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  • Hi I have been on the diet for nearly four months and have lost 5kgs yea!!!
    I struggle with interesting breakfasts as I am gluten intolerant, Ive just bought the Fast diet recipe book and was disappointed to see no gluten free options,maybe in the next book Michael or Mimi ??

    Hi bevdany, I don’t really have any help for you, as I’m not a celiac and I don’t eat breakfast anymore but I hate to see a posting go unanswered by anyone 😀

    Google is your friend though, I’ve never bothered with any of the Fast Diet books to be honest. The basic principal can be grasped in a paragraph and you can calorie count any recipe you find in an old recipe book or on-line with the help of myfitnesspal or google so I’ve never seen the need. Also, Mimi’s book seems full of ingredients I’d never have in my store cupboard or fish – Yuk! Not saying they wont be useful for some people but you certainly don’t NEED them to do this lifestyle. I’d recommend you get yourself a good Gluten Free cookbook and work out the calorie counts on the recipes you like.

    Hi TraceyJ, what a lovely person you are, thank you , and all the best to you x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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