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  • Cinque, good grief, lying down after eating can coax food out of the stomach and back into the oesophagus. Upright aids digestion, preferably with hips and knees at 90 degrees. Not to mention, sitting a table helps children learn proper meal time manners (sadly lacking at home if restaurant behaviour is anything to go by) and must be a lot more hygienic than eating on the floor. However, I soon came to accept the Aussie primary school way as ‘normal’ and quickly forgot my initial reaction – assimilation!

    LJ, it’s so encouraging to know that fasting helps eliminate those nasty symptoms. Penguin mentioned that he’d consulted the medical staff who’ve advised that fasting is contra-indicated for his particular situation. I don’t think he’s revealed whether he has cancer and, if so, what part of the body is affected. I think it comes down to whether the practitioner is familiar, how much trust a patient places in that practitioner and a host of other factors.

    Besides your interesting situation, I also find it fascinating that historically, cancer has only ever been fed or treated chemically, never starved. When starved, cancer cells don’t know how to behave – and they commit suicide. Healthy cells are thereby unaffected, so you don’t see the normally associated side-effects. The big question is whether an affected person can sustain themselves in starvation mode. We can only throw these thoughts about loosely since we don’t know anything about Penguin’s circumstances – but it makes for interesting reading/discussion anyway.

    Penguin, thanks for the update. I’m talking about you as if you’re not here. I don’t know whether to be happy for you or not but it sounds encouraging. Does having your house on the market mean that you have already found a potential property yourselves? Like others, I understand if you have little time to post but I hope you will occasionally keep us updated on both counts. And anything else you wish to tell us.

    Neil, that was a busy day supporting the local producers. Talk of snow! Well, the rain might be welcome in Penguin-world but we’re not so happy. Actually, the rain isn’t so bad, but gusty winds are not at all pleasant because we wish to cross an aqueduct.

    Good evening everyone. Lovely to read your posts. Now they’re on the last page, but I’ll try to respond.

    Penguin, good luck with the house selling. You had mentioned a smaller house you’d found – is that the one you’re hoping to buy? Hope the new form of chemo doesn’t knock you about too much.

    LindsayL, good that OH’s leg/foot is being treated so he’ll enjoy your visit to the island. Wonderful that you can finally go there and stay, not just do a day trip.

    Anzac65, this coming week is a new one, you’ll do better.

    Neilithicman, well done you for supporting your local businesses. I’m also trying to do that.

    LJoyce, lovely that you can be back into some of your child-sitting routine, and to know that you were missed.
    Good that the protein idea has been working. I wasn’t necessarily meaning adding more at lunchtime, just adding more to the diet, but if at lunchtime works, great.

    Re eating the main meal at lunchtime, I think thin is right – it became a habit here in Australia to eat the main meal at night simply because that’s when the parents are home from work and children home from school. On Sundays we used to have a big Sunday lunch – a roast – then my mother would cook fresh scones for us to eat around 3:30-4 p.m., which would be the evening meal, and no-one ever complained about being hungry in the evening.
    Thinking of my father, he used to get “meals on wheels” Monday to Friday. He’d eat the main meal at lunchtime and have the soup with toast for dinner. Maybe it’s something I need to consider? I find though that the later in the day I start to eat, the less I eat overall, so maybe not while I’m trying to lose. Possibly once I reach maintenance?

    Speaking of which, though still a long way to go, there are major changes for me already. I’ve lost more than 4 inches from both bust and waist, and 5 inches off the hips already. One pair of jeans bought a couple of months ago now has to be worn with a belt as it’s otherwise too loose. So, good progress. Now is the time when I have to be careful to not lose my mojo. Down 0.6 kg so far this month already, so here’s hoping it’s sustainable.

    Cinque and LindsayL, my more usual weight loss is about 0.6 kg/week, but I always hope and aim for more. Sometimes it happens – if I’m extra careful.

    Cinque, lovely flowers for penguin. Great you could have friends visit – oops for the hug, but I’m sure just once isn’t going to harm social distancing.
    Not sure what will happen after all the demonstrations today – hope there’s not a new wave of Covid-19 as a result, though that is less likely here than in a lot of other countries.

    Thanks for the comments re the plumbing. No more news on that until later next week. I know it will still be expensive, but I’m hoping less than the $10,000 that was initially mentioned.

    Keep well, keep safe all.

    Betsy, you are doing so well! 600g is a lot. And all those inches gone! When I was fasting 5:2 to lose, I lost 500g per week, pretty consistently over that year, with one or two plateaus.

    Betsy, I’m thoroughly disgusted with the official stance taken on these protests. What was the point of the 13 weeks of self-isolation and all the measures we’ve taken to socially distance if it’s now perfectly OK to break the law because it would be non-PC to break up these crowds? Why can’t these people take to social media to express themselves? All the weak leaders seem to be doing is asking them nicely not to gather because they’re putting themselves at risk! What about the rest of us? I haven’t seen my daughter for months because the rules prohibited it. What was the point then?

    Good morning from a chilly but sunny Brisbane. 24 max today, but only 10 currently. The front and back glass doors are open so Rosy can run through, taking her rather large bone back and forth from the courtyard to the back terrace. So busy. I don’t know how we’ll manage once winter really kicks in.

    We had a lovely picnic with my brothers and SILs. And another return to normal yesterday, with my eldest grandchild’s seventh birthday party. It’s the first time we’ve been to my DD’s house (indoors, anyway) and it was perfect. Just the 10 of us …my son and his wife and two kids too. Then my DD did another afternoon event for my son in law’s family.

    LJ sounds like your little ones really missed having you to sit. I think a lot of kids (and parents) felt like that about home schooling.

    I would love to swing our main meal to lunch-time instead of dinner. I am always really hungry during the day, but could happily miss dinner. OH though is the opposite, and likes the ritual of the evening meal.

    Cinque thank you for the congratulations. I fear maintenance is a long way off. I’m a tortoise unfortunately. Glad your feet are so much better. OH’s too. Off to the island Tuesday. Part of his problem is he’s shortened his gait because of his eyesight, which put other bits out. The myotherapist is helping release leg muscles and tendons, so he’ll be able now to stride along the beach, tripping over nothing more troubling than the odd shell and piece of driftwood.

    Dietwise, I have him on cherry juice (which is meant to help with uric acid), cider vinegar with the mother (ditto), and tumeric with pepper. He dutifully takes it all. Whether he’ll remain committed when the episode passes is another matter.

    Oh Anzac. Don’t be down. we are works in progress. The important thing is, we are trying. Think how things would have been had we not found this way of life.

    Penguin it was good to read your post. I hope the new treatment is okay for you. We will be pleased to hear how you are, when you are able to post again.

    Neil, what a lovely day you described. Good to support the local businesses too, and get real food from local producers.

    More Covid worries in Queensland today, with the news that a man flew from Melbourne to Brisbane, engaged with 15 odd people, then flew to Bundaberg to pick fruit, sharing lodgings with 4 others, while Covid positive. I am not sure how he got through the closed Queensland border, but there you are. Now the tracing of contacts is going on full steam. I suspect a large number of people who went to the marches yesterday did so confident that there’d been no cases for such a while. Even our GP earlier in the week was saying that with he border still closed and no new cases, our chances of catching Covid were about the same as winning the lottery.

    On to more cheerful matters – Betsy, way to go! Great to see such positive results. How nice to need a belt.

    Now, off to weigh my native bee hive, to make sure it’s ready to split. I’ve had an order in for a hive for my son for his birthday, but there’s a very long waiting list for bees, so the entomologist offered to split my hive tomorrow, if it’s reached the right weight and it’s warm enough.

    Enjoy your Sunday all….and tomorrow, for those lucky ducks who are celebrating the Queen’s birthday with a day off.

    Good morning from cold grey Melbourne (again)

    Sunday fast day for me!

    Penguin, it was ABOUT TIME for you to get a bunch of flowers, then! I’ll make sure the next bunch is particularly blokey 🙂

    Neil, it does sound good to exercise on an empty stomach and then eat a meal a nice time afterwards. Hooray for anything that stops us snacking, what a pernicious urge it is.

    LJoyce, hope you are having a lovely day after fast day. Enjoy that brunch.

    Your kombucha question sent me off to learn more about Vit K and now I know there is Vit K1 and a complicated K2! K1 seems to be the important one for coagulation (from my limited reading) so let’s eat up our leafy greens. K2 is in animal products and the fermenting microbes bring it into foods including kombucha, but it is variable if and how much is in there. This was the clearest article I found: https://nutritionstudies.org/6-facts-vitamin-k-plant-based-diet/ and seems well researched.

    Thin, haha hooray for good sitting posture at 90 degree hips and knees. Miso the cat is helping me maintain that as we speak.
    Yikes, that wind better calm down before you attempt the aqueduct. I wonder if you are over it already. Sending lots of good wishes for a great crossing.

    Betsy .6 a week is above average too, big gold star. Ooh those lovely losses, I hope you are dancing around the house with that belt buckle done up on your new jeans. Hopefully the wins will feed your mojo.

    Lindsay, a top of 24 is blissful (13c top here) I hope it is getting there by now.
    I’m all for tortoises, Lindsay. Slow and steady wins the race. Steady, steady 🙂

    Cheers to Mr L stretching those walking muscles. Isn’t it hard how one health problem influences a whole lot of others. The health equivalent of herding cats. I do hope those gout preventions work. That will be one cat herded!
    But how annoying he doesn’t want to swap his meals around. I hope that is his worst attribute. Is it Mr L?

