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  • Hello everyone, well it’s been awhile but I have been an avid lurker and there is know way I could even begin to acknowledge all that has been happening except to say your posts have in a way kept me sane and realise there is a world out there even if I feel disconnected from it.

    Like LJoyce I had organised an overseas trip back in January to visit my daughter in the UK for her 40th birthday in June my son-in-law also turned 40 the same month. I had one of her friends organise a surprise trip to Pisa for us plus 4 of her closest friends, in fact it would have been this weekend. How your life can change in the blink of an eye. When I told my daughter I was coming over, she questioned why and why would I spend all that money coming over when they would be here in July and why would I put my Dad in respite and disrupt his life when he would have to leave again when they arrived. I had already booked my ticket and it was non-refundable as in my mind it was a done deal. I had also paid for the trip to Pisa.

    To say I was devastated by her comments would be an understatement. I had to hide my distress from my Dad and didn’t even tell him that I had booked as it wasn’t until end of May and this was early January. I retreated into myself and felt like my world had fallen apart. End of February I went and visited my oldest friend who had moved up near the NSW/QLD border, I didn’t even tell her. Came back to Sydney early March and COVID hit.

    Life changed again for everyone. During the months that followed it just seemed like Dad and I were forgotten or didn’t exist. Not once did my son ring and check up on us and I barely heard from anyone else. I became very withdrawn and from the moment I woke I was counting the hours until I could go back to bed. Dad had know idea what I was going through.

    Dad has been with me now for 6 years, it has been a year since Mum passed and I feel like my life as I once knew it is over. I turn 70 in 4 months and I wake in the night wondering how my life ended up like this. Dad’s mobility is getting worse and he really struggles to walk. He’s had a few falls and I have to call an ambulance each time as I am not able to get him up and he doesn’t have the strength to get up. So things are not going to get better anytime soon.

    Putting all that aside I’m not looking for sympathy or for someone to try and fix me. I decided that now would be a good time to concentrate on losing weight. I bought the fast 800 book and thought I would follow this. I sat down and worked out a weekly menu for myself and a different one for Dad. Several years ago I had purchased a book by the Women’s Weekly, 2-Day super diet which has really great recipes for 1 or 2. I would recommend this book as it has everything set out with calories, protein, fat, fibre, carboyhydrates etc and is very easy to follow.

    On the 1st January, 2020 I weighed 71.2 and although I was doing 2/3 FD’s a week it was up and down like a yo-yo and the stress of COVID did nothing to help. 22/3 I made the decision to do the Fast 800. Starting weight 69.1. Since then I have been all over the place, Easter, Dad’s 93rd , pig out days etc. But have always gone back to planning menus and starting over.

    Well this morning I was 63.2, the lowest I have ever been since starting this WOL in 2015 at 87.1. My goal is 60 but I’m not stressing about that. I will just continue to do what I am doing and see where it goes.

    I have barely done any exercise and only leave the house once a week to shop. It does take dedication and determination but when I look in the mirror it gives me satisfaction to see the results.

    Sorry this has been so long winded but in a way I needed to vent and explain my long absence and also to give encouragement to everyone finding it hard to stay on track.

    Thin I have loved hearing your adventures, Penguin I hope you are doing okay as well as Quakka and Gday, big hello to Cinque, LJoyce, Anzac, Betsylee, Neilithicman, Cali, Lindsay and anyone else who is reading and been lurking like me.

    Take care everyone, I may not answer all the time but I am here and keeping the faith.

    Hi Intesha, how wonderful to hear from you as I think of you very often; but how terrible that this dreadful virus has made you suffer so much. I am so very sorry.

    I am appalled at your children and I apologise if I am out of order. It makes me thankful I don’t have any to be honest.

    I’m so glad that you are happy with your weight and your diet and eating habits. It would have been so easy to use your situation as an excuse to overeat. But you didn’t and you should be so very proud of yourself.

    I’m so glad you can turn to us to vent and rest assured you have friends here for ever no matter how often you manage to post.

    Anzac no need to apologise. I never expected my daughter to react like that and I don’t think she had any idea what effect it had on me. I was totally crushed and also the fact that I had not seen or spoken to my son since Xmas was also another blow. It was Easter before we saw them. They were both bought up surrounded by love and support so I can’t fathom their attitudes. They are parents now so somewhere down the track it might hit them.

    A few years ago I probably would have given up and punished myself but now reading about everyone else’s struggles has made me stronger.

    Intesha great to see your name pop up on the forum again but also so very sorry to hear of your troubles. I sincerely hope life will take an upward turn for you soon. Congratulations on your weight loss – what a tremendous effort.

    We’ve had some very cold mornings here over the last week with a minus 4 a few days ago. But in saying that OH were out landscaping in the yard and by 10am that morning I swapped my track pants and jumper for shorts and singlet as it was so warm in the sun. We were doing some quite heavy work so that added to my body temp and the need to change clothing.

    Well I have some good news on 2 fronts. Firstly, I am now employed !! Started work yesterday at the local hardware store on the checkout, permanent part time at around 30 hours per week. Its a very large store and is super busy. Two downsides – they open 7 days a week so I will be working most weekends and compared to my last job the hourly pay rate is exactly half of what I was getting before. I was absolutely knackered when I got home from work yesterday and thankfully don’t have to work this weekend, back in again on Monday. I’ve gone from wearing dresses and high heals to work and now it’s jeans and hiking boots….lol.

    Second good news is my weight loss in continuing. Just shy of 1kg loss over the last 7 days so very happy with that. I also checked body measurements which I usually do monthly (but somehow I missed last month) so from 2 months ago I have lost 8cm off my waist, 3cm off my hips, 1cm off my neck, 2cm off my upper arms and 2 cm off my upper legs. OH says he can see the loss and I have to admit when I put on my denim jeans for work yesterday they were not snug at all and I seem to recall them being a big snug last time I wore them which was many, many months ago.

    We ended up going to get the stick Dyson today rather than the drive to the hills produce shopping. Gave it a quick test run and it works a treat. OH was complaining the suction was too strong so I will also check for the little circle a bit later. I didn’t buy a new phone as the shop only sold phones on plans and I use pre-paid so will look elsewhere for one later in the week. As we had to travel to another town to get the Dyson so we had our first meal out in a long time and had lunch at a pub. I had chicken breast stuffed with sundried tomatoes, capsicum sauce, mash potato and vegies. The meal wasn’t very nice and OH didn’t enjoy his either so we are in no hurry to eat out any time soon. With the exception our local Indian restaurant which has the most amazing food so perhaps now we have some money coming in we might make that a treat in the very near future.

    Time to go, OH is plonked in front of the TV waiting for his beloved Crows and the SA footy showdown to start so time to rummage through the fridge and find something for tea. Good evening all.

    Hi Intesha, lovely to see a post from you. I’m sorry to hear about your family troubles but how wonderful that you’ve overcome all of the low points to stick to a plan and lose weight – well done. In the circumstances that is an enormous achievement.

    GDSA, a huge congratulations on the new job – that it’s permanent and a reasonable number of hours is good bonus – especially in the current job climate. I know it’s less pay, and not what you are qualified for, but there is an upside – you’ll be on your feet all day, just think of what that will do for your TDEE! Enjoy the footy and dinner – I have quite a few relatives who can’t wait for this showdown to start.
    The weather has been similar until yesterday – frosty mornings and lovely sunny days – I too worked up a sweat in the afternoons with gardening and brisks walks, but needed all my woolies first thing. It’s certainly changed to day – hasn’t stopped raining, at least that means no frosty night.

    It’s been a hungry day for me and so much rain that I haven’t been able to go for a walk, but I should still get up to 8-9000 steps with the laps I’ve done of the hallway – boring but better than sitting most of the day. It’s been a struggle but I have managed to keep my eating to sensible levels. I have a bowl of homemade cream of tomato soup with toasted rye sourdough for dinner. Depending on how my appetite goes I might have cheese or boiled eggs with the toast. I had a hot milk drink and a snack of almonds and dried apple about an hour ago and now I’m not really hungry. So I’ll wait another hour or so for dinner.
    Tomorrow is a 1000calorie controlled day – hopefully my appetite will be under better control.

    Hope you are all having a good weekend.

    Good evening all.

    Weight loss this week has been slower, but I’ve lost 300 gms, so it is at least a loss. That brings me to 70 kg, which is very satisfying. I’m looking forward to culling yet more clothes from my wardrobe. I’d set 70 kg as the weight when I’d do another big try-on/ keep or discard day. BMI is 29.5 so I definitely have a considerable distance still to go, but it’s pleasing to be here. And now I know the Salvos are open, I’ve somewhere to donate the discards.

    Anyone have any suggestions about losing measurements around the waist? When I lost weight in 2009, my waist was 2 inches less than this time at 70 kg, other measurements around the same. Maybe I need to work at being more generally active? I seem to do a lot of walking or sitting, not much standing, these days.

    In neither case was I anywhere near 30 inches, like Cinque or LJoyce. Currently 34.5 inches, 88 cms, the measurement which is always cited as the measure females’ waists should be less than. I’m short and gourd-shaped, basically, and my waist to hip ratio is less than 0.8, another important measure that is said to be healthy (it’s 0.78 now though, rather than 0.7, because of the increase in waist size).

    Anzac65, well done on your weight loss; you’re doing well!

    LindsayL, chuckled at Rosy’s naughtiness. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them.

    Intesha, what a disappointing reaction from your daughter. You were hoping to give her a lovely surprise by being there for her birthday, and her practical reaction was to ask why? I’m sure she didn’t intend to cause you such devastation, and maybe she was even trying to consider your financial situation. I think back sometimes to some of the things I said to my mother and think how insensitive I was, even totally unintentionally. And to make it worse for you, you couldn’t go after all and lost all the money and joy. No wonder you’ve been feeling upset and depressed about it. Covid-19 hasn’t been helping much either.
    Having said all that, well done you by using the time with positive results and such a great weight loss. You’re doing it for yourself, and the results confirm your hard work in that area.

