FE&FD going great so far

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  • Started my fast exercise along with fast diet over 6 weeks ago and feeling very positive about results .so far 16 lbs lost (47 yrs 5ft 9 and 13st 10lbs now 12st 8 ) have added my fast exercise to my 3x week workout at gym 2×20 sec bursts.I fast twice a week usually Monday and Thursday and gotta be honest as someone who enjoys his food don’t find it hard at all ,I even train on fasting days ,I eat at 9am in morning then 9pm at work 300 calls each meal I go to bed after shift at work and eat as normal breakfast following morning at 9am .my workouts seem just as good when I fast and the fast exercise makes me feel energized right at start of gym session I’m not big on cardio I find even 20 mins boring .changes in my body are being noticed by others and I’m feeling great .looking forward to next 6 weeks result 🙂

    hi Philheath67

    well done on your progress!! fab results 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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