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  • Lindsay, I hope it all gets sorted out soon, especially your OH’s dose. Judging by the recent mass slaughter of Liberal seats in WA, most people are happy. I’m sorry about your job loss and those of your colleagues. We have dear, long-term friends in Perth who own one of those businesses you mention. It’s a small engineering business that’s boomed under JobKeeper incentives. They’ve always been of the belief that the govt. ‘owes’ them something. We’ve never been aligned with their political leanings but, as I say, they are very close friends and we respect their right to express them ….. (OK, grudgingly).

    I’m happy to say that I have smaller fish to fry. A fibreglass boat owner arrived last evening, plonking it right in front of our perfect sunset view when he could have gone to the other end of the floating pontoon. Totally illegal as only live aboards can be using their boats right now – he and his mate left for the night so, if they do live on it, they’ve broken another covid law as no overnight stays are permitted away from home.

    Good morning,
    A quick post as I drink my coffee with little heatbag Miso on my knee. Miss 6 is being dropped off soon for a day with grandma, so I won’t have another chance to write.

    LJoyce, great to have a GP appt to sort out vaccines (the flu one too, no doubt).
    I can imagine there is some frustration in having to do the garden slowly, but on the upside you get so much opportunity for nice tweaking as you go along, so it is sure to come together beautifully.

    Oh dear those brunches and lunches are stressful. Will you enjoy a little bit of deepfried something with your friend? I do hope so. It will make the following fast day much easier.
    All power to you reaching the other side of Easter without getting heavier.

    So true, LJoyce and Cali, about eating when tired. A big pitfall of chronic fatigue syndrome (haha sigh).
    But I did rest well yesterday and eat reasonably and I’m all set for a good day today and a fast day tomorrow.

    Lindsay, oh dear the fartarsing around for poor Mr Lindsay. With no covid in the community they could put aside all the priority levels etc and just do huge mass vaccinations as quickly as possible (yes, I heard Norman Swan say this). But we need the millions of vaccines to do that.
    I also liked him suggesting we concentrate on vaccinating people looking after our borders and those trying to get back to Australia, since they are the points and people who could bring covid into the community.
    Ah well, we will get there eventually, good to hear what your doctor said about licensing. I will stay put. And you will be able to travel again before too long, oh won’t you enjoy it!

    Good luck to Rosy at the show today!

    Thin, I do worry about Penguin too. I have Merry’s contact email somewhere, so I could write to her (but I need to contact Klondi first!) (maybe this week!).

    In the meantime, incase you are reading Penguin, https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/flower-color.jpg

    Yikes that little fibreglass boat is a mosquito at your picnic! Have you swatted it yet?

    Well, coffee is finished so I am off to enjoy the day. Best wishes all.

    Cinque, ha ha, we had to move a short way to get water yesterday and, when we returned, we moored in front of the mosquito. View restored and no harm done as they haven’t returned. Actually, I may have Merry’s email contact details. I hope Klond returns.

    LJ, following on about winter maintenance on the canals – while at the water station, we met a couple who’d just come through the lock we’ve been waiting to re-open. The man said there was no nearby rubbish or waste tank disposal, water or grocery facilities and they were stuck there for three weeks with two other boats. That lock was the final obstacle in his quest since 1 January to get to the marina we’ve just left. He’d been iced in at two other places and held up by a downed tree in another!

    Good evening all

    Thin, it sounds like you made the right decision when debating whether to winter in a marina or not. The experience of those other boaters sounds quite unpleasant. Well done on getting the upper hand on that fishing boat.

    Cinque, I hope you have a had a lovely granddaughter day. Rest tomorrow.

    Yet another lunch was slotted into my week today, but for once it’s a blessing as it’s instead of the brunch that had been planned for next Sunday. As I really needed to fast on that Sunday as I have my infusion the next day I’m glad about that change.

    I had a very normal NFD today without any overeating, which has pleased me greatly. I did try a little of the trimmings from the red velvet cake I made for my great-nephew’s birthday today. Better than the previous versions, but I’m still not happy with the cake texture. I don’t seem to be able to cook light textured cakes in this oven, unless I make a traditional sponge. The recipes that worked in my previous house don’t turn out the same here. I might have to experiment a bit more with the temperature I think.

    FD for me tomorrow and I will need to do a grocery shop in the morning as I want to have a spinach salad with toasted pine nuts for dinner and I have none of the required veg.

    LJ, thanks for reminding me to take what I think is Vegetable Balti Curry from the freezer for tomorrow’s FD. Good that the food engagements have worked out to your advantage. I bet the cake is marvellous. Ovens vary considerably, don’t they? Have you ever used an AGA?

    Good morning,
    I had a lovely time with Ms 6 yesterday and got home and didn’t do anything, but greeted today with the lovely feeling of just being able to look after myself and any tidying up is a bonus (doing quite well so far), but I completely forgot it was my fast day! So I have had breakfast. I’ll be fasty for the rest of the day. Low carb veggies when I get really hungry and then miso soup in the evening. Yes! I bought some miso and bonito flakes from the Asian grocery. Yay.

    Thin, that is an amazing tale from your fellow canallier.
    So glad you have your view back. Nice move.

    LJoyce, so glad you have your day-before-infusion-fast sorted okay.
    That d-b-i-f needs to be sacred. I am sure if you are ever invited to brunch on that day, family and friends would be glad for you to abstain from eating, to save you pain and discomfort after your transfusion.

    Good luck sorting out that oven temperature!

    I’ve been trying to get my next brew of sweet potato fly started (last brew is very nice). I have been trying for days. Yoghurt whey is waiting 3 days in the fridge, salt and spice infusion (with pears and ginger) was made two days ago. So wish me luck getting the sweet potato grated today, and it all put together. I hope it works still.

    But first I need to clean the bench. Off I go!

    Best wishes everyone, I hope you are having an easy, mindful weekend and don’t accidentally eat meals you didn’t plan to eat!

    Cinque, hilarious! I once panicked when I discovered I’d overlooked a fast day but then woke up with relief that it had only been a dream.

    The flooding in the eastern states has just been reported on the headline news here. Thinking of you Anzac and Intesha. Hope you’re safe.

    Monday morning,

    Oh dear, more rain forecast in the flood areas.
    Adam Liaw’s tweet yeaterday:”After a tumultuous few years of ruinous drought, catastrophic fires and a global pandemic, it’s great that 2021 is only starting with a mouse plague and the most destructive floods in a century.”

    Well, the rest of my fast day went fine thanks.
    My reality metre mustn’t be set as high as yours, Thin. The fast day alarm didn’t go off.

    But it was a good pottering around day. Humid and rainy, but just enough to properly water the garden. I didn’t get the ironing done the other day, but yesterday I rocked it. Lovely. So now I get to choose from the most enormous range of possible outfits to wear to meet my daughter at the service station and drive her home.

    Anyone with a spare 20 mins, this is an interesting interview about weight gain and genetics https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000rmp5

    Best wishes for a good day.

    Good afternoon all.

    Anzac, Intesha & Minka, I’m not sure how many Sydney suburbs are impacted by the flooding as all the coverage I’ve seen is of country towns. I hope you are safe and that the flooding does not impact your homes.

    Cinque, an interesting interview with Giles Yeo. I remember a tv documentary that he did a couple of years ago which overlapped this information. Although the docco focused on adults not children & dogs. Frankly it doesn’t surprise me a bit. As an adopted child I have different genes to everyone else in the family. Despite all having the same food served to us I was the only fat member of the family growing up. Whatever disadvantage my genes gave me was made worse by my disinterest in active pastimes – I would rather read while my sister was riding her bike.
    I also found it interesting that there is a gene mutation that is mostly confined to labradors that explains their food obsession. I’m sure most labrador owners won’t be the least surprised (isn’t that right Anzac).