    GdayfromSA, yay for a job! Even if not nearly as well-paying as your previous one, there will be money coming back into the household, which I imagine is a huge relief.
    Re the Dyson, both LJoyce and I have a standard-type vacuum cleaner, not a stick. My friend who has a stick said there’s something that can be moved on the handle to open or close a small “grate” that allows more or less air in, thus reducing or increasing suction. Don’t think it’s the same as LJoyce and I have.

    Neilithicman, sorry to read of the SAD affecting you. Is that a usual thing you get each year? If not, maybe the whole Covid-19 isolation, etc., is now leading to your current feelings, as others have also suggested? I’ve also heard that people have been reporting sleeping a lot more than usual during the isolation period as another effect of the lockdown.

    Well, it’s Saturday evening, and the thump thump music has started again from a house up a hill from me. It’s always been a very quiet area, but whether new tenants have moved in there or it’s just a release from the lockdown I don’t know, but every Saturday evening for the past 4 there’s been some kind of party/ music going on from that home. Not very restful. I’m hoping it’s something that will settle down again now things are returning to normal, but it seems that even with the relaxation in restrictions, places like night clubs will still not be allowed to open, so parties are likely to continue in homes. Sigh! Looks like I’ll be up late again.

    Never mind. Goodnight everyone.

    Good morning, cold and damp in Melbourne,

    Sunday Fast Day.

    Intesha, My goodness. World’s best lurker.
    And brilliant, brilliant work, picking yourself up in the hardest of years and getting that Fast800 going and getting down to your lowest weight for even longer than five years. https://www.metroparent.com/wp-content/uploads/Win-a-Bouquet-of-Flowers.jpg

    Oh dear kids! I think Anzac is on the right track 😉 My one can be the same. Not only so full of their own lives, they think they are doing us a favour not to be in contact (asking us for help). Yes, their time will come.

    Hopefully you will get your chutzpah back and lick them in to shape.

    I have thought about the anniversary of your mum’s death. I can’t remember the time of the year that you lost her, but I knew a year must have passed. And how old is your dad? In his 90’s? Ooh yes, 93. He needs so much care now.

    I know that travelling is such a big part of your identity and that being a carer has been particularly hard, and oh dear, the lockdown, and the money lost, on top makes it even harder.
    Hooray for making sure you are as healthy and gorgeous as you can be, come the time you can spread your wings again.

    Coming up to 70 is daunting (I haven’t got used to the 60’s yet and I will be 63 on Tuesday), but I am betting on you being an elegant woman in her 70’s travelling and doing all the things you love for pleasurable years, as soon as your time comes.

    Sending best wishes.

    Haven’t time for more writing as Miss 5 is coming over and I need to get ready. Next post when she is home again, and I have recovered. 😉

    Hello all on this rainy Sunday. It is warm however – I’m sitting in a cotton short-sleeved dress. whoo hoo for Queensland’s winter (but please, don’t remind me of hot hot February).

    Intesha, can I endorse 100% what Cinque said?

    First, wonderful you came back to post. I always get quite concerned when a long-term cyber friend drops out …I am sure most others do too. Your kids ….aaaahhhhh.. I think Betsy is right though. Your daughter probably wasn’t going to make too much of her 40th, and with some ill-chosen words blew your plans out of the water. Your son needs a good boot up the backside. Just like one OH’s daughters from his first marriage. She moved back to Brisbane after years of living abroad, but didn’t try to mend fences, even when he held out the olive branch. I am not sure why she came back, because we never see her.

    How brilliant through all of this, you are now 63 kilos….25 kilos down. Amazing. What strength you must have.

    Can I tell you a story, as you nudge your 70th, and look to the future? My girlfriend and I (and OHs) went on a cruise a few years ago. After the cruise, at the carousel as we waited to collect our luggage, was a beautiful, elegant, slim woman who in conversation told us she was 89. My OH had offered to lift her suitcase but she refused. She thanked him, but said she’d know it was time to give up travelling when she couldn’t manage her own luggage. 89, and she was beautifully dressed and elegant. My point is that although this time is hard for you, you will have a large chunk of your life to live to the fullest when Covid is over, and you are able to travel again. And you can do so looking slim and elegant.

    Gday congratulations on your job,, and your weight loss. Way to go on both fronts. Will you get penalty rates to boost your pay, if you work weekends?

    Betsy 300 grams is a third of a kilo, so take the loss and enjoy it. And enjoy your clothes sorting too …. such a lovely feeling, to find something is no longer a close fit.

    How’s your 1000 cal day going LJ? I had one yesterday, and apart from some mid-afternoon rumbles, managed ok. Another restricted day today. I am not going to the gelato shop until I break a little target I’ve set myself. I may not even go this week. Rewarding myself with ice cream is not ideal….but it’s more than the gelato. It’s chatting to the locals, while sitting on a bench looking out to sea. The whales should be here soon – a great spot for whale watching.

    OH is laid up again with his poor feet. Such pain, and Rosy treads on them more than you’d expect. She just wants to be close. Another GP appointment I think, when we get back.

    Enjoy what remains of your weekend all.

    Well done Gday and congratulations on getting a job. I guess in this climate people have to adapt. You will be learning a whole new skill set. Good news about the weight loss as well. It always gives us a boost to see the scales on the downward trend.

    Cinque, thank you so much for your lovely words. You have met me so I guess you more than anyone can understand where I am coming from. I guess I feel abandoned and alone having to deal with Dad and know one seems to care how we are coping. Dad often asks if I have heard from anyone and I feel so sad for him.

    Yes it was 12months on the 1st May since Mum passed and I do have to say in my children’s favour they both sent flowers which was a lovely thought.

    Travelling has been a big part of my life especially since my daughter left in 2001 and I feel like a bird that has had its wings clipped. On a positive note it looks like I will get most of the money back on my ticket even though it was non-refundable, Singapore Airlines have acknowledged it was an unprecedented event and have offered to reschedule, credit or refund. Because of the situation with my Dad I cannot plan another trip so have asked for a refund. We will see how that goes.

    Thank you for that lovely story Lindsay, I can only hope to aspire to that lady’s outlook. Unfortunately my son-in-law had organised a big party and had sent out invitations prior to COVID hoping there would be an international contingent attending, so I naturally went ahead and booked everything thinking it would be okay.

    Anyway I am doing a 500 FD today as I had a woops yesterday and overindulged. This cold weather makes we want to eat.

    Bye for now.

    Quick check-in, as I’ve someone coming soon to pick up some things.

    Intesha, lots of encouragement coming your way, and like LindsayL, I can see this slim, elegant woman spreading her wings again. I’m actually 70 years young, and am planning to live to my mid-90s, God willing, like a couple of my aunts. That gives me a quarter of a century more living to do! And you can do the same, as there are obviously long-life genes in your family. Go girl! 🙂

    @anzac65, you DO have a child, just a fur-child, which I think (from your stories) can be even more challenging at times!

    Cinque, hope you had fun with Miss 5.

    LindsayL, grrr to you as I sit in the house on a 14 degree day. Your time will come in the summer!! LOL! Sorry to read of OD’s foot pain. Have you been able to work out which foods provoke the gout? A friend of mine has to avoid all acid foods, such as tomatoes, for one. She finds it frustrating, but prefers the restrictions to the pain.

    Hi to everyone else. Gotta go. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, all.

    A quick response Betsy. He’s off tomatoes, gin and beer (not that he drank much of either – he’s a red wine man, and he’s not having much of that either). He’s eating quite well I think – no tomatoes,little red meat, more pulses and vegetables, Lindt dark chocolate. If your friend can give me other foods for him to avoid, that would be good to know. He also has black unsweetened cherry juice, and is currently having tumeric and black pepper before breakfast. Reduced kidney function and an unwillingness to drink enough water I think is also a big part of his troubles. Any advice gratefully received. thanks.

    Good afternoon everyone.

    It’s been overcast but not raining, so I’ve managed to get our for a walk today which was nice.

    I also had a successful couple of hours over at the nearest chopping centre looking for kids clothing. I found lots of bargains for the 4 kids I buy birthday clothing for and am very happy. Normally I’d just go online and purchase from Next or M&S in the UK as the prices are really good and delivery is usually a week by aircourier. They have just come back online but the timelines are longer and there’s no free postage anymore. I also managed a major find – garments for a 7 year old girl in green. It’s her favourite colour but rarely available in girl’s clothing – just endless amounts of pink and purple.

    Lindsay, my dad used to suffer from gout. Issues with kidney function and an unwillingness to drink water were issues for him too.

    Intesha, that’s excellent that you will get your travel funds back.

    Betsy, well done on the loss. Given how much you’ve lost, getting smaller losses is normal so don’t panic.

    Cinque, hope you have a lovely day with your grand daughter.

    GDSA, hope your OH isn’t too upset with the footy last night – at least it’s back.

    When I got home from shopping it was nearly 2pm and I hadn’t had any food yet. So I had a late lunch of a small serve of goulash with roast cauliflower and carrots, followed by a small banana. Now I’m trying to make it through to dinner, which is a bowl of cauliflower cheese soup and a corn cob. I should be able to have at least one hot milk drink too and stay under 1000cals for the day.
    I tried doing alternate day restriction when I first started here, but it didn’t work for me – probably because I was doing 500cal FDs and that just had me binge eating on the NFDs. I had to ease off and do 4:3 instead. I am finding it much easier to do an AD pattern when the calorie restriction is not as strict. I often find myself saying “You can get through this, it’s only one day”. The 100 calorie days also feel relatively easy because they aren’t like a FD, because I get to have 2 proper meals, but they aren’t like a NFD either because I can’t afford the calories for snacks. My brain hasn’t quite managed to categorise them yet.

    I discovered a new treat yesterday. I pulled out a little bit of leftover cream cheese and a punnet of strawberries and I spread a dab of the cream cheese onto half a dozen strawberries before eating them. It was a nice reminder of strawberry cheesecake flavours – but healthier.

    Enjoy the last of your weekend.

    Sunday comes around fast. No pun intended.

    Cinque, happy happy birthday for Tuesday in case I am not here to say so. Yes, we are over that windy hurdle now.

