February 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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February 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Hello there!!

    It’s time for the February 2018 Challenge – I have volunteered to host this month’s challenge which was started in May 2016 by @coda. Nearly two years later and this challenge is still powering along and gaining momentum.

    This is an international forum full of very supportive people, some have lost great amounts of weight, some are half way there, some sitting on Mount Plateau, others are just starting their journey. What you will always find here is great support, no judgement, friendships, lots of laughs, and the wonderful comradeship that comes from sharing this 5:2 Fast diet, this wonderful Way of Eating (WOE), this great Way of Life (WOL).

    We are all in it for the health benefits as well as the resulting weight loss.

    The usual format is to start your post with the day of the month, where you are and whether you are fasting (FD) or having a non fast day (NFD). Some may want to post that they are having a Controlled Day (CD – below TDEE), others a Liquid only Fast Day (LFD). Some have back to back (B2B) fast days.

    For example, my first post will be
    Day 1 – Ireland – FD

    If you start the challenge later in the month you are still always welcome. Please note that even though it might be your first day on the challenge, if its February 8th (for example) then it is Day 8. As this is a true worldwide forum it keeps us all on the same track to know what day it is – and it is fun to hear about the different lifestyles, weathers, stories and customs from all parts of the globe.

    Post as often or as little as you like, but most have found that a daily post gives daily accountability and helps us toe the line whilst we are off fighting various dragons.

    Through experience, trial and error, you will figure out what best fits your lifestyle and what works for you. With all of us together spurring each other on, we cannot but BE a great team together for the February 2018 challenge..

    Click on the link below to access February’s sheet. I have been rather cheeky and taken the liberty of including all those who were with us for the January challenge. Feel free to add your name to the sheet or let me know and I can do it for you.


    Lets do this!!! Together we are stronger.

    Day 23 NF day I have been doing 5.2 for three weeks and have lost 6lbs. I fast on Mondays and Thursdays. Great site thanks to all

    Day 23 NF day I have been doing 5.2 for three weeks now. I have lost 6lbs and feel great. This site is wonderful.

    Thank you for hosting February, @daffodil2010. Please add me to to spreadsheet as a maintainer.

    Hi @diana123, welcome, I will add you to our spreadsheet later today. Well done on your great loss so far. Yes, this forum is wonderful ☺️

    @califdreamer you are there with our other super maintainers. One day I hope to be joining you in the highlights 😄

    thank you for setting up the February Challenge @daffodil2010, it will be nice to join from the start as I joined January a but late. Count me in 🙂

    I go to NYC on the 23rd of February and will take a week’s break so I am setting myself the target of 70kg by the 23rd.

    Will continue 4:3 – we can do this together 🙂

    Thanks @daffodil2010 – I shall join you in the February challenge when we return from our cruise – 10/2.

    Hello @daffodil2010, can I please join the group? I am UK based, have been following the diet on and off for a couple of years with varying success…. Thank you

    Thank you for hosting our February Challenge @daffodil2010. Please count me in!

    Count me in @daffodil2010. I expect to be in maintenance by February, but will tag along to keep me accountable.

    @diana123, @xrox and @annach
    Welcome to the February challenge and you are all now added to the February spreadsheet should you wish to use it. Its not a requirement, some like myself find it useful for daily accountability, others not so much…like this forum, its up to you how much or how little you want to post.

    @bigviking another one of our team in highlights!
    @redrockgirl302 you are in!

    @Strawberriesandcream Enjoy that well deserved cruise

    May I please join? I live in Montana, and fast Monday’s and Wednesdays. Thank you for Hosting, @daffodil2010

    @daffodil2010 – I’m in for the February challenge also. I will still be in Australia at the start of the challenge but will pop in on the 1st. I’m happy to report that I have been in maintenance since December 2016 – just love this WOL 💃

    @daffodil2010 – Please count me in on Feb, I tried a few months back to last year, and stopped for some reason, will start again next week, plannig FD Tuesday, and Thursday. My weight this morning was 67.70kg, trying to loose 2kg or more if I can.

    @daffodil2010 – I would like to join the February challenge please. I live in Australia and have just started this week. My FD are Monday and Thursday and have managed to get through my first week ok. Wanting to lose weight and improve my health. Have tried every diet known so hopefully I will have more success with this. Thank you.