    What excellent bee keepers you are. It only seems a minute since you got them, and here they are, ready to be split. Go native bees!

    I was dancing around the house yesterday when Victoria FINALLY had no new cases, only to be disappointed (and a little bit ashamed) that your new case came from Melbourne. Sigh. Fingers crossed it is only a tiny blip for Qld.

    Queen’s birthday holiday here tomorrow but all it means is I probably can’t buy more coffee from my favourite shop.

    Well I had a good day yesterday. I am noticing that afternoons are easier, but evenings are better still. If that continues I will be a happy little vegemite. I’m also getting excited about all the lovely soups there are to make for my evenings!

    But ooh, today it is miso soup and I am off to make a nice batch of dashi and soak all sorts of things in preparation.

    Sending best wishes to you all.

    Good afternoon all. Just checking in after church online this morning. I do miss meeting with my church friends, but it is what it is at the moment.

    Yes thin, very concerned about the protests. Very true, black lives do matter, as do yellow lives, brown lives and white lives, but here in Australia, the authorities have been so careful to protect the indigenous communities, and now they’re joining in the protests so we can only pray there won’t be outbreaks of the virus among the most vulnerable.

    LindsayL, wonderful that you could meet with family for a picnic. Enjoy the island from Tuesday, and I hope OH is able to enjoy striding out without the gout restricting his movement.
    I’m a bit surprised that you may be splitting the hive at the start of winter, rather than waiting till the weather warms again. Is that usually the best time? Will there be a queen available to care for the new hive? I can’t remember my father splitting hives (though I’m sure he did), so don’t know the process.

    Cinque, enjoy your miso soup. Great that yesterday was easier for you. Your clothes will be less snug in no time.

    Re my weight, this is around the weight I choked on, last time I lost weight (in 2009?), and then it gradually went back on again, so I’m really concerned. I have to get past the next 2 kilos down, then I’ll know I’ve broken through my choking weight.
    Please be patient with me if I seem to be obsessing about every 0.1 kilo over the next few weeks.

    Enjoy the public holiday, for those in the states celebrating Queen’s birthday.

    Stay safe, stay well.

    Betsy, you obsess away. We are all here, urging you on.
    Cinque, Betsy, these are the native bees we’re splitting, not the honey bees. I am not sure about the Queen – I’ll ask when the chap is here tomorrow. He suggested it, and he’s the acknowledged expert (his name is Tim Heard) so I’ll be guided by him.
    OK off to take Rosy to a new dog park. I like the people we see at her usual spot, but they sometimes get a bit too close for comfort, and with all the chatting, their dogs often just hang around and don’t run a lot. So, new adventures for her.
    Cinque, OH would swap meals if I asked him. He really is a most accommodating chap, given his Glaswegian genes particularly. I suspect though it would mean a large lunch, and he’d also want a large dinner (and as he’s pretty slim, that would finish me off!).

    OK Rose is trying to chew my arm to stop me from typing, and OH is actually out of the shower and is popping on his shoes, so dog park here we come.

    Best wishes all.

    Lindsay, I’d have the same trouble with OH if switching the main meals around. Back when we had pub lunches, I always be stuffed for the rest of the day but he’d be looking for the usual meal at dinner time. Have a great time at the island. All the best with the bees, don’t forget the Queen’s birthday!

    Betsy, you can do this. I have every confidence in you. You’re in a different mindset this time. Looking forward to hearing about it, inch by inch. Protests – sheer stupidity, marching headlong into a pandemic, we’re supposed to be the intelligent species. Over seventies’ lives apparently don’t matter.

    Lindsay, no doubt the risk was minimal for Australians but, here in Britain, the media is banging on relentlessly about how the govt. is easing lock-down too early and then, wrt to the protests held in many major cities yesterday, the BBC reports, “It’s a tricky one because there’s no specific regulation stating that people can’t protest”. Conveniently ignoring the law stating that no more than six people may gather outside when it suits the story. No mention of the vast numbers than must have been taking public transport unnecessarily putting those workers at risk. Irresponsible and selfish IMHO.

    OK, back to fasting. I’m having chorizo and kale soup which sounded calorific until I noticed that it serves six. 157 calories. OH can have a double portion with potatoes and I’ll freeze the other half for another FD.

    Cinque, you’re on track and sounding great. Enjoy the soup. No we haven’t tackled the aqueduct and the wind is still blowing. Not that we can get blown off, we just don’t fancy it. I’m looking forward to seeing the blokey flowers.

    My rooftop garden is coming on slowly. Unfortunately, an unexpected frost a few weeks back claimed the hydrangea’s deep pink flowers but it’s slowly recovering. The lettuce, tomato and chili seedlings are coming on but they’re in no hurry (thanks for the suggestion Neil). https://imgur.com/dEjM4m9

    A quick one.
    Don’t get me wrong Thin. I am also concerned about the next wave. My point though was that until yesterday,before the new case in Queensland, the authorities (and my GP) were pretty confident it had been contained, with tracking identifying all of the transmission points for those few in Queensland (not Australia though). I was just saying that possibly the people who went to the rallies in Qld were also of the view that it had been contained. But this chap who flew from Melbourne had had contact with so many people. Who would know if the person next to you at the rally was one of the 15 he had had a meal with, or with others who had come into contact with him. A time to stay cautious. (I also saw someone say they’d observed the group limits, because they had fewer than the 20 allowed, in their particular group. Technical correct perhaps, but crackers).

    Lindsay, I understood and agreed with you. Different circumstances here altogether. Unfortunately, it’s the very person who doesn’t think SD is important, who’s the most likely to pass the virus on. I take the view that everyone has it.

    Penguin, it’s good to hear that the chemo is going well enough that they can put you on the stronger one already. I hope that isn’t too challenging. Selling your house, finding another one and moving is a lot to have going on all at once. Do post a couple lines to let us know when your house sells and how the new chemo is going. That’s a lot of stuff to have going on all at once. Take care of yourself.

    I just skimmed most of the recent posts because often by the time I read them all it’s time for sleep and I end up too tired to post. It’s been chaotic around the country with all the protests and looting. We thought we were far enough away from the big cities in a semi rural area, but Monday evening after threats on social media, they called in the National Guard to assist the police and sheriff’s departments and closed off one freeway exit and one very long street to better concentrate on the others. It ended up being a quiet night but a stressful one for a while. The National Guard was staged in the county for a few days. With so many people owning guns in this county there’s always the concern of accidental shootings with everyone so on edge. Needless to say, it’s been a stressful week. The protests seem to be calming a little tonight from what I read on the news. I see they’ve spread around the world, including Australia. Thin, I agree that the Covid threat is frustrating after we’ve all been so careful about social distancing and now we see thousands in the streets, many without masks, and almost all of them too close together. In about 2 weeks I’m afraid we’re going to see big spikes in cases. I hope those fears don’t come to pass.

    Somehow I’ve been managing 2 FD’s per week although my NFD’s are typically not very controlled with all the stress. Still, I’ve managed to lose a kg or 2 but it’s going very slowly.

    I’m going to go back and read your posts more carefully now but just wanted to stop in and say hi to everyone. Stay safe and well.

    Good morning, cold again here, but they promise we will see the sun tomorrow.

    Betsy, do obsess. 🙂 Daily and in detail. It is the whole point of this forum.
    All the other stuff is precious but 5:2 is what we are here for.

    Four weeks along and you will have broken through that 2kg stress point, I am betting on it! You will be so annoyed that you have to give away your new jeans.

    Cali, so glad you made time to post, good idea to do it before all that reading! Hooray for a kilo or two! It hasn’t been easy with all the stress, but you are doing it! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ba/ee/7d/baee7d789ce0a5724025683d7eb99ce1.png Onwards and downwards!

    Lindsay, Mr L is definitely a keeper. I do hope Rosy enjoyed the new dog park and that the beeman is delighted with your hives today.

    Thin, such a pretty garden! So glad you don’t have to go over the aqueduct until the weather makes it a better experience.
    Haha yes, I hope google is accommodating when I go looking for Penguin’s next bunch of flowers.

    Ooh that chorizo and kale soup sounds good!

    I made a great miso soup yesterday with all sorts of dried fungus and seaweed in it! Nice to finally have yuba again (dried beancurd). Ofcourse, I bought a different brand of white fungus and it didn’t stay as crisp, but I won’t soak it as long next time.

    It was a good fasty fast day but Oh dear! didn’t my tummy rumble when I was watching the Masterchef contestants make pies and sauce! My miso soup seemed a thin and distant past, even though I had just finished it.

    But I’ve had a nice early breakfast and I’m getting excited about the lovely sensible food I will eat today! Roast veggies and sausage for lunch, with a green salad, roasted almonds sprinkled over. And I’m on to my second container of celery soup, I’ll make okonomiyaki to accompany it!

    Hope those of you fasting today just skipped over that food listing paragraph, haha. Have a great day. It is so good to be thinner and healthier!


    I’m heading our for a walk in the park with a friend shortly but decided to do a quick post first.