    Intesha, welcome back. I read your post yesterday and didn’t have time to post but was going to suggest that you apply for a refund on those non-refundable tickets as, at least in England, it became illegal for airlines to insist on credit vouchers if the passenger wanted a refund. They couldn’t know the real reason for the cancelled trip. Today, I see you’re getting the money back so that’s good.

    To echo Lindsay, I played bridge with a 93 year old lady in Perth who was always impeccably dressed (and not dressed like a 93 year old but always very stylish, hair perfect, make-up). She learned to play at age 90 which Betsy and LJ will confirm is no mean feat. Last year, she went on a trip to Africa alone, saw the Falls, went on safari, etc.

    I understand about the empty nest thing. I savoured every second with DD while she was at uni because I knew that when she left home, she would be well and truly gone for good. As she likes to remind me, she didn’t leave home but home left her (because we sold it)! I’m so grateful to have such a happy, well-adjusted, independent daughter but I miss her company every day. We’re in the same country but who would know it, we still can’t see each other. Not that everyone else seems to be following the rules with reckless protestors trying to erase our history and attacking police.

    Congratulations on the weight, stellar job! I do feel that we need to keep in perspective the reasons for doing 5:2. To improve our health and longevity. Maintaining a healthy weight gives us so much power to tackle life’s irritations. It’s easy to find excuses but you haven’t done that so hats off to you.

    Lindsay, have fun on the island. It’s sounds idyllic.

    GDSA, well done on getting the job. You will meet interesting people also keen to improve their homes like you and might get a lot of great ideas when you eye their purchases.

    Betsy, I can’t wait for you to say you’re in the 69s.

    Anzac, Neil, Penguin, LJ, hello.

    Time to wrestle my FD dinner out of the tiny freezer box. It frequently frosts up and encases its contents.

    Ooh early morning for me, I woke at 4:30 and am almost ready for a mid morning nap!

    Hello everyone,

    A lovely morning after fast day for me I had three big slices of toast, but now have 5 hours to get hungry for lunch, so I am sure that will work.

    I’m keen to congratulate you, Gday, before I run out of stream. Big congratulations on getting that job. Do you enjoy it? I bet all your hardware knowledge would play well. Quite shocking to be earning half of what you made in your last job. I’m hoping it is easier and less stressful to compensate, at least a bit, and that there is good camaraderie among the staff.

    And woot, woot, for the continuing weight loss. What a lovely relief! All those centimetres gone!

    LJoyce, I’ve got veggies waiting for me to roast them. Especially some purple carrots that I just LOVE roasted. I bet you enjoyed your roasties.
    All power to you, battling with hunger. I’ve struggled the last 6 months (at least) and suddenly I am back to it being ‘just a feeling’. No idea why.

    Very interesting about the thrift Salvos, I have seen some named that. I hope the Preston one is (great friendly shop and poorer neighbourhood) but it is a small one that is still closed.

    Betsy, big cheers for the 70kg goal! https://jkflorist.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Bunch-of-20-Mix-Gerberas-with-Jute-Packing.jpg Have such fun sorting through your clothes!

    Re losing inches around the waist, I do remember (vaguely) one episode of ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’ with Michael Mosley where they were trying different things to lose weight, and the group that was doing sit ups (I think it was) didn’t lose more weight, but did lose centimetres from their waists.

    I am sorry to say that I have also read that changes in hormones as we age, results in us carrying more fat internally in our belly and hence our wider waists. Sigh.

    Oh dear, sympathy for the Saturday night thud thud. I do hope it is a short term thing.

    Need coffee, another post as soon as it is made!

    Good morning.
    A couple of days of rain, and I’m pleased to see the sun. Now if only the mosquitoes would buzz off….we need to leave the doors open for you know who …we have a chap coming to put a doggie door in our back screen. But he’s on island time, so will come when he comes.

    Driving Rosy over to Dunwich for a good run in a big open off leash park late yesterday, and spotted these lovely things grazing on the side of the road. I so love the wildlife on this island.

    My weight is up a bit this morning, but I suspect it’s just fluid because I have been so so vigilant. I had some vege soup with beans and toast yesterday for lunch, and I often find the carbs change the scales the following day. Looking forward to tomorrow’s weigh in to see if I am right this time.

    4.30 Cinque? Ooh, cold and dark.

    Thin, love the idea of a woman in her nineties learning something as complex as bridge. I had another little PS to my story from yesterday about the older traveller. I had noticed her on board the boat, and she was always impeccably dressed. I couldn’t help but notice the case she lifted off the carousel was very very compact. My girlfriend (who hasn’t travelled much) had everything but the kitchen sink packed. I had less, but still a fair sized bag. It reinforced that being slim makes it so much easier to dress well, with fewer clothes, a couple of good pairs of shoes, and some good jewellery.

    Thin, would love to hear about your adventure over the windy hurdle.

    LJ good shopping. won’t the 7 year old love the green dress!

    OK time to get back to the editing (yes, it did come with me….but I knock off a bit in the morning to have the rest of my day free).
    Have a wonderful week all

    Monday morning Post 2.

    Special message for Mr Lindsay about drinking more water.
    I have a couple of tips:

    The first is that water is usually easier to drink if it has a little squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt. Just a pinch and a squeeze for a whole jug of water. They give the most common electrolytes we need. Hoping that amount of lemon wouldn’t exacerbate the gout, and that amount of salt won’t play havoc with BP!
    (It really makes a huge difference if you have that problem that your throat just doesn’t want to open up for water!)

    The second is to make yourself have a drink of water every time you go to the loo. It does involve a couple of hours when you go to the loo more and more frequently, but then it settles down.

    My other tips are: soup every day! Never leave the house without a water bottle. Always have a drink if you get even the slightest signal that you are thirsty. Never ignore the thirst signal. Drinking water is even more important than sleep, so even if means you will have to get up in the night, still drink that water.

    Fingers crossed you can do it Mr L, and that it eases your gout.

    Intesha, so glad that you are getting at least some refund! Hope you had a great 500 day yesterday.
    Do say hello to your dad from your far flung forum friends.

    LJoyce, I was a day out with your roast veggies! Haha. I did have a lovely time with my granddaughter. What a great treat you made of your strawberries.

    Thin, thankyou for your birthday wishes! One sleep to go. The grandkids are more excited than me, they have been counting down sleeps all week, bless them.
    Hooray that you got over the aqueduct, was it fun, or an episode you don’t want to discuss? I hope you found your fast day dinner under its blanket of ice. (My miso soup was classic and delicious!).

    Well,8:30 and I had better go and see what else I can do before my brain completely gives up. Best wishes everyone, cheers to the fasters, it is just one day! Cheers to Gday being polite to customers, and Thin, listening to the water against the side of the boat, and LJoyce, don’t forget your umbrella, eep I can’t do everyone! But sending you all good wishes.

    Edit: Just saw your post Lindsay! Happy editing! (Ooh I would love to be as elegant as that woman you met!)

    Bye all

    Morning all.

    Looks like everyone has been busy over the weekend. I’ll have to sit down and read through the posts tonight when I’ve finished work.

    It was very cold here this weekend. It hit -12.6 degrees in Middlemarch which is half an hour from home, we hit -7 at home and some places had frost that stayed around all day. We had a big family get-together on Sunday so I’ve got some excess calories to try to fast off or burn off at the gym before my weigh-in on Wednesday.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Hello all from a lovely sunny day in Sydney. It was cold on our walk this morning (7 degrees) but will warm up to 20 later

    The weekend flew by as they always seem to and while I thought I kept under my TDEE the scales jumped up this morning. Hopefully just a temporary thing due to a few extra carbs and salt. Back to 2 FD’s this week (Tue and Thurs) and 800-100 the other three weekdays. I really feel confident this is going to work as it is very similar to what I was doing at the end of last year where I finally saw good results prior to the trip. I don’t have far to go to get back in the 80’s and I really want to do that this week. Then a fast downhill to the 70’s! I haven’t been in the 70’s since I got married in 1992.

    What fabulous news about your job AND the weight loss G’day! I know it totally irks that you are on half the pay you used to, but it will keep things ticking over until you find something else (if you decide to do that).

    I’m really glad your new meal arrangement is working so well for you Cinque. It wouldn’t suit us but we do have our main meal quite early to give it time to settle. On the subject of drinking water, my Dad told me a story the other week that my ‘Aunt’ (his best mate’s widow) with whom he stays in the country has never once in her life had a glass of water! Never ever! She drinks endless cups of black, sugarless tea and nothing else. She is well into her eighties and quite healthy apart from starting to show signs of dementia, sadly. I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe it. I drink at least 2 litres of water per day and have a bottle with me everywhere.

    Glad you are getting some form of refund Intesha and I echo everyone’s thoughts that you will soon be an elegant, slim traveller again.

    I hope OH feels better soon Lindsay

    LJ, well done on the shopping and I’m sure miss 7 will love her green outfits. It really sounds like you are in a good groove eating and exercise wise and that is so great.

    I was sad to read how much you miss your daughter thin but hopefully soon you will be able to visit regularly. I agree about the reckless protesters

    You’ll kick any gains from the family get-together in no time Neil. Remember, we have to have fun and indulgence sometimes else we couldn’t possibly stick to the regime

    I too can’t wait to hear the “I’m in the 60’s” triumphant declaration Betsy 🙂

    Happy Monday all

    Cinque thank you for the water tips. I’ve tried the salt/lemon already, and he says he quite likes. I only had one lime left for my G & T, so was able to wander along to the bush lemon tree down our little street, and scored two very fresh ones that will keep him in water for a while.

    With the sun shining, I’ve also done the washing this morning. Rosy was such a big help (not!)

    (OH would be mortified to know I’d posted a pic of his boxer shorts).

    Oooh Neil, that sounds very very cold. I survived a few winters in China at minus 15, but it was only the novelty factor that kept me going. I don’t think I could do it again.

    Anzac carbs always push my weight up too ….your plan sounds like a good one.

