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  • i must also add that since kitchen has been fitted im more channelled into the fast diet.

    DHi Everyone I’m coming towards the end of week 3. Desperate for this to work, I’ve eaten when it was time to eat all my life + now obese. Enjoying this diet + finding it easy to do 2lbs lost 1st week 3lbs 2nd week + weigh-in Sunday, any advice on how to manage while on holiday? all tips appreciated.
    I have a disgusting amount of weight to loose anymore
    people out there like me? Or anyone who has lost a huge amount? Advice Welcome Sue.

    Am starting my 4th week. My husband and I are finding the fast days so much easier than expected. Normally we fast on Monday and Thursday, but were going on a 5-day vacation the third week and switched to Sunday and Tuesday. The vacation, of course, involved lots of eating. I was concerned that it might be hard for us to get back on track, but found that by the last day of our trip, I was so looking forward to getting home and fasting the next day. Now I hardly even remember eating all the “bad” vacation food, and so great to NOT feel like it takes a couple weeks to recover from the effects!

    I am finding the diet really hard just now! I have list 22 lbs on it but over the last 2 weeks I have literally ate and craved and ate everything and haven’t resisted! How do u get back into it x

    Amigos4, just keep in mind how well you’ve done! I find it really helps to keep my enthusiasm up if I read the blogs everyday. And to get really busy!

    Hello, Amigos4 – If I am wrong I certainly apologise but I get the impression that you may have been forcing yourself to stay on a strict 5:2 regime by applying a lot of strong willpower. To me, it sounds like your feelings have had a bit of a revolt against being overruled so totally by your head and they have gone on the rampage, in protest against being ignored. You have not mentioned how long it has taken you to lose the 22 pounds but that is a lot to have lost already and, if it has happened quite quickly, I wonder if you should now relax a little – i. e. still strive but not quite SO hard – be more kindly to yourself. For a start, do not criticise yourself for what is basically just ‘falling off the wagon’ for a while; celebrate what you have already achieved; and have confidence in your ability to continue once more but, this time, in a steady, less goal-driven way. The whole reason the 5:2 system was devised was to make it easy-to-do long-term: you need to feel happy to continue, using this method as a way of life. It should not feel like an urgent task with fixed deadlines and tough targets to be reached as soon as possible and at all costs. If you allow yourself some flexibility and enjoyment using this eating plan, I believe you will be both content and successful. I wish you well.

    Hi Amigos4 What usually works for me is to reread the book if you have it, also everyones comments here and on the forum site. You’ve done so well + tomorrow is another day. Good Luck. Sue

    I am really obese (BMI 40). Has anyone that obese tried the fast diet and what are the experiences. Should there be any alterations to the diet?

    Hi, Adam (Airwave) – I have no experience of how to work at lowering a BMI rating of 40 but, just today, I discovered what looks to be a very helpful website, established by the UK health charity Weight Concern, where you might find some good, general advice (although not specifically in connection with the 5:2 approach).
    It’s strap line is ‘Fighting obesity with knowledge….’ and it states that it ‘works to address both the physical and psychological health needs of overweight people’ (including children and adolescents). It has has all sorts of useful information, resources and links to other relevant health organisations.
    For example, it offers individuals a programme entitled ‘Shape-up’, described as ‘not a diet or an eating plan’ and ‘not just about weight loss. It is a psychological approach to managing eating and physical activity over the long term.’
    I recommend a wander round their extensive website – hopefully, you and others reading here will find something worthwhile. Just search the www under their name: Weight Concern.
    My only thought in relation to the 5:2 system is that your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expendature) calculation is likely to be above 2500cals (the recommended daily intake for Mr Average) and, therefore, your fasting day intake is also likely to be above the 600cal figure usually quoted (calculated as 25% of your TDEE). Again, search the www to find numerous TDEE calculators available.
    One last thought: do you have a sympathetic health professional with whom you can discuss how best to work at an overall health/weight-loss programme best suited to your individual situation and needs? I would suggest you look for that kind of support in addition to following this website. All best wishes to you.


    I’m also vegan and just about to start this diet. No idea how to contact you directly though this site though?? Possible to start a thread anywhere??

    I’m in my third week and, having lost less than a kilo, was starting to get disheartened. However, I’ve just measured my waist and found I’ve lost an inch in a week. Hooray!

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