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  • It’s the end of my Monday FD here. I ended up adding a banana tonight so topped out at 580 calories, but not too bad. I’ve had a headache all day, not a bad one but just persistent. The low amount of food probably didn’t help. I’ve tried to drink a lot of water.

    Cinque, those gherkins in that recipe you posted look like a work of art in a jar! What a beautiful jar of pickles. I will have to try that recipe. Thank you for posting it. Oh to be 23 again and eat whatever we want, huh? I think I was a lot more active at that age.

    LJ, I’m glad you’re planning to spend more time in California on holiday. I was afraid after hearing about all the other places you wanted to visit that you wouldn’t have much time here. We could also drive up to Lake Tahoe which isn’t far from here. It’s a pretty drive and the lake area is gorgeous with all the mountains around.
    Those cookbooks look so interesting. I bet there are some interesting recipes.

    Betsy, my OH was having a lot of trouble with acid reflux a few years back and taking Prilosec. We bought an incline wedge for the bed that’s made from heavy foam and that helped enough that he was able to get off of the medications. I wonder if something like that would help you?

    Neil, that sauerkraut recipe sounds good. I once fermented some beets and red cabbage. It was so pretty! But the fermentation took all the sweetness from the beets so they were sour too. Perhaps if I stopped the fermenting sooner there would have been some sweetness left. Quacka, cabbage is one of the easiest things to ferment. In fact I used to add it to other vegetables to help them along.

    Anzac, congrats on the weight loss. Reduced portion sizes always seems to help.
    I bet Maxx is so happy to have you back home again!

    Time for me to get to bed. Please keep an eye on the world while I’m asleep. (It’s supposed to get below 0 C tonight.)

    Evening all,

    On the reflux, my wife has been suffering from it for ages and this week got diagnosed with a bacteria that causes reflux https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/h-pylori-helicobacter-pylori. Perhaps something to look into.

    My mother always did jams and preserves and I’ve continued the tradition, I. Always bottle our extra plums, pears, apples and apricots, make jams and cordials from our extra currants, and berries and chutneys from some of the vegetables. I guess it’s a dying art now that it’s easier to get most fruit and veg all year around whether they’re in season or not.

    I had a good control day today. I stayed to about 1800 calories, and although the weather was too bad for cycling, I managed to do half an hour of aqua-jogging while the kids were at their swimming lessons. No matter what the scales say tomorrow I know I’m making progress. I’m finding it ridiculously easy to exercise now and I checked my resting pulse rate today and it came in at 44 beats per minute!

    Have a great one everybody and I’ll see you tomorrow for my weigh-in results.

    Hi everyone, good to check in again. Had a good FD800 yesterday followed by a CD today, so going well so far this month. Enjoyed 5 more strawberries this evening, Cinque.

    Can’t offer much help re the cooking of preserves, etc. – nover done it, though my mother used to have a Fowler’s preserving kit and always had lots of bottles of preserved fruit which we gradually ate throughout the year. One of my favourites was apple jelly, which she hated to make as it was such a lot of effort, but she generally did a small batch just for me. It was yum!

    LJoyce, thanks for mentioning the Green and Gold Cookbook availability at QBD. I had looked for it there a couple of times, never located it, but never thought to actually ask if they could get it in for me. I had a copy from years ago, but when it was stored while I was working in China, the storage warehouse burned down, so it was gone (among multiple other treasures). Haven’t replaced it. I was possibly looking for it in QBD before the anniversary version was printed, so I’ll make a point of asking if they can get it in for me.

    My fitbit’s buzzing to remind me I should start heading for bed. I’ll get off the computer, at least, so the blue light doesn’t wake me up too much. That’s another change I’m trying to implement – no screen time within 1-2 hours of bedtime.

    Goodnight all!

    Goodness, 2 extra posts which crossed with mine.

    Briefly, the reflux can happen at any time after I eat, sometimes if I bend, and I basically get a part or full mouthful of food back into my mouth which I then re-swallow. CalifDreamer, I tend to think an incline of the bed may not help, because it happens any time. I use 2 pillows anyway, because it helps my breathing (asthma).

    Could be helicobactor pylori, Neilithicman, so I can ask my doc if a course of antibiotics could be tried. That would be the simplest of the possible options, so is worth a try.

    Morning all, 700 gram gain this week so the roller coaster continues! I’m not overly worried now, I’m moving in the right direction with my fitness so I’m happy with that, even though the scales keep doing their indecisive thing.

    The weather cleared up this morning so I rode to work the long way https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/2868809032 The rain hit us hard yesterday but not nearly as hard as it hit the West Coast and Fiordland who got over 1 meter of rain in one day!!

    I’ve got a 4 day weekend coming up now with Waitangi day tomorrow and then I’m taking Friday off.

    I forgot to check in on my Sunday FD so I have been trying to catch up with what’s new and exciting in your lives. And many people answered my questions, thank you.

    Anzac: a second interview, hurray, well done. Will you still have the rude train commuters for your new position? And great that Maxx is showing promise with new tricks.

    Turn: well done with the weight off, making healthy eating choices and finding decent hairdressers.

    CalifD: it sounds like you’re getting back into the swing of things. I do like a banana on a FD. Such great food value for around 100 cals. Eaten slowly and every bite savoured. In Oz, I’d always have a frozen banana but no such luxuries now. Lake Tahoe – beautiful! I used to fly up there for the weekend when I lived in SD.

    Penguin: I suppose we’re acclimatised; we’ve had what seems like a continual winter for about 10 months now starting with Perth last April (technically autumn) punctuated with a glorious but short summer break when we arrived in England in September, immediately followed by what was autumn but seemed like winter to us. And it’s still winter in southern Spain, 20C today, 10C forecast tomorrow. I’ve had my thermals on for months until today. Back on tomorrow.

    I think DD might be willing to travel on airlines that perhaps you wouldn’t consider, Penguin! We came to Spain on an airline called jet2.com which I’d never heard of before. As it happens, she’s decided against Norway because two of the three things she most wanted to do there can’t be done in February. So, on Friday, she’s going to Poland instead.

    LJ: That’ll be a great trip. Yes, travelling from Oz requires considerable cash, although air travel has never been cheaper. Having no languages to learn is a bonus. I have done poorly with practicing my Spanish this time because we’ve been in several tourist areas – until now. Generally, I’m the lazy, uni-lingual pom that Penguin described. I will at least ask in Spanish if the person speaks English. OH just launches into English and expects people to understand and reply in English. We’re currently in a very rural part of Spain and having to make some effort.

    Betsy: hope you feel better soon. Not sure how Brexit will affect our travels. I expect the changes will keep lawmakers and bureaucrats in employment for a long time. I doubt I’ll need a visa for Europe though.

    Cinque: you reminded me of Yam Daisy. What’s happening with that? Yes, it’s good when we’re so busy with life that food doesn’t take centre stage. After my Sunday FD which was just like the old days with cauliflower soup. On Monday, I negated it all with a silly custard slice thing in a local cafe. It was huge. I couldn’t break it in half as it was too messy and that was my excuse to greedily consume it all in one go. I immediately regretted it. I’m having another FD tomorrow to teach myself a lesson.

    Didn’t quite get to everyone. Who’s fasting on Wednesdays these days?

    Good morning from a pre-deluge Sydney. The next week is forecast to have 10-50mm every day. Crikey – from drought to flood in one hit. At least the temps are cooler, around the mid 20’s. Sleeping is much easier

    My FD was ok yesterday but not great. I’m struggling to get right back into it so I have reinstated my written mantra with the unflattering photo and I will have Thin’s voice in my head (not that I know what you sound like but I do have a good imagination) “it’s just one day. Fast days are not negotiable”. Love it. Many food challenges coming up with a family BBQ this Sunday then the next weekend I am away with OH in the Hunter Valley for a concert followed immediately by a weekend away at my Sisters holiday house with good friends (who always bring piles of junk food). GAH!