    OK back to it.

    cheers all

    HA HA HA HA – oh Rosy, you cheeky beautiful girl. She and Maxx are fighting for the title of Most Naughty Pet. Yesterday he was lying on his outside bed in the sun looking cute as a button; but when I got closer I saw he had a pair of my socks in his mouth, gently chewing on them. I had just brought the washing in and he helped himself to a pair I’d balled together from the basket. There were plenty of really old ones that I wear dog walking because we are on the wet grass a lot. But no, he had to take an almost brand-new pair. Sigh

    Hello everyone

    It’s a weird weather day here – raining one minute and sunny the next. I’m going to have to squeeze a walk into a sunny break in the day and hope the rain doesn’t return while I’m out.

    Anzac & Lindsay, some people are really sensitive to changes in carb levels, especially those that are low in fibre or refined. I think I’ve mentioned before that our bodies store glycogen and when we eat low carb our body depletes those stores and will attempt to replace them at the first sign of carb consumption. This always shows up as a weight gain but it isn’t a gain in body fat.

    Lindsay, what lovely sights to see on your walks.
    I hope those boxer shorts didn’t get buried.

    Anzac, so pleased that you are doing so well with your diet these days, it’s such a relief to see that after the struggles you had last year when work was so demanding.

    You weren’t a day out with the roast veg. I did a big tray of roast veg on Saturday and have been eating my way through them since then. I always do enough for 4 meals and I do both lower cal veg (eg cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, capsicum or eggplant) and starchy or high cal veg (potatoes, parsnips, pumpkin and sweet potato). Then I can pick and choose which veg to have depending on whether it’s a NFD or FD (only the low cal veg on FDs). I have found that if I line my big enameled roasting pans with baking paper I can minimize the amount of oil I need as they don’t stick, but because enamel gets so hot they still brown nicely.

    Neil, those morning sound challenging. The one benefit that usually goes with the frosty mornings is a fine day with some sunshine.
    I grew up in the Riverland and winter mornings were often below zero. I had to catch an early school bus to another town for high school, which meant being up when it was still bitterly cold. I figured how to get dressed in most of my school uniform before getting out of bed and having to face the cold! It was the only way, as there was no money wasted on heating our house in the mornings as everyone was about to head off to work or school.

    Thin, I don’t know how you cope with such a modestly sized fridge with a tiny freezer compartment. I imagine it’s about the capacity of a bar fridge. I seem to remember they don’t do a good job of being frost free and often needed to have the ice chipped off.

    It’s a NFD for me after a 1000cal day yesterday. I haven’t eaten yet as my appetite hasn’t kicked in yet. I have taken a piece of marinated tandoori chicken from the freezer to cook in the airfryer. I will have it with some more of the leftover roast veg. I also plan to airfry some of my frozen veggie pakoras and have them with yoghurt. Although depending on appetite they may need to wait until later.

    Cali are you ok? Haven’t seen a post from you in a while and I did notice the increasing number of covid cases in California, which I’m sure is adding to your worries. Hope you are well and coping.

    Hello to everyone else, hope you are all having a good day and that the fasters are having an easy time of it.

    LJ and others, thank you for asking about me. I’m fine, just stressed with the covid-19 numbers going up in California, all the protests and disruption around the country and even a big grass fire not too far from here the end of last week. I didn’t thing we would have to worry about wildfires this early in the summer. But right in the middle of the fire fighting it started to rain pretty hard with even some thunder and lightning. It’s very unusual for us to get any rain at all during the summer, so it seemed something of a miracle and allowed the firefighters to start getting it under control. It burned about 5,000 acres though. No buildings were burned.

    Intesha, it’s so good to hear from you again! So sorry to hear that your daughter was so careless in her comments. But I agree with some of the others that she may not have realized how that affected you and just didn’t think. Your son is another story. But maybe with his family the whole covid thing had an effect and he just wasn’t thinking. I hope you feel now that you can vent here. We’re always here to listen. You did fantastic on the weight loss, so you certainly accomplished something during the lockdown while many of us were gaining.

    G’day, congrats on the new job and on the the weight loss. Even though the money is less, at least you’re working again. Do you get a store discount on things you purchase there? That would be a good benefit if you do, with all the work you’re always doing with your home.

    LJ, we’ve had weird weather here too. Besides that rainstorm, we’ve had hot weather for a few days and now it cool, in the low 20’s. Actually, it’s quite nice because I can use the oven without overheating the rooms. Is your lockdown mostly over now? It seems everyone is getting out again. Your numbers look really low. It’s so different from here, where things are opening, but probably too quickly. The new cases from all the protests haven’t really hit here yet either. Lots of protesters wore masks, but lots didn’t.

    Cinque, your advice about drinking water with lemon and a pinch of salt is great. It makes the water easier to drink. I often add lemon but hadn’t thought of the salt, so thank you.

    Thin, good to see you here. You’re in about the same place as we are with the covid and the protests I guess. It’s hard to believe how much life has changed since March. But at least you don’t have to worry about bushfires over there.

    Hi to Lindsay, Anzac, Penguin, Quacka, Neil and Betsy. Stay safe.

    Lindsay, I skipped past the link to your laundry line and then the next sentence mentioned your OH’s boxer shorts. For some perverse reason, that piqued my interest and I must say, they are very cheery boxers, nothing to be ashamed of! It’s not like he was in them at the time of posting so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. Forget Cinque’s flowers, maybe you’ve started a new trend ….

    Anzac, you’re in a good zone. Two FDs and three low TDEE days. You will feel so good when you’re back to your wedding weight. but, small steps for now, getting back into the 80s. I can’t wait to hear more. The best advice my Perth GP gave me about weight loss when it used to depress and consume me to be so overweight, was not to think of needing to lose 20kg but just 5kg. He told me to lose 1kg per year from then on. I was 58, a time when most of us gain weight from ‘then on’. For some reason, that made a lot of difference to my thinking. I was able to lose 5kg within a few months of that chat (doing my normal starvation tactics). Of course, I would have gained that all back had I not then discovered 5:2 which ultimately led me from 83kg to the 58kg I am today.

    LJ, I think the small fridge and teeny freezer has been my greatest food challenge on the boat. Some boaters have freezers on board. This means giving up a cupboard when space is already at a premium.

    Cinque, so pleased that your FD was a success. Of course it was. I’m going to re-assess the milk in tea/coffee on FDs. I think I’m overdoing it. I lost 600g but my weight is slowly, slowly getting to the point that an extra FD will be required or I must stop drinking a glass of wine when we play chess.

    Ran out of time, hello to everyone. Have a wonderful week especially you Cinque.

    CalifD, so good to see your post. We’re having some odd weather here too. Temps in the low twenties and lows around 10-12C which is great. Thundery rain storms and then the sun comes out and it’s all warm and fresh again. A man in another boat was in shorts and a T-shirt having a BBQ at 9pm last night, still an hour or so away from darkness and very warm.

    Yes, our countries are in such a mess. I understand why you’d feel stressed. I get despondent too. I can’t help feeling the media fuels a lot of the unrest. The BBC that used to be so highly respected around the world seems hell bent on ripping into whatever decision the govt. makes and tearing the country to shreds. They claim to be impartial but it’s just not so.

    The govt. is simultaneously criticised for ending lock-down too early and failing to abolish the 2m distancing rule. It was criticised for closing schools, then blamed for children from less well-off families having missed out the most from home schooling, then criticised for attempting to get children back to school too early, and then when it listened to the concerns of teachers’ unions and allowed head teachers to make their own decisions, criticised for not getting enough children back to school before the summer holidays. I don’t want sensation, I just want facts and to be allowed to make up my own mind. And, I call on them to edit their work properly before slapping up the latest bashing of our country. A little research of facts wouldn’t go amiss either.

    No, we don’t have bushfires to add to the mix. I’m so sorry all this is going on around you. Hey, I thought of you three this morning as OH asked me to cut his hair. I told him he was looking like the clown on The Simpsons. I think I did a fair job considering we don’t own a comb between us. As for me, boat hair, don’t care.


    Happy birthday Cinque! I hope your day is lovely, and your year wonderful.

    Yesterday Miss You Know Who was so pleased to have helped with the washing that she gave us a hand with the gardening as well.
    My poor fig tree didn’t even make it into the ground before she took the pot in her mouth, snapping the tree at the base. we have planted the stump – time will tell. sigh.

    Back to my pre-carb weight this morning …slower than I would have liked, but a good limited day yesterday. And no icecream!

    Thin in another time, would your OH have eve asked you to cut his hair? Or would you have been content with boat hair? I am amazed how easy it is to give up regular haircuts, manicures, pedicures …all the things that were part of my routine. My hair is so long now I can put it in a little knot – which looks dreadful beyond words, but very convenient when I go to the beach.

    Oh Anzac. Your socks. What is it about fluffy things that they so like? How old is Maxx now?

    LJ you paint a great picture, struggling into your school uniform while still under the covers. Our first year in China, we didn’t have central heating and I can still feel the icy air as we left our warm bed to dress in the living room in front of a very ineffective air-conditioning unit. The heating was installed the following year … and it was so hot we had to leave a window open, even when it was snowing. It’s a funny system – all heating goes on on a certain day, and off on another particular day, never mind if you live in the extreme weather of the north or the milder south, or whether it’s cold or hot.

    The sun is shining here, but it’s watery and I think we are in for more rain. Cali how strange your weather seems – fires, but then unseasonal rain to help control them. The world is upside down at the moment ….it will come right though.

    best wishes all

    Good morning everyone

    It’s raining again here, so it will be another day of looking for a gap in the clouds to walk. My NFD yesterday got a bit wobbly. My two meals went as planned, although I probably ate lunch a bit late. In the afternoon I decided I wanted a snack and got out the containers of almonds and sultanas. Normally I would put a modest portion on a plate and put the containers away, but I didn’t do that. I put the open containers on the coffee table and mindlessly ate about three time what I normally would. I should have known better. To make matters worse I was craving dessert after I’d eaten my cauliflower soup for dinner. So I pulled a piece of german yeast cake out of the freezer and ate that. I suspect this behaviour had something to do with the change of plans I had yesterday. My friend was going to visit in the afternoon so we could walk and have afternoon tea (I’d planned to defrost the german cake for that). She cancelled at the last minute as there was problem with her car and she had to get it towed to the mechanic. I think I was reacting to the loss of afternoon company and cake treat.