    Yesterday’s NFD was fairly controlled – probably abound my TDEE. I didn’t have my main meal at lunch time as I’d been out for brunch and eaten scrambled eggs, mushrooms and toast at 10:30. So I had soup with a roti (and some cheese melted onto it) for lunch. For dinner I still didn’t feel like my big curry bowl so that’s still in the fridge. Instead I had some hummus with roti crackers (chopped up roti dried out in the airfryer) and one fresh corn cob. A very odd collection of meal choices, but along with 2 pieces of fruit it got me through the day without unhealthy snacks.

    I am changing my eating plan. Still maintaining calorie restriction on alternate days but incorporating Neil’s idea of 1000 calorie days. My plan is to go back to doing two 500cal FDs per week and the other calorie restricted days I do that week will be 1000cal. That will mix things up a bit and if I’m going back to 500cal days I can’t do 800 cal days as well – I’ve learned that lesson from past experience, it’s just too much restriction for me. This will be a similar amount of calorie restriction over the week as doing alternate days at 800cal. The other thing that the increase to 1000cals will let me do, is to eat a main meal at lunch time and still have enough calories left for aa adequate dinner. I can’t seem to manage that with 800cal. If I can continue to not overeat on the NFDs I might actually see some weight loss on this system, which would be a blessing.
    Today is a 500cal FD – my first in a while.

    Good luck to those of you facing challenging times.
    Cali, Betsy, Anzac and anyone else facing diet challenges, I hope this is a really good week.

    Have a good day all. Hope those of you having a long weekend are finding something fun to do.

    Afternoon all. A pleasant sunny day in Brisbane, and I popped over to see my friend who’s just had back surgery. My first Covid outing to another’s home…well, second if we count Miss 7’s birthday party last Saturday.

    OH and I have just come back from the myotherapist – he is having his foot and leg seen to, and I’m having the early bursitis twinges dealt with. My lovely therapist made the point that my shoulders were tight as a drum. I don’t know why … I seem to be a bit stressed and tearful lately, and I’m not sleeping at all well. Part of it is waiting for OH to get up and quickly flicking the fitbit light to guide him. I’ll be happier when he is a bit more stable on his feet. His ankle gives way on him sometimes, which his therapist says will improve with treatment.

    No joy with the beeman today – I call him that because I often get etymologist and etomologist confused … and while he is very articulate, I don’t need a language consultation. So, my hive is too light to be divided. It needs to be 7.5 kilos minimum, to make sure they get through winter in good condition. I have now ordered a hive and colony and we will just have to wait til mother nature is ready.

    My other 40th birthday gift is also on hold, waiting waiting waiting. My son is a wonderful cook, so after watching an old episode of River Cottate Australia and seeing the local blacksmith craft a knife for the presenter, I finally found them to ask them to do the same for my son. Not just yet, was the answer. The region (central NSW) had been hit hard by the bushfires, and the blacksmith is busy rebuilding. Still, it will be beautiful, and special, and worth waiting for. Expensive, too, but handcrafted beautifully, and I never begrudge a craftsman making a good living.

    My girlfriend and I had a good chat about the difficulty of dieting during these covid tines. It seems to be a common thread, that many of us are finding our usual routines more difficult to get back into. It resonated with me, anyway.

    So, for all of us who are doing really well, and the others who are doing well but with difficulty, and my crowd, who can’t seem to get it together…as Merry would say, onwards and upwards.

    Good morning losers,

    It was a splendid fasty FD as Cinque would say and I’ve woken to a tidy 900g loss. Pleased to hear that yours was good too Cinque. You are so bold about trying new products and recipes.

    LJ, I hope the changes you’re making work well for you. You are certainly working hard at it.

    Lindsay, the knife sounds great. It will last forever when it finally arrives and always be treasured. How is the Queen bee celebrating her birthday? I’m hoping Merry’s advice was ‘onwards and downwards’!

    CalifD, good to hear from you. Stay safe, it’s all so unnerving. Well done, shedding the 2kgs.

    Anzac, Betsy, Penguin, Neil, hello to you.

    We all know what works – just do it! Let fast days be your anchor. The rest is always a work in progress.

    Evening all.

    I agree with Lindsay Betsy, obsess away, we’ve all been in the same boat and we’re her for support, both cheerleading success and commiserating slips.

    Looks like there are a few doing well and moving in the right direction, congrats Cali and Betsy on your recent losses.

    Thin, great to hear your plants are coming along well. If you can find an old window or some clear polythene you might be able to rig up a little lean-to cloche to keep any pesky frosts off

    I had a good weekend. My wife and I went out to play pool for a while and then out to Carey’s Bay Hotel for dinner by the harbour. It was a lovely meal, but after a plate of salt and pepper squid, big bowl of seafood chowder, pavlova for dessert, and a couple of drinks, I certainly needed my gym session today. I continue to improve in my running, today I managed 7.9 kilometres in my 45 minutes, average speed 10.6 kph and the longest continuous period of running during the 45 minutes was 30 minutes.

    Well I’ll have a control day today and then weigh-in on Wednesday morning. Hopefully I’ll be able to shake that 700 grams I picked up last week.

    Have a great one everyone.

    Good morning,

    Best wishes mixing it all up LJoyce. I hope you had a good 500 day yesterday.

    And Thin, hooray for such a good fast day 🙂

    I sorted out that box in the pantry, most of us have, with all the odds and ends and packets of things I accidentally bought when I hadn’t actually run out (tapioca flour, cornmeal, coriander… ) and oh dear, I found the end of a packet of roasted cashews. So I must have eaten a cup of cashews on top of my sensible eating yesterday. Thereby rendering it insensible 😉 .

    A new day today.

    I did have a lot of fun making my evening soup yesterday (because it was stock, not celery soup, I pulled from the freezer, haha). I have a fabulous 1982 recipe book of Singapore based Asian recipes, and I realised the soups in there are very different from my usual soups. They are just ‘bung every thing in a pot and simmer it’ and my miso soup apprenticeship is allowing me to be able to riff on the theme. I am looking forward to doing that more often. Like, tonight!
    My okonomiyaki made a brilliant accompaniment.

    Lindsay, I am so glad a therapist is able to help with your shoulders. It has been a stressful year for you, with one thing after another, not to mention hours editing, and twinges of bursitis (eep), no wonder your shoulders are tense.

    I hope the bees have a great winter.

    What a brilliant present that knife will be! My sisters and I were talking last zoom session about wanting to pay local craftspeople for beautifully made things. ways the best.

    Two interesting health things I heard about lockdown. One, that so many people put on weight, and health professionals were sympathetic (i.e. too much food is better than other vices like alcohol and other drugs) and also that uggboot foot’ became a thing. Ha, that was me.

    Neil, a lovely normal weekend, and what a delicious feast. Cheers to you New Zealanders on being able to end all Covid 19 with no active cases in your country. Brilliant work all around. And won’t you love supporting all the local businesses now.

    It is a sunny day, but still so cold outside (9am). I am worrying for a 14yo lad lost in the bush just north of here, it was freezing overnight. So hoping he will be all right.


    Good morning friends, sunny but cool today in Sydney

    So after a disastrous week last week that pushed me back into the 90’s I have finally realised that the only thing that has ever worked is to do 2 proper FD’s every week. Starting today. Wish me luck!

    I haven’t had a chance to catch up on posts but hope to do so today

    I have a small thai beef salad waiting for my late lunch and a turkey mince & vege bolognaise in lettuce cups for dinner

    We went out for lunch with friends on Sunday for my friend’s 60th. It was heavenly to do something so normal; but also a bit scary to be out in the big wide world. There were photo’s and I was shocked and horrified at how I look 🙁 thus prompting the new motivation. Also OH mentioned the weight gain which is not like him so even more motivation

    We are planning our family reunion on the 18th or 19th July and this gives me a 6 week target to get close to the 84 that I was in December. I need to lose 7 kilos which might be a stretch but if I even lose half of that I will be happy. Ish. Then downwards towards the 70’s 🙂

    Sorry, this is all about me but I will catch up soon, I promise!

    Good afternoon SHs

    Anzac, good luck with the 5:2 regime. I too am struggling to get back to where I was a year ago. If you know something works and you know you can stick to it it’s almost certainly the right choice. Good luck getting your weight back into the 80s and feeling better about how you look by your family reunion.

    Neil, it was wonderful news to see that NZ has no more known covid cases and that it meant that business could go back to normal – apart from the borders. NZ has done extremely well and I think you are the envy of the world at the moment – you made some of the European news broadcasts that I watched this morning as the only country with over 1000 cases that has manged elimination of the virus. Glad to see that it has allowed you to get back to doing some normal things – like a date night.

    Turn, hopefully the removal of restrictions will make your travels easier too.

    Thin, good to see you still get such a good loss on your FDs. I am determined, I have to be as I’m still struggling to stay in the 70s, let alone the mid-70s where I prefer to be.