    Thin, thankfully I haven’t had dreams about missing FDs. Hope your balti curry is good.

    It seems enough time has passed since the inflammation caused my digging in the garden to calm down. My weight had popped up by 2kg after that and I checked this morning to find it gone and my weight back in my preferred zone. That’s a relief leading into a a few busy social weeks. Not sure about my scales though – I weighed 4 times in 30 seconds and got 4 different weights (all within 0.4kg) but still a bit weird. I think it’s time for a new battery.

    I went into the city by train at lunchtime to get the easter eggs from Haighs. Despite being hungry I resisted the endless array of cafes and takeaways on the walk to and from the railway station. I was quite chuffed with myself fo avoiding all that temptation and having something more sensible when I got home.
    I was planning a spinach salad for last night’s FD but just wasn’t hungry at dinner time – that’s really very unusual for me on a FD. I eventually had a small bowl of berries with a dollop of yoghurt at 8pm as I didn’t want to risk hunger pangs later. I’ll have the salad for dinner tonight and as it’s a NFD I’ll add a sourdough dinner roll.

    Take care all.

    FD complete with pleasing results back in the low 58s. Balti curry was excellent, thank you.

    LJ, I’d completely forgotten about your having been adopted and what you’d said before about being the only member of the family with a weight problem. Have the rest of your family remained slim in later life?

    We watched an interesting programme about DNA matching last night. DNA Family Secrets. One in 50 people grow up with a dad who’s not the biological father and don’t know it. One of the people featured was a 75 year old English man who knew his father had been a black American GI in the war. His white mother, now deceased, had never spoken of him. Through his DNA, they could trace his ancestry to parts of Africa associated with the slave trade in the 1700s and, from there, to N.C. and Virginia. With that, a half sibling was discovered (one eighth DNA match), now deceased. He was ultimately introduced to his black American cousins.

    Tonight, I’m attending a Zoom high school reunion originally planned in person for last year with a sixties theme, ‘When I’m 64′ (the age we turned in 2020). It was a posh public girls’ school and a lot of them are toffee nosed. Most went to Oxford or Cambridge. I’ve seen them only once since leaving school at a reunion in 2004 when we boarders again formed a bond. My best friend was married to the Queen’s Pigger and we stayed at Windsor. We vowed never to attend another but curiosity got the better of us. Now they’ve introduced an assignment – to bring two inanimate objects representing your proudest achievements since leaving high school and give a two minute speech. Oh God! Terrified.

    Tuesday morning,

    Thin, what on earth is the Queen’s Pigger?

    You have such great stories to tell, I’m betting you thought of a couple of very entertaining things to amuse the best of the old girls.

    Yay balti curry and back to the low 58’s.

    LJoyce, you seem to be doing so nicely at the moment. Nice work avoiding all those city treats, you would have only regretted them if you had succumbed. Yum for the salad and sourdough roll.

    I agree with all you said about the Giles Yeo interview. I think the bit that has stayed with me most is his description f the work meeting where someone puts a plate of biscuits on the table and the reactions are the person who’s eyes light up and grab a biscuit immediately, the person who decides not to have one and the person who is concentrating on work but absentmindedly eats half the plate. (I think I might be all three of those people).

    Well, yesterday morning I looked through my wardrobe of silks and linens and chose a tshirt and comfy cotton trousers to wear. Haha. And today is pyjamas all day, so when will I ever dress up?

    I had a particularly lovely breakfast thanks to a perfectly ripe avocado. I am going to have a pottering around day with a bit of cooking and a bit of sorting. My garden is pretty well soaked, and looking very pleased with itself.

    Tomorrow is fast day and home help.

    Penguin https://rosemarywashington.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/img_1833.jpg

    Best wishes to you all

    Hi all, a quick post as this is our last week before the project has technical go-live this weekend. To say it is busy is the understatement of the century

    The rain is diabolical and I’ve never seen anything like it. It is tragic that so many are now enduring floods. LJ, parts of Western Sydney such as Penrith and Richmond are flooded as well as many small towns.

    Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 29 which is a bit hard to believe looking out there now

    Next week will calm right down work-wise so I am planning to get back into everything healthy then

    Take care all

    Good afternoon all.

    I finally bit the bullet and made the trip to Ikea this morning. I had 2 vouchers expiring this week so it couldn’t be delayed any longer. It is a bit easier there now, as I notice as they have opened up a lot of shortcuts so shoppers aren’t forced to follow a long labyrinth just to buy a couple of items. Wooden storage boxes for the garage have now been purchased and my two $10 vouchers claimed.

    Anzac, glad to hear you are safe at home.
    I hope your new project manages to go live without significant issues.

    Cinque, it’s still a case of good choices intermingled with some not so good. After behaving so well earlier in the day, I succumbed to the leftover mixed nuts that I had bought as an easter gift for one family member who doesn’t eat chocolate. It turned a virtuous day into an fairly normal NFD.
    Yes I agree about the plate of biscuits. The only thing I would ever not do is be unaware that the biscuits were on the table. I would always want a biscuit but will oscillate between eating one immediately or denying the desire for as long as possible.
    Have a lovely pj day – I’m always worried about risking that in case someone shows up at the door.

    Thin, the high school reunion sounds rather frightening. Finding two objects when most of yours are either in storage on the other side of the world, or were sold in one of your many garage sales before leaving Perth. We’ll wait to hear what objects you chose. I hope it is a good reunion.
    As to my family’s weight, it mostly amounted to middle aged spread. My older sister is a little thicker around the middle in her late 60s but has never been overweight. I think she’s gone from the bottom of the healthy weight range to the top over several decades. (I have a smaller waist than her now, but that’s because we carry our weight differently and hers is all on the torso.) Dad didn’t gain weight until he retired from building houses in his 60s. Although he was an active retiree it isn’t the same as a hard manual job. The lower activity level was definitely not accompanied by a corresponding reduction in food. He also said that as he gave up smoking in his late 50s food tasted better and he enjoyed eating more. My dad lived into his 90s and he gained a lot of weight in his last 5 years in aged care – he was quite obese when he died at 92. Mostly because he had an unrestrained addiction to chocolate and sausage rolls and sat in an armchair all day for several years. I did speak with him about it, but his view was that he was already well over his allotted years and he wasn’t about to deprive himself of some of the few pleasures left in his life.
    My mum’s weight gradually increased after menopause, by probably no more than a kilo a year. But that adds up over a couple of decades and by the time she died in her 70s she would have been carrying about 20-25kg more than when she was young. I think this was probably the result of the small reduction in our TDEE each year as we age and not reducing food very slightly to account for that. I actually remember her saying that she couldn’t understand why she was gaining weight as she hadn’t changed what she’d eaten. She didn’t realise that was actually the problem. The only person who was on and off diets all the time, even through childhood, was me. Mum started counting calories once I think, but it wasn’t for her.

    Morning all.

    Not much to report, except a slow and steady loss. I’m down now by 8.6 kilos, in week 8 of the Fast800. My loss has slowed to .6 of a kilo a week, so I’m boosting my protein (ie chicken and some red meat) and dropping the beans and chick peas to see if the lower carb can give it a move along.

    After advising OH to hold off on the Astra Zeneka, our lovely GP phoned the very next day to say the clotting issue had been resolved, and we should rebook, which we have done. Unfortunately space and staff limitations mean my usual surgery isn’t taking part, and the surgery where we have booked will prioritise their usual patients (quite rightly, of course), so it’s a wait and see. Never mind – it will happen in good time.

