Heavy period and almost caving on fast day

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Heavy period and almost caving on fast day

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  • Hi

    First time for me to post but been going 10 weeks and lost 6kg. (4 more to go).

    Thinking about(for the first time) giving up my fast today and having some chocolate. Feeling off with heavy period and cravings abnormally strong.

    Should I not be too hard on myself and have some choc and not worry about it too much…tomorrow is another day.

    Or should I be strong. I’m doing so well. And it’s close to dinner time.

    Does period effect your fast days?

    Kiwi gal living in Tokyo.

    Hi well-travelled Kiwi!
    Just logged on to record on my ‘usual’ thread and your post caught my eye, as I, too, am fasting and struggling today.

    Periods are a few years ago for me now but I would answer ‘most likely’ to your question, simply on the basis that they can affect so much, in so many different ways, that it’s a possibility. But then again, as I said, I’m post menopausal, but am also having a difficult fast day, too. (My fantasy is toast!) So all sorts of things can affect fast days, I guess. My main issue is that I feel very tired and somewhat emotionally depleted. So, for different reasons, we are in the same boat.

    Think you outline the dilemma very well. Just a thought, how would it sound if you replaced the ‘shoulds’ in both sentences with ‘coulds’? How would you feel if you did break your fast? And how would you feel if you don’t? Could you imagine both scenarios? Or does this just sound like a load of old psychobabble?!

    Anyway, just reading your post and thinking about it has helped me live with the craving, which has now passed, at least for the moment. So thanks for sharing!

    Whichever action you choose, take care of yourself. You’re definitely going in the right direction.

    Hope you get some more replies too.

    Best wishes
    Bootsy, in SW England

    Thanks for the reply! I prob posted it in the wrong area!
    Anyway got through my fast day because when it comes to the crunch, I’d prob feel worse for breaking it than feeling tired with cravings.
    On the plus side if this happens again I know strong enough to get over cravings and tiredness. I’ll remember this day!

    Yay – glad we both got through the day! I was trying to do fasting every third day, a kinda cross between 5.2 and 4.3, but after my tough day on Mon, I’ve been wobbling a bit.
    Thanks for your reply cos it has helped my motivation. Will do 5.2 this week and see how I feel next. Am sure I’ll fluctuate, with or without hormones but, as you say, it’s possible to gain strength from the difficult days.

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