    Cinque, I have been equally inventive and looking through my recipie books for inspirational soup recipies! I made a new one last night – a chilli bean soup – it’s just like a vegetarian chilli but with more stock and passata to make it a soup (still very thick though). They suggest serving it with grated cheese, sour cream and corn chips. I will try it tonight with the grated cheese and a dollop of greek yoghurt – no corn chips.
    I know you make Indian flatbreads often so I wanted to share a discovery. Normally I make the dough and divide it into portions then leave it in the fridge and make the bread fresh when I want it, over the course of a week. It does mean a lot of bread in my meals for the week though. This time I cooked all 8 roti at once and put the remaining 7 in the fridge. When I was planning my meals it was quickly apparent I would not get through the remaining roti. I wondered if I could turn some of them into crackers. I have done this in the past with purchased pitas, by cutting them into small pieces and drying them out in the oven. So I tried this with the roti – the only difference was that I used the airfyer on a low heat as it’s faster than the oven. It worked very well and I think the crackers are even tastier than the fresh roti – probably because I was generous with the sesame seeds I added to the roti dough. The only thing I had to watch was the rate of cooking so that those that got a bit more heat didn’t burn. So if you have any leftover Indian breads in the future, this might be a useful way of preserving them. I know you are similar to me when it comes to food being wasted. As this was the same batch of roti that I’d used soy flour in, they have the added benefit of a higher protein level than normal crackers.

    Lindsay, I’m not surprised that your shoulder muscles are so tight, not just with stress, but all those hours at the computer editing. I had continual issues with this when I was working as I was sitting at my laptop for most of my working hours. Hopefully some treatment will help – I found my physio treatments were a necessity.

    It was challenging to go back to a 500FD yesterday – it feels so very different to 800cals as I cannot eat lunch. However I made it through and will do a second FD on Friday. As I’m doing calorie restriction alternate days I will aim for a 1000cal day on Wednesday.
    You might be wondering why I don’t just do normal 5:2 to get back to the mid 70s. It’s because the numbers just don’t work for my TDEE and the weight loss would be incredibly slow. It takes a deficit of 7700 calories to lose a kilo of body fat (you can lose more weight than that but it won’t all be body fat). If I do two 500 calorie days and 5 NFDs at TDEE it takes me 8 1/2 weeks to achieve that 7700 calorie deficit if I do no more than 5000 steps a day and about 7 weeks if I average 9-10000 steps a day. That assumes that every NFD will be perfect and I never go over my TDEE – seriously, that’s not realistic. The only ways I lose weight at a reasonable rate on 5:2 is if I also control my eating on NFDs and keep it well under my TDEE (that’s what I did when I first started 5:2 which is why I lost weight faster back then – I also added extra FDs). The problem with that is that I feel like I’m on a diet every single day – which is a feeling I really hate. While 5:2 has been a really good help for me to maintain a weight, to lose weight on it (if it’s more than a kilo or two), is very difficult for me. So I will be continuing on with my alternate day calorie restriction for a bit longer. Once I can get myself to the top of my preferred weight range and actually stay there, I might reconsider. I do intend to get back to a weight I’m comfortable with and will use normal 5:2 to maintain that.

    Hope you are all having a good day.

    Busy day yesterday, two trips to the hospital. Blood test in the morning, biopsy in the afternoon. There had to be at least two hours between them and because of Covid you can’t hang around the hospital or have anyone go in with you. The Covid precautions are really affecting what they can do. The rate at which they can handle patients is about a quarter the normal.

    Before I began the first chemo I asked the the team dealing with my cancer about fasting before the treatment. The answer was that there has been some research in that area, but it depends – what kind of cancer, where it is, what kind of chemo, who is treating you.

    Now to enter a current conversation I am more certain about. Until I had this problem I didn’t eat breakfast and I went to the gym in the morning. I didn’t have any energy problems. The reading I did suggested that exercising in a fasting condition compels the body to burn fat because there is no readily available alternative. It was also my habit to have a two or three day total fast once a month and I continued to exercise whilst doing this. Now I find I am a slow starter and I do need breakfast so I take my exercise late afternoon.

    Thin, with you on your thoughts about the demos. I am more than willing to accept that there are social injustices in this country but statements like “the dangers of injustice are greater than the dangers of Covid so we must crowd together and cause damage” do nothing to keep me on side.

    Hi Penguin, I hope the test results are both good. I also hope they don’t make you wait too long for them. I’m really glad to hear that they were willing and able to actually engage in a conversation about the impact of fasting before you actually commenced the chemo – even if it wasn’t of benefit for your situation. That conversation would definitely not have have happened a decade ago. It seems your body is telling you when it needs food – and it seems a very crucial time to listen. All the best.

    Good evening all. So many posts since I last checked in – it’s taken me about an hour to catch up.

    LindsayL, Okay, the native bees, not the honey bees. Got it. Seems like a further wait, as the bees have to have enough honey to survive the winter.
    Hope the new park was a good one for Rosy to run in.
    Good that OH and you have had some helpful treatment of your stiffness and his pain.
    That knife idea sounds wonderful, even if you do have to wait for it.

    Thin, loved the photo – very healthy looking plants. Will you stay where you are until there is little wind before tackling the aqueduct (do you have to book the transit?)?

    Penguin, hope the test results come back promptly. Re the fasting, if they haven’t told you a straight “no”, sounds like you could trial it for yourself and see how you go. One time would be enough for you to know if it’s tolerable and/or helpful. They might even give you permission to try, if you ask.

    Anzac65, down, down down she goes! Yes, you can do this. I’ll be rooting for you.

    CalifDreamer, I hope there is a continued settling of the protests over the next week. Like you, I’m hoping there will be no “second wave” of Covid-19 infections as a result of the marches. Here in Australia, there was at least an attempt at social distancing, plus hand sanitiser being handed out, but it seems from the TV reports that people were still very close together. The next 2 weeks will reveal all. Meanwhile, stay safe and well, and well done you in showing a weight decrease!

    LJoyce, be careful that you’re not making your food restrictions into an overall low-cal diet. The idea of 5:2, with some normal eating days in the week, is that your overall metabolic rate doesn’t go down too much. From my reading, once that happens, it tends to stay low, making further weight loss that much harder. Fasting plus TDEE days, though slower, should maintain the BMR.
    Of course, sorry, I’m “preaching to the choir” here, as you know and have successfully done 5:2 for much longer than me. I’m just concerned, that’s all.

    Cinque, like you I’m praying they find that autistic boy soon; I’m very concerned for his welfare. If he’s not found after another night ….. ?
    You make some wonderful soups – very impressed. Mine? Packet soups, or not at all.

    Neilithicman, what a lovely “date” time with your wife. And hopefully you’ve run off the excess 700 gms today.

    Me? Just coasting along. I gained some with an over-indulgent Sunday, lost some yesterday, and hopefully after today will be back where I was on Saturday morning. Then I have a few days to try to be under the dreaded 70 kg. As I wrote before, I choked at 69 kg in 2009, so need to be 68 kg and heading downwards before I’ll “relax” my concern. A few unnecessary “goodies” are now in a plastic container at the top of my food cupboard, to be “untouchable” for the next few weeks (I hope! 🙂 ).

    Stay safe, stay well everyone.

    Good evening all. Thanks for everyone’s input on the Dyson vacuum. We’ve decided to purchase one but will wait until next week as the closest store that sells Dyson in our region is over an hours drive away. I also need to have the frames on my new glasses slightly adjusted so will visit Specsavers on the same trip. Plus I need to purchase a new mobile phone. The screen on my phone is covered in cracks after a few drops while working outside and now little bits of the screen are starting to fall off, plus when fully charged the charge only lasts about 9 hours so definitely due for a new one. I can claim a new phone on our contents insurance so at least will only have to pay the small excess fee. Well I guess my phone is the third item in our run of things breaking down so hopefully that is the last for awhile.

    Have managed to keep my carb intake very low over the last week with the exception of a lovely spelt pasta carbonara on Saturday night. Weight is heading downwards most days and looks like I’m on track to record another overall weekly loss this week – fingers crossed I can keep the momentum going. Congrats to the others who have also recorded losses.

    Enjoying the conversations around when to eat the largest meal of the day. I agree that a large lunch and a small dinner such as soup is the way to go. As much as I would love to eat this way it’s a bit tricky for us as OH and I are outside building or landscaping most days so having to stop and cook a large meal at lunchtime wouldn’t really work. Plus MissD has a small breakfast and lunch and is starving hungry when she gets home from school so needs a large meal in the evening. I do try and have our evening meal between 5-6pm so there’s quite a few hours to allow the meal to digest before going to bed. I have to be mindful of eating enough protein too as I find I easily fall back into my old ways of eating mainly veg – hence keeping a food diary to keep me on track and also to remind me to keep my carbs to a minimum.

    Purchased another item for our gym on the weekend, a second hand recumbent exercise bike in brand new condition. OH rolled his eyes – ‘where on earth is this thing going to fit in the rumpus room’ – of course I managed to fit it in. The only piece of equipment that doesn’t have a home yet is the boxing bag. It was originally going to be hung up in the rumpus room but OH wasn’t too keen on installing the heavy duty wall mounting bracket on the ‘new’ walls so it will have to be hung in the car shed at some stage.

    Oh Neil those temps are way too cold for me. We’ve had a few mornings of 1 degree and I’m struggling with that. Most days are quite sunny and today while working out in the yard I wore t.shirt and shorts for a few hours before the cool late afternoon chill set in. I am jealous of the wonderful produce you have on your doorstep– a fishmonger, local butcher, pig and poultry farm – so much fresh, tasty, locally produced food – I would be in absolute heaven. But in saying that I can’t complain as our vegie patch is producing well so we are eating home grown produce most days and the ducks are finally back on the lay so duck eggs are back on the menu. Hoping to go for a drive to the hills this Saturday to pick up some local honey and olive oil. I ran out just as restrictions kicked in and of course the producers closed their doors to the public and finally last weekend they all re-opened to looking forward to see what other goodies they have for sale now.

