foodfreedomgirl gets serious. My weekly journal.

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foodfreedomgirl gets serious. My weekly journal.

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  • I have been perusing a few of the logs of long time fasters and have decided to start my own. I followed IF for a bit last year, but didn’t stick with it. The past two weeks I’ve have 2 fast days per week, but haven’t done anything to regulate, moderate or clean up my food choices on NFD. In fact, just the opposite.

    So, new week, new priorities I am starting my log today at Week 1. Week 1 of doing this right.

    Age: 38
    Height: 5’5″
    Weight: 152.2
    Goal: 125-ish

    Will measure tonight.
    The plan is fast 2x per week. Log weight each Monday. Measure every 4 weeks.

    I am in the midst of 1/2 marathon training. I will not be hardcore on TDEE, but am going to be very careful to remind myself that I need to make mostly healthy choices with my food.
    No set date to reach my goal, but would love it to be this calendar year.

    Hello foodfreedomgirl!

    We sound on a similar path. I followed IF last year too and also didn’t stick with it. This is also my second week back on.

    Age: 39
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 133
    Goal: 122ish

    I love to run as well, have run a 1/2 marathon twice. My knees aren’t good enough to keep up the long distances, therefore I’ve been sticking to around 3-5 miles each run.

    I was down 3 pounds last week, but gained them all back this weekend (too much drinking and eating thanks St. Patrick).

    I’m from the Midwest, where do you live?


    I am sorry about your knees! Glad that hasn’t completely stopped you though. If running is the same kind of outlet for you as it is for me it would be nearly impossible to give it up!
    I have completed 3 half marathons. In the past 5 years. I really love the 6-7 mile range, I feel like I hit my stride around 5 and it’s a shame to stop there. But more than that is really more than is necessary. I keep saying “never again” but then get lured in ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I am from the Pacific Northwest, panhandle of Idaho. Beautiful running!

    I’ll be following your journey! My NFD food choices haven’t been great at all, need to be working on that too! Planning ahead more would probably help.

    How is your week going so far? Which days do you usually have as fast days?


    Monday and Wednesday are my set days for now. I like your Mon/Thurs and think maybe I’d do better with that spread, but Wednesday’s are my easiest day to fast with errands to run during the mid-day at work! We shall see. One week at a time ๐Ÿ™‚ Have you taken your measurements yet? I just finally did the night before last after reading so many people struggling with no weight loss but then checking measurements and seeing loss there!

    My reasoning with mon/thurs was that if its spaced out more I have more chance to re-feed a bit in between and shouldn’t be as hungry for the second fast day. But if you are busier wednesdays that could make it easier than trying to fast on a day with more opportunities to miss eating!

    I did take my measurements last week! As you said, that should be a good indicator of change. I’m not sure how consistent I can be with it though, measuring the exact same spot, not squeezing the tape measure a bit tighter to lose an extra half inch! You are measuring monthly? But then so many things can effect your weight. Maybe weighing after a fast day would be more accurate as it is less effected by what you ate the day before?

    When we began Fasting, we recorded our weight and measurements. Then we weighed daily, just for the motivation, and measured every 3 months. Now I weigh daily [to stay on the straight and narrow] and we measure once/year on our anniversary.

    The day to choose to Fast are up to the individual: the day that is busiest [for distraction] or least busy [so food can be prepared]; before a weekend [to get to a good weight point] or after a weekend [to make up for overeating]. Fast Days can be moved around and don’t have to be set in stone. Some days, if we are over our weights, we’ll have a Fast-style Dinner even tho it is not a Fast Day. Do what works for you.

    Good luck.

    1 Week later….

    153.6 Pounds

    up 1.4 pounds. eek! I definitely didn’t track my foods on Saturday, with a dinner out, but this was still a bit unexpected.

    Working on a game plan now…

    Here’s a tip for your game plan: if you dine out, instead of ordering an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert [along with wine!] try what I do. Order an appetizer while others enjoy theirs’; order another appetizer to eat as your main course; then share a dessert with someone. I order sparkling wine as my first glass [and sometimes my second] because I like it and it has fewer calories. For me, this eating strategy works very well.
    How did your Fast go yesterday?