    One brother and SIL had their first vaccinations yesterday. It’s quite important they travel back to the UK. My SIL is responsible for her adult disabled nephew, and apart from last year, goes to the UK for 3 months each year. She’s beside herself because although he’s been booked a number of times for Covid shots, the clinic insists on dealing with him and not his support worker, who finds out too late to take him.

    Cinque, you’ll be shocked to hear Rosy behaved very badly at the show (quell surprise?). After winning her Intermediate category, just before she went into the ring for the Best in Breed she spied some horses riding by quite close (country show) and went ballistic. She was still prancing when the judge tried to examine her. By the time she went back in for Intermediate in Group, she had calmed down, but too late. Never mind.

    LJ, full marks for going to get chocolate at Haighs, and not being tempted. Nice feeling, isn’t it? Interesting comments about your Mum gaining weight post-menopause, because she hadn’t adjusted for a reduced TDEE. I’m reminded here of Jony’s doctor’s comment that she doesn’t talk to people about their being overweight. I have a sense that doctors don’t talk to their patients about such things, which is a shame because it could make such a difference to people’s health and wellbeing as they enter the latter stages of their lives. Surely it’s a doctor’s responsibility to raise all issues that affect health?

    Same sister in law celebrated her 70th birthday at the weekend, and our scheduled park family lunch was relocated to an open pizza restaurant. I chose the best I could – a cos salad – which unfortunately turned up with a small breaded chicken breast, most of which I managed to give away. Then home for birthday cake – a chocolate mud cake, from a local French patisserie. Despite the Fast800, I chose to have a small slice. I did so mindfully, not feeling pressured by good manners to have some, but choosing to share the celebration. I compensated by having celery and hummus for dinner, and still don’t think I went over 1000 calories. But I guess my takeaway from it was that I was able to choose what to do, with no pressure, and no guilt.

    Oh Anzac ….all that rain, and all that job pressure. Sunshine and light coming soon, I hope.

    I hope anyone who’s impacted by this weather is managing okay, and without danger to life or property. The flooding is shocking, although some good rain has fallen in drought-affected areas. Silver lining, I guess.

    The sun is shining here today, for the first time in a very long time…off I go to redo my wet smelly washing. I’m babysitting the 2 year old this afternoon as my son takes the little man back to hospital to have his cast reset. He fell off the monkey bars at school on Friday and fractured his elbow. Poor little chap – because they’re told not to interrupt teachers during their break, he sat quietly nursing his arm until he heard the bell that signalled the end of lunch.

    Have a good day all.

    Cinque, Windsor Castle is set in a huge estate with farms and so on. My boarding school buddy’s husband was in charge of the pig farm (piggery). We saw the chickens, pigs and the ice creamery. They lived in a farm house on site for many years. DD still talks about how cool she thought it was that their horse was allowed into my friend’s kitchen. OH enjoyed a full cooked Father’s Day breakfast with the Queen’s eggs!

    The reunion was well organised and I enjoyed it. Thankfully, I didn’t have to reveal my ‘items’ as no one was doing the object thing but each of the 26 gave a brief summary of what they’d done since high school and then it was a free for all. As they spoke, I discovered I had quite a lot in common – many late-life parents, a very well-travelled cohort with many having living abroad, some bridge players and so on. We still hope to meet in person after lockdown.

    Everyone had bad hair and most had bad teeth. Children getting dental braces for cosmetic reasons was never an option for us growing up in England. As a young adult, Californian dentists were desperate to refer me for orthodontics but it wasn’t until I was in my forties that I succumbed and had my teeth straightened in Australia – for oral hygiene purposes.

    I once casually asked a plastic surgeon friend standing in the hospital cafeteria queue if he thought my teeth needed straightening because the Calif dentists were so persistent. He said no but he could work wonders with my nose. Until then, I’d never realised how big my nose was.

    Lindsay, my GP friends tell me that doctors receive virtually no training on nutrition and diet. That doesn’t excuse them from pointing out when a patient’s obese and making the appropriate referrals.

    LJ, I enjoyed your post and it was interesting to read about your family’s weight. I could identify with your mother not having adjusting her TDEE. This happened to me (pre 5:2) after every large weight loss where I’d return to my previous way of eating. D’oh. Same while breast feeding when I could mainline cakes and keep shedding weight but didn’t adjust afterwards. And of course, as we age, we require fewer calories.

    But I’d been thinking more of your nephew’s family as you often mention food events and the children’s propensity for being taken to the bakery. When they plan them, are they mindful of the effort it takes for you to balance such things – or do you keep that all to yourself and fit in as best you can?

    Anzac, stay safe.

    Thursday morning,

    Anzac, so good to hear from you. Sending best wishes for a great project launch this weekend, I do hope it goes well. Hooray for a calm week next week.

    LJoyce, mixed nuts is pretty good, as succumbing goes. I am glad it kept to a fairly normal day. (I am regretting buying cashews… again, as succumbing goes on here too).

    It does seem rare for people to keep their slim weight as they age. After being chubby or fat all my life it is weird to be slimmer than so many people my age. I do feel a bit of schadenfreude since when I was young and fat people were much crueller. Thanks 5:2.

    I have a sister-in-law who was overweight from when she was a toddler and her young life consisted of doctor after doctor weighing her and telling her she was obese and no useful advice, only condemnation. I have heard so many similar stories.
    Doctors need much better training and structures so they can give patients information and resources, and can allow patients to bring up the subject themselves in a safe and supportive relationship.

    Lindsay, wow you are doing wonderfully well. It must be frustrating to be working just as hard, for a smaller weekly loss, but I think that once it is over you will look back with satisfaction.
    I do hope the meaty protein does give you a lovely big loss this week though!

    Nice work at the 70th birthday celebration!
    Lovely choices, no pressure, no guilt. My new mantra!

    Rosy, Rosy, Rosy. Of dear. Horses, What’s a girl to do?

    Ooh no, that broken elbow. Ouch! And Oh dear, waiting so long. It is so hard to give children a good explanation of what counts as an emergency.

    Thin, aha, I thought that might be it, but when I googled I couldn’t find anything useful, and thought it would be swineherd. Pigger is more work than just herding though!

    I am so glad the zoom reunion was enjoyable. I hope you have some lovely catch ups and bridge games.

    Interesting re dental. When I was young the perception was that you just went on with your teeth until they got so bad they were replaced with false teeth.

    Ooh what a rude plastic surgeon friend, making it sound as if your nose isn’t acceptable.

    I was feeling quite crook yesterday and still had to organise for homehelp (replacement worker who wore mask 😀 )so my fast day wasn’t particularly fasty but I am hoping my Sunday fast day will be.

    I (touch wood and whistle) have unbroken days ahead where I can just care for myself and do what is good for me. Woohoo. Bliss.

    Hoping your next days are easy and mindful and all power to 5:2.

    Morning all

    I feel for anyone affected by the flooding in NSW. The news this morning said that the areas affected by the flooding was the size of two small European countries! I hope all our members are safe and sound.

    Again I’ve been really busy and haven’t been posting or reading posts.

    I think I have discovered the reason for my recent weight gain. My training and bike trip has left me with an impacted bowel. It came to a head this week when what I think was a partial obstruction became a full obstruction. I’ve increased my fibre, the amount I’m drinking, taken bowel health capsules, taken laxatives and then last night I took 4 teaspoons of epsom salts in 3 glasses of water and still no joy. My appetite has disappeared completely and I have stomach pain and my waist measurement has increased hugely. I have a doctor’s visit to get it checked out so hopefully they can resolve things quickly.

    I hope everyone is healthy and safe.

    Neil I hope your obstruction clears itself or your doctor’s appointment is very soon as a blockage can become an emergency. I hope you’ll post soon and let us know how you’re going. Wishing you the best in getting this resolved and back to normal.