    On another positive note I cant believe how well and how long I’ve been sleeping lately. Usually I average between 7-8 hours but the last few weeks I’ve been getting 9-10 most nights. I used to wake up around 5am but now with the cold weather I’m not waking until OH’s alarm goes off at 6.15am. Well speaking of sleep, it is way past my bedtime to time for some shut-eye. Good night all.

    Morning all

    Good luck for your results Penguin, hopefully you get the outcome you’re hoping for. I agree about the protests. There were protests over here too and they were widely condemned because we were so close to being covid free at the time and they were risking undoing all the hard work the country has been going through the last 10 weeks.

    Good luck on the last few kilos Betsy, I’m sure you’ll blow your target out of the water.

    Gday, congrats on the loss and the new recumbent exercise bike. I still want to get a recumbent tricycle at some stage to add to my regular bike, but I’m going to have to wait until I can find a cheap second hand one, or our finances are a bit better.

    Unfortunately I saw no movement on the scales this week. I’m still sitting at 90.7 kilograms. I know that I’m thinner than I was and have a bit more muscle, but I felt more comfortable when I was sitting around 87 kilos. Hopefully I can eventually work my way back to there by the end of the year.

    A quick hello from Stradbroke Island, where it bucketed overnight and is now fresh and lovely. I am all set up for 10 days of healthy eating. We caught a 5 pm barge; I had Woolworths deliver our groceries in a 12-3 window, and we just piled them all in the car. A quick trip to the butcher for fresh farm eggs, and the Greek fruit shop for our vegetables, and we are set.

    Our new fence is huge …it is good to be able to let Rosy wander in and out, without chasing her chasing ducks up the street. There is still a wire fence on the other side, so time will tell if she’ll work out how to jump it.

    It is very quiet here – usually we get woken by a fisherman taking his boat out early, and a tradie who lives a few doors down, leaving for work. But this morning ….silence. Bliss.

    Rosy has been so sweet overnight ….well, a lick or two in the middle of the night isn’t really sweet, but I do love how she comes in to check on us. She sleeps inside here – she has a new bed but I suspect she’s sleeping on the window seat. Oh well.

    Anzac I feel your pain! I’m with you ….and I agree. Back to basics is the reset we need. I have lost a bit since coming back from NZ, but I had hoped to do better. Over here I have everything I need to stay with the plan (if I stay away from the gelato shop, which has the best ice-cream outside Florence. Good for you to have the goal of a family reunion to aim for. Let us know how you are doing, won’t you?

    LJ I know it sounds crackers, but I hadn’t put the editing and neck pain together. Duh! My lovely myotherapist has given me a solid rubber ball so I can treat myself (well the bursitis, that is) and the hot water bottle gives me relief on the shoulders.

    Cali the situation in the US sounds dreadfully worrying. The news here seems to indicate things are calming …even in Australia, the marches were the largest in recent memory.

    Penguin I hope the results of the tests are positive for you. A challenging situation, made more difficult by the Covid restrictions.

    Cinque, your posts are always full of delicious food and different ingredients. Very creative cooking. Ugg boot foot is a new one – that Covid has a lot to answer for!

    Betsy, if you are looking for a good packet soup, Pitango is a terrific option. Made in NZ, all natural ingredients and no additives. It comes in a pouch in the cold section …usually $5 in Woolies. Terrific product.

    Neil, good work NZ on being Covid free. Amazing success and a lesson that going early and hard paid off.

    Gday how wonderful to sleep so soundly. Everything is better after a good night’s sleep.

    OK off to cook OH’s breakfast and a bone for Rosemarie…the very first thing she did last night after we arrived was shoot into the back yard and come back with a bone that she must have buried on our last trip here in early March. And this from a dog that turns her nose up at all manner of lovely fresh food.

    Good morning,
    Another frosty morning, even in my little carbon sink.

    Anzac, I think you are exactly right. Those two fast days a week have to be the priority to work well. It seems only rarely I can make them an easy part of normal life. Generally, if I am going to have a good fast day, it has to be top of the list, with capital letters and underlining. Luckily it is only twice a week.

    Having a target is great, you will really notice being 6 kg down, if not 7.

    LJoyce, what a brilliant trick with the flat bread. I have written it in my recipe book so I will keep reminding myself of it. There are so many things I would use them for: including with a soup like the one you just made! Ooh what a yummy soup.

    Congratulations on making it through your 500cal day. I’m having one of them tomorrow.

    Penguin, glad the test day is over. I’m thinking that when you wake up it will be your Wednesday treatment day, so here are some flowers to see you through. A bit blokey maybe? https://rossirovetti.com/ProdImages/a/cheers.jpg

    So good that the cancer team are aware of fasting research. But ooh it does sound complicated. I hope there is more research happening.
    So interesting that there are those changes in your energy levels. Good work managing it all.

    Betsy, good work getting those treats up high and leaving them there. Maybe if you set one as a reward for mini goals, they will be happier to sit there quietly?

    Gday, hooray for getting the third breakdown out of the way. Won’t you love your new phone, not to mention new glasses and a Dyson!
    You will need to build a separate gym soon! Good job keeping up your food diary. So good for keeping things real. And hooray for good sleep!
    Isn’t it wonderful as businesses are able to open, people are keen to buy things that have been on hold all through the lockdown. Won’t you enjoy that olive oil and honey.

    Neil, those scales are really making life hard at the moment, hooray that all the other ways of evaluating how you are doing, are good.

    Lindsay, hello to your Island and hooray for the lovely two weeks planned. Just what you needed. Gelati on the last day maybe?

    I went to Northcote Plaza yesterday (small shopping centre) and no one was wearing a mask, haven’t seen that since the lockdown started. Very little social distancing and everyone was ignoring the queue marks for waiting to be served, which led me to buy supermarket meat ( 🙁 ) instead of braving the chaos at the butchers. I do understand the concern about the protests, but my friends who were marching were masked and doing their best to social distance, and everyone was anxious about everyone else there, and isolating themselves for two weeks now. No sign of that at the shopping centre!

    Isn’t it a worry about that young lad Will, still missing after two freezing nights. Everyone here waking up worried. Loved reading of the woman in the area who put out food and a warm jacket in case he came past overnight.
    I cried-laughed about another boy on the ADS spectrum who disappeared last night in the Hunter region, NSW, and sparked off an all night search, only to turn up at his school this morning in the Blue Mountains, haha. He is good at public transport.
    Oh I do so hope there will be good news about Will.

    Well, 5:2ers, lets make good fast days our priority. It is worth it. I’m going to enjoy my day today and then focus on fasting tomorrow.

    Cheers all.

    Good morning from a foggy, cold, drizzly Sydney. Maxx bounced through every puddle he could find this morning on our walk so now we have the lovely wet labrador aroma permeating the house. Oh well, have dog will have dog smell

    My first FD for ages went very well yesterday, a little over 650 calories. And the scales this morning were down a whopping 200g. Sigh. 1000 calorie NFD today and another FD tomorrow hopefully will get things moving down a bit faster

    I really hope the new treatment isn’t too harsh Penguin and I’m sorry you are going through this.

    You sound so happy to be on the Island Lindsay and your healthy eating will be wonderful. So many fresh and yummy things. I have my fingers crossed that Rosy doesn’t decide to jump over the wire fence. I hear you about Italian gelato; it was only 4 degrees in San Gimignano when were there in December but we still ate plenty of ice cream as it was simply the best we have ever had.

    Cinque, I’m finding that people are forgetting about social distancing at the local shops. I haven’t ventured to a shopping mall yet, but a friend said it was pretty chaotic at our local Westfields on the long weekend with very little sign or any concern about distancing.

    Yay for weight heading down G’day and enjoy your new purchases. We used to have a Dyson and it was wonderful but we went with an Electrolux this time and it’s pretty good too.

    Neil I feel like throwing my scales out too but hopefully both of ours will start moving positively soon

    I too was horrified to see the shoulder-to-shoulder protests around the world. Have people forgotten about Covid?

    Betsy – I’m sending encouragement back at you (thanks for yours) for you to get into the 60’s. How awesome that will be for you

    Congrats getting through a 500 cal FD on Monday LJ. Thanks for the reminder about the numbers and what deficit is required to lose every kilo. I too have to have calorie restriction on my mid-week NFD’s and take care to not go over my TDEE on weekends else the loss is too slow and I lose motivation.

    Take care friends

    Good morning all.

    First I have to admit to a calculation error in yesterday’s post – a difficult thing for a retired statistician to face. I had the numbers rolling around in my head last night as it just didn’t “feel” right. I had calculated the rate of body fat losses on the calorie deficit from one 500FD not two (you can’t see it but I’m shaking my head at such a stupid error). So two FDs and insufficient exercise means it takes just over a month to lose a kilo and if I get my 9-10000 steps every day it’s 3 1/2 weeks. Still too slow for me as I’m currently sitting around 80 and I want to be back to 75. Although if I can get to the 76s I’d be prepared to go back to 5:2 and manage the rest slowly.