    Hi Daffodil!

    Thanks for hosting!

    Please add me to February’s challenge.

    I did reach my goal weight in August 2017 (thank you 5:2 !!) but have crept up a little since then.

    Weight Goal for February:-
    My aim is to lose 3LBS by the end of Feb

    Overall Goal:-
    My overall goal is to lose 4LBS (so that would include losing 1LB in March).

    I am going on hols on 23rd March! Always a good motivator!

    I might have to throw in some 4:3 weeks between now and March if I’m going to get to my goal weight before my holidays, haha!

    @daffodil2010, please would you add me to the spreadsheet? Once you’ve done that, will I be able to edit it myself or do I need to send you the details?

    Many thanks and good luck to all 🙂

    @daffodil2010, I’m in, what else can I do but stick with it!!!! It’s finger out, finish faffing time!!!

    @daffodil2010 – I am in as well! Still have work to do to get where I want to be, looking forward to the start of a fresh month. Thank you for hosting!

    Hi @daffodil2010

    Can you add me to the spreadsheet please?

    I’m in Fife, Scotland. I fast on a Monday and Thursday and this is my second time on the 5:2 diet. First time around was very successful, I then lost my way after a cycling accident a few years ago but but on it and experiencing regular small drops in weight.


    thanks daffodil

    Count me in for February; I would like to get back on track after I lost my fasting day to kids’ activities.
    I will do a 6:1 (0 kcal)+ skipping 4 lunches p/w (my work canteen stinks anyway :/). I am a secret IF’er, vegetarian, based in Finland.

    mrs. minimalist

    Hi I’m new to this but could you add me to the list please? I’m in London. Never done the 5:2 before!
    Want to lose 9 lbs. Thank you!

    Count me In @Daffodiland thanks for hosting!

    I would like to join for the February challenge. This is a good way of being accountable. Thank you.

    I’m in.

    please add me In @Daffodiland thank you for hosting.

    I’m from Atlanta,GA, United States.

    Goal is to loose atleast 8 pounds

    Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays with 500 Calories intake

    Non fasting days eating healthy as much as i can

    Thank you for hosting our February Challenge @daffodil2010. I’m enjoying the January challenge – it really helps with accountability, and the support, and encouragement, is wonderful. Thank you all!

    New month re focus thanks @daffodil2010 for holding the reins.
    Like your name sake the daffs are poking through with the promise of spring. I get so cold on fast days see you on the 1st day one – now back to January.

    Thanks for hosting daffodil2010.
    Please count me in february’s challenge.

    Please add my name to the February challenge. I live in Brisbane, in sunny Queensland, Australia. I have just completed my first fast day and I am excited to be starting on this journey. I think posting every day for my first month will give me the motivation and support to get me over the challenging first month of adjusting to fast days!

    Count me in for another month of support, shared stories and humour. Thanks @daffodil2010. (No need to add me to the spreadsheet tho.)

    Hi @daffodil2010 Thanks for hosting the February challenge and for adding me to the spreadsheet – I’m definitely in!

    Hi @daffodil2010 – I will be joining the February Challenge, thanks for hosting!

    Looks like the February challenge is gearing up to be another good one. I can feel the determination from here!

    Hello and welcome to
    @mrs minimalist

    You are all added to the spreadsheet and can now edit and update at your will. Great to have you on board.

    Hello also to all our regulars joining us this month. In the spirit of ‘its better to ask for forgiveness after the fact than ask for permission before it’…. if you were already part of the January challenge then I have taken the liberty of including you in the February challenge…hope thats ok.

    The countdown is on.

    Hi! I’d like to join in too! I’m on Day 5 (CD) of my first week on 5:2 and would appreciate the support and accountability 🙂

    I am in Portland, OR, USA. My overall weight goal is 138. My goals for February are to work my way down to 500-600 calories on FD, and continue with 3 workouts/week. I really struggled this week and ended up in the 700-800 range, so I’ve decided to take it slow as I adopt the 500 calorie FD. I still lost 4 pounds already, so I’m feeling pretty positive about this WOL!

    Thanks for hosting daffodil!

    Daffodil 2010, thank you for adding me. I really appreciate now.

