Good non stick frying/Omlette pans

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Good non stick frying/Omlette pans

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  • Hi,

    As omlettes and eggs form a large part of my fasting days meals i am loking for a good non stick frying pan.

    Ive gone through at least 3 due to burnt/stuck on food.

    I am using the low cal spray but it doesnt work like oil does, thereofe pans get ruined very quickly.

    Any suggestions to great non stick pans?


    Hi Neil,

    There is a brand in Australia called Flavorstone. I was given a set and am very impressed! They have a blue coloured coating and NOTHING sticks, virtually wipe clean, no oil at all required. They are made in China of course. Not sure where you are but you could ask Mr Google about them. Instructions say not to run them on max temp but I have still cooked a steak successfully. They would be perfect for eggs.
    I think as long as you spend a fair bit you will get a quality one. Good luck!

    ‘Neoflam is a fabulous non-stick product made I gather from sand. No nasty coating & environmentally friendly. Not cheap but I got mine on a special & compared to other non-sticks they are incredible. Beautiful colours too – every size pan is a different colour. Same comment – don’t run on max heat. Look it up online if you can’t find it. Used mine tonight – cooked loin chops & then mushrooms/onions/capsicum mix & it all just literally floated around the pan. A rinse out & it’s ready to wash.

    Hi – I can’t give you a brand name, but have you tried ceramic-lined pans? I use one with just a whiff of olive oil spray to make omelets, and I have never had any problem with burning. Also, you could try cooking the eggs at a lower temperature overall to avoid burning.

    I use a good quality stainless steel frying pan with a heavy bottom. I use oil spray and quite a high heat and it doesn’t stick providing I put the cheese on top of the cooked omelet and not into the egg mixture.

    Why bother trying to eliminate oil from your diet? High quality fats like grass fed butter, olive oil or coconut oil are super for suppressing appetite and providing essential nutrients on FD’s or NFD’s. Non stick pans are also known to leach toxic chemicals into foods. One of my favorite FD meals is onion and a lot of chopped spinach sauteed in a tablespoon of butter with three whole eggs scrambled topped with a bit of hot sauce. < 500 calories, lots of good fat, protein and fiber and so delicious!

    Note: Dr Valter Longo one of the researchers featured in the original BBC program has just released his version of a fasting diet and one of it’s features is that the fast days are high fat.

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