    Betsy, Good luck with those untouchable goodies. I was given some belated easter eggs on Sunday (Haigs!) and have them stashed away too. I decided that if I really felt like chocolate on a NFD I could have up to 20g (100 calories). Thankfully I’m not in much of a chocolate mood at the moment so it’s safe for the time being.
    Thanks for the concern but I don’t think my body will be going into starvation mode as every day has a different calorie level and half of my days are TDEE – that will keep my body guessing. If that was going to happen it would have occurred 6 years ago when I spent many month on 800cals every day. My metabolism has always been slow. I know this because when I was morbidly obese I tracked calories for a month (8 years ago). I maintained a weight of 127kg over that month and ate 1800-1900 calories per day – according to the BMI calculators I should have been eating over 2200 calories to maintain that weight. So I don’t think it was dieting that cased me to need fewer than average calories as I have a similar effect now with my actual TDEE 250 calories under the figure the calculators state. I’m sure my ancestors who lived through famines were very grateful for whichever gene caused this – me, not so much.

    Cinque, glad you got to the shops. If others aren’t being safe all you can do is choose the quietest time and wear a mask if you are worried. I too have noticed that people aren’t being as careful as they were a month ago, although they are still obeying the crosses on the floor when queuing at counters and checkouts here. It’s in the isles that they forget to keep their distance.
    The chilli bean soup is really good. I’m having a bowl of it my for 1000cal day lunch today and I’ll take a photo and post the recipe on the legume recipie thread. I also made a cream of tomato soup from the Enchanted Broccoli Forest book yesterday. Unusually, it didn’t use cream it used cream cheese to turn it into a creamy soup. An advantage of the cream cheese is that even with the acidic tomato it doesn’t curdle. It also adds more of a tang to the final soup. This isn’t something I would ever have thought of doing myself, but as I am much more likely to have cream cheese than a carton of cream in the fridge I’ll have to remember that for the future. I probably also need to adopt your policy of keeping cream in small portions in the freezer for use in recipies.

    GDSA, Well done on the continuing weight loss – I’m so pleased to see that’s going well for you now. I too hope this is the end of the breakages.
    Good that you have local producers you can visit for some things. Hopefully they are all open again now. What veggies are you picking? My winter veg plants are still rather small, but I suspect they get a lot less daytime sun than yours.

    Lindsay, hope you have a wonderful holiday on the island and can relax a bit – do you get a break from the editing or did that task travel with you? I hadn’t realised you were putting up a fence, but it will make life so much easier with Rosy. Glad you have the rubber ball for your neck as it gives you a home based treatment you can use while on the island. I have a finger press technique I use on the top few vertebrae that really helps to release the tension and makes all the difference between physio treatments.
    It does sound like you have set yourself up for holiday of healthy eating holiday and lovely island walks.

    Neil, sorry to hear that there was no weight loss this week. It does get more challenging as you add more muscle as you are trying to get back to a weight that has a lower percentage of body fat than you had when previously at that weight. That means shrinking fat cells that have been there for years – and they really know how to resist. Getting out and about probably isn’t helping either as it’s easier to control the food available when you are confined at home every day. Here’s hoping for a better result next week.

    It’s a 1000cal day for me and although I don’t count calories, I did mentally tot things up to make sure my menu plan was about right. It seemed like a lot of yummy food for only 1000 calories – not I’m complaining. I have a big bowl of chilli bean-veg soup for lunch with a little grated cheddar on top, an orange and a small banana as snacks and for dinner a roti wrap with a turkey-veg rissole, raita and lots of salad. Plus milk for pots of tea and a cup of almond milk for a hot drink this evening.

    The sun is out here and I want to make the most of that and go for a long walk. The forecast says it will be raining on the weekend so I need to enjoy the winter sun while I can.
    Hope everyone else is having a good day.

    Anzac, our posts crossed. Yes, for me it’s the impact on my motivation that’s the problem with really slow weight loss. Hope you have a really good food day.

    Cinque, did you see the news – they just announced that Will has been found safe and well.

    Thanks LJoyce,
    I happened to be in the local opshop with a friend and they were playing a radio station when the news came through so everyone there was exclaiming. Such good news! He seems astonishingly well. 🙂

    Cinque, I loved the story of how the rescuer connected with him, using thomas the tank engine and chocolate – apparently two of Will’s favourite things.

    Good evening all. Very happy with you all about William being found safe. My prayer group were praying for that outcome over the past couple of days, so are also very happy.

    GDayfromSA, I used my new Dyson vacuum cleaner yesterday and it works wonderfully well – except. It was very difficult to push on the carpet. A friend told me to open the outlet on the vacuum column to let in a bit of air, as the suction was probably too strong. She uses a Dyson stick vacuum, and that’s what is needed. Only thing – can’t find any outlet to let some air in. I’ll have to have a better look, and may have to phone Dyson to ask about it. Irrespective, it was great to have all the cat hair lifted, no problems, and it is really easy to empty.

    Lucky you with the fresh produce so readily available. There’s a farmer’s market near me a couple of Saturdays a month, but I’ve never been as I always think of them as selling in bulk, and as a single, that’s certainly not what I need.

    Neilithicman, Nowhere near my goal yet. Just need to get down to 68 kg as an assurance that I’m past “the hump” and really on the way down. To reach my goal, there’re about 18 kgs to go. Sounds like you’ve a plan to gradually whittle those few kilos down.

    LindsayL, have a wonderful time at the island. Here’s hoping Rosy doesn’t work out how to get over the fence.

    Cinque, sounds like you’ll have to work out the quiet times to go to the shops. At the supermarkets, they do seem to be adhering still to social distancing, but I’ve observed that there is much less use of hand sanitiser.

    Frustrated with myself – put the treats on the top shelf away from view, and promptly bought some chocolate liquorice sticks that were on special at Woollies. Sigh! Might allow myself one stick as part of my calorie count on TDEE days. Haven’t opened the packet – yet.

    Anzac65, hang in there and don’t give up. My scales are not being kind to me this week, either, even though I’ve been “good” with eating the past 3 days. Maybe by Saturday??

    LJoyce, hope you had a lovely long walk in the sun. Your 1000-cal menu sounds delicious! 🙂

    A friend phoned me as I was writing and now it’s almost 11 so enough for now. Stay safe, stay well, and keep those kilos off (talking to myself here 🙂 ).

    Hello all, a lovely sunny day in Sydney today

    Betsy/Neil, scales are well and good but yes they can be frustrating. I had a good eating NFD yesterday – just over 1,000 calories and well under my TDEE – but the dratted things went up. I also did 30 mins on the exercise bike. It seems the old bod wants to play ‘hang on to the fat’ games but I just need to be patient because science always wins out in the end.

    How wonderful that William was found safe and well. The country needed a good-news story.

    LJ you are too hard on yourself. We are all human! And you have so much incredible and interesting information in your head I’m not surprised there can be a minor blip here and there. At least you picked up your own mistake and corrected it 🙂

    FD today and it’s only 9.30 and I’m hungry. However I have meetings coming up from 10 until 11.30 to keep me distracted. I have my usual small thai beef salad for lunch and OH is making me a stir fry for dinner. I also have a mandarin if I get desperate. I haven’t slept at all well for the last 2 nights so that always has an impact on the hunger levels / ability to keep away from the snacks. However I just keep looking at the photo’s from lunch on Sunday and my resolve comes straight back.

    Just a short post for now, take care all

    PS: Quacka – where are you? And Cali, hope all is well in the US

    Good Morning everyone

    Betsy, supermarkets have a habit of putting all the tempting things on eye level, and it’s worse for those of us who struggle to refuse a bargain.
    I did get a long walk in and the food yesterday was also pretty good. I think it helps to get through a low cal day when you have tasty meals planned.
    I had exactly the same problem with the suction on my new dyson too until someone (I think it was Thin) told me about that valve. I took a picture of mine: https://imgur.com/a/NoNZOXq I have a barrel style cleaner and this pic is of the handle and the hose. The handle on the left has a small circle on it – that’s the valve control. I put my finger in the circle while vacuuming and pull on it to open the valve when I am pushing the vacuum cleaner away from me, then release it for full suction when pulling it slowly back towards me. I find if I don’t go slow it misses bits. It might be a bit different on the stick model, but I’m hoping this gives you some clues.

    NFD for me and babysitting this afternoon. I have taken a serve of tuna veggie bake out of the freezer. This will be lunch with a fresh corn cob and some spinach. For dinner I’ll have more of the chilli bean soup – that will be an easy reheat when I get home from babysitting.

    Have a good day all.

    Hi Anzac, posts crossed.
    Good luck with that FD. I sympathise with the sleep issue, I also find it a challenging food day when I’m tired. All I can suggest is to stay as busy as possible and keep a water bottle/jug next to you (I know I sound like Cinque). It can help you delay food a little longer.

    Good morning.

    So cold again. I rugged up and went veggie shopping this morning. Nice to have a box full of gorgeous veg. No pumpkin though, over $6 a kg. What the? Lucky I have just had a couple of weeks of eating my own self sown and grow one that cost me zero. Oh yes and green beans at $9 a kg. Hooray that there are plenty of other veggies.

    Anzac, I’m with you fasting today AND feeling hungry already. But it is the priority. I am beginning to feel those kilos that crept up, slinking away again. You must be able to also. Best feeling in the world!

    I’ve got a list of things to do, so I hope to keep myself occupied.

    Well done re the 30 minutes on the exercise bike.