    Hi ☺ could I please be added to the February challenge! I’m new to this but very keen & determined to make this my new way of life!

    Hello everyone!

    This is my first post!

    I’d also like to be added to this challenge, please.

    I would like to lose a total of 20 lbs (not all in February, hehe).

    I haven’t done this 5:2 thing before, but I am currently doing 16:8 (and plan to continue while doing 5:2). Hopefully I will lose some weight and continue with it as a lifestyle. Over the years I’ve tried many diets, lifestyle changes, etc, and I’m still searching. Of course, I’ve found some things that work for me, and about a million that don’t haha.

    I’ve had great results with 16:8 this late summer. It actually kind of blew my mind! (10 lbs lost in 2 months), but… after a 3 week trip to the US in September (for 3 family weddings, including my own!! – so you can imagine the indulgences), and another 2 week vacation in October (including a week-long all inclusive cruise- to be read: all you can eat), and the holidays… I gained it ALL back. So now I’m trying to get back on track. This has been a very unstable year for me in terms of dieting, especially because of all the traveling. So if anyone has tips on keeping weight under control when traveling, please please please share.

    But I digress. My first FD will be tomorrow- currently thinking of Sunday and Friday as my fast days, as they are my busiest days (I teach online so I have a bit of an unconventional schedule).

    I am looking forward to meeting and talking to all of you (and keeping each other accountable). Let’s do this!!

    Hello There. I would like to join this Feb 2018 Forum. The spreadsheet was “view only”, so I couldn’t add my name.

    I live in NYC, am 53 and have been trying to loose about 8 pounds for about …..25 years. I am drawn to the FD for both health and spiritual reasons.

    I am excited to be joining you all!

    Hello! I am new to the group and from Nebraska, USA. Please add me to the February challenge! I will be starting 5:2 today and my FD will be Monday and Wednesday. Thank you! My goal is to lose 26 pounds and then evaluate from there to see if I need to lose more.

    Thanks @daffodil2010 for including me. I too have only ‘view’ access to the spreadsheet. Still thinking about what my goal for February should be – but I definitely want to be accountable, and this forum is fantastic for that!

    Yay to all fellow losers out there!

    Hey everybody! Thank you, @daffodil2010 for hosting us in February! 🎉😊
    I am in again, too! First month of challenge was November 2017 for me. I started with 5:2 in February 2017. I lost 4 kg and would like to lose one more 💪. Looking forward to maintenance as well 😉
    Together we are stronger, together we can do it!!!
    Onwards and downwards!

    Please count me in.

    I would like to join the February challenge. I have been fasting for two weeks but only lost two pounds. I believe my problem is figuring out what to eat when I come off the fast. I want to eat a really healthy diet, so I have gone out to the grocery to buy all kinds of health food, seeds, organic foods, etc. Everything is fresh. I also started to plan my non fast meals ahead of time, so I don’t find myself rummaging through my pantry eating everything in site. I think this will help me enormously. By the way, I also exercise 5 days a week with a personal trainer and do a yoga class twice a week. You can see I like to exercise and fasting doesn’t make me tired, so I am good to go. I wish everyone on this challenge the best of luck.

    I would like to be included in the February challenge. Completing the month on the fast with others may help keep me on track.

    Thank you for hosting @Dafodil2010 February is usually my best month for this each year.

    So I will be good in Feb!


    Thank you for hosting @Dafodil2010 I am only 1 week into my 5:2 and would like to be part of the February challenge. I am from Perth Australia so will be working in kgs and cm’s is that ok?

    Thank you for hosting @Dafodil2010 I am only 1 week into my 5:2 and would like to be part of the February challenge. I am from Perth Australia so will be working in kgs and cm’s is that ok?

    Hello and welcome all, and OOOOPS, for setting the sheet at view only. I have now changed this to edit, so update away



    You are now all added to the spreadsheet. February is looking good.

    Quick question: @califdreamer where are you from in Cali? I lived in California for 15 years (LA and SF) and just moved back to Europe 1.5 years ago. I miss the Bay Area!

    Thanks, Daffodil2010! I am really hoping be held accountable will be a huge help for me! I am on an eating day today. Eating days are my hardest because I really have to fight not to overeat! It’s raining here, so that will add to my challenge. I am near food all day! 🙁

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