First day of fasting complete…..Woohoo!!!

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  • I can’t find a questionnaire

    michele…..not surprised you’re tired, sounds like work is hectic and you’re working out 7 days a week…phew….makes me feel tired just thinking about it…haha. Hope things at work slow down for you and you can get more rest for mind and body.
    How come you work out so often, is that a full on session in the gym or a quick 5 minute HIIT workout as recommended by Dr Michael Mosley???
    I need to do more exercise, my job is quite physical, I’m a painter and decorator, so always up and down ladders etc. I have a dog, so always put walking but I don’t think it’s enough, I need to do the HIIT exercises every day, as recommended in the 5:2 exercise book.

    Happy Fast Day everyone 🙂

    The questionnaire was in the book ‘The NEW 5:2 Diet Cookbook’ by Jacqueline Whitehart. Revised & updated for 2017, new science, easier diet days. (All that copied from the cover).

    After marking your questionnaire you have a number:
    0-14 plan A (original)
    15-19 plan B (NEW)
    30-40 plan C (ALTERNATIVE)
    The main reason I’m on B is that we are real night owls and eat very late.

    I have no wish to break copyright rules so I hope that helps.

    Honestly, michele, I cringe when I hear what you eat. It can’t be healthy. Why do you say it is a struggle to eat the adequate amount of food? Are you trying to reach a certain calorie count? I’d guess that the type of foods you eat are causing fatigue. You are supposing that your ability to work out at the gym means that you are getting enough nutrition. Calories DO NOT equal nutrition. Do you eat eggs? Great source of protein and vitamins.

    Fasting. Today we had egg-avocado-crab-cottage cheese baked in a dish for breakfast. Really fast and easy. Tonight we’ll have a variation on ‘mixed sushi’ with brown rice, grilled beef, smoked salmon, egg, and cucumber.

    How goes it, lottie? Jane?

    fasting….Alls well thanks, just coming to the end of another FD….Yay!! Easy one today, been a very busy day at work so time flew by without thinking about food. Tonight I ate a roasted veg omelette, lots of garlic and herbs…was so tasty. Your meals sound a lot more tasty and inventive than mine…haha.
    You did make me smile about having pheasant the other day, I’ve only had pheasant once in my life. I prefer Goose but we rarely eat that either.

    Hope you are going well michele

    Speak soon


    I am sorry you cringe but actually those are foods that I like and make me feel good! Veggies are a no go.

    Tired is not food related, I think its the other factors, for sure. Plus, TOM. 🙂

    I love working out and do it for pleasure and keeping me happy, not for weight loss at all, Love. Thanks for asking though. I am think its great you are in a job that is physical though. As a researcher and professor, I am in meetings, sitting a lot and that gets OLD!

    Fasting– I do love eggs! I keep forgetting about them. I will get some tomorrow:) thank you.

    I have been dairy free for most of my life and starting playing with the butter, I kind of think that isn’t helping much. Need to get that ghee.

    I agree that calories do not meet nutrition.. no way. I really do not believe it is the foods I am eating, for me, carbs bring on fatigue, weight gain and that is not changing.

    However, I could try more salmon! That has good nutrients! Good call:)

    How are you ladies doing on the weight loss? Maintaining?


    Week 5 over with and I’ve lost another 2lbs….8 lbs in total….I’m so happy. I have been walking a little more with my dog this week, now the evenings are drawing out.
    Now the weather is getting warmer and the dreaded summer clothes have to come out, I shall feel a little more confident wearing them this year.

    FD today and I’m working outside, the sun is out for a change and I will have to drink plenty of water for sure.

    Michele How could you forget about eggs? Hahaha
    Even I feel better knowing you can eat something other than Bacon and fat. Eggs and Bacon are one of my favs…hahaha.

    fasting I hope you are maintaining well

    Happy FD 🙂

    Hi Love!

    I thought I replied to this. I am so happy for you on the weight loss. Congrats!!

    Love the warm weather, but not too hot!

    I tried some eggs with my bacon.. lol. Not a huge fan, but it worked for something different.

    I am doing well, just still ADF:) Today was fasting day so nothing but water. I did have a pat of butter when I came home from work, I am not sure why.. but it felt ok. Tomorrow I have a presentation to give at a conference, then a meeting and then I am eating. Well, I have to get some waxing done ( eyebrows) then I am going to try and eat my amazing dinner. I am hungry right now but I will just ride it out.

    The evenings can be hard for me as I like to eat at night, even my one meal. However, I am getting used to this ADF..:)))

    I even did my kickboxing today, had 2 meetings and worked on other stuff.

    Ok.. now I am rambling. Are you doing oak today?I hope so. I think I lost a lb or 2, but not totally sure. I am PMS so who knows with the water weight this week.

