Fear of fast days – any coping tips?

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Fear of fast days – any coping tips?

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  • I’ve found that while the fast days were not as bad as I thought when I first started 5:2 a few weeks ago, this week seems to have been really tough.

    I’ve got another fast day tomorrow and am feeling very anxious about it, which is weird because as I say, I found them not too bad at first. I’m telling myself that it will be OK, that I’ve got through them before, that it’s only one day etc, but still facing the day with a lot of trepidation.

    Anyone ever experienced this and found a way through?

    I hear you Mogs! I am the same, very anxious about them. Today is a FD and I already feel like I am going fail which is so crazy as I have done them before and been okay – got through it – cant say I ever enjoy them!! I was meant to have a FD yesterday but as it was a snow day I decided to delay it – I think I have the added pressure of knowing I have to get through today as otherwise I wont fit the 2 in this week. I also feel like I am not losing weight which is playing on my mind and adding to the pressure… We can do this… as you say its one day and we should take it one hour/day at a time!!

    You can do it! I had a 350 calorie fast day yesterday, and today I am having a no food day. It’s not easy, but then again neither is carrying around all this fat. I refuse to give in, my stomach can grumble all it likes, I will not eat today.

    All I can say is thank goodness for bovril!

    How is it going Mogs? I actually logged in feeling the same and hoping to find motivation. I started very purposeful. However, now I feel like I really want to do it and at the same time feel scared that I won’t be able. Funny thing is that I have done it (not too many times!) and actually felt better from my overall pain (I suffer from fibromyalgia) which should be even more motivation. Sometimes us humans are just so darn complicated. Ugh! Hope it is going well for you. Any other FD worriers out there?

    On a Fast Day, do you all fast from the evening after your last meal (say 7.30 pm 1/8/15) right through to breakfast on 3/8/15 at say, 7.30 am, making it a 36 hour fast, but also consuming your 500 calories?

    I ask because a few times after 24 hours have expired and I have consumed my 500 calories, I am preparing dinner for my family and I cannot resist having a light meal as well before I go to bed on 2/8/15 (just using those dates as examples), so I am not having the full 36 hours required for a proper FD.

    I note, however, that I have lost a kilogram (2.2 lbs) over the last 3 weeks so I am happy about that so I presume that still eating immediately upon expiration of 24 hours, the weight loss is still happening, albeit more slowly and more satisfying.

    I just don’t want to be the only one doing this!! Responses much appreciated. Have a great day!

    Even if you can’t make it through a full 36 hours, the time spent in fasting will still burn your stored fat. After about 12 hours after your last meal, if no food is ingested, your body will use fat for energy. Some of us practice a daily 16-20 hour fast, and lose weight regularly.

    So no need to stress yourself out. If you don’t feel up to a fast day, just do what you are comfortable with, and do it another time. Slow and steady weight loss is what you are aiming for.

    Thank you so much, fitnfast, for the response and encouragement. Obviously, something positive is happening so I will keep going as I have, and most of all, I shall continue with those amazing Fast Days =^^=

    Hi there not sure if it helps but I try to experiment with my fast days. I have 3 meals in the day and snacks. All under the 500 and I try to vary it too. This to me is the challenge not the actual fast day itself. I have found websites for breakfasts under 100 cals. And meals for under 500. I also located a simple snack list of 50 for 5:2 dieters.

    Maybe see how you want to do, I personally can’t do a full day without any food at all. But I am finding that it is easier now I have a planned day.

    I must admit that fasting was truly difficult and challenging, especially since I work the night shift and I have such a demanding job. When you start out on this journey to losing weight, the tendency is to be ultra strict with yourself. Be gentle with yourself and do the things you want on your fast days, just make sure those things don’t have anything to do with eating. Do you have a favorite video game that you always feel the inclination to play? Then do it. Do you like to text that cute person and tell them jokes? Do it.

    For me, I do not like having bad skin and I tend to get extremely bored. So on fast days, I put aside time to obsess over my skin. I collect all my skincare products, Nivea, All Purpose Hydroquinone Cream, and more. Then I spend different parts of the day applying any one of them. I also obsess over “Titanic,” watching different scenes from it during breaks from my work. In the process, my fast days become days that I look forward to. Besides making me thinner, it also has the added benefit of making my skin clear.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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