    Thin I most certainly will have the rude train commuters and just to make it more fun I will have to actually change trains in the City – so even more chance to experience them. Yesterday we were all politely lined up to walk onto the train when a young man barged in front of us and I couldn’t help myself and said ‘where are your manners?’ just like the cranky old woman I am becoming. He completely ignored me which is probably a good thing as I really need to remember that some people may have mental health issues and perhaps don’t realise that they are doing the wrong thing.

    Sorry to hear about your reflux Betsy but so happy that you are on top of getting back into the healthy WOL. I need to follow your example more.

    I hope your headache is gone tomorrow Cali. I suffer from them and they are very annoying and painful. Getting lots of water is a very good idea. Lake Tahoe sounds awesome and if we ever make it to California it is on top of the list.

    Poor Maxx has been sick in the mid-morning yesterday and the day before so OH is watching him today and will take him to the vet if he is still poorly. Otherwise we are amazed at his increased interest and ability to learn new things. He can now do a spin on command and last night OH was teaching him to fetch a quoit and put it back on the spike. His enthusiasm for learning (and the treats he gets of course) is so heart-warming. We think he is coming out of the other side of teenagerism (yes I made that word up)

    LJ my Huawei also buzzes and shows a stick figure stretching if I’ve been sitting down for an hour. It’s great and I immediately get up and walk around the floor (if at work) or around the house.

    Oh yes to be 23 again. LJ, I can almost double and a half it so we must be around a similar age.

    Cinque I loved that story about your first day of school. I can imagine your poor Mum’s face when you walked all the way home on your own and turned up early.

    You are so wonderfully back in the swing of 5:2 Quacka, well done. You are inspiring me just like everyone else on here.

    Lindsay – what antics has Rosy been up to lately?

    On the job front, I had a call on Monday from the big boss to say they are interested in bringing me on board if I pass their hiring assessment. It is an online Gallup assessment and supposedly measures your ethics and values. I’ve done it before as I have worked for this bank once before. So I did that on Monday night at home and am now waiting to hear back. I’m having a mad attack of the guilt’s for the good people here who will feel let down if/when I leave as well as the fact that I’m not seeing my contract out. While it has a clause to say either party can terminate with 2 weeks’ notice, it is not the ‘done’ thing for a contractor and you can wreck your reputation if you do it too much. This is a small market and I have to protect my reputation at all costs. Anyway, let’s see what the next couple of days brings about. At the interview they also made no effort to hide the fact that it will be a complex role with a lot of data analysis. That is also giving me doubts. I love deep analysis but the subject matter will not be as familiar to me as it is here. GAH plus another GAH!

    Hi to everyone I’ve missed. Klondi, if you are reading please post soon to let us know you are ok

    Almost forgot…some more trip photos. These are from beautiful San Gimignano in Tuscany on NYE. They had a massive party in the square that night an OH and I thought we were 23 again. Had a ball but suffered for a day or do afterwards




    Good morning,
    I posted yesterday 1 minute after Quacka’s post! Hi Quacka, ooh your garden is wonderful and your bone broth miso soup… what could be more nourishing and perfect for a fast day?
    Eep the price of the cauliflower. Part of the fire damage I guess. Hope they are not that expensive here when I go shopping next.

    LJoyce, ofcourse, being double and a half 23 must give us double and a half chance of doing the same! Boom!
    I do hope your 500cal day was a great one.

    Cali, I hope your headache has gone. (We need to give you a bowl of Quacka’s soup). I hope everything is swinging along at your house. What theme next? St Valentines?

    Neil, great day yesterday, stupid scales today. Hopefully they will catch up with you next week.

    Betsy I had to laugh when you said you were ending screen time before bed and then popped back to respond to the posts that came through, hehe just what I would do too. Hope you still managed your earlier night and and a more refreshing sleep.

    Thin, I read your post and thought Me! Me! I’m going to do a Wednesday fast! But then I remembered I am babysitting tonight and so decided to make it Thursday instead.

    Ooh you have had a long winter, you will appreciate summer when it comes.
    Oh dear, the silly custard thing, never mind, maybe it gave your metabolism a boost? I had chicken and chips the other day, first time for yonks, enjoyed the half of it I ate but I think it will be an even longer time before I fancy that meal again.

    Poor old YamDaisy is still in recess. I put it on the back burner when my grandkids and my ill friend were priorities, and then even that was too much and my health got so bad I was pretty much housebound. Thank goodness it is improving again (I am managing to opshop again, and babysitting tonight, and catching up with my friend by phone).
    But YamDaisy? I am still so sure it would work wonderfully but I can’t see how I can get it going, unless Gina Reinhardt might kindly give me half an hour of her income? I could make it happen with that .
    I want to offload equipment we acquired (filling up my flat) to other good little food projects, but I haven’t been well enough to do that. Then I will try hawking my YamDaisy idea to the powers that be. Not likely that could get anywhere, but I will try.

    Anzac, beautiful Tuscan stone! Hooray for your job assessment. I do understand your concern about breaking your contract, but I do think they got their money’s worth out of you! I hope you have a chance of letting them know the things you needed in your work, that they didn’t provide, to make it clear to them why you looked for another job.
    Hoping the deluge is as gentle as a deluge can be, with time to soak into parched land.

    Well, the morning is going and first thing, I have bread to put up for its second rise. Fast day tomorrow. Okay Wednesday, here I come. Cheers all you lovely people.

    Hi everyone!

    Wednesday FD for me (i’m still doing Monday and Wednesday, thin). Yesterday was a CD until I got home and had a couple of ice cold beers with OH. Oops! Anyway NNNNFD today and in the right frame of mind for it.

    Firstly, just wanted to say thanks for all the ‘welcome back’ wishes. I have been rushing my last few posts and keep forgetting to say that!

    Thank you Cinque for the fermented gherkin recipe. I’m saving up some gherkins already to make that one. Yum yum!!

    LJ, I’ve already ordered the Green and Gold Cookery book. It only cost me $14.95 with free postage from Ebay. I think it is the 75th anniversary edition published in 1999. Your old textbook is still available but really expensive as I think they are still publishing it. Just shows how good it is I reckon.
    The site for the kelp noodles is iherb.com
    I also bought one packet of the kelp noodles with the green tea in it. I thought they tasted a bit like chicken noodle soup actually funnily enough.
    I’m trying not to eat the kelp noodles too often as they are apparently high in iodine. One packet has the daily recommended limit in it so theoretically it is ok to eat a packet a day but I wouldn’t. You know how quickly the “authorities” change these things and next we’ll be getting told it’s been halved or something like that!

    Betsy, I have looked into buying a fowlers vacola kit as I would like to preserve my own stonefruit and similar which are only available for such a short time. I could also do my tomatoes whole instead of cooking them down into a sauce first. I really love the old school way of doing things but I do understand why it’s not done so much anymore. It takes time and most of us are so time poor these days.

    Neil, I am sure you are building more muscle and that’s why your scales are showing a gain. That pulse rate is like what an athlete would have! You should be so proud of how far you have come and how fit you are now. Ignore those scales. Sometimes I feel like throwing them out the front door and other times I could hug them (yep I know that’s weird. Ummm nevermind lol)

    Anzac, you will get back into the swing of it. The mantra is a good tool to help. I have made a little pact with myself for this year that even if I just can’t handle a 500 cal FD some days that I will still complete an 800 calorie day. My aim is still 500 but some days my brain just doesn’t want to play. I won’t consider it a failure if I do 800 calories sometimes. I’m a bit like LJ, a failure sets me up for more failures so I would prefer to just make it an 800 day instead.

    Hi Cali, love the idea of adding cabbage to other veggies to help them ferment. I will be trying that in the future some time too.

    OK it’s just past 12 noon and I’m feeling hungry. I’m going to sign off now and do some more work.
    Hopefully I can post some photos of my new ensuite soon. The shower screen will hopefully be going in this week and then it’s just the final bits and pieces. Phew! It’s been a long process.