    Cinque, I Googled pigger also and couldn’t come up with what the Queen’s pigger would be other than someone who looks after the Queen’s pigs. Thin, exciting to have stayed on the farm that’s part of the Windsor castle grounds. Glad you had a nice time at the Zoom reunion and renewed some old friendships. It was about 4 years ago that I went back to my high school reunion and I had a wonderful time seeing what many of the people had been doing over the years and where they were in their lives.

    LJ, you certainly have an active social life with all the brunches, teas and dinners lately. I can understand how it would cause some anxiety trying to fit restaurant or family meals into a weight loss plan. It’s been a while since you’ve been to Ikea. Where you having withdrawal symptoms? It’s such a fun store to walk around. I always find something interesting.

    Lindsay, I’m glad OH is now cleared for the vaccine and you’re both now booked. I hope it isn’t too long before they call you for the appointment. We’ve been hearing all the news about the AZ vaccine here too. The clotting thing turned out to not even be an issue. It sounds as if someone jumped the gun on that one without having real evidence. It’s a shame because it probably makes people feel more cautious and hesitant about getting vaccinated. How many weeks between doses?
    Rosy will settle down soon. She’s just young and excitable. Such a beautiful and regal looking dog!

    Today we are “fully vaccinated” meaning we’re 2 weeks beyond our 2nd jabs and our immune systems should be at the highest level possible with the Pfizer vaccines. It’s a great relief, but still have concerns about a couple variants that are in the state. Nobody seems to know exactly how much the vaccine protects against those, but supposedly a good amount. The race here, like everywhere, is to get as many people vaccinated as possible to avoid the spreading and mutants. It will be nice to be able to get together indoors without masks with other vaccinated people. It will also be less worrisome to go into stores although we’ll still wear masks. We’ve been locked down for over a year and it seems like the world has changed so much.

    Intesha and anyone near the flooded areas, I hope you and your homes are safe. Nice to have rain to negate the fire danger, but enough is enough!
    Anzac, glad your home is safe. I hope work calms down soon.

    I bought the Fast800 book and have been reading that. I’ve started with the 5:2 plan wit 800 calories instead of 500. Much easier to do, but will have to see if weight loss will be quick enough and will definitely have to be more careful on NFD’s. I have my records from my initial loss a few years ago to compare. It should be interesting.

    Good evening everyone.

    I’m a bit short of time and will need to be brief.
    As the comments have said my life is busy at the moment. It’s funny how erratic it can be. I can go 3-4 week with no social events to deal and then there are too many. It’s not helped by the very uneven distribution of birthdays – that’s the real cause of all the dinners, brunches and lunches at the moment – 4 birthdays in 12 days.

    Neil, I echo Cali’s wishes for your good health. I hope the obstruction clears quickly and that emergency action isn’t required.

    Cali, I’m very glad to hear that you are fully immunized now. Also good that you are ready to jump back onto the 5:2 horse. I hope that goes well – remember to stock up on broccoli! I remember you having a whole bag of it as a meal on FDs.

    Thin, I agree with Cinque, what a rude plastic surgeon. I’m sure he was just touting for business.

    Lindsay, so sorry to hear about your grandson’s accident. I hope he mends quickly.

    Cinque, I’m in the same position of weighing less for the last 7 years than I did for almost all of the previous 35+ years. Many of my friends and relatives who were thin while I was obese are now larger than I am. It’s all a bit surreal at times.

    Anzac, good luck this weekend.

    Hello to anyone I’ve missed.

    I must go. I need to get to bed as I have another busy day tomorrow.
    Take care all.

    Morning everyone. Beautifully sunny day in Brisbane.

    We took Rosy (and OH) to handler training last night and got home too late to eat dinner (me, not him), so this morning I’ve had a very satisfying .5 drop, to make it 9.1 kilos altogether, in week 8 of Fast800.

    Calif, I hope you do well on the 800. It is certainly easier than just 500, and according to the good doctor, the benefits for weight loss and health should be the same. I wish he would update his website though to reflect his new research and plan.

    Great Calif, that you are now fully vaccinated. We have been so free here, with minimal restrictions really, that I can only imagine how difficult living with isolation for 12 months must have been.

    Glad you enjoyed your reunion Thin – I understand your anxiety about meeting up with people you’d not seen for decades.

    Cinque, yes, false teeth were the norm a generation or so ago. Here’s a funny story (sort of). My friend worked in the public dental hospital system, and needed a patient who’d be given free dentures in return for participating in student training. My friend found an older chap, who had just one tooth in his head. But when offered the free dentures, he refused, vehemently, because he didn’t want his one remaining tooth to be extracted, because, ‘it’s me steak tooth.’

    LJ my dear little grandson’s follow up appointment shows he’s broken the ball (?) in his elbow and it’s not mending as it should, so the doctors are evaluating whether surgery is necessary. It sure made me well up, thinking of the little chap sitting patiently with his broken elbow, waiting for the school bell to ring so he could tell someone. It seems the teacher on playground duty that day was absent and there wasn’t a cover teacher. My DIL (also a teacher) certainly had some things to say about that during her teacher interview on Monday. Quite rightly too – very poor on behalf of the school, to leave Grade one children unsupervised.

    Gosh Neil your condition sounds very unpleasant. Hope it can be resolved quickly. YOu must feel very uncomfortable.

    Family and genes …mmmm. My mother’s side of the family had the plump gene although only one was fat …an aunt who was always chided by my dad’s brother for being overweight (the paternal side were lean, lean, lean). But ….she lived to 95, whereas my parents, and my uncle and aunt, all heavy smokers til late middle-aged, died far too young of smoking related heart disease.

    On that rather sad note, I’m off to start my day.

    Enjoy your weekend, all.

    Friday, Friday,

    Hello everyone,

    Cali, same, Pigger is a great term, but I have only heard ‘pig farmer’ here.
    Woohoo with being fully vaccinated!

    I do hope Fast 800 works nicely for you, it should be easier and therefore more sustainable. But the truth is in the waistband!

    LJoyce, the costs of having so many close friends and family members! Good luck with your busy day.

    I’ve been chuckling re your comment about staying in your pyjamas all day. Very true. I don’t know what my fellow apartment people think, they have been so polite, but at least I wear some very gorgeous dressing gowns!

    Lindsay, Oh dear that poor grandson, I do hope they can work out a way for his elbow to heal well. I bet the unsupervised playtime will not happen again!

    Heehee, a steak tooth is a precious tooth!

    Ooh you are rocking it with losing weight! What a great weekly average!

    Cheers to your aunt for making it to 95 (I hope you have similar longevity).

    Neil I do hope your poor bowels get sorted out quickly, much sympathy.

    Well, I am getting things done (3 at a time) and have already made mung bean curry this morning (a different recipe, Kenyan, and instead of putting potato with the beans I used the unripe pumpkin that I accidentally picked, it is like pale orange zucchini and worked well. Lower carb too!). It is a glorious day here so I will try to do some gardening also, but the house needs me to potter around slowly getting things sorted, so off I go.

    Best wishes to everyone, for a good day.

    Good evening all.
    My unexpected good news is that I have an appointment for 20th May for my first covid vaccine (AZ). I just happened to be in Outlook when the email arrived from the GP about the bookings from mid-May being opened, so I jumped online to see if any of my few suitable dates were available and got lucky. Given that there are only 2 dates each month which were going to be ok for me it seemed rather miraculous. (It’s so restrictive because I have to have the vaccine approx 28 days after an infusion with my RA treatment drug and my GP is only running two half day vaccine clinics each week.) I feel very lucky, as when they opened the first 8 weeks of bookings I didn’t see the email until an hour after it had been released and by then all 800 appointments were gone.