    Have a great weekend, and hope you get some sun. I actually read that research supports that sun is good for weight loss as well:)

    Hi michele, thanks for the support, it’s appreciated.

    You know, I’m gonna stop weighing every day, as I weighed yesterday and again this morning and I’ve put on 3lbs 🙁 I know my weight flunctuates dramatically during a week but when I’m weighing heavier, I feel really disheartened. I’m gonna weigh once a week, on Thursday mornings. Maybe this very warm weather has somehow made me gain weight….bring back the cold weather in that case….hahaha.
    ThIs week has probably been my easiest, as I’m so used to the routine now and I honestly can’t eat as much I as I used too, I feel full eating half the amount I used to eat. FD’s go by without too much effort now.

    This evening, I was really craving a pizza, I told my BF I was going to eat a large one all to myself and savour every mouthful. Well, I did try but could only eat half of it and my BF ate the other half, that was a surprise. Plus my cravings for sweet things, which are my weakness, have almost disappeared completely. No longer do I have to eat something sweet after my meals. So, I’m seeing much progress regarding my eating habits.

    michele, I hope your conference and meetings went well yesterday. You have a very busy life so no wonder you love your sleep. I also love my bed, I sleep with no problem at all. My parents always told me I could sleep on a washing line….haha. Sleep is very important to recharge the batteries etc.

    Tell me…how the hell do you eat a pat of butter???hahaha
    Keep persevering with the eggs, as you know there are many many ways to cook eggs, you may find one method you really like.
    I’m glad the ADF is working for you, it does take time for the body to adjust to these things. It seems to benefit you in certain ways.

    Hope you have a good week, easy FD’s and fulfilling NFD. Speak soon

    fasting….how’s things??

    Hi Love

    Nice to hear that you are doing well and were able to just listen to your body on the foods with your BF. I am sure that feels empowering!

    Yes, I agree on the scale, it really does make an impact on our moods sometimes. However, you just have to keep it all in perspective. The FACTS. Facts are that you feel better and you are losing on an average basis, much more realistic. Factors influence weight that have NOTHING to do with food and fasting sometimes… I like your new approach.

    As for me, well, conference went well and yes. I am all work no fun at all right now;( I would like to change that and hope to soon.

    The butter… well, that was not the best move. Something went off yesterday because it was my ED, and I had a lot of bacon, butter, pork rinds, ghee.. but then I was up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach. I am not sure what happened, either I really can’t eat ghee or too much fat but its weird because I have eaten all of that and more before and never had a strong reaction like last night. Sweating, bathroom issues and just not good. So, maybe a combo of too much salt, no gym yesterday and a lot more food than normal. I might have to go back to just one meal a day on ED, but that is hard when I am fasting ADF. I do great on fasting days, but eating days seems to be more stressful for me. Weird.

    I think it really was just the ghee and butter. I seem to do better with just meat and water. So be it. Right? gotta listen to what feels right for MY body. I have TOM this week so my weight was a little up, but whatever. I went to the gym today ,doing work and then getting a massage. I need to do something to relax.

    Yes, sleep is so important! 🙂 I wonder if I should try and eat a little on my fasting days just to keep myself more balanced? Hmm.. we will see how I feel later.

    I will keep the eggs in mind! Thank you.

    Hey There

    Just dropped by to see how everyone is doing. Hope dieters and maintainers are doing well.

    michele I hope your tummy troubles have disappeared, it must be so frustrating, trying new things and then paying for it later. Your diet is so limited as it is. I have big respect for you living a very busy life, achieving academic and career goals, regularly excercising and not letting the food issue get in the way of living your life.

    It’s my weigh in tomorrow morning and I must admit, I’m not holding much hope of losing anything this week. It’s been a different week from day 1. After last Thursdays weigh in, losing 2 lbs, I was thrilled. I weighed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I was 3 lbs heavier….. not good for motivation. I’ve been eating the right foods this week and haven’t indulged in anything naughty, so maybe it’s a sign I need to increase my FD’s to 3 a week. We’ll wait and see what the scales say tomorrow.

    FD tomorrow, so I’m hoping it’s going to be an easy one.

    Happy FD 🙂

    Hey There

    Just dropped by to see how everyone is doing. Hope dieters and maintainers are doing well.

    michele I hope your tummy troubles have disappeared, it must be so frustrating, trying new things and then paying for it later. Your diet is so limited as it is. I have big respect for you living a very busy life, achieving academic and career goals, regularly excercising and not letting the food issue get in the way of living your life.

