Health & fasting – articles and references please

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Health & fasting – articles and references please

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  • Hi, I’m more interested in the health benefits than weight loss, although I did succeed in getting my fat percentage, down considerably using the 5:2 diet (which I started having seen the Horizon programme in August 2012). My visceral fat percentage also dropped which I learned from the programme is particularly worthwhile.

    As an example of the kinds of things I’d be interested to see Michael discuss, and references to other articles, is something I saw on today (at “Anti-inflammatory mechanism of dieting and fasting revealed” – is 5:2 fasting, or even 6:1 maintenance fasting, sufficient to trigger the anti-inflammatory response.

    Another issue I’ve come across is that there is a suspicion (based on research on fruit flies admittedly) that “Fasting could make you more prone to infection” (see press release at I’m not too concerned about getting colds a bit more frequently, but one’s immune system also deals with much more sinister, and potentially life-threatening, attacks.

    These are important topics. Michael’s programmes and the book encourage people to take up a modified approach to fasting and I think there is a duty of care to follow up important research in the area.

    Regards to all

    …does any one know if 5 2 could set of indigestion ( ie burping)? Since i’ve started it, I seem to have developed this problem along with feeling colder than usual and a dry mouth.

    Hi egbdf and welcome:

    I think what you eat has more to do with burping than what you do not eat.

    This will address your cold and many other issues:

    Good Luck!

    Thank you, its reassuring about feeling cold maybe the ‘burping’ is coincidental? I have under active thyroid and have seen a site that says this eating prog may be not that good for people with this?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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