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  • In the video Eat, Fast, Live Longer. There is the strong suggestion to eat more fish.
    That by adding fish to menu may increase longevity by 2 years.

    Here’s the challenge!

    Simply post here when you eat fish!

    Share with us what kind of fish and side dishes that made it good. Especially those pesons that are adding fish to their regular menu where it has been missing as regular feed day meal.

    Especially for those experiencing plateau . I’m very Intrested to know if anyone experiencing plataeu have fish in their diet.
    If the plateau is broken by eating fish as regular feed day meal 1 or 2 times a week.

    I am fisherman and I love to eat fish a lot, in my house I prepare fish in all cases ….

    I ate fish just now. It was cod. I had a small number of tiny, boiled new potatoes and some peas, a lemon wedge and side salad. Nothing fancy but I enjoyed it.

    My son makes an excellent fish curry. We ate that last Friday with a small naan bread each and a little white rice. It was also cod. Neither were fasting days. I really like hot smoked mackerel and salmon. I’m making myself hungry again just thinking about it!

    I had smoked salmon tonight as part of my fast day dinner. Earlier i ate a couple of Bluff oysters as a snack. With the smoked salmon, i had scrambled egg, a roasted portobello mushroom cap, a salad of baby spinach and cherry tomatoes, plus some fresh carrots boiled with a few frozen peas. I love fish but don’t tend to eat enough of it.

    Good replies I like that! Keeps me keeping focused.

    For the second time this week I’ve eaten cat fish for my feed day dinners.
    Grilled, with broccoli, small red beans, 1 cup of prunes, and blueberries.

    I’m on a fasting break for a couple of weeks , but I’m still counting my calories ,and trying to have calorie restriction of 3,500 calories below TDEE over a weeks time. Or about 1 lb. I still try eat the healthy foods on days that would be typical feed days.

    So far I haven’t gained any of it back 🙂

    I found this online article is a quick read about eating fish or taking fish oil supplement.

    Today, a non-fasting day, I ate monkfish – actually a Rick Stein recipe which i changed to suit what i had. So a bed of smashed kumara ( NZ sweet potato) with spinach and cabbage topped with monkfish splurted with a few drops of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yum! P.S more Bluff oysters as an entree 🙂

    Eat, Fish, Live Longer.

    I had the salmon today , it was actually in a salad. But I got a sweet potato also and was satisfied.
    Has a big glass of milk , it had something in that that was either pumpkin spice or tasted like licorice.
    Dinner calories was a total of 800 calories.

    I’m Going to start ADF for two weeks and plan to have fish twice a week.

    I find that cat fish and red beans help me feel sensitive to being full. And that’s what I like to feel when I’m targeting fat loss – feeling full!

    I have eaten fish twice this week.

    Monday I had Cod on a bed of Quinoa and salad, cooking in foil with onion, peppers, spices.

    Then yesterday it was Salmon on with Quinoa and Vegetables, splash of balsamic vinegar. It was lovely!

    Very nice dishes, good for fast days.

    Going to try the ‘Skinny Bouillabaisse’ recipe tomorrow which is in the FastDiet Cookbook. Yum yum

    Hi Guys, I eat fish most days; yesterday it was tuna steak, today will be mackerel. I like to have frozen fish in my freezer, ready for anytime. My favourite has to be cod or hake, both of which come out on ‘500’ days, jhaving few calories. I like prawns and scallops as a treat. I’d welcome other ideas! Eat, fish, fast,live longer.

    An idea to have multiple benefit is eat fish that are natural source of vitamin D. Like catfish and salmon. Of those two a certian species of salmon are high in omega3 and vitaminD .

    Alsakan wild salmon and wild catfish from new orleans. Are good sources of vitamin D.
    The catfish also has a enzyme that helps us not to feel full, but to be sensitive to the full feeling just like kidney beans does

    Also I believe tuna is a good source of vitamin d and omega 3. Not as high as the salmon , but has adequate amounts . For this reason I like tuna for a low carb lunch.

    100 grams of salmon fillet on top of a bed of lettuce and cucumber – yum!!!

    Nice meal on a fasting day.

    I eat fish most days. On a fast day, it tends to be white fish in a broth: on an active fast day, I might also have a fish muffin (blend of tuna/white fish with eggwhites/whole egg and some cheese).

    On non-fast days, fish muffin is a common breakfast (might include mackerel or sardines rather than white fish), and my family eats poached or baked salmon at least once a week.

    I’ve been experimenting with orange zest in the bottom of a slow cooker when eating salmon.

    As i just like salmon flavor the way it is too. Sometimes I have some left over when do the measuring for calorie counting. So I save the pieces in the freezer . When I have enough I make a hot pepper chili with fish as the meat. I like it so I share.
    Here’s a quick read link from another source. This has a list of the fish that have omega3 that is believe to increase longevity.

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