    Lindsay, excellent news on the continuing weight loss.
    How is Rosy doing with the training – does she enjoy it?
    I’m glad your DIL took the school to task over her son’s broken elbow and the lack of supervision for such little ones.

    Cinque, pumpkin and mung bean sounds rather nice actually – I like that idea even better than potato – more flavour than potato.
    After making your Nigerian bean stew I was alerted to the joys of using peanut butter as the basis for the sauce in casseroles and stews. I noticed today that the BBC site has a whole page of recipes containing peanut butter – I’m itching to try their Indonesian peanut butter chicken and also the Thai dal with peanut paste & coconut milk. https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/collections/perfect_peanut_butter_recipes

    Further to the pj day debate, during the initial lockdown last year I went for my daily walk at about 3pm and saw one chap wander down his driveway in flannelette pjs to bring in the empty rubbish bin. I’d seen people putting out bins in their pjs at 7am, but not bringing them in in the afternoon.
    I have what I call lounging outfits – very soft clothing that is made a bit like winter pjs and is just as comfortable but is day clothing and is a little bit heavier and warmer. They are for those cold days when I want to curl up on the couch with book.

    I had lunch out in Mount Barker today at the venue with the menu I was worried about (lots of deep fried fare). Thankfully there was one salad on the menu – portuguese chicken salad – and it was excellent. In an effort to turn victory into defeat, I then proceeded to eat 3 slices of fruit and walnut sourdough with a pot of tea when I got home. Not the end of the world, but all too typical of my NFDs I’m afraid.
    Trying to do FD800 on alternate days is proving quite difficult. I’m struggling to stay under 1000cals when I do FDs that frequently. Odd that I can do fast800 where every day is 800cals but when I try to alternate them it doesn’t work. I think the erratic nature of it just doesn’t suit my temperament.

    Hello to everyone else who is reading and not posting.

    I wouldn’t be caught dead outside in my PJs. One reason being that I’ve never owned any. But, by the same token, I wouldn’t go outside in my dressing gown either. 😊 On the other hand, I’ve never had a set time of day for taking a shower and always did so after a long walk in Perth so, if someone came knocking and I happened to be in my DG (that’s ‘robe’ to you CalifD) at 3pm, that’s their problem not mine. 😊 I found it very peculiar that marina residents would walk from their boat to the showers in their PJs. I found it even more bizarre that people would go shopping in their PJs and fluffy slippers. Locked down too long maybe? Then again, we’ve all seen the Walmart photos ….

    Good morning,

    Day before fast day for me.

    I had one of those days, yesterday, when I thought I was getting wonderfully organised, and then everything collapsed at the end, and I have awoken to a day that needs me to organise twice as much. However, I am on it!

    LJoyce, I am a bit like you on NFD’s, but at least our ‘blow outs’ are quite nutritious and sensible these days! Hooray that you found a lovely option at the deep fried cafe.

    Great news that you have an appointment for your vaccine. Especially since it was tricky to time it.

    You are right that pumpkin would look good with the mung bean curry, especially because the recipe has some coconut milk in it. I think I will make that a permanent swap. However, the poor pumpkin I used was a result of my cutting off a branch of the vine, and accidentally cutting the branch that had the pumpkin growing. I was so annoyed with myself! It wasn’t anywhere near full grown, and although its skin coloured up on my windowsill, when I cut it open it was very pale and the texture of zucchini. So it hasn’t added much colour or flavour to the stew, but it worked out very yummy anyway.

    Those peanut butter recipes look good! I want dan dan noodles!

    Hmm, I think I might wear lounging outfits as pyjamas. They are all soft, loose long pants and tops (it might be the lack of underwear that makes them pyjamas 😉 ). But I presume the kimonos and other dressing gowns make it clear to my neighbours that I’m not dressed up to go out.

    Thinking of you today Anzac. I hope all goes well.

    Okay, off to clear up yesterdays mess! Best wishes all.

    LJ, those recipes with the peanut butter look great. The one with the chicken thighs and red capsicum is one I’ll try soon. One of the other recipes on that site lead to a link for several recipes that use a spice called Galangal. https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/galangal I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that one before. Have any of you ever used it? I see it on Amazon as a sliced dried root and as a powder. I would have to find an Asian grocery store to find it fresh, from what I’ve read. I like Thai food and it’s an ingredient in home made Thai green curry.
    I’m so glad to hear tha5 you have your appointment for your first vaccine jab. Do they schedule the second one while you’re there or ahead of time? I hope everyone will be getting theirs soon. Although you don’t have community spread anymore, it will be good to have the reassurance.

    Thin, a few years ago wearing PJ pants to the grocery store or out and about with a t-shirt or sweat shirt seemed to be a thing around here. I could never understand the attraction to that. The only time I am seen outside with PJ’s and DG might be to take out the garbage which is a short walk across the back patio. The only people that might see me are the people in the house behind us if they were out on their back veranda.

    Lindsay congrats on your continued weight loss. The fast800 is working well for you. You’ve done so well in sticking to the 800 calories per day for so many weeks. I’m still reading Fast800 which has a lot of good info and motivation. I’ve skipped ahead and read the important parts but all of it is interesting.

    Cinque, getting organized seems like an overwhelming task here too. Every morning I get up with plans to do things and then do only a fraction of what I had planned. Too much clutter!

    Neil, hope to hear from you soon. It’s worrisome that you haven’t posted for several days.

    Have a good day all.

    Good morning from the high seas. The wind is blowing in gusty 35 knots and there are white caps on the River Trent. We are securely moored awaiting turning south onto the River Soar. Next week we have a forecast temperature of 21C. Looking forward to that.

    FD for me and I’ve started it off at 58.2kg so I could be in the 57s tomorrow. The increased boat activity helps. We also walked for four hours to and around the Attenborough Reserve.

    CalifD, have you watched, “Godless” on Netflix? I watched Ep 1 last night and really liked it. It’s a western but excellent photography and story line.

    Hi all.

    I started writing this earlier today …and got hijacked. But I’ll send it anyway, and catch up in a day or two.

    A quick note, as the little ones watch Madeleine. I finally succumbed, when the 4 year old fell off the arm of the chair and banged her back and head on the concrete floor and marble base of the standard lamp. Oh my. We are looking after Mr 6 and Baby (two and three quarters) for the weekend while my dear son finally celebrates his 40th birthday, one year late. They left at the crack of dawn yesterday for a 3 hours high ropes course and an overnight stay on Mt Tambourine. I was pleased to hear the course was over and they were safely ensconced in the pub! I invited the other two (7 and 4) over to play – I hadn’t anticipated the noise levels.

    Great news, LJ, about your Covid shot. Tricky timing, with your infusion.

    I am happy to report I had my first jab on Friday, with few effects …perhaps a little ‘drifting’ sense, but that could have been unrelated.

    I think there’s been a boost in availability …. I went online to check for an appointment (when I checked last, the first was in June), and there was a new clinic (an Australian Government facility at the University of Queensland Respiratory centre in the PA Hospital, with lots and lots of appointments from Friday into next week. All very efficient and calm and pleasant. I even have my next one booked, for 12 weeks time.

    My weight loss has stepped up this week, but it’s not the protein, but a couple of missed evening meals. Thursday night we got home too late to eat if I wanted to keep the IF times, and then Friday night OH forgot he was going to cook… his emergency options always include (a) fried egg sandwich or (b) weetbix with banana. Thanks, but no thanks dear!