    Take care all xx

    Good afternoon all.

    My first 500cal FD in about a month went well yesterday and I realised how much I’ve missed them. This week with some days around 1200 cal and normal FDs has felt easier so I will do another FD500 on Friday and stick to around 1200cal on the other days. The calorie deficit is a little less than Fast800, but not by much so it may work better for me. I pulled on a pair of jeans straight from the laundry this morning and they did up easily – no breathing in required – that’s a good sign.

    Cali, Lake Tahoe is a lovely idea. I know so little about what’s in northern California. I might just let you (the local expert) plan that section of the trip for me.

    Neil, 44 beats a minute shows just how good your cardiovascular fitness is now. My resting heart rate is 52 and was happy when it got down there – I clearly have room for improvement.

    Thin, 20C for a winter’s day is pretty good. I can see why so many Brits head to Spain or Portugal for the winter
    Yes, I’m glad about not needing any language skills for where I’m going. I find Canadian and northern US accents are easily understood – I have a bit more difficulty picking up every word with some of the southern US accents.

    Neil, hope you have a fabulous long weekend. Are you going away anywhere? Hope you at least get some lovely cycling weather.

    Anzac, I hope things work out with the new position. (I let out a wistful sigh when you mentioned the data analysis – I’d be happy as a pig in muck with a job like that). I know you would be leaving mid-contract, but you have seen them through the worst of the project – development & implementation of the new system. Your current bank might see it as considerate if you were able to offer a month’s notice – it may be worth checking with the new employer about whether that would be ok with them. You’d still be leaving, but giving them a more reasonable time frame to find a replacement.

    Quacka, thankyou for letting me know that website name – again! I saw the noodles flavoured with green tea and was wondering what they would taste like. Are they nicer then the plain kelp, or just different? I also noticed they have “konaberry noodles” – have you tried those?
    Very glad you could get a green and gold – can you let us know whether the recipies have been updated or whether they are exactly the same as the old editions. If they have made them easier for modern cooks, I’d be tempted to get a copy too. I’m alright with the smaller imperial measures, but always have to look up things like a gill or a gallon as they aren’t on my measuring jugs.
    I’m amazed they are still publishing that old text book – it was written for the Victorian Education Department but SA used it too.
    Quacka, I used to have fowlers jars (not easy to buy these days) and had a semi-permanent loan of my aunt’s fowlers electric urn. I mainly used to do jars of whole peeled roma tomatoes with basil leaves & garlic. I didn’t bother with excess fruit – just turned it into jams. I also did tomato relish, but that didn’t need a fowlers kit due to the sugar and vinegar.

    Betsy, I think staying away from backlit screen before bed is a great idea, and one I rarely follow, I’m ashamed to say. Although I do read for an hour or two when I get to bed on a paperwhite ereader (not backlit), so I suppose that counts – not resting my eyes though.

    Cinque, enjoy that lovely bread – I hope you get to eat some today and don’t have to wait until your next NFD on Friday. I miss bread, but can’t risk it at the moment as stopping as a small slice would be challenging.

    Have a good day all.

    Quackka, it’s you and me today then!

    Cinque, I miss our sync’d FDs. Thanks for the YD update I’m sorry that your health has prevented you from fulfilling your projects but pleased to read that you’ve more energy now. Are there not others who were helping you who could keep it alive for you? And take away the clutter? I bet the little girls are a real joy in your life!

    Yes, what has happened to Klond? Lindsay?

    Anzac, I’m pleased you have the mantras in your head. I often think, “Take my advice, I’m not using it”. I’m sorry about the rude commuters. Even if a person has a mental illness, they can still be guided into what’s more acceptable behaviour. In Perth, we knew a long-term local resident (27 years in my knowledge) with psychiatric issues. I’ll call him Richard, ’cause that’s his name. Richard barges in front of people in the grocery store using a crutch (used for begging, not for walking) politely shouting ‘excuse me, excuse me’ as he almost pushes you over to buy his cigarettes. Most people would look the other way or exchange a knowing glance and just let him get away with it. But the staff and long-term locals would correct him and tell him he needed to wait his turn. Richard would also politely beg outside, “excuse me, can I have $2 please?” When he had enough for cigarettes, he’d use the crutch to hobble to the corner and then walk normally the rest of the way home swinging the crutch. I guess it works for him.

    What I’ve noticed in Spain is that beggars will sit outside the grocery store, often with a dog, which can pay dividends. Shoppers will come out of the store and hand them something to eat such as a banana. I saw a man’s eyes light up when someone put a small bag of dog food in front of him. I know that political correctness dictates that people should be allowed to spend welfare money on alcohol and tobacco if they so wish. Here, they don’t give money which I think is a good thing. You don’t empower people by feeding their problems and addictions.

    LJ, I used to live in the southern USA. I never had trouble with their accents but they seemed to be constantly fascinated and confused by mine. I must have answered the, “where are you from?” question ten times a day which became tedious after some years.

    We are currently pet-sitting a Hungarian Vizsla and an Iberian Mastin who must weigh 75kgs. That’s 75kgs of stubbornness! The Vizsla is great fun walking in the mountains, stalking and killing rabbits of which there must be thousands around here. Plus four non-laying chickens which isn’t very rewarding. It is interesting learning how people live off-grid. OH and I are enjoying foraging for last year’s almond crop. We collect a big bag, OH cracks the shells and roasts them. Delicious!

    Ok, so all this has absolutely nothing to do with fasting. I mentioned before that I’ve been having ‘normal’ coffee on FDs. This means with milk. Not that I don’t want the A&C milk but I have no means to freeze the portions and I’m too mean to throw it away. LJ, I know you use milk on FDs. It doesn’t feel like fasting. When do you have your first cup of tea with milk on a FD? How many calories do you allow for milk on a FD? I’m having two cups first thing.

    Hi! Can i join here? You seem a lovely bunch. Just started Fast Diet 8 days ago and just finishing up a FD today. It’s felt a struggle. Thought it would be nice to connect with people in tbe same (ish) time zone. Originally from London and 18 months here still cant believe you have multiple time zones in one country!!

    Am also in the Feb Challenge group which has been a great support.

    Anzac I’ve been to San Gimignano and i swear to that gellataria!!

    Welcome Dondons, of course you can join us. Where are you living now? Fasting gets easier and eventually becomes like any other day. Lucky you finding this WOL in your thirties when you still have a chance to make a real difference to your health and longevity. I started in August 2014 when I was 58.

    Morning all

    Welcome Dondons. Before you can join you need to answer me these questions three ere the other side you see. What is your name, what is your quest, what is the flight velocity of an unladen swallow? 😁

    Kidding of course, the more the merrier.

    I had a disturbing experience at work yesterday. I was coming back from lunch and an elderly gentleman took a fall off the bottom of the escalator. We asked if he was ok and he said he was, but he couldn’t get up. A lady I work with and I eventually got him to his feet and we kept asking if he was ok, he kept saying he was, we told him he should sit on the bench outside to recover. When I went back up the escalator I looked at my hand and it was dripping with his blood. We went and tracked down the first aider for that floor and they had to track him down because he’d taken off. Turns out he’d torn his hand open in the fall. I think he was embarrassed about the fall and too proud to admit he needed help.

    Well I have a long weekend now. I’ll see you all later. I hope everyone has a great day and nice easy fast days.

    Oh poor gentleman. Glad you were able to get him help.

    I have to say i feel excited about this as a WOL and not a diet. Already I feel more in control of my eating and making bettwr choices on NFD as a result.

    So my name is Donna i live in Melbourne and my quest is to shed baby weight and honestly feel confident again. And be healthy and a good role model for my son.