    LJoyce, nice to have the numbers sorted in your head now (I just blithely accepted what you wrote).

    I’m still having such fun playing with broth soups in the evening, I’m playing with condiments (inspired by so much Asian cooking on Masterchef, as well as that recipe book, and now searching through other recipe books to expand the theme).

    BetsyLee, oh dear those chocolate licorice sticks. Maybe you can do a deal with yourself that if you eat one before the end of June you must throw the rest away? Especially if they cause chaos on a TDEE day by setting off the munchies, or just being inefficient nutritionally. You don’t want them to stop you reaching your goal.

    Quacka, I miss you too!

    And yes Cali, we are past due an update from you. I hope you are doing well.

    Are you over the aqueduct yet Thin?

    Cheers all.

    Crossed post with me too, it is like leapfrog!

    Haha, you do sound like me, LJoyce. And much sympathy Anzac for the chaos lack of sleep does to our hunger signals.

    I went for a walk and decided to go to the local Salvation Army Thrift store – usually an excellent place for bargain clothing. Everyone must have cleared out their ill fitting clothing because I came home with 6 garments. As the changing rooms were closed I was able to try on outer garments without that, to be sure the sleeves fitted my upper arms. I bought 2 long line cardigans (pale blue and grey), 2 zippered hoodies (navy and pink), a maroon poncho and a bright pink anorak. When I finally get to Canada the Anorak will be perfect. It’s called “Parka in a Pocket” and it’s incredibly lightweight, yet a wind break and waterproof – absolutely ideal.
    Now my laundry basket is full!

    It’s going to be a late lunch as it’s nearly 1:30 already. My tuna bake is in the airfyer and I’m more than ready for it.

    Good afternoon from sunny but cool Melbourne. Wilbur enjoyed going outside for a while, but has now decided to curl up on my spot on the couch, and I’ve been relegated to the armchair. Makes it a bit harder to use my mouse, but otherwise okay.

    Cinque, FD yesterday was 520 cals, so okay. Ate one of my chocolate liquorice sticks today – only about 170 cals, so acceptable to eat one on a TDEE day. Your suggestion to bargain with myself to eat one for June and discard the rest??????????????? Note the appalled punctuation 🙂 . I can happily do that with things like cakes and biscuits, but liquorice? with chocolate? I don’t think so. But one only on TDEE or NFD days I can manage. There are only 5 in the pack, so they’ll be gone in less than 2 weeks.

    LJoyce, your photo and explanation of the Dyson were brilliant. Thanks so much. I immediately had a look at mine (I have a barrel one like you; it’s my friend who has a stick one) – and there it was, the circle for my finger exactly as in your photo. It isn’t mentioned in the instructions (which are utterly minimal) and I just thought the ring was some kind of decoration. Whew! Now I know and will be able to use the cleaner more efficiently from now on. Thank you multiple times 🙂

    Are the Salvos open again now? I haven’t checked, but have a couple of bags of goodies to donate. You’ve made some wonderful discoveries and purchases. Maybe I can also browse for some long-sleeved blouses? I definitely don’t need trousers/ jeans, whatever, but most of my blouses are short-sleeved. I still have a LOT of them. When working, due to the AC/ heating, I’d wear short-sleeved tops nearly all the time, with a big heavy coat to walk to and from my car. Now I’m home most of the time, I need more long-sleeved tops, especially as some are just too loose now. Your Anorak sounds great, plus the hoodies and cardigans.

    Anzac65 and Cinque, hope your FDs are going well today. I’ll have another tomorrow before weighing in on Saturday morning. No movement yet since last Saturday (well, up a bit after the weekend indulgence, then back down again, that’s all). I’m finding in the colder weather that I need warmer drinks – hot water rather than cool is great.

    Enjoy your tuna bake, LJoyce!

    Hi to those who’ve not posted in the past day – thinatlast, penguin, CalifDreamer, Neilithicman, LindsayL, and we’re thinking of you GDayfromSA, Merryme, Crazyartist, Intesha, Klondi, and anyone else I’ve forgotten.

    Keep well everyone!

    Betsy, I had exactly the same reaction when I found out what that little ring was – I had thought it was there so you could hang it up on a hook!
    I also understand your reaction to the idea of throwing out a favourite treat. I felt the same way about the haigs easter eggs. If they’d been any other brand it would not have been an issue.

    Difficult NFD today because I had lunch too late and was too hungry. It was a struggle to stop eating at lunchtime. Although once I got away from the kitchen for a while I did feel full and didn’t need snacks in the afternoon. I was hungry again when I got home from babysitting so I decided to cut my planned big bowl of soup down to just a 1/2 cup of the thick chilli bean soup and thinned it out with 1/2 cup of water. Then I made scrambled eggs with lean bacon and toasted rye sourdough. It was also very hard to stop wanting more food, but I have made a cup of cocoa which seems to have settled me down.
    It’s a 500cal FD for me tomorrow. The plan is a piece of fruit mid afternoon and a bowl of cream of tomato soup for dinner. Along with cups of tea that should be about 350calories. I could have some carrot sticks or a few crackers with hummus if I want something else.

    Hope those of you fasting today got through it – was it OK Anzac & Cinque?

    Afternoon all

    Ljoyce, Scrambled eggs and omelettes were my go-to when I was on the fast 800 part of this diet. With only 90 calories or so per egg you can get a decently filling meal for only a couple of hundred calories. Good luck with your 500 calorie day tomorrow.

    Betsy, good luck for your weigh-in tomorrow, hopefully your scales are kinder to you than mine were to me. over the last month.

    Anzac, I hope you get better sleep. My wife and I have been a bit like that at the moment with disruptive sleep. I’ve been having a bit of an energy crash at around dinner time and my wife has been having an evening snooze on the couch.

    Cinque, sorry you had to settle for supermarket meat. I love my butcher’s meat. All his meat is grass fed free range sourced so it has so much more flavor, and it doesn’t shrink down to a hockey puck size in a pan full of water like the stuff you get from the supermarket.

    Lindsay, how is your 10 days of healthy eating going?

    I think I’ve got a bit of SAD at the moment (Seasonal Affectedness Disorder, otherwise known as the winter blues) It’s dark when I get to work at around 8am and it’s dark when I’m going home around 4:30pm so I never get to see the sun. I feel a bit better after my lunchtime gym session. But I’ve been feeling pretty low other than that, tired with no energy in the evenings and not sleeping well at night. It’s affecting my resolve with my eating too, because when I’m having an energy slump in the evenings I’ve been reaching for sweets. All the lollies in the house have been eaten now so I’ll refrain from buying any more to try and stop that habit. I can’t wait for my holiday next month so I can actually get out during the day and get some vitamin D.

    Well have a good day everyone.

    Good morning all

    Neil, it sounds like you need to spend as much daytime out doors as possible on weekends. I was also wondering whether you get mid morning/afternoon tea breaks. If so, could you pop outside for 10 minutes. Would you be able to go for a walk in the sun at lunchtime and perhaps do the indoor gym work when the sun isn’t out? I realise the last option might be difficult to fit in with family commitments.
    I understand the sweets craving – if I’m not sleeping well that craving really kicks in for me too.
    The eggs I buy are always the smaller ones that are 600g for a dozen and the pack tells me that 2 of them contain 503kj – so about 60calories per egg. They certainly have less volume than the jumbo eggs that are 90 calories each, but I find the smaller ones are easier for portion control and are much easier to fit into a 500 calorie FD. As I eat a lot boiled eggs, I don’t seem to notice what size of egg I’m eating, so it’s an easy way to save a few calories without feeling cheated. The only challenge is when I’m baking, as recipes assume eggs weigh 60g, so I have to weigh my eggs and adjust the number.

    I’m doing a 500cal FD today and am feeling a bit peckish already, but am determined to wait at least 2 more hours before I have my piece of fruit. I’ll have another glass of water to distract my stomach from feeling empty.

    I am busy washing clothes today. Not only did I have the week’s washing to do but yesterday’s haul of “new” op shop clothing. The knitwear will need gentle handling but my front loader has an excellent wool cycle that mimics the gentleness of hand washing quite successfully, as long as I put each garment in a mesh bag before washing. Frankly if I had to wash woolens by hand, I’d never wear them!

    Hope you are all having a good day. I intend to have a nice walk in the sunshine today because we have 5 of forecast rain starting tomorrow.

    Hi Ljoyce. I get a 15 minute morning break that I often get out for a wee walk, but I combine my lunch and afternoon break for my gym session. I go to the gym at lunchtime because I find it hard to muster the motivation to get out to the gym once I’ve come home and settled down. I have a holiday coming up during the school break in a few weeks so I’ll have to last out until then. Then I can get out and recharge my batteries.

    good luck with the rest of your 500cal day

    Good afternoon all, another drizzly day in Sydney. We seem to be getting one rainy then one sunny day at the moment.

    Sorry to hear you have the winter blues Neil. It really is depressing when you don’t see the sun for days on end. Count down those days to your holiday…are you going anywhere?

    I took half an over-the-counter sleeping tablet that I have for emergencies and slept well last night. My goodness I feel like a new person! My FD ended up around 800 calories due to some vita wheat’s with a smear of peanut butter in the arvo plus OH put too much chicken in my stir fry and while I didn’t eat it all (Maxx benefited) I did eat more than planned. That said though, the scales plummeted 600g this morning. Hooray! Another 1000 calorie day will hopefully show another drop and then I will be mindful but not too diligent on the weekend to keep me motivated during the week.