    Cali, I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with so many threats and challenges at once. Thank goodness for the rain helping to control that fire.
    Yes our lockdown is over and most businesses have reopened. The state borders are still closed but everything else is opening up, even professional sport with fans in limited numbers. The only things that they don’t have plans to allow yet are large festivals/fairs etc where crowds mingle and move around – only large events with allocated seating are allowed to open again. Victoria and New South Wales continue to report a very small number of new cases each day, but the other states and territories are now reporting no new cases so we are in a position to get most businesses back to normal. There is still a ban on Australians leaving the country (they will make some exceptions on compassionate grounds or for humanitarian work, but there are few flights). They are planning to start selectively opening borders with other countries with very low infection rates once our states have reopened their borders, although we’ve been told a full opening won’t happen this year. Most state borders will reopen by the end of July (except Western Australia).

    Lindsay, I had a badly damaged fig tree at my previous home. I tried to remove it by cutting it off at ground level but it kept resprouting. After removing this a couple of times I gave and put a garden stake in and tied the new stem to it so the tree could regrow properly. It was still small, but alive and growing when I left. So it it quite possible that yours may grow too – especially as you’ll have time away from the island when Rosy can’t have another go at it! It would be worth reading the label for the fig tree to see if it was grafted onto a different root stock – this is often done for fruit trees and it’s possible that the hardy root stock, rather than the fruiting tree, will regrow.

    Thin, I read your blog wildflower post this morning. I couldn’t see the labelling, but that could be my very old laptop. The photos were lovely, what a wonderful time of year to be on the canals with views of wildflower meadows.

    Anzac, I’m surprised Maxx took a clean pair of socks to chew on, I would have thought a used pair that had your scent would appeal more. Or is it just opportunism – if it’s there I’ll chew it!

    Cinque, hope you have some lovely birthday plans. https://imgur.com/a/PQRmvAs

    Have a good day for all, FD for me.

    A bit of sun here in Melbourne this morning, and the nights have not been so brutal,

    My terrible sleep yesterday did give me afternoon munchies, but I managed to eat a proper meal to stop me from snacking, and that did fill me up and last until this morning.

    I’m just about to start a big pot of ‘everything in the fridge’ soup (except those purple carrots that I am keeping to roast) following my Aunty Edie’s maxim ‘If good things go into it, it will taste good!’. This is partly because I did a freezer audit yesterday and pulled out all sorts of odds and ends.

    Lindsay, your microbiome will have loved the beans, even if your scales didn’t!
    Cheers to Mr L, I hope he is getting more water in.
    Isn’t Rosy all long legs and cheeky good looks. No more washing, Rosy!

    Brrr Neil, keep warm! So glad you have had some great family time.

    Go Anzac! You are on a great roll. But as for Maxx, no more good socks Maxx!

    LJoyce, I am glad it wasn’t all rain yesterday, and hooray for the roast veggies.

    Cali, so glad to see your post. It is so disappointing numbers have gone up in California after your good start. I am so hoping that the same doesn’t happen here. I hope you are finding some techniques to help you with the drawn out state of anxiety, it isn’t good for our health.
    Are you still able to do your fast days?

    So glad the hint about a pinch of salt as well as lemon helps you too. I was reading up about elecrolytes one time and found the original research where this was the recommendation. So simple. But then it triggered the whole sports drink industry, and oh dear they over do the sugar in those drinks!

    Haha Thin, a picture of boxer shorts might be just the thing for Penguin’s next blokey offering.

    Hello Boat Hair, I’m thinking it looks like this: https://edenhopecycle4.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/screen-shot-2016-06-26-at-4-39-21-pm.png?w=267&h=312&crop=1

    Ooh dear, difficult decision tossing up between that convivial glass of wine and a second fast day.

    Hi Lindsay, oh Rosy! Not a new plant! Well, if any tree can grow from a chomped off root, it will be a fig. Good luck to it.

    Thankyou for the lovely birthday wishes. I must run as we are going to have a zoom sisters call for my birthday, plus I must start that soup. I am making my famous chocolate porridge cake to take to my daughter’s. I know it is strange to make my own birthday cake (which I won’t eat), but I am SO good at this quick easy one, and it really is for the kidlets. My daughter is making a bang up dinner, and that is what I will eat!

    Cheers all, have a great day, it’s on me! 😉

    PS Just saw your post LJoyce, thankyou for such beautiful flowers!

    Happy Birthday lovely Cinque! I hope you have a fantastic evening with your family and zoom call with your sisters. Where did you find that hilarious boat head pic? It was perfect for Thin!

    Lovely to hear from you Cali but sorry things are still so incredibly bad over there. I remember how anxious I felt at the beginning and we were so lucky to be much less impacted here. I’m glad the rain came to help put the bushfire out, especially as it was close to you

    My weekend upward glitch on the scales did a downward unglitch overnight so I’m back to where I was on Saturday morning (600g down for the week). FD today and going well. I can’t believe how easily I have been able to slip back into this WOL. Mostly thanks to you all 🙂

    LJ don’t worry about yesterday’s wobble, today will make it up.

    Hi everyone else, work is crazy so I must keep this short

    HI all

    I had a read back through the posts, Intesha, good to hear from you again, I’m sorry for your issues with your family, but it’s amazing you’ve managed to have the success on the scales that you have through all of it.

    Looks like plenty of success stories on the scales this week. I’m hoping to join in, although I’m not liking my chances. I had a sneaky weigh-in after my workout on the gym’s new scales this afternoon and I tipped the scales at 93.5 kilos, that’s 2.8 kilos higher than my weigh-in last week, but I was fully clothed, wearing shoes and I’d just drank 800ml of water, so I’m not expecting anything like that tomorrow morning, but I’m not expecting a loss either.

    Well I’ll have a light dinner tonight and see if the scales are kind to me tomorrow morning.

    Have a great afternoon everyone.

    Happy Birthday Cinque! Hope you had a wonderful zoom and will have a lovely time at your daughter’s. Boat hair – no, not quite that bad!

    Happy Birthday, Cinque! It may be a day late there by the time you read this, but i’s still your birthday in the USA! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ff/cb/b2/ffcbb28df3c0ef27e81da1db2b4886af.jpg
    That picture of boat hair for thin is hilarious! Not exactly what I was expecting.

    I hope your Birthday dinner with your DD and the littles was a lovely one. It’s so nice that you can get together with them in person again now.

    Anzac, congrats on the weight loss. Good to hear that you are busy at work. I hope your job is going well now.

    Lindsay, I hope what’s left of that fig tree makes it. If the root and bottom stem are intact it has a good chance.

    LJ, eating from the containers instead of putting a portion out on a plate is a downfall of mine as well. I always seem to overeat when I do that.

    Neil, weighing during the day with all of your clothes and shoes is almost a guarantee of a higher number. Weight seems to change throughout the day anyway. I hope in the morning you’ll discover a loss. It’s so great that NZ isn’t showing any new cases of the covid19. I hope they can keep the borders tightly controlled. I know it’s a delicate calculation to keep things open enough to keep both the economy and the population healthy. We don’t seem to be doing a very good job of it here. Most of the cases in Calif are down in the southern part of the state so far. They’re low, but increasing where I live.

    Good evening, a very quick post as I probably won’t have time tomorrow.
    The rain was meant to clear by early afternoon, so I waited until 2pm and it hadn’t rained for a while so I thought it was safe. It wasn’t until I got 1.5km from home that the driving rain started. Despite wearing an anorak that usually keeps me dry, I ended up wet to the skin and had to squelch my way home in waterlogged shoes. I was very very grateful for warm dry clothes when I got here. But on the plus side, I did get to 10k steps today.
    FD today and it didn’t go exactly as planned. The food I had planned was barely 350cals but my only planned meal of a bowl of soup just didn’t cut it. I followed it with 2 cruskits with a slice of cheese. Still easily under 500cals though, so it’s ok.

    I’m spending the day in the hills tomorrow. I’m getting a haircut (finally) in the morning, then meeting my aunt and cousin for lunch at a local cafe. My uncle died a few weeks ago and it would have been his birthday tomorrow. As it’s likely to be a difficult day, my cousin and I thought it might help to take my aunt to her favourite cafe for lunch so she isn’t home moping and gets a chance to talk about him. In the afternoon I have a remedial massage appointment before heading home.

    I’m heading to bed now as I slept badly last night and need to catch up on some zzzzs.

    Take care all.

    Good evening all.

    Sadly, not in the 69s yet. Had a TDEE day Saturday, which was okay, but a NFD day Sunday and another TDEE day yesterday, so the weight crept up a few hundred gms on the scales. FD800 today will be followed by a “proper” FD tomorrow, so I’m hoping easy on, easy off. We’ll see.

    It’s still the 16th, so Happy Birthday Cinque! CalifDreamer sent you some lovely flowers and I echo her sentiment. Hope the chocolate porridge cake was a big hit with the littlies, but avoided by you. Thanks, by the way, for the lovely flowers you sent me. Appreciated.

    CalifDreamer, so glad you weren’t affected by the wildfire (here we call them bushfires) and the rain came so opportunely. I’ve stayed concerned about Covid-19 over your way. Haven’t liked the increases, especially in California and Arizona, so please stay safe.

    LindsayL, doesn’t your naughty little girl look so angelic at the same time?! Great photos, and also the one of the kangaroos. Haven’t spoken yet to my friend about foods to avoid, but there’ve been some great suggestions of ways to encourage OH to increase his fluid intake.

    LJoyce, was it you or Cinque who mentioned the Pitango soup range available at Woollies? Anyway, I bought some today, plus a risotto they make, and I’ll see how it goes. I’m sure they will both be delicious.

    Cinque, laughed at the boat hair photo. Now have a vivid picture in my mind of thin with a sailboat on her head 🙂 .