    The velocity thing…..🤣🤣🤣

    Good morning from a wet and wild Sydney. But apparently the worst is yet to come…

    Hi Dondons – welcome! This forum is fantastic and you will get so much support from our wise owls (not me) as well as fun and friendship. What a fabulous reason for getting healthy – to be a good role model for your son. As well as feeling better and healthier in yourself. Awesome. We talk about all things health and diet and 5:2 but also share and vent when we need some empathetic ears. Oh, and the San Gimignano ice cream – ?. Best. Ever. Even when it is 3 degrees!!

    Neil, that poor man. He must have been embarrassed and just trundled off. I hope he is ok. Enjoy your long weekend

    Job news. Ugh. It is 8.20am and my new boss has booked a meeting called ‘contract extension’. What? 11 weeks out from it ending? They normally extend 11 seconds before. I figure I have somehow given out a vibe that I’m not happy and panic has set in. I’ve told absolutely no-one about my pending move so I figure I’m just a lousy actor. New job STILL has not spoken about money but the new boss said he will call me either before 9.00am today or closer to lunch time. I’m full of guiilt and doubt now! But I hope things will be more clear after my chat with both of them

    I need to retire!

    Thin, I’m so glad you are posting more regularly as I missed you A LOT. Your candour and wit and honesty kept me on the straight and narrow. So glad you are enjoying life over in the other hemisphere.

    SO glad you had a great FD yesterday LJ. I had my best NFD since I returned from the trip yesterday and feel so good this morning. It’s amazing how much better you feel without a heap of carbs and fat from the day before. I didn’t sleep well unfortunately as Mr Maxx (our young, naughty Labrador for your info Dondons) is still not well so was very unsettled and looking for attention. Sigh.

    How did your NNNNFD go Quacka (that is ‘not-negotiable-no-nonsense FD Dondons)? Can’t wait to see pics of your renos.

    FD for me but as we have a team lunch (my old team) I’m going to make it an 800 day. We are going out for Asian so I will be able to have a chicken and vege stir fry so not a total disaster. I have carrot sticks to munch on before I go so I am not so tempted by the rice.

    Cinque and QUacka, you mentioned the price of cauliflower but is it just us but is the price of all perishable food gone through the roof since we left for our trip? OH bought a small zucchini for my stir fry on Tuesday and it cost $2.40! COuld it be a fallout from the fires as you said Cinque?

    Hi to everyone else, take care

    Good morning everyone, FAST DAY in the Cinque household (okay, Miso the cat is having none of it).

    Welcome Dondons! Lovely to have you here, I’m a Melbourne girl too (well, a grandma, but a Melbourne girl inside). You have just the right attitude for 5:2: way of life, making it easy and sustainable, doing it for your longterm health, letting the ‘rest and reset’ fast day start to inform your NFD choices.
    As a mum of a toddler I imagine you are tired and life is hectic, but hopefully losing that bit of excess weight will make life a bit easier too.

    Quacka exciting news that the shower screen is going in and the project is so close to finished. Oops re the beer!
    I used to have a Fowlers kit and do tomatoes every year. I’d buy a box when the romas were ripe and cheap. Rough and ready squishing them down into jars with the back of a wooden spoon. Worked great though!

    LJoyce, so on the ball with the bread. I did get the fresh crust to eat with my stew and it was divine, and I did stop at one piece, so it is in the fridge developing resistant starch, and ready for a delicious breakfast tomorrow.
    I am hoping to have one of those strict under 500 cal Fast days today and feel wonderful tomorrow morning.

    Thin, hopefully Lindsay will pop back soon, I think she was heading off for time on the island. I am missing Klondi dreadfully and must contact her. I know she was busy with family things.

    You can’t be spending enough time with the chooks if you don’t find them rewarding! Haha, (but I do love chooks). It sounds like a wonderful place to be looking after. Ooh yum the almonds.

    And another haha for the questions three, Neil.
    So glad that you and the first aider could chase down the man with the cut hand. It would have been so embarrassing to fall in public, but he needed chasing.

    Anzac you are getting a rain dump up in Sydney!

    We were warned that the the bushfires would result in maybe a 50% rise in vegetable prices, and I think that is mostly because of the NSW fires, so you might have it worst. I paid $2 for a whole big rockmelon yesterday, so it clearly isn’t effecting everything here. (I am reintroducing a little fruit to my diet, and can’t resist a good buy). More veggie shopping today, ready for the coming week, so I will report back.

    Oooee what a tricky job situation. Maybe it was your friend hassling them to follow up with you that made them set the meeting. I hope you get the call re your new job before you have to talk with your current job! Sending good wishes.

    But cheers for your good NFD. Yes, the less crap we eat, the easier it is. So obvious, when will it stick in our heads?

    Off to have my fasty fast day. Making a big jug of water with a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice, it is getting humid here again. Cheers all

    Good morning all

    The NBN technician has just left, I am now connected. No hitches or delays for a change. I have taken a chance on reconnecting my phone line too. I had so many calls from fraudsters and people I didn’t know when I moved here that I decided to unplug it as nobody I knew called me on it – I used my mobile only. However I’m hoping that having it unplugged for the last 18 months will mean most of them have given up and taken my number off of their call lists. We’ll see.

    Donna, welcome to our little group of mostly Australians and New Zealanders. The FDs can take a bit of time to get your rhythm with, but you do eventually get into a routine. I found having a limited number of recipes that I use for those days helped as I know the calorie count fits and I can easily plan and organise the food needed for the FD to make sure I’m not tempted to have something else.

    Anzac, that is a tricky situation. Isn’t that always the way – you are more in demand when someone else wants you too.
    I agree that having a good NFD really affects your appetite the next day. I’m still keeping my carb intake under strict control to keep the cravings at bay.
    That is one expensive zucchini. I’d post you one from my garden if I could.

    Neil, a monty python fan I see!
    Enjoy that long weekend.

    Cinque, thanks for the bread idea. On the few occasions when I cook pasta, grains or potatoes I refrigerate them to increase the resistant starch. It had never occurred to me to do the same to bread – although I do slice up the whole loaf and freeze most of it, so I guess that has the same effect (how much makes it into the freezer depends on how much will power I happen to have when I’m slicing – often pretty woeful!)
    I am so glad you are able to eat a little fruit now, how wonderful.

    Thin, my idea of where some of the US states are is probably way out, so it might not be southern accents at all – I’m fine with understanding the Texan drawl. I just remember hearing people interviewed after hurricanes etc where I had a great deal of trouble understanding everything they said.
    Milk on FDs – I allow a whopping 500 kilojoules for milk on FDs (a combination of normal milk for cups of tea and A&C if I want a hot milk drink). I don’t always use that much, especially in hot weather, but it’s allocated so that I can if I want to. I know this sounds like a lot but as I only eat one meal on a FD I can afford to do it and still have enough kilojoules left for dinner. The only other thing I eat is a small piece of fruit (150-300kj) mid-afternoon.
    I make a pot of tea and drink 2 cups with milk within an hour (or less) of getting up.
    I had to look up both of those dog breeds. Good grief, that Mastin does not look like a dog you could force to do anything – the online pics look huge. I was picturing your 57kg self trying to drag him along for a walk – not!

    I’m going to head over to the shopping centre shortly to talk to the travel agent and start making firm plans for the Canadian trip. I tried to start the ball rolling by email earlier this week with the agent I had spoken to before but she’s on family leave for a couple of weeks and I don’t want to wait that long.

    Have a good day all.

    Good Morning everyone

    (2nd attempt to post)

    Welcome Dondons!

    I had a successful NNNNFD yesterday so that’s my two for the week. Unfortunately the scales are not reflecting quite what I expected so they were almost thrown out the front door this morning! I still had a small drop and I know that weight loss is not consistent so I am not too worried. Looking forward to next week.

    I did a big veggie shop this morning. Yes, I bought a $7.90 cauli and some other expensive veggies. Although they are more expensive than usual they still work out much cheaper than other things we could be eating. More importantly they are better for our health. I think the prices of veggies has more to do with the extended drought that we have been in more so than the fires. However, having been in the fruit and veg industry for most of my life, I also know that the markets will use any excuse to artificially jack the prices up. The fires have given them a convenient excuse.

