Gardening and Fasting

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Gardening and Fasting

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  • I’m about to start to activities in my garden. It’s a tiny area really. I get such a thrill in about mid July when I start getting goodies.
    Last year was my first year I tried 5:2. I was able to go for 4:3 after awhile. One day while weeding I ate some asparagus. I had a light bulb moment wondering if on some fasting days I could get all my 600 calories from the garden. I typically budget money for food. So by drinking tea and eating from the garden my budget for healthy foods increased on non fasting days. Bought more better salmon 🙂 I also was able to stay away fro. The temptations in the kitchen as bonus asking my wife to cook for my daughter. While she cooks and they eat I tend the garden. Such a simple pleasure.

    So I making plans this year on what to plant. I can plant four rows 50 feet long.
    I’m going to make a list of veggies that I shouldn’t buy from a grocery because of pesticides.
    My goal is to Plant enough for 60 fasting days. Tomatoes, onions, and winter squash.
    I can use a veggetti to turn squash into noodles and add protein to balance.

    Im hoping to hear from others on what they may doing in their gardens?

    SAMM, good on your for avoiding pesticides! I live in an apartment, so I can’t plant much more than herbs and tomatoes. I haven’t started anything yet since I just moved, but maybe I will this weekend! There’s nothing better than home-grown produce. They will certainly satiate you on your fasting days.

    I love squash noodles! I dollop some of my homemade marinara sauce (frozen in small quantities, it tastes even better after time) on top and thoroughly enjoy it – all for only 100-200 calories! It’s always the perfect meal for me when my husband requests pasta. Somehow when I’m eating my own “pasta”, his version is so much less tempting.

    I wish you the best of luck with your garden. If anything could ever tempt me to move to a house (as opposed to an apartment), it would be gardening.

    If you ever move to home narrow your search by buying a home with a row of asparagus already planted.
    They take 2-3 years to mature but can last upto 30 years without replanting. I eat mine with sweet butter. On fasting days once their edible in the spring. It’s almost addictive to eat it so fresh at the peak of perfection.

    Indoor herbs. Are high in nutrients if they get good sun. I believe blueberries can be grown indoors.

    I got tired of a nieghbor letting his lot overgrow. I asked her if I could pick some berries from time to time.
    She gave permission. I then starting seeding mulberry and blackberry bushes . Some of my best smoothies come from her eye sore yard. I just smile when she says they just grow there own their own.
    Mulberry is freaking high in calories and high glycemic load but, but I’ve skipped many lunches feasting on them in the spring.

    I understand you. I also want to start my activities in my garden, but I don’t know a lot about it. What plants need more water? I need maybe some guides for gardening.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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