Feed, Fast, HIIT – November 2013

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  • Thanks so much, rockyromero x

    I am in awe of your resolve and energy.
    I’m not in great physical shape so I really need to get some fat *off* my before I try exercising in a serious way as I’ve already damaged my back, neck and knees (HOW did I let myself get this bad?)
    I’m just trying yoga at the moment, to stretch & strengthen, but I’m determined I’m going to get back into cardio-vascular exercise as I used to love it.

    Aud x

    Hey aud! How about cycling? That’s not bad for your joints.

    I used to *love* cycling, but my knees are gone with all the strain of carrying me around. I even have trouble *walking* fcol. I can get really disgusted with what I’ve done to myself.

    Out of the blue, my hubby said he thinks it would be a good idea to get a rowing machine. I was gobsmacked, all those times I tried to persuade him that we should at least try some home exercise equipment and he dismissed the idea out of hand. So, we might be proud parents of a baby rower soon, lol.

    hi audrich i never was able to take much exercise during my first few months of this plan, and even now i take very little, take comfort in that this plan still works for those of us who are not as mobile, feel free to join us in tracking our progress in the december thread xxx

    Ah Aud, I almost suggested a rowing machine as well, but I thought those were worse for your knees 😛 Hope it works for you though!
    Yeah weight loss is 85% food intake, but I understand that you want to stretch, strengthen & tone a bit as well 🙂 Like you also said yourself though, losing weight will make it a lot easier!

    Well, I really don’t know how I will cope, perhaps less actual ‘rowing’ and more me flapping my bingo wings up and down, lol.

    Anyway the point is moot as the purchase has not been made, I think he’s going off the idea already, lol!

    “perhaps less actual ‘rowing’ and more me flapping my bingo wings up and down, ”

    Consider taking your own initiative with stretch bands for your arms & legs.

    This will assist in strengthening and some cardio.

    Golly, I feel like I’m learning a new language 🙂

    I’ve spent so long, too long, being afraid; afraid of getting fatter, afraid of eating something vaguely nice, afraid of going to the swimming pool, afraid of getting on an exercise machine in case I broke it… but I think I see a light. I even looked out my swimming costume at the weekend. Of course, it was too small, but even getting that far felt like an achievement.

    I’m struggling to walk around today, (bad back) but I didn’t give up my fast and I’m not giving up my dream of exercising like a normal person.
    Thank you,
    Aud x

    Cycling is good for your knees, take care of your back if you row Aud.
    My preferred exercise is walking (my bike is hanging upside down in the garage, the roads are too lethal and scare me), as the winter arrives I do tend to hibernate though so I’m joining the local gym in January to use their treadmills and bikes in the warm listening to Robbie Williams or someone else to get my heart beating fast.

    Hells bells, LindyW, I am so tired I read your post as “My preferred exercise is hanging upside down in the garage” !!

    I was.. okay *trying to picture the scene* whatever floats your boat.. thank god I read it again, LOL.

    And yes, umm.. to keep on topic, exercising to Robbie Williams.. my beats per minute would definitely go up ;D

    LOL Aud – I was trying to picture that. Maybe I am a bit batty…..

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    “I hope if i do same then get good result…”

    Thank you for your note.

    We’re all together and heading in the same direction at different speeds.

    Let me know of your progress?

Viewing 13 posts - 51 through 63 (of 63 total)

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