    LJ, I did like the green tea kelp noodles but I didn’t think they were better, just different. I haven’t tried the Konaberry ones, mainly because I don’t know what a Konaberry is! Lol

    Neil, happy long weekend. They are always well appreciated here too.

    Great to hear from you, thin, as always.

    Cinque, I hope you have a nice easy FD. I also bought a $2 rocky this morning. I rarely buy them as OH doesn’t eat them so a whole one is too much for me, but there are times when I just really feel like some.

    Anzac, your work situation does sound tricky! I think you really need to do what is right for you this time. I understand about the not getting a bad rep but I don’t think once is going to hurt yours. Hopefully your new workplace will be more rewarding and more accommodating for being on 5:2! 😉

    Off to do some more work. It’s been one of those mornings where reps have been in the way and I feel like I have achieved nothing so far. I best get set to rectify that.

    Hi Betsy, Lindsay, Gday, Turn, Penguin and anyone else that I have missed. Please pop in and say hi 🙂

    Take care xx

    Hi all
    Just reading the latest page of posts. I lurk but don’t often post here as I do the monthly challenges. I recognise many names from over the years ( since November 2016 when I started a very hit and miss 5:2 WOL and currently hitting more than missing ATM, thankfully).
    @betsylee are you sure you don’t have a hernia? I had a friend with similar symptoms, she saw the doc, had an op for hernia and now she is much better – no reflux. She also lost about 20 kgs after surgery as she couldn’t eat a lot for a while.
    @quakka, have you tried dehydrating excess fruit and veggies? Another friend with an amazing garden got me onto it some years ago. She dries a lot of food after making jams, chutneys, jellies etc.
    It is great for snacks.
    I use the dehydrator and it does it all overnight so no interruption to the day. The dehydrator has about 10 trays. It does take several hours but I like the end product.
    Just have to be careful not to eat too much. It is so easy to eat about 10 dried apple rings – then realise it is the equivalent of a couple of apples!
    It is good to hear that there is rain along the east coast today. Especially after the bushfires.
    We are the driest we have ever been in over 30 years. We’re on a farm – dry dams, feeding sheep, people having to de-stock etc.
    My garden is all but dead – only a few roses and a couple of fruit trees have survived.
    We had 4 days over 40ºC in early December which was quite unusual and this week we are having similar.
    It is going to be 40 again today and tomorrow . Currently 29ºC at 8.30 am. Hot and humid and totally energy sapping.
    Hello to all the other familiar people! Have a good day.😎

    Anzac, kind comments, thank you! I miss you too. And knowing what’s going on with everyone. Skim reading doesn’t give the proper story. Tricky situations for you to juggle at work but you look after yourself, do what’s best for you and don’t worry about employer loyalty. Over the decades, I discovered it really only works one way.

    Neil, funny. It reminded me of the three questions to prove you’re really English. 1) What is LBW? 2) What is Marmite? 3) Do you like it? Oh no, I hope that doesn’t start the marmite/vegemite discussion again.

    Lilymartin: I remember your name from way back. Hello!

    LJ, thanks for the info re: the milk allowance. Hurricanes and tornadoes are often associated with southern states so it probably was a southern accent. I found that some people took so long to finish a sentence that I’d forgotten the beginning of it. (I’m only having a go because they would relentlessly make fun of my accent to the point that I started saying, ‘wada’ instead of ‘water’). Once I got to California, that all changed. Where are you going in Canada?

    Iberian Mastin: did I mention that he’s an INDOOR dog? How insane is that! Until last week, he would apparently lurch at rabbits and pull his owner over. This is rocky terrain. He now wears a halti and that has essentially emasculated him and he walks next to OH like a well-healed poodle. What he does now is just stop. And you’re quite right, if he doesn’t want to walk, he doesn’t walk!

    We leave here today, return our rental car to Alicante, have two days in a luxury apt. and then take the train to Barcelona where we will be pet-sitting a cute little lap dog. It’s a good way to see parts of the world that you otherwise wouldn’t contemplate and/or save a heap on accommodation. It can also be a lot of work. Cinque, I don’t mind the chicken rituals but do expect the odd egg thrown in!

    Lilymartin, I am so sorry to hear it’s been so difficult on the farm. Do you have access to any water other than the now dry dams or are you having to buy in water?

    Thin, I see you have gone back to your dog sitting ways – I seem to remember you saying you used to do that in Perth. I expect the Barcelona lapdog will be easier managed than the Iberian Mastin – at least you’ll outweight it – that’s got to be an advantage.
    Hens molt (usually through autumn) and it can take up to 3 months for the new feathers to come in. They don’t usually lay eggs during this time and need extra nutrients to stay healthy, but it’s not autumn over your way, so I’m not sure what’s going on – are you sure they aren’t roosters – ha ha? I remember my mother grumbling during molt season as she was forced to buy eggs rather than having an excess to sell.
    As to where I’m going in Canada – mostly the rockies in BC. If I can afford to go further afield I will. I got myself totally confused today trying to put together various components to add up to about 20 days in Canada. There are so many options and compromises to stay on budget and within the time frame that my head is spinning. Trying to line all the tour dates up is another headache that had me rather frustrated too.

    Quacka, Oh dear, I perfectly understand the desire to do physical harm to the bathroom scales – they are mean little sods far too often.
    I don’t know what a Konaberry is either – I was hoping you did!

    I’ve just made a mushroom and zucchini omelette for dinner. It’s funny that now I’m having 1200cal days it seems like a lot of food and some days I’m skipping things I’d planned because I don’t hungry yet – that’s a good thing and I hope it continues. My body must have gotten more used to the 800cal days than I thought.

    Ha! Ljoyce got it, my questions were a Monty Python reference.

    I had a good day off, I got some work done around the house, gave my bike a service and then went for a good ride. I did mostly hill work so I climbed almost 900 vertical meters during my 1 hour 50 minute ride and covered about 36 kilometers. My wife’s family came around for dinner, they cooked up a goat curry, but I didn’t feel much like meat this evening so I stuck with a decent serving of sauteed okra, eggplant curry and lentil dahl with a little salad.

    Neil, no wonder you have such a low heart rate – that’s an excellent ride. Dinner sounds lovely.

    I was scanning the ABC News site and found an interesting article on the things we do that really confuse our dogs. I thought those of you with dogs (Anzac, Lindsay, Cali, Turn – who have I forgotten?) might appreciate it:
    I think we can all appreciate the hilarious photo of those poor french bulldogs dressed up for halloween (or is that trussed up?).
    I really like the last line of the article “Our challenge is to understand the absence of guile and malice in everything they do.” And that’s true – too often humans attribute human motives to animal behaviour.

    Hi everyone, quick check-in as it’s later than I intended.

    Good to read of news from folks old and new – welcome Dondon1oz. I’ve seen you on the February forum, too. You’ll find that this one is a lot more chatty, and very helpful with various advice.

    lilymartin, I guess a hiatus hernia is a possibility, but I did have a barium swallow a couple of years ago and nothing showed up then. Now I’ve been back into more controlled eating this week, I’ve had no reflux, so it may be the result of eating too much at one time. The throat is still bothering me, though. It’s not really serious, just persistent. I’m putting it all on hold till I see my doctor on the 27th.

    Quacka, glad your bathroom is just about finished. What a saga it’s been.

    Thin, I can just see you trying to drag along a 75kg dog for his “healthy” walk! 🙂

    Anzac65, my opinion re your current job – you need to think very carefully before agreeing to any job extension. Considering what you’ve been promised at times, and what hasn’t happened, if you have the option, I’d be moving. Having said that, offering a 4-week notice period, as suggested here (by LJoyce?), would be polite, and mitigate any feelings of letdown or frustration. You’ve already worked your heart out for them; you don’t need to give them any more pounds of flesh! Just giving an opinion though; you’ll do what you feel is best for you.