    Sorry your NFD was difficult LJ but it sounds like you got on top of it.

    I think it’s great that you can open something you truly enjoy and only have one Betsy. I can’t or if I do my mind still constantly drifts to whichever cupboard they are in.

    I hope your FD ended up well yesterday Cinque

    We had a new small upright freezer delivered today because we are constantly struggling with freezer space. Between cooking meals for my Dad and for ourselves plus we tend to buy bulk meat and freeze it. The very large cardboard box has Maxx puzzled; OH crawled through it and tried to get him to go in but nope. He barked at it and sniffed it then just sat and stared at it. He used to have no issues going through the tunnel at agility training but this seems to be a bit worrying from a spacial perspective. He does have times of hesitation if there is a narrow way in between things. He is so funny. He slept in until 7.30 this morning! OH and I were at our computers for at least 30 minutes before he waddled out of bed. Not long ago he was waking us up at 5.30 every morning so I think this is a nice consequence of my WFH for such an extended time. Not complaining!

    Must run, take care everyone

    Hello everyone.
    Lovely here on Stradbroke, with crisp sunny days after a couple of rainy ones. W’ve had some lovely walks on the beach, and Miss Rose has had to be showered and conditioned after some long runs in the sand and the sea. She doesn’t like it at all!

    Our first night here and she was so lovely, coming in to say hello during the night, then going back to bed when told. I could hear her tapping on the timber floors as she padded around, and the clink of her name tag, and the Victoria Falls slurping from her water bucket. Then around 4 am all went quiet. She come into the bedroom, quite as a stealth missile, and lifted OH’s pillow that he pops on the floor when he’s finished reading. This is the result.

    She’s made the window seat her home, which is a shame because I had a beautiful marine blue and white cover made for the cushion. The seat is two metres long – just perfect for an afternoon doze. Now madam has made it hers, and it’s back to the dreary grey that the cushion was originally wrapped in.

    Neil, I am not surprised you have a touch of SAD. I used to feel it in the UK too when I worked there, and went to and from in the dark. But I think also the past few months are having an effect on many of us, even though we may not recognise it. Where are you off to for your holiday? (would Vit D supplements help, until you can get back into the sunshine?)

    My 10 days of healthy eating are going really well, thank you for asking. I had a really good fast day on Wednesday, and a very controlled one yesterday. I made a great chicken curry for our evening meal, which OH had with rice but I had unadorned I loaded it up with veges ….aubergine, zucchini, bok choy. So fresh and tasty. I find the aubergine thickens it, and I only use a little coconut cream for flavour. And I also squeezed in a solid G & T with no cal tonic, and a square of dark Lindt. I didn’t feel deprived at all!

    Ha Betsy and LJ, you’re describing the issue I have with the Dyson Barrel. I’ll check for that ring when I get back to the mainland.

    How are you going Anzac? Staying fast? Damn the scales. You know they play tricks, and as long as you stick with your FDs and TDEEs, you will go down.

    Thin, yes, onwards and downwards. Upwards?!! What was I thinking (perhaps it was my mindset at the time, haha).

    Ooh op shopping again LJ….and such good prizes.

    Cinque how are things with you today? I haven’t seen you post, which is unusual.

    OK off to the other side for some dog bones for Rosy.

    Enjoy what’s left of Friday.

    Hi Lindsay, our posts crossed. Scales were very kind this morning

    Oh dear Rosy…..Maxx also loves any soft furnishings or stuffed toys as they come apart so beautifully

    Can I ask what sort of bones you get for her? We have tried big leg bones a couple of times for the rare times we go out without him but as much as he enjoys them, they give him a crook tummy the next day. Thanks for your help 🙂

    A perfect day, capped off by seeing this little chap in our street on our way home from our walk.

    And this is where we were walking … this is the park at the end of our little street, looking back towards Brisbane. We don’t often see the sun set over water, in the Eastern states. This is the passage that separates our island from the mainland.


    Anzac, I give Rosy brisket bones. I microwave them for 3 minutes first. They are quite soft and she usually finishes them off. The breeder told me it was important to give her bones to chew – I thought it was for her teeth, but the breeder said it was also to develop the neck and chest muscles. And she has a divine chest, so it must be working 🙂

    But aren’t dogs (in general) disgusting. All the lovely food I buy and make especially for her, and the first thing she did when we got over here the other day was head into the back yard and dig up a bone she buried when we were last here in early March.

    So glad your scales were kind today – a just reward!

    Good morning, not quite as cold here this morning, but a bit damp and miserable.

    I had a great fast day and a reminder that the fastier my fast day is, the better the ‘morning after fast day’ feels. Plus I was ready to measure my waist and it was under 30 inches hooray. (29.5).

    Continuing my new meal arrangement. I am just so pleased! It suits me brilliantly.

    LJoyce, what a treat at the op shop. I went to a couple on Thursday (back to my old ways of Fast Day distractions 😉 ) but didn’t find anything 🙁

    Betsy, the Salvos seem to be opening the bigger op shops, where spacing is easier, rather than the small ones. My local one is limiting 15 to the shop and sanitiser on the way in. No dressing room use.
    My sister went to the big Salvos near her, yesterday, and there was a long queue outside!

    Impressive management of the chocolate licorice sticks. They were a favourite of mine too, back in the day. (But I would horrify you, these days, by chucking them in the bin, haha).

    Neil, I have a new resolution of no more supermarket meat. (Back to my old habits!) The packaging! And all the other things.

    I am also wondering (I see Lindsay mentioned the same), if a kind of post lockdown depression might be adding to the SAD? Another friend complained of it yesterday and the same, she has been inside with kids most of the lockdown, so vitamin D is on her list too, but that long term level of having to be on our toes all the time, and the relief of getting back to normal, and then feeling flat and depressed. I wonder if lots of people will be feeling it.

    I buy the ‘600g a dozen’ eggs too, LJoyce. So many of my recipes are old ones, and the huge eggs just put them out!

    Anzac, HOORAY for a good night’s sleep. I do hope you got another one last night. It makes so much difference.
    An upright freezer will be a boon for all your wonderful cooking. Haha Maxx and the big box. And woot! for him sleeping in! Definitely a teenager now.

    Lindsay, hooray that your holiday is being everything that you needed it to be. Ooh those lovey photos. Hello to the koala!

    I got caught up yesterday with TWO things on during the day! Oh what a giddy life, haha.

    Another fast day for me tomorrow. Already! But I want to make it another fasty fast one. I’d like to lose those few extra kilos and then see if I can maintain with one super fasty day a week. So next waist measurement in four weeks, and I’ll see if I can find a pair of scales to stand on.

    Best wishes everyone,

    Hello all from a very wet and windy Adelaide. The garden will appreciate the rain, but I already miss the lovely sunny days. Interestingly I’ve felt quite hungry this morning. Partly a reaction to the gloomy weather and also getting up 2 hours earlier than usual didn’t help.
    I have a tray of veg in the over to roast (carrot, parsnip, cauliflower and potato). Once they are ready I’ll have some for lunch with the goulash I defrosted. I just need to keep myself away from the fridge and pantry while I’m waiting for the veg to roast.

    Lindsay, lovely place to relax and walk. What a naughty Rosy!
    I also use a spare pillow to prop my ereader on when reading in bed – but I have no dog stealing spare pillows to worry about.

    Anzac, very glad to hear you got through that FD. Hope your weekend is the TDEE NFDs that you had planned.

    Have a nice weekend all. It’s taken me so long to write this my lunch is nearly ready – yah!

    Betsy & Cinque, In addition to Vinnies and Animal Welfare League op shops, I also have two Salvation Army op shops near me. One is a normal “Salvos” store, it’s fairly large and on a main road and looks similar to other Slavos stores. The other calls themselves a thrift store and they have a room at the back of the Salvation Army meeting/worship hall for clothing & accessories and they also have 2 large shipping containers in the carpark for things like furniture, bedding etc. There are two main differences with these stores. The Slavos stores are part of a national chain and all profits go to Slavos national programs – this may not be local or even in your state. The thrift stores raise funds solely for their local community. For example, my local thrift store focuses particularly on the local homeless population and others living in poverty (we have a significant area of public housing one suburb over from me). They fund the mobile laundry/shower van to visit for a day a week so that local homeless people can wash their clothing and take showers. They also provide vouchers to those locals in need so that they can come to the thrift store and get clothing and household goods without having to pay for them. From my point of view I notice a real difference in pricing, with the Slavos store prices now being at $8-15 per garment for poor-basic brands and $20-35 for good brands and designer, where the thrift store only asks $4-6 for most things except coats which are $8-10. I shop at both, but prefer to support the thrift store. The issue I have with the Salvos store prices is that they’ll ask $8 for a second hand kmart t-shirt, which probably only cost $5-8 new. The Salvos stores are more common – I’d never seen one of their thrift stores until I moved here. I’m wondering if they only exist where attached to one of their meeting halls – which would keep their overheads down.
    So far I’ve only been to the thrift store, but once the weather improves I’ll head to Brighton Rd where all the other op shops are. I suspect they are open too as S.A. is already on level 3 restrictions (except for the state border).

    Cinque, well done on the waist measurement. For me the target is always under 80cm – not there at the moment.

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