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  • Day 4, 2nd fast day:
    Four days in and on my 2nd Fast day. Saw that my second “non-fast day” caloric intake jumped from 1530 to 1907 yesterday mainly due to a terrible food choice based on convenience. I will try to stay between 1600 to 1800 on the normal days.
    In the middle of a heat wave and staying in A/C most of the day, not sure how that impacts our food and exercise behaviour. Best wishes

    Day 5
    Second fast day was harder;I have a challenge determining proper portion/size amounts for a 100% 600 calorie day. The scale shows a drop this am of 1.2 kilos day to day and BF% down 2.3; not sure how sustainable those results are in a first week.

    It’s normal to lose much more in the first week or two – because a lot of it will be fluid/water weight. But keep going and soon it will be all fat you are losing – just a bit slower.

    Its really hard, but you should try to weigh once a week. Maybe the day after your first fast day of the week. Of course everyone says that, and most of us ignore it and weigh daily… But soon you will see a trend: It goes up and down, but the overall trend will be down. It should be pretty clear after a few weeks.

    Good luck!

    Thank you; tomorrow will start my second week. Ate with abandon-giving into cravings- since last fast day on Thursday, not sure why!. Back to it!

    Lesson learned; after 2nd fast day on Thursday I gave into “bad” carbs (comfort food) over the weekend. Paying price at the scales today but happy to see a small (.5 kilo) weight drop, week over week, proving the value of cumulative calorie reduction/restriction. At that rate I could reach goal weight slowly, and maybe sustain-ably, in about 23 weeks or around the last week in January 2017. However it is not realistic to think I would not go a bit crazy over the holidays though; that said I would be down almost 9 kilos by Christmas!
    We just ended a heat wave and I hid inside with the A/C watching movies; I think I switched into winter hibernation “mode”. Very glad I went for walks when I could prior to the heat and humidity escalating each day.
    This week I may try some alternate fasting days as I will be traveling on Thursday, with Friday a birthday celebration, and realize that fasting will be impossible/challenging on those days. Best to all

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