    Neilithicman, you continue to amaze and inspire with your dedication to fitness and maintenance. You started this WOL after me, and have starred in comparison. I went down, yo-yo-ed up partway, and am now slowly moving down again having regained my “mojo”. Doubt if I will ever equal your exploits though.

    Cinque, so glad to read that you are regaining some energy and can resume doing some of the things you love.

    Missing Klondikween, LindsayL, Intesha and crazyartist – are you just lurking but not posting? Hope all is well with you and that you’ll be back soon.

    Hi to anyone I didn’t think of, and goodnight!

    LJ, no they’re hens; they were laying until a week before we arrived. Our bad luck. I’ve just read the article you posted. Too true that we tend to attribute animals with human behaviour. We’ve never done pet-sitting as a means of accommodation while travelling before but we did board dogs in our own home in Perth for several years.

    Betsy, our next dog is a Havanese. Should be easier to walk! We can add Merry to your list of absentees.

    Neil, your meal sounds truly delicious. But so does the goat curry.

    Good morning,
    Yes, a lovely morning after fast day 🙂 I did forget to make that big jug of water until this morning, bad mistake, I was irritable. But I am drinking it now. (Well, I have drunk a couple of big glasses and I am already onto coffee 😉 )

    Cauliflowers $3:90 each in Thornbury and the big ones were yellowish. Got a lovely little one. Green beans as expensive as long beans (so I bought long beans, yum!). Mushrooms are expensive, not sure how bushfires or drought ar doing that, but the ordinary ones were nearly as expensive as the Swiss browns, so I treated myself to Swiss browns! That’s my veggie report Quacka! (I might need to give half my rockmelon to my daughter, I did pick an enormous one. So beautiful and its scent greets me every time I open the fridge).

    LJoyce, lovely the NBN connection all went well. Good grief that 18 months has gone quickly!
    Freezing bread might be even better than refrigerating for developing resistant starch. I love it when we can be smug doing what is easiest for longterm storage!
    I am so pleased about the bit of fruit too!

    Lilymartin, how good to see your post. Congratulations on your current hitting the mark. That’s the go. So sorry to hear how awfully dry it is where you are, fingers crossed these developing rain systems come your way soon.

    Haha Thin, You started it up again! https://www.choice.com.au/food-and-drink/groceries/sauces-and-dressings/buying-guides/vegemite-taste-test

    You are right, they are rude chooks for not laying. Hope your next leg goes well.

    Neil, OF COURSE I got the Monty Python reference! Lots of things go over my head, but rarely an MP one!

    Betsy what a relief that the small portions are helping. Hoping your throat might have the chance to heal itself now too.

    Yes, Merry! Write a post! xxx

    It is grandma kinder today for the 3 year old, must run. Cheers all!

    Good morning all.
    It’s a 500cal FD for me today. I already have a large bowl of minestrone in the fridge that I made Tuesday, so dinner is sorted. I have a plums and nectarines in the fruit bowl so one of those will be my afternoon snack.

    Cinque, I heartily agree with those survey results. I tried salt reduced vegemite a couple of years ago and have never returned to the original.
    By the way I’m growing rockmelon for the first time ever and the plants are finally looking good – I started with seed and they took quite a while to start growing well. They look very healthy now, but the fruit is still only a centimetre long – and lots more flowers.

    Betsy, I’m glad that your eating pattern changes have reduced the reflux. Hopefully your doctor will order further tests.
    I had an endoscopy as the little camera allows them to look at the whole of the upper digestive tract from the throat to the stomach. Mine showed a hiatus hernia and nexium has been all the remedy I needed. When my sister had hers it showed a problem with the entrance to the stomach – there’s meant to be a tightening action that prevents food coming back up but hers didn’t work – they were able to correct that with surgery. So take heart, most problems have solution – as long as you can get the problem identified.

    Thin, have fun in Barcelona. I hope the havanese is well behaved – just don’t walk it anywhere near prickles – that’s a lot of long hair those little dogs have.

    Can I make a suggestion for those of you concerned about the price of fresh veg. Depending on what you want it for, consider buying some frozen veg. Frozen cauli or broccoli are fine for making soup or for roasting, but not for making cauliflower rice or stir frying. I don’t find them crisp enough for a stir fry – although frozen beans and peas will work. Most frozen veg is about $4 a kilo and they just remove all leaves/stems, cut it up and blanch it then snap freeze it. (So quick to use and no green waste.) I also find frozen edamame beans and broad beans also excellent – although I do remove the outer pods from the edamame and the outer grey skin from the frozen broad beans before adding them to meals – I let them thaw first, then it’s an easy process. They are both a fabulous option for adding legumes to a meal when you forgot to pre-soak dried beans. They also have a fresher flavour and a different texture to dried beans.

    We had brief but heavy rain just after I went to bed last night. Unusually it didn’t bring a change of temperature – still sitting in the low 30s, but a bit more humid now.

    Have a lovely day everyone.

    Good afternoon from a totally sodden Sydney. I forgot how lovely (not) damp labrador smells.

    Quick post as I’m a bit busy at work today (from home) but big developments on the job. I told my boss i was leaving yesterday morning in the meeting where she had hoped to give me the good news that i was being extended. Then my friend at the new job sent a text saying that had been a restructure she was very unhappy and would be leaving. She also said to expect ‘challenging’ to be more like ‘stressful and awful’ under the new structure.
    Oh no! Out of the frying pan into the fire!. Before I had time to process the mess I was in, the big boss at current job asked to see me. He asked what it would take to keep me. I said if they moved me back to my old team, changed my role back to what I was actually employed for and matched the extra money offered by the new job I would stay. He said he would try and I just received an email saying he is calling me in 25 minutes with an answer. Fingers crossed!

    I really need to retire soon. Really.

    So of course I came home last night, drank 3 large glasses of wine and ate badly. Haven’t i learnt anything?

    Today I am having a better day and I skipped breakfast and had a healthy lunch. Dinner is steak and salad and NO WINE.

    I will post more soon….take care

    Anzac! Fingers crossed, candle lit.

    Oh my goodness Anzac, talk about a rapidly changing situation. It looks like the competition might get you back into a better situation where you are – which sounds like a reasonable outcome. Also good to know that your boss is ready to fight to keep you in the organisation – that says a lot about their opinion of the value you provide.
    Like Cinque, I’ll keep everything crossed for you.

    It worked Cinque! Thank you 🙂

    They gave me the job I wanted, the reporting line I wanted and they didn’t just match the extra $$ they upped it a tiny bit!

    Whoo Hoo….!!

    They realise they have to make changes because so many are leaving so hopefully things will change for the better.

    Happy FD LJ and thanks for the thought about frozen veg. I wish I could nip down and raid your beautiful garden 🙂

    It is great that your reflux is a bit better Betsy but sorry your throat is still giving you grief. I do hope the visit to the doc sorts everything out.

    I adore Monty Python, and I did get your reference Neil. My favourite is from Life of Brian when Pilot wanted to release a prisoner as an act of good faith but he had a lisp…..’Welease Woger! Welease Wodewick!’ And the centurian trying so very hard not to laugh. I just watched it again on You Tube and had a nice chuckle

    Whoo hoo for your successful NNNNFD Quacka!

    Thin, your new life is so interesting! I love hearing about it. That 75 kilo dog – crikey. Maxx is enormous and he is 40.4 kilos (down from 47.8 thankfully)

    Lovely to hear from you lilymartin.

    Hi everyone else, enjoy the rest of your Friday

    Oops our posts crossed LJ. Thankyou!!

    Anzac HOORAY! x

    Gosh Anzac, what great news! Nail biting stuff. Congratulations. I hope you’ll be much happier – but if it’s not all roses, at least you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Cinque, you devil. I’m not even opening that link!

    LJ, I looked up the havanese breed too and was surprised to see all that hair. The photos that the owner posted on the web site don’t show her dog being long haired. He must be a cross. Anzac, I wonder if you’ve considered pet sitters for Maxx? It’s not for everyone to have strangers in their home; I wouldn’t like it.