    It’s my weigh in tomorrow morning and I must admit, I’m not holding much hope of losing anything this week. It’s been a different week from day 1. After last Thursdays weigh in, losing 2 lbs, I was thrilled. I weighed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I was 3 lbs heavier….. not good for motivation. I’ve been eating the right foods this week and haven’t indulged in anything naughty, so maybe it’s a sign I need to increase my FD’s to 3 a week. We’ll wait and see what the scales say tomorrow.

    FD tomorrow, so I’m hoping it’s going to be an easy one.

    Happy FD 🙂

    2lbs…….I’ve gained 2lbs……not surprising but totally cheesed off as I’ve eaten healthily all week. The only thing I can think it can be is because it’s been very warm all week, for the first time in many months, I might not be drinking enough water so maybe dehydrated. I don’t know.

    Today’s FD is going to be a hard one as I’ve no motivation. 🙁

    Fasting today. Needed after going out for lunch 2 days in a row! ‘Course going out for lunch means no dinner that night, so that minimizes the calorie intake. Not starving ourselves mind you — we weren’t hungry for dinner.
    Breakfast = Smoked Salmon/Green Onion Scrambled Eggs with mango on the side.
    Dinner = Steak Salad containing asparagus, green beans, mango, and lettuce.

    Hope you are doing well, Lottie; Michele; FI-Jane.

    Hi there, I’m really glad I stumbled on this thread and I hope you all don’t mind m me jumping on! I’m very new to this and reading this thread has been fantastic. My first day today, a fast day too, like a lot of you I didn’t want to put it off any longer! I finished reading the main part of the book last night and thought right! This it is! Do it now!!!!! I’m going to try weekly weighing but I know I’ll be on the scales every hour 😩 I’m currently 90kgs I’m not sure what that is in lbs but it’s a lot for my height 168cms. I’ve got a lot to lose but slow and steady. I’m actually really excited and I’m hoping to see big changes over then next 18 months. I’ll keep following this thread with interest as it’s like an insight into the near future!

    Welcome Alli, it’s lovely to hear from you. I love hearing other people’s stories and journeys

    Sounds as though you’re very similar to me regarding weight and height and like you I thought it was about time I finally did something about it.
    I’m on my 7th week and apart from last week, I’ve been doing really well, one or two pounds coming off each week, by the end of the 6th week, i had lost 8lbs……yay…..but last week I put on 2 lbs which I think was because I wasn’t drinking enough water, considering the hot weather we were experiencing last week in the UK…I can’t think of anything else as I stuck to the diet all week. I was very annoyed and frustrated but these things can happen. I’m not going to let it hamper my progress, I’m still determined to lose another 14 lbs at least.

    I weighed myself every morning until last week. If you’re like me, you’re weight will flunctuate dramatically each day, it’s really is quite surprising. I’ve now decided to weigh myself once a week because I get disheartened when I see the scales go up.

    I wish you all the best on your 5:2 journey. Good luck with your first FD, I’m sure you’ll be fine, it does get easier I promise.
    Please let us know how you get on, we’re all here to support each other. 🙂

    michele Hope you are well

    fasting Lovely to hear from you, glad all is well your end.

    Happy Friday and Happy weekend peeps 🙂

    how is everyone doing??

    Isn’t it surprising how having a huge row with your BF can have an effect on your diet. I’m now on what seems my third consecutive FD as even if I wanted to eat, I just can’t stomach it, my stomach is in knots, I hate this feeling. I’ve lost 4lbs in three days. 🙁


    I am sorry!!! That is not how we want to end up fasting. I am so freaking single right now so I don’t know that feeling, but I remember those days. I am still in the dating scene.. but zero going on right now. Just embracing my single life!

    I hope it gets better with BF.. try to focus on the positive and do your own thing. SELF CARE lady!!!

    Hang in there.

    :)) Stay positive if you can. Easier said than done, I know..

    Thank you michele for the support. Things are still up in the air with the BF, he’s incredibly stubborn and likes to drag out a good argument.

    I don’t mind being single, having complete freedom again, it certainly has its benefits 🙂

    As for the weight loss this week, I’ve lost 6 lbs. I’ve basically been on a continual 800 calorie a day diet since Saturday, not intentional of course but I couldn’t eat much more. So, I know this weight loss isn’t real, once my emotions have calmed down and I’m back to normal, I guess I’ll be putting back on a few pounds.
    There’s no way I would’ve maintained a 800 calorie a day diet for 6 days plus before.

    Anyway, it’s a FD today, so it’ll be easy for me this week.

    Hope alls well with you and you’re now having an easier time at work.

    fasting…….Hope alls good with you

    Alli……How did your first week on the diet go??? Good I hope.

    Keep up the good work everyone 🙂

    Hi Love!

    How are you? So good to hear from you.. I feel like our thread doesn’t get much action, but whatever! We have us. 🙂

    I hear you on the single life. I am just going with it, no reason to settle. I am hopeful that it will all workout.