    So this morning, down another .1 which makes it 1 so far this week, and 9.2 in total, at the end of our Fast800. I’ll keep going for another 4 weeks, so see if that shifts these last kilos. No point going this far, without nailing it for all time. My friend feels the same ….she’s lost 30 kilos since her peak weight in 2014, but wants to take another 10 off

    The downside is that there is a very thin (sorry for the pun) window between clothes being too small or unflattering, to swimming on me. Some I tried on yesterday were the latter, including a favourite shirt that I will mourn. The upside is I have a whole new wardrobe, without buying a thing. And perhaps if we can finally travel next year, I’ll pack up all the big clothes that I still like, and have them resized in Vietnam, for a fraction of the cost of new ones.

    Neil, hope you are doing okay. Not like you not to post for a few days.

    Good evening all.

    I have just had 1/2 a largish zucchini stuffed with quinoa, mince, veg and taco spices, served with a wide range of roasted, airfried and boiled veg. An excellent and filling FD dinner. I did a lot veggie roasting last night so that I can have an easier week and just have to add meat, legumes or eggs to a plate of veg to have a healthy dinner.

    I am making good progress on removing the lawn, it’s roughly 1/3 done now. I found the first row difficult, but it’s easier now that I can lift the next row of turf from the side. As I bought 20 salvias from a nursery on Wednesday I’m keep to get to the planting stage. I am being sensible and limiting myself to about 45 minute session. I find that I am not sore the next day if I’m disciplined about this. I won’t get to do any more digging for at least a week as we are having a whole week around 30C – too hot for me to be digging.

    Thin, I haven’t seen the Walmart photos. Can I assume they contain people shopping in pjs?
    I think staying moored while the high winds are gusting is wise – you don’t want to be the UK version of the tanker that’s currently blocking the Suez Canal.

    Cinque, like you my overindulges on NFDs are mostly healthy foods. It’s not usually because I’m trying to good – it’s most often that I can’t rubbish because I don’t put it in my shopping trolley. I think that’s why I usually head for the bread or nuts as they always feel like a treat.

    Cali, galangal is a type of ginger. If the recipe calls for fresh galangal just use fresh ginger, if you can buy it locally. If they want dried then use powdered ginger. We can get fresh galangal here, but it is quite hard to find and more likely to be at an Asian grocer or the Central produce market. I can never be bothered hunting it down so I’ve always substituted with fresh ginger as that is readily available. I believe the flavour is quite similar but galangal is a more fibrous texture. The ginger-galangal equivalence is similar to cinnamon and cassia – they can be used interchangeably too and the only way I can ever tell the difference is that cassia has a harder bark and I can’t crumble them as easily as I can a cinnamon stick.
    I’m relieved to have vaccine booking too, even if it’s still 2 months away. I went walking with a friend and she was a bit pessimistic about how long she would need to wait for her vaccine as she is in the priority group after me. My GP’s website says that they will make my second vaccine appointment when I show up for the first jab.

    I have my infusion tomorrow and it’s unfortunately scheduled for 8:30am – I hate early infusions as I feel really tired all day and struggle to avoid napping. I am doing my best to get as much water on board as possible today so that my veins are plump enough to cannulate tomorrow.

    Have a good evening everyone.

    LJ, The topic of ‘Walmart Shoppers’ is among those email jokes that have been in circulation for decades. They feature photos of shoppers in Walmart aisles dressed in the most bizarre ways, usually obese with body parts hanging out, apparently oblivious to how others perceive them. I’ve never actually been inside a Walmart as the chain only made its foray into California the year I left in 1990. A google search should reveal thousands of samples. Here’s one to start you off: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/501236633531047076/

    Morning all

    Relief! My blockage has finally resolved itself, it will be interesting to see how my next weigh-in pans out.

    Ljoyce and Cali, I find that Galangal has a very different taste to ginger. It has more of a pine flavour and doesn’t have the spiciness of ginger. One recipe I used to make for a beef rendang curry calls for both ginger and galangal and it definitely lacks something if you just use ginger.

    Lindsay, congratulations on the weight loss, 9.2kg is an awesome effort. Hopefully now my bowels have sorted themselves out I can get back on the weight loss train and get back to where I was before my cycling training. 85 kilos seems like a long way away and a long time ago now.

    Thin, I enjoy those Walmart photos, you kind of wonder how many of them are real though, and how many of them are people that have dressed up because they want the attention of getting on the people of Walmart page.

    I spent Saturday playing sport all day. I had my frisbee golf league in the morning and then tennis in the afternoon so I was knackered by the end of the day. Sunday I was hoping to do some work on building our new glasshouse. It looked like it was going to rain and I was putting it off and putting it off, a couple of hours later no rain arrived and it started to clear so I got out and got some of the construction work done, but it was so humid that I was sweating like a pig by the end of it.

    Well, back on with work now. I’m looking to fast for the next couple of days, sticking to 800 calories of fruit and vegetables and then have my weigh in on Wednesday.

    Have a great day everyone

    Good afternoon all.

    My infusion went well, even if it occurred too early for my liking. It did mean I was able to join my neighbours for our monthly morning tea.

    Neil, I’m very glad to hear that your digestive system has corrected itself. It’s a timely reminder to keep your body supplied with a plentiful amount of fibre and water. Most of us find there are unpleasant consequences when we let that slip. The cycling probably meant you were sweating out many of the fluids you consumed before your intestines ever got their share.
    I’m surprised to hear that galangal is a different flavour to ginger. I remember tv cooks using fresh ginger and saying that if we couldn’t find it then use ginger, so I assumed the flavour would be quite similar. I’m sure I can get powdered galangal from the local Asian grocer, but they don’t have the fresh one.

    Thin, Oh dear, I only looked at a few of the Walmart photos and that was enough.

    Hope everyone else is doing well today.

    Neil, I’m so glad to hear that your blockage resolved on its own. What LJ mentioned about not drinking enough water after riding and a lot of sweating makes perfect sense. You may have been dehydrated and that may have caused the problem, especially on a long ride where you might have avoided drinking too much water for the fear of having to stop too often. And fiber is always a good for keeping things normal.
    Regarding galangal, I read some reviews on Amazon from people who said that while ginger is in the same family and could be used as a substitute for galangal, it wasn’t really the same and had a unique flavor. One person reviewing a bag of dried galangal root, to be sure to tightly close the bag after taking some out because it smelled up his whole pantry when he left the bag partially open. Several also said that its unique flavor was necessary in some Thai recipes to have them taste authentic. Maybe I’ll try some of the powdered version. I was hoping someone here might have used it and could recommend a brand. Spices can vary a lot in quality and flavor.

    LJ, it sounds like you’re making great progress on getting the front lawn removed. Please send some of that motivation over here! I feel like I’m stuck in a pool of molasses some days.

    Thin, did you know that Asda stores in the UK were bought out by Walmart in 1999?

    A late post from me today,

    I’m having my lovely day after fast day (goodness but it makes food extra delicious!). I fitted in a visit to my granddaughters.

    Cali, I love galangal, it is much more of a perfumed scent (yes, a bit piney as Neil says, but also floral and complex), compared to ginger (or anything else I can think of), but I find it a tougher root. (More fibrous, as Lindsay says). Unless it is fresh and young it is very hard to slice, let alone grate! I don’t use it much, but it does add a very special flavour.
    My favourite has been when I have found a tender young piece for sale (in my greengrocers with the ginger root and turmeric root) and I have grated it and frozen what I didn’t use. It keeps fine frozen.

    Also Cali, good luck getting organised. I am still struggling. I hope tomorrow is a good pottering around day.
    For both of us!