    Mention of the British comedies reminded me of an Australian ‘Two Ronnies’ episode that I saw in England at Christmas. I hadn’t realised at the time that they’d also recorded specifically for Aussie audiences. My brother and I were crying with laughter, OH and DD didn’t get it at all.

    Anzac, excellent news. Funny how often there’s a silver lining hiding in a difficult situation. Maxx gets extra kibble with the pay rise!

    Thin, the dog may also have shorter hair if it’s been clipped. I know a lot of people with little hairy dogs that do that – otherwise the hair drags on the ground!
    Yes I watched a lot of the 2 Ronnies in the 70s – on the ABC. We loved it. I hadn’t realised they’d adapted it for Aussie audiences. We also got Ronnie Barker’s Porridge in the 70s, but didn’t get Open All Hours – they probably thought we’d have trouble with the Yorkshire accent.

    Great news, Anzac, you can stay at the same bank, but with a better situation and more (slightly) pay. You must be such a good worker. Well done you! By the way, I think you may be stuck with “lab smell” for a few more days – isn’t Sydney forecast to have more rain over the weekend?

    Thin, I was wondering if the dog you’ll be looking after next had been clipped in the photo, and there was LJoyce’s suggestion of the same.

    LJoyce, an endoscopy is an option I’ve been considering, specifically a gastroscopy, which is the one which goes down from the mouth. My doctor hasn’t brought it up yet, just got me to double my Nexium for several days after I last saw him, as I seemed to have a stomach/ respiratory virus then, but I need to consider my symptoms now that has passed, and then talk with him.

    My big news tonight, which I’m not very happy about, is that I’ve lost my principal supervisor for my doctorate as of this week (today?), or more precisely, he’s been demoted to being one of my “associate supervisors”, all due to policy changes at my college as it pursues university status, and I’ve been allocated a principal supervisor that I’m not sure I can work with. I’ve already responded suggesting a different person as an option, so now I’ll see what happens. Apparently I was supposed to have been sent an email about this (not received to date) and a form to fill in. Instead, an email came today from my current supervisor apologising that he hadn’t contacted me before I heard it from the college. A bolt from the blue as until that point I was completely in the dark. I’m now feeling rather thankful that I’ve taken a “leave of absence” for this semester so it can all be sorted out before I return to semester 2 study. And yeah, I’m calming down now, but initially I was quite gutted. Sigh!

    Okay, despite that, I have not suddenly lashed out on comfort food, so that’s one victory, and I’m hoping for a good weigh-in tomorrow after a fairly good FD800/CD week.

    Goodnight all.

    Good morning all

    The scales were kinder this morning and grudging returned the half kilo weight loss that I’d gained last week.

    Betsy, sorry to hear that things are changing in an adverse way with your studies. Hopefully you do get some say in who you work with – a research/thesis supervisor is such an important relationship to get right.
    The gastroscopy that you described is exactly what I had done. I thinks the best diagnostic tool as the camera allows them to look at the whole upper digestive tract and find things that wouldn’t be seen by a barium scan (eg an ulcerated area).

    I’m walking with a friend this afternoon, but apart from that it’s a quiet day.

    I spent hours yesterday putting all of my Canadian holiday options into a spreadsheet and then looking at what combinations would fit together. It’s funny how things feel more straightforward once I’ve got them into a spreadsheet.

    Hi all from a wet Temuka, Saturday 11.15am.

    Well done you Anzac, it shows how much they value you and your work output, and you won’t have that awful extra train ride commute. I like the idea of Maxx getting the extra spoils with the pay rise hahahaha.

    Got it too Neil, can’t miss those MP lines, so sad to see the funeral of Terry Jones a couple of days ago, I think those type of comedians are irreplaceable and will never appear on our screens ago, so happy to have lived through that original era and enjoyed it. Well done on all your cycling activity, you’re certainly clocking up the miles. (kms!) Wish I could get my resting heartbeat as low?

    Thin, glad you are enjoying Spain and also the house/pet sitting, we find it a great way to get to know an area and a cheap way of doing it too. We are looking at doing the same in Canada later in the year, certainly reduces the cost of travel.

    All the veggie gardens on here sound wonderful, I get so excited when I see wonderful fresh green veggies growing eveywhere! I bought a cauli the other day, fair size for $3, and a $2 rock melon, but running the fridge down now as we leave the van locked up for a week, so getting rid of all the perishable stuff.

    I always frezze my bread Cinque, but only because we eat so little of it and so rarely, if I didn’t it would go off in no time!

    Welcome back Lilymartin, glad you’ve found your way back, I did too, I lurked for what seemed like a lifetime before I gave myself a good kick up the backside and started to get serious about getting back to this WOL.

    Having said that, I feel like the bathroom scales could have got thrown in one of the red bins on the holiday park and left to rot forever this week, after all my hard work I ended up back at 76.6 on Thursday mornings weigh in, so not a happy bunny. Mind you, not had the best of weeks emotionally, so do put a lot down to that, can’t seem to find anything in the food diary that seems to be out of whack! Supposed to be out for a bike ride but saving it for later when the rain stops and the wind calms down a bit, I’ll get my indoor jobs done this morning.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone, Turn

    LJoyce – Our paths crossed, that Canadian holiday sounds like it’s coming together well, it is such a vast country it takes so much time to get across to do what you want doesn’t it, and of course with that comes the expense, it’s certainly not one of the cheaper holiday destinations! Happy holiday planning.

    Good morning, a minute ago it was 8 o’clock, and now it is 10:30. Nice morning but I’ll start complaining as it gets hotter and stickier.

    Anzac, I know it has been a nightmare roller coaster, but didn’t it turn out well! Excellent maneuvering! You came out with the best combo and what a relief that those further up the ladder are realising they need to change things. All you need now is to get your friend from the other place, a job at your place!

    Hoping you have a good few days of letting the relief settle in and those comfort eating strategies can go to the back seat.

    Thin, haha, if you had opened the link and read the top line you would have just closed it again anyway.

    Betsy, such dreadful news. I am also SO glad you gave yourself this break, I couldn’t bear to think of you dealing with this on top of everything else you have to contend with. I so hope a nice solution presents itself in time for your return to study. Big cheers that you didn’t let it derail your careful eating.

    The scales of the world seem to have ganged together and decided to cause trouble, so glad you are pulling yours back into line LJoyce! Yours next, Turn!

    Hooray for spreadsheets.
    I suffered for not having one when I managed to plan two separate things to cook, both which need to be done today. Luckily I think I am up for it. (Zucchini slice and spanakopita).

    Kiwis, I thought of you when flooding at Milford Sound was on the news.
    What a wet South Island.

    Well, it is late enough to be brunch this morning I think. Mushrooms, roasted red peppers, avocado and lettuce on a piece of my yummy toast. Lucky me.

    Great advice I received years ago (thinking about self destructive eating when times get hard). 1. “Whatever gets you through the night is alright, is alright”. 2. Then as soon as we have the space, work out how to look after ourselves in healthier ways.
    So many of our self destructive activities developed as a way to get us through that hard night, we need to change those behaviours, but there is an honour to them, in that they helped us survive.

    Cheers all

    Glug glub…..that was me removing my snorkel. It has been a very long time since we have seen rain like this. I heard on the t.v. that by the end of Monday it could be the most rain we have had since 1998. It just doesn’t stop. We have to go to the Blue Mountains tomorrow for a family barbie and I mentioned to my sister that it might be too dangerous to drive all that way. She thinks we will be fine as it is motorway the whole way plus I really want to go as I haven’t met my new great-nephew yet (he was born just before we went away). Maxx will come with us, of course, but will have to stay outside in the backyard as my sister is NOT a dog person. So we will have a lovely sodden dog in the back of the SUV on the way home. Pheweeee!!

