Finding it difficult as I'm so large

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Finding it difficult as I'm so large

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  • OK. Here’s the thing. Under the fast diet, I can only have 600 calories a day when I’m on my fasting days. However, I’m 300lbs and only having 600 cals a day is a massive drop for someone my size. Does anyone have any tips on how to get through those days within getting headaches and feeling faint.

    Obviously, being so heavy is the reason I’m on the fasting diet. I have high blood pressure and I was advised by my doctor to do this diet, but I need help from others in my position. I have 8 stone to lose so I have a long way to go but I need to persevere with it and I don’t want to give up.

    Hi per97uk, the 600 calories is not an absolute rule. It is based on the fact that the average calorie intake for a man is about 2400 calories and you should aim for 25% on your fast day.
    If you click on “how ?” on top of the page you’ll find a bmr and tdee calculator. It’ll show you what your intake on a normal day should be based on your age, gender, size and level of activity. On your fasting day you should eat 1/4 of your tdee and it may well be more than 600 for you. Regardless of the numbers, given that you’re a big fella maybe you should try around 800 calories on your fasting days and see how you manage. As you start losing weight you can gradually decrease the calories.

    Good luck!

    It is a massive drop, but as someone who only gets 500 at 220lb 600 would be great but less effective

    I never felt faint although I thought that I would. Headaches have come and gone, just take painkillers and drink lots of water. It is said that when we think we are hungry, it is usually thirst.

    You won’t collapse in a heap.If you have the book, read it cover to cover for inspiration.If not, there are loads of folk who post regularly and will support you.

    They do say that you need to try anything for 6 weeks for it to become a habit. Have you thought of measuring bust/chest, waist,hips, upper arms, thighs and calves? I am a huge advocate of this as when the weight seems slow, you can ‘see’ that you are actually shrinking.

    Rather than have the rather daunting figure of 8 stone as goal, why not have much smaller goals? Why not pick 2 lb? Remember 2×7= 14lb/stone!

    Remember, it is just for 1 day. You can have what ever you want the next day, but not how much. You will need to stick to your TDEE on non fast days and the weight will shimmy off.I am also a fan of goals that are not food, so I now have a selection of new handbags as goals were met.

    This is a marathon and not a sprint.It is also a new way of life and the benefits to your health and self esteem will be huge.

    Keep us posted.

    Hi, per97uk,

    How many fasts have you done? I’m no expert, but I found it does get easier. So, yes, you have good days and bad days, but it definitely gets easier. Also, I DO NOT STOP DRINKING; tea (with just a little skimmed milk for me), fizzy water, zero cal lemonade, more fizzy water, anything to take my mind off hunger pangs (which come and go). I’ve broken a fast twice (in about 30 fasts), both with 100 cals (as I had the shakes) but otherwise, it’s gird the loins!

    I wish you all the best, do stop by and let us know how you are getting on? I hope you get that BP down. We’re all in this together.

    Aud x

    I meant to add (but with a heatwave day of 39C it was too hot to think for long) that the first 2 weeks were a challenge for me, but if you have a positive approach ie thinking “I can do this” it will really help you. Having a strategy helps. For example the first fast days I made sure I had a couple of 1.25litre bottles of sparkling mineral water so that I could keep drinking that to distract myself from hunger. I also learned that for me (we are all different) that I need to skip breakfast, eat 150 for lunch and 350 for dinner, and make them mostly protein or I don’t fall asleep. Not because I was hungry, but my brain would stay awake.

    Also, as one of my friends who is also doing 5:2 said to me, it took her 3 or 4 attempts to get down to her 500cals, but it got easier. So don’t think because it’s hard for you in the first couple of weeks that it’s impossible to adapt.

    You’ll find that you’ll get a better sense of fullness and be less likely to overeat on the non-fast days as you get used to it.

    Hi per97uk,
    I’m starting from 118kg (18 stone/260 pounds), and am aiming for 80kg (176 pounds).
    I don’t expect miracles, and will be happy to reach 100kg (220 pounds) by Christmas. That’s my short-term goal. I realise from reading the posts here that some people have lost weight very quickly, while others take longer. I’d guess that our body’s metabolism has something to do with that, as well as our exercise level. Fatties like me and you don’t tend to like moving, do we?!
    One thing I have found very useful on fast days is to get stuck into the water. I’ve kept a litre bottle of water alongside me and reached for it whenever I thought about food. Water gets boring after a while, but you can always squeeze some lemon into it to adjust the taste without adding calories.
    Hope this helps some,

    Hello per97uk
    i think the advice to set yourself a slightly higher limit on fast days is good. I allow myself 600 calories and I’m female.
    I find drinks are helpful, even just hot water. Try to find a variety of low-calorie evening meals that you can look forward to and that are relatively high in protein. Also please remember hunger is hard for everyone. You can do it too.

    Hi per97uk. I’m around the same weight as you and know what you mean. You could try breaking it up at first by having something every 3 hours, for the first 2 or 3 vlcd days, and use that to build up to longer stretches of time, until you can go 12, 24 or 36 hours.