    Thin, hold on to your hat!
    The Attenborough Reserve looks so wonderful (even better than the one here in Aspendale 😉 )

    Lindsay, hooray for the clothes in the sweet spot window. Hooray for your new wardrobe. And big cheers for that 1kg loss week. Being social and coming home too late for dinner is clearly a good trick!

    Yikes Mr 4, I gather he survived the fall. And you all survived a wonderful weekend. Are you in lockdown now? Nice that your first jab is done and dusted. (I’d better check again for availability here).

    LJoyce, woot re the garden, your infusion, your morning tea with your neighbours, your delicious stuffed zucchini. Yes, ha, snap with the bread and nuts.

    Neil, hooray to hear your good news. What a huge weekend, pretty much equal to training surely! Enjoy these fasty days, hooray for veggies.

    Kenyan mung bean curry and sweet potato pone for dinner here.

    Best wishes all

    I had to end that last post rather abruptly since my iPad was just about out of battery power and I didn’t want to lose what I had written already. Thin, although Walmart owns Asda, it doesn’t seem like it has the same reputation over there as it does here. I’ve read that it’s going to be sold to some other investors soon. Here, Walmart has lots of huge stores and has a reputation for putting smaller stores out of business because their prices are generally a lot lower. They are especially feared in the grocery business because of their size and buying power. We have a couple stores about 15km from here. While they have a good selection of grocery items, they were usually too crowded and hectic for me. With that many shoppers there are bound to be some interesting characters, but like Neil said, I wonder how many of those photos are real?

    Lindsay, what was the high ropes course in which your son and his wife participated? Tight rope walking? Swinging on a vine? I can see why you’d be relieved when that was over! So glad to hear you got your first jab. Which one was it? Also good to hear that they are stepping up the vaccination program. It seems that they are here too, Biden is intent on trying to stay ahead of a few variants before they take hold. It’s getting easier to find appointments now at multiple vaccine clinics and at several local pharmacies. On April 15 anyone over 16 in California will be able to get a vaccine, provided that the supply is there. I’m glad to see that with the number of cases still so high.

    Cinque, trying to get things organized around here is one of my goals too. The amount of things to be organized is overwhelming sometimes. I like your 3 things approach. When I follow your example on that it works. Thank you for that.

    Well, have a good rest of your day everyone.

    Neil, great to hear from you and to know that your medical issue is resolved. Onwards and downwards from now on, we hope! I agree, it’s hard to believe what your eyes are telling you with those Walmart photos.

    Calif, no I didn’t know Walmart owned ASDA. The latter, like Sainsbury’s, is primarily a grocery store with a household/clothing section. I’ve boycotted ASDA because they didn’t enforce mask wearing or restrict the numbers allowed in store at one time. When I wrote to them about it, they claimed it wasn’t their job to do so but that of the police. Moronic attitude to keeping customers safe. I’m averse to mindless consumerism so these kind of stores hold little appeal for me.

    Another gusty night but the wind has died down a bit now so hopefully we can be on our way. Lockdown is gently easing today so, with temperatures rising to 21C this week, there will be hoards of people about.

    Good morning (just) (nearly noon),

    Trying to rest AND potter around. Yes, hooray for the rule of 3.

    Thin, I am glad the wind has died down.

    I’m having a sensible eating day, trying to decide whether tomorrow or Thursday will work best for my next fast day, and sending good wishes to you all.

    Cinque, hello, it’s 8am, 21C forecast and the two rivers are flat calm. Hurray. We were all ready to leave yesterday (it takes some time to prepare ourselves and the boat) and the wind starting gusting again just as we were about to cast off so we thought it might be best to wait another day as we will be forging new territory. Instead, we walked back to the Attenborough Reserve – also four hours from this direction.

    I hope you have a successfully balanced pottering day. I’m holding steady at exactly 58kg and very happy with that.

    Hoping the covid numbers in Brisbane are contained with its mini lockdown.

    Weigh in today and I’m down almost 2 kilos to 92.6 kilos, so I’m now moving in the right direction. Hopefully I can continue in the coming month and work my way back to where I was at the start of the year.

    Have a good one everyone

    Good job Neil!

    Hello all
    Neil, good to know that you are resolved…well done on the weight loss.

    Nice, Thin, the lockdown is easing for you, and it’s warming up.

    Just waiting to hear if the 3 day lockdown will be extended. Such a difficult call. I hope though that people can get away for Easter. No lockdown for the pool builders next door though. Sigh. I’ll be glad when all the work is finished. My house is a dust bowl.

    The pool builders are Australian/New Zealand, but there are extensive retaining block walls being built by two Chinese workers – a man and a woman. They are doing an excellent but very slow job, mixing all the concrete to fill the blocks by hand. At lunchtime they light their little stove and squat on their haunches to eat the noodles and vegetables they mix in the pot. It’s a scene I’ve seen a million times in China. You too Betsy?

    Calif the high ropes course involved three hours on ziplines through the tree tops. Both loved it although my DIL was terrified at first, she said.

    Yes Cinque, Ms 4 survived the fall, with a nasty egg on her head. It’s her birthday on Saturday, and her little party on Friday, but I am not sure if that will go ahead. She missed last year’s party too for the same reason. I guess this generation will get used to plans changing at the last moment.

    OH has had his first jab, with few side effects. A slight temperature and soreness at the jab site, but I am very relieved it’s gone so well.

    OK I’ll drop back in later ….I, like others on this forum, am overwhelmed by how much ‘stuff’ I have, and how disorganised my house is. Lockdown is a perfect opportunity to focus on getting some semblance of order. I am devoting these 3 days to my office …yesterday I went through the files, getting rid of paperwork – warranties for things I no longer have, old power bills. I am also wrestling with getting rid of books and papers I had for my PhD research …. no point in hanging on to them, but I am reluctant to let them go. The lament of the hoarder.

    Lindsay, it is so liberating to free yourself from material possessions. Interesting scenes next door. In Vietnam we witnessed concrete being passed, bucket by bucket, up a long chain of workers standing on a bamboo scaffolding held together with reeds on a high rise.

    Lindsay, we did a zip line in Swaziland. Terrified. I have no idea why I agreed to it. Once on the course, you couldn’t turn back. I seemed to stop just before reaching the platform, left dangling a few feet from it and having to ‘walk’ my hands along to get in. They became progressively high, long and fast and I did the last two in tandem with the guide.

    Lindsay, I know you’re partial to a G&T. I received a gin making kit for Mothers’ Day. Interestingly, you start off with a bottle of cheap vodka and add juniper berries, then later botanicals. It should be ready today. Perfect weather for it today – 21C.

    We had our own mini Suez incident yesterday. Shortly after setting off, we came across another nb stranded on silt at the same lock where others boaters had been held up for weeks until recently. We offered to tow them off which turned out to be no easy feat taking about an hour. They were so grateful but, of course, we were delighted to help as would any boater. We did all the remaining locks of the day in tandem and it was fun getting to know them especially as it was a charity boat (they take disabled people for day trips).

    taking the quickest of breaks from the office mayhem. I’ll cook dinner shortly. OH is watching The Drum, which sometimes I find interesting but often just talking.

    Still waiting for the news on our lockdown being lifted.

    In the meantime, my sweet Mr 5 has to have his broken elbow pinned tomorrow. He was seen at the Lady Cilento kids’ hospital today, and between the doctor coming back to share that he needed surgery, a kindly (!) person handed out easter eggs, so no immediate operation possible.

    Oh Thin, zip lines. Brave you. Not for me, thanks. I get woozy when I have to climb on the second step of my little ladder to get a fresh bottle of gin down from the top shelf of the pantry.

    Good work on making your own, btw. Sounds terrific. I love a ‘make your own’ of just about anything ….although I am still to try cheese making after the course DS took me too. It’s a calorie thing – I’ll wait til I’m off the Fast 800 until I venture down that path.