    Yes, it is real regarding your weight loss. However, 800 is low. I have been still doing ADF and my struggle is to eat enough on ED.. sometimes I barely eat 1000 and I am eating ADF, but more like every 48 hours. It will be ok. If I didn’t workout, it would be so easy.

    Work is crazy busy, but soon it will slow down with summer! Yippeee….

    Have a great night!

    Hey michele

    How’s your weekend been? I hope you have time to rest and relax on weekends. Do you workout most days? You are so good exercising so much.

    My BF and I are talking which is something positive….but I still haven’t seen him in person since the arguement, it’s been a tough week and not one which I wish to repeat. Many times this week I’ve thought about how much easier it is to be single.

    After a week of constant unintentional fasting, my stomach has stopped its churning and my diet has returned to a normal 5:2 fasting routine, which is a relief. I’ve been feeling quite light headed all week.

    I’ve been walking loads too and feel I’ve gained some muscle in my legs and bum, they feel more toned anyway. I actually got to see a girlfriend over the weekend, who I met on a trek in Nepal 4 years ago, we trekked the Annapurna circuit. We ended this weekend by booking another trip together next April to Everest Base Camp…..hahaha. I’m so excited and it will give me the motivation to step up my exercise routine and lose more weight.

    I agree….our thread seems to be just you and me these days…..but like you said we have each other to support and encourage, so I’m grateful for that.

    Hope you have a great week and speak soon 🙂

    Hi Love

    I am glad you replied and you are feeling better. You definitely need to take care of you!! 🙂 That is my single girl coming out. I know sometimes it can be hard because we always want things to be ok with the BF. Anyhow, you do YOU.

    I love to hear that you met up with a friend and that helps. I do workout everyday… almost too much I think sometimes. I am working on balance, but I seem to lack it in some areas.. all work and no fun is not healthy, but right now I need to work a lot. I actually consider my gym fun though!

    nice on the legs! We often underestimate how strong we are, especially in the legs!! That is so awesome that you booked another trip. I want to travel more as well. I am working on some financial stuff right now but hoping to figure that out and give me more freedom.

    Yep! We have each other and that helps. I am grateful for you too:) I look forward to chatting with another faster.

    So, I am in my 3 day fast. I just started it on Saturday… so I eat tomorrow night at 8. I wanted to get 72 hours in, and that would be at 6 tomorrow but I teach until 7, then an hour to get home. So dinner at 8. I can’t wait actually.

    I am kind of tired but I did 3 classes this am with no food since Saturday. It is really true about what they say, when you are fat adapted, it is easier to fast and workout.

    Ok, enough of me. I am kind of stressed about news on my student loans, but pray that tomorrow it gets worked out. I will pray and send good thoughts on BF. Oh!! I hope that did not offend you, by praying I mean Meditate:)

    What do you do for work?

    Have a great night. Going to bed!!! :))

    Hi michele

    Lovely to hear from you

    This is just a quick message for now just to say all is going well with the diet, I’ve lost another pound this week, that’s 13lbs in total, so of course, im very happy.

    Still haven’t seen the BF, I really don’t know what’s happening there tbh. Like you said I will look after ME, that will make a change.

    3 day fasting….that takes some will power. I’m a painter and decorator so quite a physical job but a job I absolutely love. I find on fast days I have to eat the 500 calories otherwise I feel light headed.

    Hope things get sorted regarding the student loans, you must worry about your students.

    I’ve got to get to work now….speak soon 🙂

    Hi Love
    Congrats on the weight loss! I am glad you are doing well:)

    Things are going ok, just really busy with work.. blah blah blah.

    I was going to do another 3 day fast but decided to do ADF instead. So, today I am fasting until tomorrow. I lost a little weight but more inches. To be honest, I am not really striving to lose a ton. Its more about feeling good and I always feel better when I am about 5 lbs less than I am now. We will see.

    Moving forward on the student loans, and things are going to fall in place!

    I had 2 pieces of sf gum today! am not a fan of artificial anything, so I felt a tad guilty.

    What are you eating on ED?

    Glad you are doing good and yep!! Take care of you… :)))

    Hey Love

    Just wanted to say hope you had a good day today! I did a fast today but had a bouillon cube and some SF gum. Going to bed early.. tired.

    I love sleeping:)

    Chat soon.

    Hey peace….. have you changed your username just to confuse me…..haha

    Glad alls well with you, I love gum, it does help on FD’s

    Thanks for the congrats, I really do feel so much healthier and fitter now I’ve dropped some weight, I can now get into jeans I haven’t been able to get into for two years….yay!!! People have noticed I’ve lost weight too which is always a boost.
    I met the BF yesterday, first time since our falling out two weeks ago. It went well, we were both treading on eggshells a bit but we had a lovely afternoon together, so I think things will work out. I hope they do.
    He noticed straight away I had lost weight…haha.