    Thanks for the lovely well wishes about the job. I am over the moon and ready now to pull my socks up and get the job done. The 12 month contract is music to a contractors ears.

    LJ, I love spreadsheets too. I’m not an advanced excel user but can do enough to make life a bit more organised. You should see our recent trip one – every day was plotted (to a degree), spending for pre-paid flights/tours/hotels etc tracked and many many other tasks.

    Betsy, so sorry to hear about your supervisor but good on you for not indulging in comfort eating.

    Sorry about those dratted scales Turn – next time will be a good number for sure.

    Thin, i suggested getting someone to house/pet sit for our trip but hubby is VERY VERY security conscious. So we didn’t but I still think it’s a good idea, so long as you either know the person or they come through a reputable agency.

    OK, I must get back to the housework. We are away the next two weekends and then the following one we are having all our friends round for a barbie so I need to do some of those chores that only need doing every now and again.

    Hi to everyone I’ve not had time to say ‘hi’ to 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your weekend

    Hi Everyone, Fasters and lurkers all,

    Hope everyone is going well with their 5:2 or 800, that all are well and Life is being kind. To the newbies I hope you stay here and find the encouragement and info you need to make your life healthier and more satisfying, and you’ll be learning lots from the wise ones on here.

    I have been away from being here regularly for quite a long time now, and I miss you all, you fine folk!

    Also I hope you are getting some lovely rain, not flooding wherever you are in Oz, and those in New Zealand, England and California, and Spain (Thin) are getting the weather they have been hoping for.

    Check in: 65.8kgs

    October 2019 62.6kgs (goal weight was 62kgs)
    Mid January 2020 64.6kgs
    Today – 8th Feb 65.8kgs

    My last check in I wasn’t doing too badly.

    Now I’m struggling a bit. I had a go at 800cals for awhile pre wedding and pre Christmas, and then ate without 800 or 5:2 since Christmas. I guess I should be grateful I haven’t put on more than I have. I’m having a challenge getting back onto 5:2. I know it only takes a little while to get back in the saddle, but I think my challenge is I really need a holiday after Life being really full on for a couple of years, and I’m feeling a bit exhausted. For those in the people professions the term ‘burn-out’ is commonly used for this feeling.

    After the 2nd wedding reception here, and our overseas and Australian visitors had finally returned home, both OH and I just felt really tired, and basically just sat for a few days, both of us feeling run down. It was all lovely, and I wouldn’t change it, but we were just so tired. Christmas was at our house and we are now adept at teaching people to peel prawns and how to cut and eat a mango, lots of mangoes. Trays of mangoes, ‘slip-slop-slapping’ and now adding ‘slide’. “You burn so much quicker here don’t you!” Oh, and how to make a pavlova. How to have a summer Christmas, New Year etc. All much enjoyed.

    Anyhoo… My 3rd annual attempt at my long term secret project finishes at the end of March, so holidays are off till after then., and some project related stress will have to be endured till then. I think I need to:

    * go back to writing down what I eat and drink for a week. It always helps me to be accountable if I feel I’m slipping.

    * eat only healthy and lower calorie foods

    * make sure I drink enough, get enough sleep etc

    As the long term 5:2ers will know, I can’t exercise, but I continue doing what I can within my limitations, which are less than when I started 5:2.

    Bye for now,
    Onwards and Downwards,

    Hi all. Very happy weigh-in today – was 2 kg (yes, you read that right! 🙂 ), 2 kg down from last Saturday. It just shows how undisciplined my normal eating must be, to get such a great result from one week of being really careful. I’m not expecting such great results to continue – down, yes, but not such large numbers down. Still, it’s a pleasant feeling. Offsets me putting on a couple of blouses, looking at myself in the mirror, and rapidly removing them again. After a TDEE today, CD tomorrow, then trying for 3 FD800s through next week. Wonder what the scales will say next Saturday? I’ll have to hit a plateau soon.

    Great to hear from you, Merry, after your fairly long silence. I’m impressed that you have kept the weight gain so well controlled (I went off the wagon and regained nearly 10 kg of the 13 I’d lost), and now you can gradually work it down again.

    Re supervisor, talked with the current one today – it’s not as bad as it seems. Provided he can write up and publish some research he did last year, plus present at a conference, he would be considered qualified to resume as my principal supervisor. I also suggested to him an alternative to the one that’s been suggested, a professor who has already helped me a few times with my data analysis so would be very “au fait” with my research, and Ian has said that he will see what can be done. I am feeling more settled about it all today, so that’s fine.

    Just realised the time – need to get off the computer and relax with a book for a while before sleeping. Speak to you again next time.

    Morning all

    Congrats on the weight loss Betsy, that must have been a really good % of your body weight gone in one week.

    Congrats on the job situation too Anzac, looks like things are looking up for you.

    I’m really over the weather this summer. It makes me envious seeing areas of the north island hitting temperatures in the 30s while us at the other end of the country get awful weather. Yesterday and this morning we got rain, hail and wind and it was just 8 degrees in the evening yesterday! Where is our summer??

    I did manage to get out for an 11 kilometre ride last night which put me over 500 for the year so far. Hopefully I’ll get time for a short ride today if we get a break in the weather. We’re supposed to be going to a potluck dinner tonight so I’ll have to watch my eating.

    Have a good day everyone

    I had to pop in after Neil’s comment, I will gladly swap my sun for your rain, I’m on tank water the rest up here are on stat 4 water for drinking and hygiene only… your floating away and up here rationing… this week, saying tankers for 20 litres at certain pickup points I have quarter of a tank hopefully it will last, they are saying no significant rain till may our saving grace might be a cyclone lol

    I’m feeling stagnant on my three 500 days I’m going to try for a couple of 800 ones as well to see if I can get something happening again, the tape measure is not budging, but some of the clothes still seem looser but the tape measure doesn’t lie right??? Hubby bought 3pks of spearmint oddefellows had to finish them, he has promised not to buy anymore on a non fast day, my fast days are still intact

    The rest of you get better soon, and hope those of you working, keep smiling, its turning around lol

    I had a bit of a sleep in with a wild dream that ended with Thin asking me if I was fasting today. In real life I was going to babysit grandkids this morning and have a visitor coming tonight, but then my daughter said the kids could go next door. So in my dream I said to Thin, ‘ooh I can fast after all!’ and then next minute I was getting a big rectangle of some sort of cooked meat out of the fridge and biting into it. Oops I thought, I was going to fast!
    Okay dream interpreters, what do you make of that?

    Well, currently I’ve got a cup of tea, not a slab of meat, and I will fast til my friend arrives. She has very small meals after a tummy staple, so I might keep well into fast day territory even if we have a small meal together.

    Anzac, hoping you have a great time at the family BBQ, everyone will be whooping in the rain I imagine. Except Maxx.

    Merry such a treat to get a good catch up. I’ve missed you here and hope the secret project gets done this year, followed by a lovely big rest for you and Mr Merry, but that you manage lots of 5:2 posts too!

    Wow, what a busy exhausting wonderful summer season. I know you will fit in as many little rest times as possible, so you can keep going.

    Everyone here seems to have had a particularly hard time this year, getting back into normal everyday 5:2ing after the feast season. Excellent accountability points. An eating audit is such a good thing to help see the lay of the land.

    Betsy woot! That’s for the 2kg down, what a lovely feeling. But also cheers for your supervision and things looking like they will pan out well.

    Neil, that is shocking summer weather, no wonder you are complaining. I hope the potluck includes something you will enjoy greatly and feel you haven’t overindulged.

    Well I need to attack the chaos in the spare room so that my friend can find the bed this evening. Best wishes everyone.

    PS Hi Crazy, how frustrating, first news that tape measures can be as evil as scales. Fingers crossed a couple of 800 days gets things moving. Blame the lollies! They are so small but so full of sugar and your body uses it before starting on your reserves. Best wishes that this is a good week and you get a lovely Betsy-style loss.

    Hoping you get some rain soon.

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