    Eg: a typical day like this for me would be…

    7am – Breakfast: instead of cereal… 150g of Lighter Choices cottage cheese (= 120kc) blended with 100g of frozen raspberries (= 27kc) and 1 tbsp (5g) of Linwoods ground flaxseeds (= 26kc) + sugar free sweetener to taste.

    10am – snack: Very hot mug of coffee (so that I have to sip it) with a tsp of double cream & sweetener (= 30kc).

    1pm – Lunch: A salad consisting of… 1 can (130g) of princes tuna in brine (drained) (= 137kc), 100g of fresh spanich (= 23kc), 100g cherry tomatoes (= 18kc), 100g cucumber (= 15kc) & fizzy diet drink.

    4pm – snack: Very hot mug of tea with 1 tsp of double cream & sweetener (= 30kc).

    7pm – Dinner: A hot meal of… 135g Lakeland frozen chicken breast (= 131kc), 100g frozen Broccoli (= 34kc), 100g frozen Cauliflower (= 24kc) & diet drink.

    Total Calories: 615.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

    Hi Big Pete

    I’ve seen your posts and have been meaning to reply, sorry to be so tardy.

    You are very right about the different rates of loss, BUT 118kg (although pretty big) is not a lost cause! I assume (from your name) that you are male, I’m a 63 year old female and was 91kg in January 2013 (and when I did the calculation was horrified to realise that this was 14 stone), lost a lot at the start, and have settled down to a slow and steady loss. After 55 weeks now 70kg. No miracle! so if I can lose 21 kg in a year your aim of 100kg by Christmas sounds very doable.

    I think the important thing is to adapt your fasting habits as you go along, I prefer not to eat at all on fasting days so as to get no food stimulation (I’m still vunurable to cheese and bread) and forced myself to go to the gym when I developed a shoulder problem and couldn’t swim. In July last year could manage 10 minutes on the crosstrainer, now do an hour 5 days a week. So just build up slowly, even if you can only do a few minutes now.

    Please keep at it, it will work and you will feel great

    keep posting

    Hi Vicki,

    Thanks for your encouragement about my goal being attainable. I’m beginning to wonder if I was being unduly conservative. Since I first posted I am now down to 114kg. I’m especially pleased because for the last three weeks I’ve had that dratted flu and have not been thinking much about what I eat. But I’m pleased to still weigh the 114 I had got down to before getting sick. I think we all have a tendency to overeat eat comfort foods when we’re recovering.

    So I’ve dropped 4.5kg in a month and a half. Although not much in the overall scheme of things (I’d like to be 80 again), it is a sizeable first step, and it has been enough to make pants fall down now if I don’t tighten my belt enough! I figure that’s down one size at least. And I do feel better for having less bulk on board.

    In two days I go back to see the doctor who put me on to this – should be interesting to hear his reaction!


    Well done Peter! Focus on what you have achieved so far and give yourself a pig pat on the back.I am all for goal setting, but make them small and very achievable and then celebrate each one with something that isn’t food!

    If you want to increase the loss and tone up, then you will need to increase your exercise. Exercise is only moving more, walking is rather fabulous at improving all over fitness and toning. How about swimming?The advantage is that weight is supported in the water and another great all over toning.

    If you increase your muscle mass, then more calories are burned by your body, even when you are sitting down.

    Keep us posted Peter about your doctors reaction.

    Hi Pete,
    I had 7 stone to loose, but I have already lost 20 lbs since last November. It’s not a quick loss but it’s more sustainable if it is lost slowly. It’s a learning curve, you get very knowledgeable about calories and stop deceiving yourself. I always have weekends off and fast Mon, Wed and Friday. Mondays fast just gets rid of excess weight from the weekend so the other two fast days shift one pound per week. This method seems to make life more enjoyable and I want my body to enjoy a normal day of food i.e. 2000 cals again over the weekend. I am very active but this doesn’t help with weight loss for me because I have always been active. I have tried changing my sports and exercise routines but nothing works. Fasting is the only way, accept it and be positive about taking control. Side effects are a nuisance but I am hoping to find answers on here to sleeplessness and headaches. Someone out there will find a cure! It really does get easier. When I started I always had a low cal soup for lunch, now I don’t need it and save the cals for dinner. Drinking lots of fruit and herbal tea, love it now.


    Down to 114 is fantastic!
    But stay conservative – then adjust goals if you exceed them. I lost 9kg in the first 12 weeks, but have ended up at 21kg over 55 weeks. There will be problems along the way (I “did” my shoulder then had the Hobart flu for 6 weeks in June/July – but the good thing was, that although I stopped fasting, in that time I only gained half a kg – after a few months doing this I found I was eating much less on “ordinary” days).
    It’s great that you are getting good support from your family, I couldn’t have done it if Tony didn’t agree and help (although he still feels uncomfortable when I cook his dinner and sit with my water while he eats and has wine). I agree with Annette about the exercise, start with what you can do and slowly increase it (keep a record, mine is on excel and when I look back 6 months continues to amaze me).


    stick with it, you sound as if it is going so well


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