    Nice to provide assistance to a stranded narrow-boater, and to keep in tandem for the day.

    And on the subject of builders scaling tall buildings on bamboo platforms….we saw it a lot when we lived in China and Hong Kong. Well before we lived there, my eldest brother was the CFO for a large construction firm…despite having all the top earth moving machinery you’d expect of a company that was building mass rapid transit lines and stations, a lot of excvation work was done by labourers with hand tools, because the government didn’t want the social unrest it felt would come with high unemployment.

    OK I can put it off no longer. I’ll lose a day tomorrow looking after Miss 2, so I’d best get on.

    Have a good night all.

    That must be the longest that this thread has seen without a post. Cinque, all OK?

    Hello! I am struggling with time. I think it is trying to swallow me. Off to see my grandkids and hoping I manage a proper post this arvo.

    PS Yesterday’s fast day went wrong!

    Almost the end of my second FD of the week. There was only a day in between since my fast day went wrong on Monday too, Cinque. It was the evening meal that went astray. I’m finding to FD800 to be easier than the 500 calorie FD’s, but we’ll have to see if the losses continue as the weeks go on. Dr. Mosley says results should be similar but that’s 60% more calories so we’ll see. I hope he’s right.

    Sorry to run off so abruptly. OH and DS were ready to watch some movies.

    Thin, great job on your mini Suez Canal maneuver. So nice of you to come to their rescue. Glad to hear that Spring is coming there. We’ve had some warmer days this week too. One day I’m wearing 3 layers of tops and today it was warm enough for a t-shirt. In a few days it will probably be cold again.

    Lindsay, I hope things settle down there and your lockdown is lifted. Things are open at different levels in California and the numbers are going down, but they’re going up in other parts of the country and some states are completely open although cases are up. It’s up to the Governors of each state. I’m happy to hear that your husband got his vaccine. So now both of you have your first vaccine which should give you some piece of mind. Thin, it’s good to see the numbers in the UK going down, even with the variants. It looks like a good portion of the people are getting vaccinated.

    LJ, I made the peanut butter chicken recipe last night and it turned out very well. I only gained 1 gram so I guess eating it in moderation on a NFD isn’t a bad thing. There are so many recipes that sound really good on that website.

    Cinque, our posts crossed the other night. It sounds like your granddaughters are keeping you very busy these days. I hope it’s not making you feel too fatigued.
    After watching 8 very long seasons of McLeod’s Daughters we have only 3 episodes left. My sister didn’t want to watch it tonight because she doesn’t want it to be over. We’ve also been watching, Call the Midwife and are on season 2. Have any of you watched that one? It took 2 episodes to get into it, but we really like it now.

    Neil, it sounds like you’re feeling back to normal again. Congrats on the weight loss!

    Well, have a good rest of your day everyone.

    Cinque, pleased that you could pop in briefly.

    CalifD, I loved ‘Call The Midwife’. We were well behind in Aus with the earlier few series constantly being repeated but I can get up to date here – except it’s not OH’s thing. Just finished ‘Godless’ which is the best show I’ve seen in a very long time. I didn’t want that to end either and we’ve decided to watch it again!

    I can’t quite work out how 800 cal FDs could deliver the same results as 500 either. Let us know how it goes. I’m not interested in the daily 800 cal regime at all because calorie counting is not my thing which is why 5:2 attracted me in the first place.

    Yes, things are going well so far with our graded easing of lockdown. Pubs will open on 12 April for service outside only. We wouldn’t go inside a restaurant or pub unless a vaccine passport is introduced. There’s an outcry that it would be discriminatory. D’oh! That’s the whole point. You exercise your right not to have the vaccine, you lose your right to put others at risk. I’m glad that your numbers are decreasing in California but Biden’s open border policy that’s allowed so-called migrants to walk in without being covid tested is concerning.

    The three glorious days of warmth and sunshine came to an abrupt end and I’m back in my thermals. We don’t celebrate Easter and we’re staying rural as there have been large student gatherings in cities.

    Thin, so far the 800 calories twice a week is going well and I’m losing, but I don’t know if that will continue as time goes on. With the 500 calories when I originally lost all that weight I ate quite a bit on most NFD’s. I suspect that for this to work, I will have to cut back more on NFD. I don’t like counting calories either so don’t want to have to do that other than on FD.
    I see “Godless” on Netflix as a limited series of 7 shows from 2017. Is that the same one you watched? We’re also watching “My Mother and Other Strangers” on Prime. It’s only 5 episodes, but it’s off to a good start. Takes place in Ireland during WWII.

    We’re doing only take away from restaurants although outdoor dining is open and limited seating indoor. I like the idea of a vaccine passport. Still too much non-compliance with masks and such around here. We’re seeing kids testing positive more often these days. Maybe it’s because some schools require tests where they didn’t before. Perhaps some of the people who think Covid is just the flu and don’t take precautions themselves will think twice about exposing their children. I just want this whole thing to be over.

    Good morning,
    It is a warm, still, morning here and I am moving the sprinkler around to water my plants.

    My ‘fast day fail’ clue was how full I felt when I went to bed. I had too much pumpkin soup and too many halloumi slices with it. Lesson learnt.

    Fast day again tomorrow and I will rock it.

    The only Eastering thing I will do (apart from taking 2x https://i.pinimg.com/originals/4c/09/40/4c0940eb7f158f8f704b048265660587.jpg over for the girl’s Easter egg hunt) is make Pastiera Napoletana. Finally (I hope) as I have been meaning to make it the last 3 Easters).
    It is a traditional Easter dish, basically whole wheat cooked until very soft and ricotta cheesecake combo. It is one of my favourite foods ever.
    I am going to try it with about half sugar and hope I don’t regret it. I think I would enjoy it made with no sugar (I find cooked wheat and ricotta quite sweet) but I still wouldn’t want to eat an entire pie, so I hope to make it just sweet enough that my daughter will like some.
    (If I had a bit more oomph I’d make individual tarts and could make some with and some without sugar. Maybe next year). Anyway, I will have that ready for Monday, the tail end of Easter.

    Neil, hooray. I am so glad you are on top of things again. I hope you are going well and manage to wrangle Easter okay.

    Lindsay, I love the way your described the Chinese workers.
    Happy birthday Ms 5!
    I do hope you got a lovely lot of sorting done over lockdown (around minding Ms 2) and then Hooray! It ended. Just hearing today’s good news of only one, already isolating, person added to the cluster.
    Nice to know Mr L is 1st vacc done.

    Thin, what fun making a lovely gin. I hope it comes out beautifully. So glad you could help your fellow canal boaters, they sound great people. Are they renaming their boat the Evergiven?
    Ooh it does sound cold. Hooray for thermal clothing.

    Cali, I feel my NFD eating is slowly but steadily becoming more sensible and sustainable, and my FDs, while 800 max, vary according to how I feel, so a fasty one is well under 500 cal but can go up towards 800 (heavens knows what my last one was though!).
    I would like my NFD’s to be my TDEE but I have a feeling about half of them are over that amount. I really would like to do a couple of weeks on 800 a day but I haven’t felt well enough.
    Anyway, I hope the 800max makes fast days easy for you, and that you don’t quite make up for fast days on your non fast days! Yay for losing!

    Enjoy the last episodes of McLeod’s Daughters.

    My daughter was really into Call The Midwife, and I enjoyed the first few series but haven’t kept up with it lately. I don’t even know which series they are showing currently.

    Ooh that Godless series sounds interesting!

    LJoyce, hoping you are able to write soon.

    And everyone else too! It would be so good to hear how you are going.

    Best wishes and all good things.

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