    On my NFD’s….I have no problem at all eating, so have to be quite controlled……i tend to eat porridge or Bran Flakes for breakfast. I have soup or chicken salad or similar for lunch, something very light anyway and then for dinner, I will eat fish with roasted veg or stir-fry or omelette and salad or baked potato with something and of course I love Bacon and eggs.

    Did you try the eggs out again in your diet?? I know you said you weren’t overly enthusiastic about them.

    Not surprised you love your sleep so much, after your hectic job and all the exercise you do. Sleep is so important.

    Take care and speak soon, have a good week :))))


    I think I use Peace in other forums so I forgot that here is Michele!! Lol. I like peace better though. I am glad you are doing well and things are ok with BF:)) Yep, just see how things go, day by day, right? It sounds like you are heading in the right direction, losing weight, feeling good and reconciling with BF! I am glad you posted.

    If you don’t mind me asking, how much weight do you want to lose, or where are you at on the point? I am doing ok! Yep, busy day and today was fasting day.. drinking water, some tea and chewing some gum before bed.

    I wish I could just eat a ton on refeed days, but my body can’t handle a lot. Nope, not into eggs. However, I did try some burger and felt better but I still love love love my bacon!!!

    I am around 114 right now. 5’4. Just to give you an idea… weight is only a number, but I always felt amazing at 110. That might be too low for me.. seems like the more fat I eat, the more weight I lose in general. Fasting just helps me to feel more grounded and productive! Its EASY. I guess that is the other reason I love it. I am ALL about easy.

    Still single and no action on that end:(

    Hi Michele, lovely to hear from you. I like Peace as well.

    I’ve had the most horrendous couple of days. Me and my BF have split up. After nearly 3 weeks of limbo, he decided he didn’t want the relationship anymore and even though I thought this might happen, even after we met on Sunday, I’m totally shocked and heartbroken. I know I will get over it, I always have in the past but going through this emotional upset really hurts.
    Not surprisingly I’ve lost another 3 lbs this week. That’s 16 lbs in total in 9 weeks. Regardless of the upset, I’ve still been eating but it’s been much easier skipping meals as I’ve not had the appetite.

    Omg…you are so petite compared to me….lol

    I’m 5ft 6 and was 181 lbs, I am now 165 lbs.
    I’ve always carried weight, so my goal was to get down to 161 lbs to see how the diet went. I’m only 4 lbs off that, so now my new goal is 154lbs, I’ve got to be realistic, I will never be my ideal weight which is according to certain health websites between 133 to 140 lbs. I would actually look really ill and old being that slim.

    I will be happy between 154 and 161lbs. If I could do that before I go to Everest base camp next April, I would be so happy, just think of all those pounds of weight I wouldn’t have to carry…lol

    Us single girls will be ok :))) Speak soon

    Oh yeah, good news about the burgers, something else to eat with the bacon…lol

    HI Love
    I am sorry to hear this about the boyfriend, but as they say– it was not meant to be. Someone even better will come your way for sure. That sounds so cliche but it I true. I get it!! Hang in there, my friend. I know you WILL be ok. I believe that.

    Congrats on the weight loss. Keep fasting… you deserve to feel good about you:) Weight is annoying lol. Those numbers really do not mean a darn thing. I am petite, but honestly, I am heavier than I would like right now. My body feels good at 112 ish..

    I had a bad reaction last night to some meat, and happy to be fasting today. I was reading on a fasting reddit forum that people don’t eat for like 7 days and workout more than me! I think sometimes I overestimate how much I need to eat on my refeed days. I have so much grading to do and need to focus on it.

    I know you will hit your goal weight:)

    I am so single and trying to embrace it as well! If you were closer, we could hangout and laugh about our amazing single lives. So sick sometimes of listening to people talk about hubby and kids.

    On a side note, we have FREEDOM!!

    Hope I feel better by tomorrow. I had a rough night with food. I need to really drink more water and get back to myself. I just feel off today.

    I am in a coffee shop right now and it is so freaking loud that I can’t focus and grade. LOL

    Awww…..thank you so much michele, that’s really kind of you. I’ve been in this positive on several occasions, it never gets easier unfortunately but I know I will get through it.

    The end of last week was pretty horrendous, so emotional but I think I’ve had a breakthrough this weekend as I feel a lot better today, more positive and looking forward to my holiday in August (going to Croatia with my lovely mum) and training for Everest trek. I’ve got lots to look forward too. I’ve arranged to go out with friends I haven’t seen in months, funny how we neglect our friends once we’re in relationships. So, I’m basically trying to keep myself busy. Work does help, I love my job and it keeps me from wallowing in self pity.