    Neilithicman, good luck with the weigh-in tomorrow morning. Hope you get a reasonable reading.

    Anzac65, great that the weekend “glitch” has unglitched itself. You’ll be back in those 80s in no time.

    Cinque, thanks for that mention re sit-ups. They may help. I used to do them daily, but have majorly slacked off and am only just getting back into exercising more than brisk walking again. It would make sense, as the muscles would get tighter. The fat still has to disappear, but that will happen with time. And I had read that about women’s bodies thickening with age, but that usually happens around menopause. My increase in measurement is from me being 59 to me being 70. Well, I’ll strictly add them to my daily routine and see what happens.

    Hi to everyone else.

    Stay well, stay safe, and goodnight.

    Quick second post – forgot – LJoyce, you got very wet today – please stay rugged up and dry. We don’t want you getting another chest infection.

    Morning all. I was up 200g on my weigh-in to 90.9 kilos. A bit disappointing, but at least my weight isn’t yo-yoing around by a couple of kilos a week like it was at the beginning of the year.

    I’m going to try cutting alcohol back out and changing out my morning flat white for a cup of tea to see if those calories I’m drinking are making a difference.

    I watched some of an Aussie health series on Netflix “Ask the doctor” which was pretty good. The episode on weight loss was a little depressing though. They had a woman who had lost 50 kilos on Australia’s version of “biggest loser” and had managed to keep it off, but she had to exercise 3 hours a day just to maintain her weight loss. Looks like I still have a hard road ahead.

    Have a good one everyone.

    Good morning, a bit of pale sun coming through the window, lovely!

    It is Wednesday fast day for me. I am feeling very slow after my big, lovely day yesterday, so I am preparing for home help to work their magic and then spending the rest of the day in bed.

    I did have a lovely birthday, made even more lovely by your wishes and flowers everyone, thanykyou! Yes Cali, I did receive your beautiful bunch on my birthday.
    And here is a picture of my birthday cake, which was a hit: https://imgur.com/a/qm6ZwzU And my daughter made a lovely chicken curry, a big bowl of steamed spiced veggies, and rice, and the special treat was a paratha, cooked just how I love it.

    So glad you enjoyed the boat hair, I remembered that style from reading about Marie Antoinette and thought it suited the situation very well, haha.

    Very nice to read some more research yesterday confirming that children tend not to get Covid 19 very easily, and do not spread it very much. That’s good. On the other hand, 21 new cases in Victoria. That’s bad. But 15 from returned travelers in their quarantine hotels and only 3 that need chasing. That’s good.

    LJoyce, So glad you are able to have a gentle day with your aunty. My heart goes out to her. It was a hard to time lose a dear partner. And for you too, to lose a loved uncle.
    I do hope you got a good refreshing sleep, and are starting to feel very svelte with your careful eating and many steps. Ooh what a walk! How nice to get home and warm and dry. I see we’ve got some nasty weather coming, that is currently blasting SW WA. Eep.

    Betsy, teetering on the brink of 69. Take your time, you will get there. We are having a proper fast day in lockstep today. Powerful!
    I hope your soup is yummy (it must have been LJoyce recommended it). Enjoy those sit ups! Don’t overdo it or you will be too sore to do them again for a week 😉

    Neil, so frustrating! Those cheeky scales. I have more sympathy for you missing the flat white, than the alcohol, but it will be so interesting to find out if it results in a good loss.
    I remember that ‘Ask The Doctor’ program. Isn’t it interesting. We vary so much with those complex ecosystems in our lives and in our bodies. We are part of a huge ongoing life experiment to find out more. (I’d be in trouble if I had to exercise 3 hours a day!)

    Well, off to clear things to make life easy for home help.

    Cheers fellow fasters, lets make this a fasty day. Everyone else, enjoy your sensible healthy eating!

    Good morning all

    So glad you had a lovely birthday Cinque and I hope you are soon enjoying your post FD brekky

    FD for me today but I’ve only had a few hours sleep so I am worried I might fail. So I will ensure if nothing else it is a very light CD – but that said I am still determined to do a proper FD. It’s 7.15am and I’ve been up since 5.00am and awake since 3.00am. Sigh

    It’s time for the fur child’s walk so I will post more later. He is in the dog house because last night he took my beautiful wrap that I adore and wear everywhere, including inside to keep me warm while I’m working, and chewed a fist-sized hole in it. I had to take myself downstairs to bed to avoid losing the plot completely with him.

    It is still Wednesday for Penguin, I think, so here are your blokey flowers, inspired this week by Thin, Rosy and Mr L. https://www.psdunderwear.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Hibiscus-Floral-1.jpg

    Thursday morning-after-fast-day for me. Cuppa and vegemite toast. Bliss!

    Goodness, I leapfrogged your post Anzac.

    What a dreadful sleep. My heart goes out to you. Be kind to yourself today, in as many non food ways as you can manage.

    Just incase you haven’t tried it, an afternoon nap helps me. It stops me from getting so overtired I can’t sleep again the next night.

    Much sympathy about your (non food) wrap. Maxx! He is trying one-upmanship on Rosy!

    Oh Anzac. I hate it when you lose something like that, that you love and wear. I guess they will grow out of it ….eventually. Sorry too about your shattered sleep … Cinque’s advice is good. Be gentle, and take a nap today if you are tired.

    Rosy’s latest was a cushion that she took into the backyard, daring us to chase her. Of course the cover ripped when I finally got it. It was nighttime, and I had only left the sofa for a moment. I had had lovely covers made for the cut-down mattress for the window seat and two cushion covers for the large pieces of foam that were left over. No chance to replace it … I had it done in Vietnam.

    The window seat was put there for seating a the dining table, because our island house dining room is only small. We’ve moved the table back into the centre of the room, but Rose still stretches from the seat to the table to say hello, leaving her stranded like a long red bridge.

    Oh Cinque, that’s a fine bunch of flowers you’ve sent Penguin today. Very fine indeed. (sending pics of undies to blokes online Cinque … my goodness this is a free and easy forum 🙂

    How did you pick up after your birthday celebrations? And a nice post-fast day today. How good is the breakfast after a FD? And vegemite toast? Oh what could be better.

    Just a couple more days over here ….we are going over to the Point to whale watch today – many about, and Migaloo (the white whale) was off northern NSW yesterday and is expected off southern Queensland today. Lots of dolphin activity down off our pier yesterday …I’ll make do with a still pic, but have a lovely video of two of them, tossing a fish into the air.

    Neil what alcohol do you drink? Beer, not so great. Wine (particularly red), better for your health, but still not great calorie wise. Gin and diet tonic? Not too bad at all, all things considered particularly if you are low carb (none at all in a G & diet T, or a vodka/diet tonic, my current drink because we’re out of gin on the island).

    My great news this morning is that my scales are down ….so far, 4.4 kilos since 5th May, which is when I drew the line in the sand after my post-holiday, deep lock-down weight gain. Another 3 kilos to get to my ‘settled’ weight after my bigger loss in 2018, then down down from there. It’s good to see movement on the scales.

    Neil, having to exercise 3 hours a day to keep weight off doesn’t sound right. I wonder what that woman’s diet was like, if she had to exercise so dramatically. A problem with rapid weight loss programs is that there may not be a phased approach back to ‘normal’ life. I wonder when the contestant had lost all her weight, and the television program had finished, whether she had medical support to maintain her weight?

    Betsy I was the one who mentioned Pitango. I also add a tin of white beans, and some fresh chopped greens into the base before I pour the soup over. A quite nutritious fast meal.

    LJ I hope you and your aunt enjoyed your time together, and gave each other comfort.

    OK breakfast time … and then some whale watching.
    Enjoy your day all, and a big hello to those I’ve not mentioned.

    Ha ha Cinque, I loved the ‘flowers’ you sent to Penguin!

    Awesome news about the scales Lindsay, you are inspiring me greatly. Enjoy the whale watching – I’ve done it once and I absolutely loved it. Sorry about your cushion; what are we going to do about these pups? Strangely I think Maxx could sense that he pushed us too far as he was really good on our walk this morning. Even sitting and watching a friendly dog walk past without pulling towards it

    Neil, my weight yoyo’s a lot I think because I have carb-free FD’s then have some carbs on NFD’s then more carbs on the weekend and it plays havoc with fluid retention I think. We can’t take all of our treats away remember but if you feel it might make a big difference to cut out a few alcoholic drinks then maybe give it a try.

    It’s 10.00am and I’ve had 3 black coffees and a bottle of water. I have meetings now until 11.00 then have to take OH to a skin check up at 11.25. Lots of distractions to keep me from thinking about food 🙂

    I meant to say thanks for your advice about having a nap this afternoon Cinque and Lindsay. I will definitely try if work allows

    Morning all(actually just gone afternoon over here)

    Lindsay, My wife and I usually have a couple of rum & cokes or brandy & lemonades (always with sugar free softdrinks) on Friday and Saturday nights, but I do occasionally have a beer or wine instead. 4 drinks per week isn’t much, but since a standard drink can be anything from 100-150 calories that means I’m consuming 600 calories during the weekend just from drinks. A standard flat white is around 200 calories and I have one per day on work days so that’s 1000 calories per week for coffees, so a total of 1600 empty calories per week.

    Cinque, glad you had a good birthday, I can’t see the picture of the birthday cake though, it doesn’t seem to load for me.

    Anzac, yes carbs are my downfall, they seem to creep in over the weekends, at the beginning of the year I was yo-yoing as much as 2 kilos per week, but my weight seems to have settled down and I’ve been consistently between 90 and 90.9 kilos for 5 weeks now. The stability is good, it’s just the fact that it’s 3 kilos above where I want to be that is the issue 🙁

    I’m thinking of trying a new routine with my eating, fast day on Monday, control day on Tuesday, big non fast day on Wednesday, fast day on Thurdsay, control day on Friday, then be a bit looser with calories in the weekend. I’ll see if the extra fast day and alternating between small days and big days helps with keeping my metabolism kicking along.

