it. Are you reading Klondi? Sending good wishes.

    Best wishes everyone for a good weekend.

    Good morning all.

    Cinque, it sounds like you are overdoing it again, but enjoy being surrounded by your sisters.
    I spent a bit of time scrolling through the facebook page of your niece – such yummy cheeses. I loved her question “Cheesecake is an acceptable dinner right?”

    Cali, glad to hear that your temperatures are finally warming up a bit. Here it’s still high 20s, which is what we had for most of summer. The difference though is that the mornings are now much cooler and it takes longer to get to the high temp for the day.

    Lindsay, have a lovely break on the island. Hope you and your OH come back feeling rested and refreshed.

    Besty, any loss is good and having the scales head downward after a period of heading up is a blessing. I’m sure you will settle quickly back into your old 5:2 routine.

    I spent Friday in the city. Caught up with previous work colleagues for lunch and went to my favourite bakery in the central market for sourdough loaves. Unfortunately when I arrived home I couldn’t stop eating the fresh bread. I must have consumed close to half a loaf by the time I finally put it in the freezer. I had to abandon my dinner plans because I was so full from all that bread. I haven’t been much eating bread over the previous month so I think it was a reaction to that deprivation – and also that I never really have much self restraint around fresh bread. It’s a good thing that I only buy or make fresh loaves a couple of times a month.

    I finally got to T2 and bought their “All Day Breakfast” Tea to try. It’s the first decaffeinated black tea that they have ever sold – about time too! As I try not to have caffeine after 5pm I’m always on the lookout for a decent decaf tea – they are hard to find. I tried it after dinner last night and it’s quite nice. It’s weaker than other breakfast teas – that’s normal for all decaf teas – I think they lose some of the flavour when removing the caffeine. I intend to buy a vanilla pod to stick in the tin with the tea leaves to give it a little more flavour.

    Sunday FD for me. I have a bowl of minestrone for dinner and a banana and raspberries this afternoon if I need them.

    Good morning from an overcast morning on the River Trent with the promise of sunshine. We’ve been busy but I did stop in one day last week to catch up on everyone’s news. Thanks to those who asked, yes, we left the sardina to quite a bit of fanfare from our neighbour boaters. Unwarranted really as we only cruised a few hundred years upstream before mooring again but the view improved markedly as did our sense of freedom. We are now on our way to nowhere in particular. As constant cruisers, lockdown rules allow us a special privilege to move for essential services including water, diesel, food, medicines, repairs.

    Cinque, I do hope you are feeling better. For you not to post, you must have felt very fatigued. Just tell us how you are faring when you can and don’t worry about responding to everyone else.

    LJ, good that you’ve sorted out the jab options. Here, the over 50s are now being offered a vaccine. School returns tomorrow in the first phase of exiting our lockdown. The first of the European countries is working out how to welcome Britons back for tourism.

    CalifD, what a relief for you three to get your second doses. It does mean that we’re less likely to become seriously ill should we contract covid. But we haven’t changed our behaviour since we see the vaccination programme as a nationwide effort rather than individual protection. The continuing success of our vaccination fightback provides the perfect opportunity for variants to develop so we must remain cautious until the adult population has been vaccinated.

    Anzac, are you considering another job? I gleaned this from someone else’s post.

    Lindsay, I read about Rosy, well done. Have a relaxing time at the island.

    Betsy, nice to have you back.

    Neil, Jony, hello to you both. Shout out to Penguin.

    Here’s the sun, time to get on with my Sunday FD. I’m making a big vegetable stew for dinner. I hope yours went well LJ.

    Good afternoon everyone

    Another stunning day in Sydney; we are having a run of sunny warm days without it being too hot. A lot of rain is coming this week but we do need it.

    I had a whole weekend off and I feel like a new person. Saturday I did a lot of cooking – both for the freezer and for dinner. Mr Anzac said he had a hankering for some of my pork and prawn steamed dim sims so I obliged along with peking duck pancakes and duck san choy bau. Sunday was housework and several long swims and relaxing with a book. Nice!

    Thin, no I’m not looking for another job despite it being horrendously stressful. It is the same in every place I work (apart from the lovely Canadian Bank who have sadly closed down. Boo – there goes my backup plan) as it is the nature of the work, not so much the place. I choose this work so I have no-one but myself to blame. I love the freedom of working pretty much solo and of course being able to WFH permanently is everything to me. My boss gave me a formal recognition last week and it gets sent to everyone in both the project and the business teams we are working for. A whole heap of other people chimed in with such lovely comments I actually cried. It makes everything much more bearable when you realise you actually are making a difference and being appreciated. This all said, my contract is up in 6 weeks (end of April) and two other really good contractors are finishing up at the end of March when their contracts are up as there are budget issues. So I might be looking for another job after all

    I’m glad you have been able to continue cruising Thin. It sounds amazing

    LJ, bread is my nemesis too and a freshly baked loaf cannot be ignored. I think you did well to get as much as you did in the freezer.

    So glad you are feeling better dear Cinque and your catch-up with your sisters’ will be lovely. Isn’t it great that we have come so far that we can now travel interstate again. We still have our trip to Fiji booked for October but I’m starting to lose hope that it will come about that soon.

    Yes Klondie, where did you go? Come back please, we miss you

    How beautiful those two fruitless pear trees sound Cali. Glad you have had your second vaccine, you must feel very relieved.

    My heart melted at your story of your Grandma surrogacy Lindsay. What a lovely gesture from your grandson.

    Hi to everyone else, I have run out of time.

    Anzac, how nice to get that recognition. You deserve it. I hadn’t read anything in your posts about looking for other work but I must have misunderstood someone else’s post. Shame about the Canadian Bank. My DD has been working mad hours since taking up this first post. It’s a 50 hour week plus one 14 hour on call night as standard. She has left the practice on time at 6pm twice ever, usually still working at 9 or 10pm. There’s a brutal on call weekend every six weeks from 6pm Friday to 8am Monday plus one Saturday morning every 12 weeks. For these, the vets are compensated with three days off when they collapse in a heap. She’s still loving it, is well supported with excellent colleagues and learning heaps but I can see that she’s just exhausted. Anyway, she’s just received a good raise (from a very low base) and accolades from the top so feels more valued.

    Yippee! 58kg exactly this morning. We’ve eaten vegetarian dinners for a few days and I think that’s had a good effect in addition to my FD yesterday.

    Have a great week all.

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