    I really hope you feel better today, sounds horrible, no wonder you feel better on fast days. I can’t believe people fast for 7 days and still work out so much….wow…..but whatever works for them I guess.

    Yes, it would be lovely if we lived closer, Ive got plenty of tales to tell…lol.

    Good luck with the grading, that’s very time consuming. I don’t envy you.

    Right, best get off to work. Have a great week and speak soon 🙂

    Hey michele……hope you are well. How’s work?? Still mega busy? Are you still regularly going to the gym? I’ve been walking loads for the last few weeks, the weather here has been fantastic, ideal for long walks with my lovely dog Freddie.

    I lost another 2lbs this week, so very happy. I’m only 2 lbs off my first goal which is 161lbs….yay!! This has cheered me up no end, I have 3 months until I go on my holidays to Croatia and I’ve already surpassed my expectations. Weight loss has been extremely difficult for me since my Thyroid was removed 8 years ago.

    Its always lovely to hear people compliment me and notice that I’ve lost weight, gives me a real boost. My clothes also look a lot better on me too, fewer bulges….lol.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

    It has been more than a month — how are things going for you Love? Michele? Fi-Jane?
    In good health? Still Fasting?

    We went on a 10-day trip to the Azores and had a great time in that beautiful place. Lots of good food and since we had a self-catering place, we could bring home left-overs to repurpose as Fast meals.

    happy Week-end.

    Hi Michele, hope you are ok, haven’t heard from you for over a week. How’s your busy schedule?, are things still manic?. How’s the ADF going??

    Hi fasting, welcome back, you were missed 🙂
    I’ve never been to the Azores, will have to look it up, not sure where it is, off Northern Africa I think???
    So glad you had a wonderful holiday 🙂

    Well, it’s my 11th week weigh in today. I lost another pound this week, which considering what I’ve eaten all week, I’m actually relieved not to have put any weight on. I haven’t pigged out as such but I have had a few ice creams and some cake and an Indian I’ve lost 20 lbs in total. I see a real big diffence in my body now, I’ve lost a huge tyre around my middrift and my legs are slimmer, I feel great 🙂

    Next week will be the week I re-measure my bust, waist and hips. It’ll be 3 months into the diet, so it’ll be interesting to see how many inches I’ve lost.

    Well, I hope you both have a great weeks, stay focussed and speak soon.

    So glad to hear of the good progress you have made, Love.

    Hello everyone,

    Hello everyone,

    Just an update on my progress.

    It’s was my birthday last week and I did eat lots of lovely cakes and all my favourite foods, so not surprisingly I put some weight on.
    This week however, I stuck to the diet and have lost a whopping 5 lbs…..isn’t that amazing!!!
    I’ve surpassed my first target weight and am now heading for my ultimate goal weight which is 154lbs. I’m only 5 lbs off this target and I know I can do it.
    I’ve lost 3 inches from my bust (which is always the last to lose weight), I’ve lost 6 inches from my waist, 4 inches from my hips and 1 inch from my neck. My waist is where I carry most of my weight, so I’m so relieved to have lost inches there.
    I was watching a program on tv last night about the dangers of visceral fat which clings to your bodies organs, people who carry weight in their torso are more prone to having it, which can lead to Diabetes, Strokes or Heart Attacks. I know that the weight I’m losing will help combat any illnesses or diseases.
    I’m feeling fitter and healthier, I’m walking 3 wick miles every evening and I think that has helped a lot.

    I hope you are all doing well. Take care 🙂

    How is it with you, Love?
    Michele — what’s the word?
    Fi-Jane — still with us?

    I’m getting down to my ‘summer weight’ these days. It seems that it is easier for me to get below my target weight [and to stay there] in the warm months. So currently I’m pretty happy.
    Fasting today: Tomato/cheese omelette with mango for breakfast. Chicken Quesadillas + small salad for dinner. Good stuff.

    Hello everyone do you mind if I join you please?! I’ve been reading through the threads for a few weeks and seeing everyone’s stories, and you guys seem a really friendly bunch! 🙂

    My name is Abi and I’m planning to re-start the 5:2 tomorrow. I first tried 5:2 when the horizon programme came out back in 2012 and it worked really well! I’ve done it off & on over the years since but lately have really struggled to get started and stick to it, plus lots of life changes has meant I’m now I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been 🙁 I really want to get going and see it through this time because I know how well it works! I’m starting at 12st 7lbs and want to get down to 10st ideally. Hope you are all having a great weekend! 😊

    Hey Abi… are very welcome 🙂 We always love to see new faces here.

