Graphing my weight loss over the last 3 months

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Graphing my weight loss over the last 3 months

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  • Hi
    I have weighed myself every day since starting the 2/5 diet (unless away from home) and plotted it on a graph. I have lost 35 pounds in 3 months although some weeks its slightly more than 2lbs others nothing at all (the weekend of the family BBQ, holiday etc) The trend line still runs parallel to the target line of 2lbs/week with no flattening off yet. I actually look forward to weighing myself, especially the Wednesday and Friday mornings. The graph says I’ll stop being obese some time in February next year :-), although I’ll reach my initial target in October. Anyone else record their weight loss?

    Yup, and it has been going steadily upwards. I started this diet yesterday so I hope it will be going steadily downwards. 🙂

    I only weigh once a week though.


    wow! that is great. congrats.
    i’ve not lost as much as u more like 22 lbs in 4mths

    4 weight graphs i go the usda site.
    it gives graphs of calories all different formats
    i like the nutrient data on the calories especially.

    click on my name & in replies or topics u will c all my data about weight recording

    wish u success 2 a fellow recorder

    It would be nice to be able to post graphics on this forum, because people’s graphs would be interesting.

    I have logged mine on a graph since I started just over 7 weeks ago, and it was a real motivator. I saved the graph as my screensaver, and to see the line plunging downwards way faster than the target line was brilliant. I am already down below my initial target weight of 77.5 Kg, (currently 76.5 Kg) and that amounts to an 11.5 Kg loss (25/ 26 lbs) in 7 weeks. I am actually targeting a waist measurement now, rather than my weight, and as soon as I reach that (in the next week or two), I’ll do one more week at 5:2, then swap to 6:1.

    A major part in this faster-than-usual weight loss has been a return to cycling after a back injury, and doing some good mileage on fast days.



    Yes, I have benn recording my weight since starting the fast diet in March. Have gone from 91kgs to 81 kgs (BMI from 29.4 to 26.1). Target is 77kgs, and hopefully will reach that by end of September :-). It has been relatively easy, and although I have missed the odd fast day, have always managed at least 1 per week.
    Main issue is that I need to wear a belt to keep trousers up!
    Certainly makes it easier to carry backpack with laptop, ipad, books etc.

    Congratulations Sndhen01! I think you may reach you goal much sooner than that, but setting a late target date is probably a safe and surer way to reach a goal. I discovered that I am below my target weight, so I am sticking to the 6:1 diet from now on, as my weight keeps dropping and I’m already at 70 Kg! The weight loss, as Mike says, is really fast if you exercise a lot, though the diet works either way. I think even once per week does the trick, it all depends on how well you respond, and wow, you’re really responding well! Yes, here too – I’ve had to punch more holes in my belts to get them to work – I haven’t had that problem since I was 16!. And the weight loss does make it easier to carry things – since we’re not lugging around 10 Kg extra fat! I bike and can now carry all the groceries in the side-saddle baskets and not even notice the extra load, since I’ve lost that much and more. It makes one feel like a sprinter, all the more energy and more power to you!

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