Food lobbying groups & gyms

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  • I wonder if supermarkets and gyms will notice any drops in sales because of consumers eating less (on fast days, and buying less) and whether people will cut their gym memberships in order to ‘exercise fast’ outdoors, free of charge?

    Wonder if Dr Mosley had been receiving unpleasant letters from the groups above? !

    I do not think it makes a difference. The number of people following 5:2 is probably not that huge and as we are heading into an obesity disaster worldwide anyhow, I believe the food consumption is on the way up, at least for now. To turn the problem around I believe a lot more education has to happen, starting with the younger generation.

    Can’t find where I read it – but there was an article published in a newspaper ( I think it was the Times) that was probably linked to from a thread somewhere on these forums – which showed that the normal drop in sales of high fat foods that occurs in the new year was not noticed this year in sales. There was also an increase in the sales of frozen dinners in the low calorie range (around the 300 calorie mark).

    It was hypothesized that it was due to the popularity of the 5:2 diet where people were having their cake and dieting too – so to speak.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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