    How did your first day fasting go?? Was it easier than the first time you tried the diet? It takes some will power doesn’t it but it gets easier, as you know.
    I’ve been on a FD today, it was an easy one thankfully.

    I started my diet 3 months ago and have lost a stone and a half so far. I’m really pleased with my progress as I don’t find dieting easy….does anyone…lol. This is my first time trying the 5:2, I was recommended it by a friend whose done very well on it. I’ve got to admit, I was a little sceptical this diet would work for me.
    I was 13 stone when I started, so 11 and a half now…..I can hardly believe it really, I don’t find I’m missing out particularly, I’m making healthier choices when I’m eating out and after a FD I’m reluctant to eat too much the next day and spoil what I’ve achieved. My portion sizes have become a lot smaller as my stomach has shrunk due to eating less.
    I’m walking 4 miles every evening with my dog, I try and walk as fast as I can and always incorporate a good hill. My job is very active, I’m a painter and decorator, so I’m on my feet most of the day. I don’t enjoy going to the gym, I far prefer to be walking/hiking in the fresh air.
    I have a sweet tooth and that is the only element I’m still finding difficult to control. I don’t buy chocolate anymore but if it’s in the house, I will eat it, same goes with cake….lol. But I find I can eat small amounts every so often. I’m lucky I don’t drink, I know a lot of people love a glass of wine in the evenings.
    What’s your weakness??
    I would like to lose another half a stone, which is a realistic goal for me. I haven’t been 10 stone something since I was a teenager.,,,lol, I’d be very content to maintain an 11 stone weight.

    Well…I hope you have a great week and Thursdays FD is an easy one for you. 🙂

    Hi fasting
    I’m so glad all is well with you and you’re reaching your summer weight, I agree it is easier to diet in the summer months. Well done you, keep up the good work. 🙂

    Love, it is so good to hear about your weight loss and inches lost and all your walking. You are on to something good!

    Hi, Abi, welcome to Fasting. hope your 1st day went well.

    michele, it sounds as if you were having a rough patch in mid-May. Hope things are looking up for the end of the school year.

    Good Fast Day today: Mushroom-Eggs on Toast in the am, then mackerel with gooseberry glaze and zucchini ribbons for dinner.

    Hey everyone!!
    Sorry I didn’t get chance to reply last week (was really manic with work!) first fast day went well and I also fasted on Wednesday too, but then I’m sure I undid all my hard work over the weekend as had some last minute social plans which involved cake and pizza amongst other things!! hoping for a better (more planned) week this week.
    1st fast of the week done today and have finished on 440cals – will be fasting weds & fri too this week! I have found today’s fast really easy thankfully.

    Lottie it’s really inspiring to hear your progress, i’d love to be the weight you are now. I also have a major sweet tooth which i find really hard to control!! I’m a Midwife so there are always biscuits and sweet treats on offer. I can be quite active with my job but also am sometimes desk based, I can usually get my 10,000 steps in most days though! I’m getting far too used to the elasticated waist bands on my scrubs though so when it comes to wearing normal clothes reality hits in at just how tight they’ve gotten haha.

    Hope you are have a great week& good luck with all your fast days! 🙂

    Hi there.. Errm I feel like I’m stalking you guys, Ive just read through your posts, this seems an excellent, open, honest and supportive group…

    Michelemm1. -we have something in common in that i too was working toward my PhD in a psychology related discipline. I was awarded mine this time last year, but I feel it broke me.. I’ve suferred “cant be ar5ed itis” ever since. I’m a full time lecturer and quite research active, have a young boy into every sport going and a hubby who can be away and works unpredictable patterns, no childcare available — so that me, no time, knackered and oversight lol -though I a still smiling 🙂

    Lottie- your journey sounds very much like I would expect mine to be, ups and downs but wow I’m so impressed how you stuck it and encouraged by your results.

    I have never done a fasting diet before, I have lost weight on SW and WW but it took so much effort that and time that I just do t have. I’m encouraged to see that others have a similar situation…

    So at the moment I am just reading up on the diet, getting tips etc but thought I might post into here you guys will have me..


    Hey fasting,
    Thank you for the continued support, it’s much appreciated. Hope alls well with you. What lovely food are you eating this week, you always seem to make very tasty healthy meals.