    The odd splurges don’t reflect well on the scales do they. Still, gaining a pound doesn’t mean much unless it sticks. On a positive note, it should make it much easier for a nice looking loss next week!

    What’s your game plan looking like?

    Monday was a really hard fast day. I think it was in part because I had quite a bit of sugar on Sunday. I am really feeling lost. I read the book last fall when I tried IF for the first time, but maybe I need to re-read it!

    I did check out the Longivity diet book from our local library, hoping for inspiration. I saw a thread on that a few weeks back and it just came in. I am just treading water this week, hoping to be far enough into the book next week to know if it will help to give me some direction or else I may need to re-order the fast diet book. Our library system still has it.

    I will read the longevity diet eventually! Have you seen the Michael Mosely Documentary? There is another called the science of fasting which was quite good.

    Saying that I could probably do with re-reading the book! And Krista Varady’s book, not sure I’m up to every other day fasting though.

    I am enjoying the book so far. There are a few contradictions to 5:2 though. That is a little frustrating. I had really hoped they would complement each other well. We shall see where I land when it is over. I will have to look for those others!
    Thank you!

    Since Mosley based his Fast Diet on other forms of fasting [4-day water fast; alternate-day fasts] they will not agree with each other. So for me, the idea is to follow only the 5:2 diet and ignore what all the other ones say. Why mess around with keto or creatine or cleansing or any of the other buzz topics. 5:2 Fasting — fish or cut bait.

    Successful Fast Day yesterday: we both lost weight. Today being Good Friday, I will swear off snacks.
    Happy weekend. To those who observe it: Happy Passover. To those who observe it, Happy Easter.

    Posting quite late in the week, but I am still here and on track.

    Sunday’s weigh-in 148.2

    Starting 152.2
    Week 1 153.6 (+1.4 total)
    Week 2 148.2 (-4.0 total)


    I probably should just pick a method and stick with it, however the more I learn the more I am not sure! lol. I watched a few different documentaries this past weekend, Fung, Mosley and Longo (sp?). The biggest thing I hope to achieve with this deals with health and the body “recycling” the old cells and the lasting impression that I got with all the new information is that I may need to fast longer than the 24 hours in order to get those results. That is why I keep digging, reading and searching. I have no fear that I won’t lose weight and improve my health with 5:2, but I just don’t know if it’s enough for all my goals. I did struggle this week with my fasts thus far, in part because I am no longer convinced. For today though I said enough! I may not get all the benefits, but I will get some and I need to continue on until I have a new plan, not quit 1/2 way through the day and eat junk food! That is foolish!

    Thank you for your input! How was your Good Friday without snacks? And the rest of the holiday?


    You are doing really well!
    I keep thinking about the longer fasts but i cant seem to even make it to 48 hours. Maybe one day!

    Hi, Rachel. My ‘snack-free Good Friday’ went better than I thought it would. Might try it again. Easter went well and without the usual post-Easter weight spike. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sure there are lots of people proposing very long fasts, and they are happy to sell you the supplements to go along with that. What we like about Fasting is how it fits into our lifestyle so seamlessly. And if we can still get the collateral benefits, why not go that route?
    Have a good weekend, All.

    Starting 152.2
    Week 1 153.6 (+1.4 total)
    Week 2 148.2 (-4.0 total)
    Week 3 150.0 (-2.2 total)

    Took almost 6 weeks off while finishing training for my 1/2 marathon.

    Back at it starting weight: 149.6 (-2.6 total)

    Starting 152.2
    Week 1 153.6 (+1.4 total)
    Week 2 148.2 (-4.0 total)
    Week 3 150.0 (-2.2 total)
    Week “4” 149.6 (-2.6 total)
    Week 5 148.8 (-3.4 total)

    I am loving this recording. After my 6 week break I thought I hadn’t lost anything, or had even gained. It was so nice to look back and see a loss, small thought it was. I felt the same thing just now, up from my lowest weight of the week, feeling like I had gained, low and behold another small loss. I’ll take it!

