Fasting with iron deficiency

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  • Hi I have been doing the fast diet 5:2 for about 6 weeks. I have yet to lose weight. However my main concern is that I have just been diagnosed with an iron deficiency. ( low ferritin levels) and have been referred to a gastro for investigations re celiac disease. I am concerned about continuing to calorie restrict and fast if my body is not absorbing iron. Should I wait till my investigations are complete and then start fasting again. I find fast days hard. Hungry and unbearably cold. Any advice would be welcome thanks.

    That’s no good.
    So when they did your bloods, were other things good cos of the fast, even if you haven’t lost weight?
    After 6 weeks and no weight loss I would have thrown in the towel so good on you for trying.
    If you are cold and not feeling well ( not the euphoria people claim) maybe just cut wheat and sugar for 3 days instead, ESP if you are celiac.
    See if that works.
    Otherwise, I’m sorry I don’t know..but being cold us not good.

    Being cold does mean your body is having energy problems (unless you’re out in the cold of course). Maybe upping your iron intake by eating some more red meats? I’m not a doctor though. Speaking about doctors, couldn’t you ask yours?

    Have not asked doc but when I thought about it I realised that any form if diet restriction and nutrient deficiencies is not really a great mix. I have now done 7 weeks and finally lost 1.5lbs this week. So pleased that I finally lost something. I did lose half a pound One week but put back on the next! I have decided not to continue until I have had my investigations then will rerun to fasting once I know what is going on. Frustrating I know! Hubby has lost 8lb and is doing well.

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