    Hey michele
    Hope you are well my friend and work is a little easier now. Take care

    Hey Abi
    So glad you’re back on it….we all have weeks where dieting hasn’t quite gone to plan. How did your 3 days fasting go this week?? Have you tak n notes of your body measurements??? It’s a real boost to see the inches drop off. I was advised by fasting_me to re-measure every 3 months. Good luck this week

    Hey Sarah
    Lovely to have you as part of the group. Thank you for the lovely comments. I’m always appreciative of the support, it gives me a real boost.
    Wow….you do sound incredibly busy with work and home life, you must feel run ragged sometimes….makes me feel tired just thinking about it….lol.
    Regards the dieting, I’ve never followed SW or WW, but I did follow the Rosemary Conley diet for about 6 months, years ago. I lost a stone. I found it a pain, looking at every food label looking for the fat content per 100gms….jeez….plus the weight was so slow coming off, when I stuck to it religiously, I lost all motivation.
    This diet has been a whole lot easier to do, simple rules which I like plus flexibility as well, makes it ideal for me. The weight has been steadily coming off and I’ve never felt disheartened with it. FD’s have become easier as time goes on.

    I must confess, I’ve been slacking big time lately, only 1 fast day per week, for the last 2 weeks. How Ive managed to maintain my weight and not put on lbs I’ve no idea, ive been away for a long weekend and food and drink was consumed a plenty…lol. I also went to a charity Afternoon Tea and scoffed shed loads of cake….I’m not gonna lie, I savoured and loved every mouthful….lol
    But I need to get a grip……I’m so close to my ultimate goal weight, I’d be bonkers to lose focus now. My main motivation is the benefits to my health, which I’m already feeling. My short time motivation has been my holiday to Croatia in August, which is only 6 weeks away now, so I really really want to shift another half a stone, I know i can do it, if I stick to the 5:2 religiously.
    Today I woke up and was just in the right frame of mind to do a FD, so that’s what I did. I’ve been really good and found it quite easy as I was focused. I also walked about 6 miles this evening with my dog.
    My walking is what I’ve been determined to do each evening, apart from my active job, walking is the only other exercise I do. I’ve been walking the 4 miles every evening for months now and I definately see and feel the benefits. Of course, the weather had been amazing, I wonder of I’ll be as keen to walk when it’s peeing down with rain….lol. We shall see.
    Think I will do another FD on Tuesday and one on Thursday this week, see how it goes. But definately 2.

    Sending out loads of positive vibes and hope the diet fairies prevent you from scoffing too many calories… Happy fasting people!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!

    Michelemm, how are you? Still going OK?

    Love, how about you?

    We’ve been traveling a lot — weekend trips, one 10-day excursion. And through it all, the weight pretty much stays where it should. Hooray.

    Hey fasting, alls well with me thanks. I’ve been doing so well these past couple of days, so hoping for a weight loss this week. I’m on a FD today.

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time travelling. So glad your weight is where you want it to be….gives me confidence I’ll be able to maintain my weight when I’m down to my ultimate goal.

    Fasting today, although it is Tuesday. Breakfast = Chèvre-Spinach Baked Egg with cherries. Dinner will be my version of Dim Sum: Chicken Momos, Satay, Wonton soup, maybe some Chinese BBQ Pork [just the filling, not the steamed buns].

    Really hot here in Eastern US. Will that help or hurt the Fast? We’ll see..

    Hi.. so nearing the end of my fasting day today, my first fasting day, all has gone okay got really hungry around 5 PM had a low-calorie stirfry sort of thing for tea I have to admit that right now I am absolutely craving something bad really trying to stick it out till tomorrow… fingers crossed


    Hi Sarah, FD’s can be challenging at times, especially when it’s all new, it takes some getting used too but it does get easier. You learn to deal with it but it can be a struggle sometimes.
    I’m so glad you’ve done well on your first day. Usually when I get to around 9pm and I’ve been really good but feel tempted to eat something I shouldn’t…..I go to bed….lol. It’s the only way for me to succeed a FD.

    Enjoy your non FD tomorrow. The day after my first FD I thought I would pig out big time…but I didn’t, I didn’t want to ruin the good I’d done on my FD. You may feel the same tomorrow.

    Good luck on your first 5:2 week, you’re doing great 👍

    What’s new with Love? and michele?

    Fasted yesterday: Chèvre-Spinach Egg Bake, then a Dim Sum Plate for dinner. The latter was made easier by having wontons and momos and Chinese pork BBQ in the freezer. My husband loved it.
    Fasting tomorrow after 4th of July celebrations today.

    Hey ladies hope you don’t mind me jumping in 🙂 Fasting you are so helpful and Love I have been so encouraged by your journey. Today is my first fasting day…wasn’t too bad I prepared for it breakfast which was really at lunch a big bowl of cut strawberries (it was about a cup worth so 55 calories) then because it is Independence Day (or treason day if you are across the pond) a small piece of BBQ chicken 328 calories, 2 cups of broccoli and cauliflower for 60 calories and 1/4 cup of baked beans for 70 calories. It is a smidge over 500 but 8-10 calories shouldn’t matter too much :). But it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was prepared for it to be….of course it is super hot today so maybe that helped :). I hope everyone else is doing well 🙂

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