    Ok, so life happens, right? I have been fasting only sporadically, but again, coming back to this record X weeks later I am grateful for it once again. 4.4 pounds in 4+ months isn’t amazing, but with so many breaks, days or weeks of not paying any mind to what I was eating except an occasional fast day…. Yes, I am losing this year despite all.

    3-19-18 152.2
    3-26-18 153.6
    4-5-18 148.2
    4-10-18 150.0
    5-28-18 149.6
    6-4-18 148.8
    7-31-18 147.8 (-4.4 total)

    That’s the benefit of keeping track of weight/measurements! 4 pounds is a nice start.

    You know, that whole ‘eat whatever you want on a non-Fast day’ is not true… Once your weight comes down, you can go out for a meal, eat cookies, drink wine — but not all the time and not without care. Have you calculated your TDEE yet? See top of page under Resources, under BMI. It is handy to know if you want the weight to come off faster.

    Thank you for the tips and ideas fasting_me. Yes, I have calculated my tdee,and I do realize that I could (and should) be losing faster if I was committed. I am simply reveling in the fact that having taken the better part of 6 weeks off twice now since I started tracking, I have not only not gained, but have lost a little! I have a plan for the month of August, to be fully on board again, and hope to make some good progress both in my mental relationship with food and in fat loss. I love feeling like this is something I can expect to maintain in September and October and so-on. It’s the kind of thing we all hope, to go hard for a while and then maintain the progress easily. I haven’t lost a lot, granted, but with so many years of down 5, up 5, down 3, up 3, This is actually exciting!


    3-19-18 152.2
    3-26-18 153.6
    4-5-18 148.2
    4-10-18 150.0
    5-28-18 149.6
    6-4-18 148.8
    7-31-18 147.8 (-4.4 total)
    8-7-18 147.0

    Progress is being made!

    Well Done foodfreedomgirl!

    Didn’t realise you had a separate post from the August challenge! Your progress is excellent, well done. We are on a very similar path with running, fasting and overall goal although I’m a little behind you on my weight loss!
    Last weekend was a bank holiday here with a night away so had a shorter week to get back on track but have a 10km race on Sunday so that will keep me on the straight and narrow this weekend so hopefully I can’t do too much damage! Do you do 16:8 every day or just weekdays? I only got 2 days done this week so not a great effort but aiming to get at least 3-4 done next week and eventually get to 5 days a week!

    @louiseo46 – I am actually doing a 20/4 Monday-Friday. I had committed to 8 weeks of this, but on week 2, with three nights in a row of really restless/irritated legs and trouble sleeping I am trying to decide if I should press on. There were a few comments on an old thread that seemed to suggest that it can be terrible, but eventually goes away.

    I started fasting 5:2 last year in March, though I had several periods of time that I stopped for a while. I also completed one 3 day water fast this year. This is definitely going to be a continual part of my journey, though I now realize and accept that it will look different at different times in my life.

    So glad you reached out! I will enjoy sharing this stretch of road with you. Best of luck on the 10 k. I don’t remember where you are located. Here, Idaho, USA, I would not be looking forward to a race this weekend. It’s been between 95-100 degrees this week. It even feels hot to run if I am out as late as 7 AM! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @foodfreedomgirl Hope you had a lovely weekend! And I hope the legs are feeling better. There seems to be a lot of response and advice on the August challenge forum for you so hopefully these help!

    Thank you, 10km went really well I always enjoy those kind of events rather than running on my own and this one was particularly good. It was a Rock n Roll 10km so there was live bands scattered along the route, really enjoyed it. Apart from a monster hill they threw in around the 8km mark I was happy I did it. Signed up for a 16km next in 2 weeks and then half marathon the end of Sept will be the big goal. Wow that is hot, I’m in Ireland so while our Summer has been particularly good this year the temperatures haven’t reached those heights. Well done on fitting running in with that heat!!
    Any good work the run might of done was wiped out with a pizza for dinner so back to the plan today!
    Will probably weigh in Friday this week too still half of August to get to the monthly challenge goal, here’s hoping!

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