    Well, today all I’ve had on my first Thursday fast day for a while is a couple of kiwifruit and a white coffee (with just a little milk), I’ve got some lentils in marinara sauce for lunch, and I’m planning a small portion of vegetable risotto for dinner. Hopefully I can resist the snacking after work and make this fast day stick.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Good morning losers,

    Great job Lindsay and Anzac.

    Cinque, that cake was so beautifully decorated. What a lovely meal your daughter made for your birthday.

    LJ, the photo labels and tiled mosaic only show up on certain devices. As I’m too cheap to upgrade to the paid version, the programme is somewhat problematic and sometimes, after spending hours text wrapping photos, they still appear under the text. Frustrating and unprofessional but I waste too much time on it already. I’ve tried other (free) blog platforms and they’re each as user unfriendly as the next. I hope you feel like a new woman with your haircut and it was a nice gesture to spend the time with your aunt on the birthday of your late uncle.

    Lindsay, I can make a small pony tail now! Along with the five red splodges on my nose from efudix treatment, I look a right wreck. I enjoy a G&T occasionally but only with Schweppes tonic, no diet stuff and no cheap substitutes. I can’t handle vodka – when I was a teen, I pinched some of my mum’s vodka and it gave me a terrible headache. I’ve had the same reaction ever since – guilt? I had gone off wine for years but somehow in Spain this year (probably the lure of very drinkable 2 euro bottles), started drinking it again, a habit I want to break free from. As Neil says, empty calories.

    Neil, maintenance is the pits! I was thinking of you on my walk yesterday. Small flat white is what I always ordered when meeting friends in cafes. I thought you’d previously mentioned lattes and I know they’re very high in cals. The other thing about takeaway coffee is the cup size. Have you considered treating yourself to a good coffee machine and making your own before work? That way you’re in control of the cup size, milk quantity and coffee strength with the added pleasure of making it yourself when you first wake up. Alcohol is just a habit – even though two rum and cokes twice a week isn’t much by most people’s standards. I learned that I could have fun without alcohol – and strive to return to that soon!

    I’ve maintained my 23kg loss for almost 5 years now (and lost a little more along the way). 60-90 minutes a day of walking has been my only exercise except on holidays when we walk for several hours. I eliminated rice, potatoes, pasta and bread from my diet and only rarely have teeny portions of any of them. Every time I partake, it shows on the scales. You can’t cut out everything you enjoy or you get a sense of prolonged deprivation. But maintenance does require constant vigilance. Beats the alternative though. You will find a balance.

    Just lost my post. OH walked in and I went back and clicked on the flowery boxers link. Her laugh was nearly as loud as mine but my post has gone. More later.

    Hi all, thought I’d check in.

    Neilithicman, re the biggest Loser contestant, the problem with those contestants is that they have to severely restrict their calorie intake ALL the time, which can lower the BMR a lot. On the other hand, with intermittent fasting, because we are eating relatively normally 4 or 5 days a week, the BMR drop is much less, so it’s much less of a problem when we reach maintenance.

    Cinque, your birthday cake was lovely.
    Not in synch with you re FD, I’m afraid. Ended up with a TDEE day yesterday and a NFD today. Hoping I can manage a FD tomorrow before I weigh in Saturday morning. I’m battling with the 3 FDs a week that I’ve been doing for a while, and may have to drop them to 2 days a week so I don’t overdo the other days.

    Anzac65, your naughty fur child! See, I said fur children can be just as bad – in this case, I think worse! He must have liked the you-smell on it, and he’s still of an age where if something is available, it is asking to be chewed. Grr!

    I think I have some of the same problem you mentioned on the weekend – TDEE and NFD, but a lot more carbs than during the week.

    Which reminds me, LindsayL, I tried the Pitango risotto yesterday and it was not a good move for me. Too many carbs (the rice), not enough protein and too high in salt. Plus, I just felt really hungry less than 2 hours later. It just didn’t work, and I ate far too much for the day. I know, it wasn’t the risotto that you recommended, but I thought I’d try it.
    So – tomorrow I’ll be giving the chicken and vegetable soup a try, with a piece of garlic sourdough as a OMAD FD, and see if that goes better.

    I asked my friend about what she eats/ doesn’t eat for her gout, and she said it does tend to be a bit of an individual thing re what triggers it and what doesn’t. She said lots of water is important, but didn’t like the addition of a little lemon juice I mentioned to her because of the acid. The following are the foods which she severely restricts (can have a little occasionally, but if it triggers pain, avoid): potatoes, pineapple, capsicum, legumes, tomatoes, fruit drinks or soft drinks, any kind of seafood with shells. Fish is okay, but not mussels, prawns, scallops, etc. She also takes a supplement, Tart Cherry tablets (Healthy Care brand, she buys it at Chemist Warehouse), one tablet each night before she goes to bed.

    Doing all the above mainly keeps her gout under control, but when it flares and she can’t walk, she has medically-prescribed tablets she can take.

    Hope all of that gives you some ideas you can try.

    LJoyce, hope you’re doing okay.

    Penguin, frustrating when a post gets lost, isn’t it? Hope you also are doing well.

    Thin, I was interested in your comments re cutting out a lot of carbs like bread, rice, etc. I have largely done that, too, with occasional rye sourdough, which has a low Glycaemic Index. Then I blew it with the risotto this week, and saw the scales tremble upwards slightly, grr!

    I think I’m on a “plateau” weight at the moment, but also struggling a bit, too. Seeing my doc in 2 weeks and have blood tests next Friday. Silly to get tense about it, but as always hoping my cholesterol is okay, and that I won’t be pressured to take statins.

    I also SO MUCH want to go off my minimal amount of blood pressure meds so I can take an occasional anti-inflammatory to reduce the osteo-arthritis pain in my hands and feet. Mostly it’s okay, but occasionally is more of a problem, but I’m not supposed to take the NSAID when on BP meds. It would also be great to get a prescription for them from the doctor, as it means you get a lot more, and repeats, for much less money (as a pensioner 🙂 ) but I know he won’t prescribe them for me while I still take the BP meds. It’s frustrating.

    Okay, sorry for the carry-on. It’s okay. We’ll see what happens. I won’t be the weight I wanted to reach when I see him, either, which disappoints me, but I’ll only be a couple of kilos heavier, so I guess that’s okay. Silly to feel pressured.

    And onward we go! Goodnight everyone!

    Penguin, commiserations on the lost post. Hope all’s going well for you. Getting enough rain today?

    Betsy, you carry on! You’re miles ahead of where you were earlier this year so don’t worry. When I started fasting and joined this thread, people used to bang on about carbs all the time and I thought that just doesn’t apply to me. Then, when I actually started eating little enough that it was possible to determine exactly what effect certain food groups were having, I realised that it did apply to me. In fact, I think someone on here suggested that I eliminate refined carbs when I’d hit a plateau. It made a big difference. Not that I’m anti-carb, I just figure I get enough from whole-food sources. I love risotto but don’t touch it now – it’s basically a whole plateful of rice, isn’t it?

    It would be great if you could get off the BP meds. Do you believe it’s a function of your weight? Mine was and I now have no need for them but OH has inherent high BP despite his low weight. I empathise with the OA pain as I’ve had OA knees since my twenties – but did them a huge favour when I shed the weight and I’m reminded of the pain only when carrying heavy loads up or down steps. I think you mentioned a long time ago that you’re unable to kneel, neither can I.

    Good morning,

    Penguin, I am so glad you enjoyed your flowers, and Mrs Penguin too! But I am SO sad you lost your post. Hoping things are going well.

    Lindsay I nearly sent a pic with the model wearing floral undies, but goodness me it was quite confronting! Mind you Mrs Penguin might have laughed even louder!

    Woohoo 4.4kg! https://i.gifer.com/VNfV.mp4

    I have had a couple of gentle days to recover from my lovely big birthday, and had that lovely result where I didn’t try to do anything, but got plenty done anyway. May it continue!

    Anzac, are you more refreshed this morning? Sending good wishes.

    I’ve been thinking more about the biggest loser research Betsy alluded to, especially after remembering a science show https://foodandmoodcentre.com.au/2017/11/recap-of-gut-revolution-a-catalyst-special-part-2-obesity-garrys-story/ about health and the gutbiome where one episode was another Biggest Loser contestant who had regained all his weight. If I remember correctly he was eating really badly because he was working long hours and exhausted all the time. 5:2 was one of the things they recommended he do to help.

    I have googled a bit to find the latest science, and what I have found is not much, but I think that is encouraging ie the findings haven’t been supported by further study.
    The best overview I could find was this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPa1P7qUBZU and as far as I can see, the possibility of terribly slowing our metabolism with fast weight loss was an interesting theory but from a tiny study (one year’s Biggest Loser contestants).
    With that small group, some had maintained their weight loss, and the ones who hadn’t had low thyroid function as well as raised ghrelin production. It may be the low thyroid function that resulted in increased ghrelin.
    I couldn’t find further research supporting the study, and more study needs to be done.

    Definitely the Biggest Loser (being a visual medium) focused on activity more than nutrition and eating habits. The perception was very much that you could get to a healthy weight and then behave like a ‘normal’ person, which in our society advertising etc ‘normal’ seems to indicate we can live on treats and feast every day!

    I have also been thinking about the research I read that I remembered as saying ‘if we have one small chocolate bar a week, excess to requirement, we will put on 1 kg every year’. I tried to find a reference to that, but the closest I got was information on Taste (haha that’s Coles supermarket). However it is very good info https://www.taste.com.au/healthy/articles/healthy-balance/ocmd9flm and it has the titbit that eating one extra chocolate biscuit a day, would result in a 4kg weight gain each year.

    I definitely think this is what is in play for me, in terms of weight creeping up, and those last kilos being very hard to move. The latte, the beer, the extra piece of toast. My sense of satiety is stuffed up, yes I blame ghrelin, comfort eating, insomnia eating, low nutrient/high calorie options. Goodness, what a list. No wonder I struggle.

    I definitely ate my extra piece of bread with my soup last night. Kicking myself. If I had just waited 20 mins I would have felt replete.

