From non-hungry to super-hungry

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  • I’ve just completed my first fast. 36hrs. It went very well. When I got home this evening, I had a good quality stake with some olives and tomatoes. As I was still hungry, I ate some nuts. As I was still hungry, I had some frozen strawberries. Here are I am almost 1.5 hours later and I am still so very hungry. Any thoughts?

    You are confusing the signals your brain are receiving from an over extended stomach lining as a hunger signal. You’ve eaten too much, not the perceived too little. Next time chew your food and eat slowly. Next time if you still get the sensation of being hungry after a meal. Wait 30-60 minutes before eating some more. If the sensation of hunger goes away after 30-60 minutes it wasn’t a hunger signal. It was your over extended stomach giving a false signal.

    Consider whether you might actually be thirsty. Many people are like me, our bodies quickly turn a ‘thirsty’ signal into a ‘hungry’ signal. If this is so, having a few drinks of water over the next half hour or so should either make you feel fine, or even make you feel like drinking more water. Worth a try.

    You are both so right. Thank you!!

    Indeed, I ate way too fast and did not wait. I also didn’t drink enough water.

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