    I wonder why you couldn’t see my cake photo. Not sure it is so wonderful to be worth another imgur upload 🙂 , but it is always irritating when everyone else can see something and you can’t, so here is another try: https://imgur.com/a/YzxFDZb
    Link city this post!

    Thin, wise words.

    Betsy, I can understand your stress. It would be so nice to waltz into the doctors another dress size lower, bask in their approval, get off your medications, get brilliant results back from your tests, and buy yourself a new outfit to celebrate. So annoying when life so much more patchy.
    But feel proud, we are changing the habits of a lifetime, and that is no simple task. And you do have wonderful health goals that you are working toward. Hoping you can find that inner zen and eat really well for the next two weeks.

    I agree with you about risotto, I love my homemade recipe (favourite is saffron and butternut) but it just isn’t balanced for a whole meal, I need half a plate of green salad to go with it, and try to fit in some protein too. Too hard, haven’t made it for at least a year. Oh dear, I might never make it again. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Well, it is Friday, the sun is shining (cold but) and I have had a good breakfast and have a delicious midday meal and supper (supper from ‘soup’ yes! I have proper supper!) and no extra slices of bread!

    Sending best wishes to you all for a wonderful day, well behaved dogs, snuggly cats, good sleeps and a brilliant fast day, if it is fast day for you!

    Hi all from a wet and soggy, slightly shaken Dannevirke, NI.

    It’s been a little over a couple of weeks since my last post but I have been lurking and following the posts if not responding.

    So lovely to hear from you again Intesha, and I am sad to hear of your family woes during the lockdown and your travel plans backlash. It is such a shame that words can be so painful, I find I have to chose my words very carefully when communicating with my mother about my fathers health so as not to upset her, after all, she is dealing with him on a daily basis. Maybe you should have words to tell them how their words have impacted you? On the plus side you have managed to stay focused on your weight loss and that is so encouraging, especially when seeing the results for yourself, hooray to you.

    Congratulations on the job Gday, adding another string to your bow eh? I am sure with all the landscaping and renovation work you have been doing around your own property will stand you in good stead for the job. Great news with all the weight loss and the measurements, that’s terrific inspiration to keep going.

    Congratulations on reaching the 70kg mark Betsy, oh, how I wish I was there! Good on you for working so hard at it. Sorry I can’t help with the waist measurement loss, that long since I have seen mine I wouldn’t know where to start and that’s with regular walking and cycling. I know when I last lost weight in 2003 I swam a lot and that helped but that’s not for everyone. I feel for you with the constant thump thump from the neighbours, we often find we are parked in a location and late at night, totally out of the blue, a car will go blasting past with so much noise emanating from it you’d think all hell was breaking loose, I just don’t understand what the drivers and passengers possibly get out of it?!

    It sounds so idyllic on the island Lindsay, whale watching is such a great time to pass the day, it’s as though they are just letting you share a minute amount of their amazing lives, if you are lucky enough to witness. Such fabulous creatures. And as for Rosy, she is just so adorable, I don’t think I could ever scold her!

    Good to see that you are still avoiding that awful commute into the city Anzac with still WFH, and Maxx sounds like he’s loving having you home too. What a naughty boy he his, but you just can’t stay angry at him for long with such a lovable face, can you? I hear you with the yo-ying from the weekend indulgences, I seem to be experiencing something similar. But to get to that wedding weight is such encouragement, for us both. Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep, it is so disrupting when you have to work long hours the following day. Would it help to get up and do some work, use the time awake constructively instead of fighting your body clock?

    I do love your ‘everything in the fridge’ soup Cinque, I used to do that with omelettes! Just throw in everything I could find that needed eating up. Still do occasionally too. Loved the picture of the boat hair, I’m afraid I am in the same boat as Thin (no pun intended) have van hair, don’t care! I had to wear my hair short for years with work, so just let it go now, can’t quite believe how thick it has got. Belated Happy Birthday and so glad you enjoyed a wonderful family dinner, the cake looked beautiful. I have to say as much as I enjoy dark chocolate and porridge, I can’t quite imagine them together in the same cake?

    Hope the treatment is going as well as can be expected Penguin, and you are not getting too much rain flowing down that river near you? I can send you some of our rain over if you need more?! Bugger when you lose a post, the next one is never the same.

    So glad you managed the aquaduct OK and didn’t get blown off Thin, OH has walked over it on a long distance walk, but I have never been there, I have put it on my list though. It has taken me a long time to realise what you have said regarding carbs not applying to me. Since keeping my food diary I can quite categorically announce that they do make a difference to me and my weight loss. I had cut out potatoes, rice and pasta, not that I eat much pasta, but I love potatoes, any which way and thought I would miss them but no, I survived so well without them. Somehow they have crept back onto the shopping list! The only bread I eat is dark, dense rye, and only have a little, usually with protein, sardines/cheese/eggs but don’t really enjoy it, would much rather be eating spuds haha. Good luck with the pony tail, I’m not there quite yet. I’m not sure either how you manage without a proper freezer compartment attached to the top of your fridge. I would be lost without mine as I hate grocery shopping so the least I do, the more I find I need to freeze meat, shellfish etc. Good on you too, 23kg loss in itself is fabulous but for 5 years, wow. I do so hope I can get just somewhere near that, you really are an inspiration.

    That damn coffee Neil! You’ll have to stick to long blacks and really taste the coffee! I would be lost without our coffee machine too, (along with freezer!)
    there certainly are some days when I can’t wait until we go out to enjoy the caffeine. It might be worth investing in one, good time at the moment to pick up some good deals. I like the way you worked out your ’empty’ calories, that was worth noting, OH and I enjoy G & T occasionally and red wine most nights, but only small glasses, I am drinking nowhere near as much as I used to, can go without if I want to, but……. I bought a bottle of Stones Ginger Wine the other day to have with a scotch as a whisky Mac, not had one in years and did so used to enjoy them, so will let you know. It does look like you have been having some cold grey weather lately, one of the reasons we never looked to settle in Dunedin, as much as it is my favourite city in the whole of NZ, I just can’t do the weather. Feel for you with SAD, not sure what the answer is apart from Vit D supplements and sitting near the window to work as soon as the sun pops its’ head out! Good luck with the new eating routine, sure you’ll get there soon. Good win for the Highlanders last weekend, and a sellout, great result all round. Looking forward to another couple of good games this weekend.

    When I last posted we were still located in Nelson, top of the SI, and we should have been leaving there the day after our Queens Birthday holiday, but we had the fridge repaired and some work carried out on the rear dif on the truck, so seemed prudent to stay a few more days in case of any teething troubles from the repairs. Happy to say everything turned out well and we moved on to Picton for the weekend. Enjoyed a lovely time walking and cycling around the bays, so much history there with Cook’s landing, but on the Monday lunch we were booked to sail across Cook Strait, which I have to say was absolutely great. Very little wind, clear blue skies and max 1 metre swell, so I was all good. I suffer terribly from motion sickness so was quite nervous, even with tablets taken beforehand! We pitched in Wellington for the week and really enjoyed exploring the city. We haven’t visited the capital since 1994 so much had changed, the whole city has grown so much. We visited the Beehive and Parliament House and stood on the podiums where Jacinda and Ashley have been delivering their daily Covid-19 updates, it was the first day of Level 1 so we were finally back to some sort of normal. We then spent a day at Zealandia, 225 hectare Eco-sanctuary in the middle of the city, amazing! Another day at Te Papa, and Peter Jackson’s Gallipoli exhibition certainly didn’t disappoint, so very moving. We then moved up to Dannevirke, where we are now, and have pitched in a great little site, it is in a hollow, the drive down the hill flanked on both sides by amazingly large redwoods, a huge duck pond, a bird aviary and a deer park! It is owned and run by the local council and the grounds are just amazing, a real credit to them. We had planned to leave before now but we are sitting out the rain storm hitting a little further up the coast. Our plan is to carry on through Hastings, Napier and onto Whakatane to visit friends, but the storm is holding right there at the moment so will wait, although next week is not looking too dry either. The time we spent in the city I found it tricky with my food and ate before we went out in the morning, meaning I didn’t keep to my two meals a day and 16:8 TRE. Needless to say it showed on the scales and I have managed to repair that damage, but now it seems to be creeping back up and I’m back on 77. Not where I want to be so from Monday, after we have got rid of all the rubbish foods in the kitchen, I shall be returning to a more strict 800 calories a day. I have to be at least 70 kgs by early November.

    Sorry if this has been such a long post, my fault for not posting earlier and lurking far too long, but it is so good to touch base again. Thank you all for your ongoing support and encouragement, it really helps having such a welcoming support group on this journey. Almost forgot, we did feel the 7.4 quake this morning located just off the coast of Gisborne, hence the ‘slightly shaken’, but no damage.


    Good afternoon all

    Never apologise for a long post Turn, we love reading them and as I am married to an ex-pat NZ and having lived there I love hearing about my old temporary home. I’m sure you will get to your goal by November

    Cinque, I had a great night’s sleep thanks. A little chemical help from my OTC sleeping tablet (I only ever take a quarter) and boy do I feel like a new person today.

    Betsy, you too – no apologies about posts please 🙂 I have everything crossed that you can soon get off your BP meds

    I had a great FD yesterday – 600 calories. Needed after Wednesday as I had a bad day. Well actually a bad night – I had a very controlled day but then OH made Apricot chicken and rice and I ate about 3 times more than normal. Did I feel sick afterwards? You bet. Ugh. So the scales are only down 300g this week but after a good day today perhaps tomorrow’s official weigh-in will have happier news

    I hope to catch up with your blog on the weekend Thin. My labrador friends in the UK said it has been raining quite a bit this week in many parts so I hope you have been able to stay dry. It’s a cracker of a day here today; sunny and no wind and 19 degrees. Although it was onlyl 7 when we set off for the dog walk this morning. Brrr

    Losing a post is the ultimate in frustration Penguin. Such a waste of intellectual capital. I hope you are feeling ok but I suspect you are not 🙁

    Hi to everyone else and yippeeee….TGIF

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